Star Of The Day — February 28th — Brian Jones — The Mystery Of Death Revealed?

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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jonesmontStone dead.

A little late in the day, but feel like this is worth posting for a number of reasons. As the final hours fade from the last day of February, we look at the life of Brian Jones, one of the founders of The Rolling Stones along with being one of the most popular musicians of the sixties.

Jones was born 0n 2/28 1942, in Cheltenham, UK. There is no definitive chart with ascendant for Jones, but based on his history, we know that he was born on a Saturday night. which would either make him a Libra or Virgo rising. Two writers from the same website debate one anothers rectification and while they do come to any sort of agreement, their back and forth is fairly entertaining.

Jones was a Pisces Sun with a Leo Moon. His Mercury was in Aquarius and the three lead planets in is chart connote elements of artistry, showmanship and keen intellect. His Moon and Mercury are in opposition and might have kept him from trusting either one for sustained periods of time. I believe this on/off mode made it difficult for him to see what was taking place within The Stones as Mick Jagger began to supplant Jones as the leader of the group by a number of different means, including bonding with Keith Richards, who had originally started The Stones with his childhood chum, Brian Jones. Keep in mind that Jagger is a Leo Sun and his Sun was conjunct Jones’ Moon. In this alignment, Jagger/Sun takes on the masculine role, while Jones/Moon, the feminine. Did Jones’ Leo Moon make him defer to the more dominant Sun of Jagger? Did his Moon not allow him to see Jagger’s subtle subterfuge and when he did moving to the other pole of the opposition in Mercury/Aquarius, taking a more objective stance, what caused him to slide back into the submissive, lunar position? Was Jones pining for some kind of approval from Jagger and his more dominant Leo Sun? To complicate matters even more in this highly complex battle of egos and need for approval, Jaggers Pluto in Leo, Jupiter in Leo and Mercury in Leo were also all conjunct Jones’ Leo Moon. Lastly and perhaps most importantly, Jagger’s Pluto in Leo at 6 degrees was conjunct Jones’ Chiron in Leo at 9 degrees. I believe that this conjunction was what made Jones so vulnerable to Jagger and Jagger, so obviously keyed into power and it’s attendant manifestations used this against Jones.

Recently, a new online pal (Beany Bird) from Twitter turned me onto Magi Astrology, which I am slowly learning about. One of the main differences between traditional Western astrology and Magi astrology is how they view Chiron. The traditional view of Chiron is that of “The Wounded Healer.” In Magi Astrology, it’s assigned to the task of defining and assigning our true love and soulmate. Much like how there are two views of The Mayan count (Arguelles/Jenkins) and how they might actually reinforce one another, like masculine/feminine. light/dark, etc, perhaps these two versions of Chiron are not mutually exclusive of one another and that through the wound and reparation of separation, we find the value and vibration of a true love. If this were the case then The Chrion/Pluto conjunction these two shared becomes even more complex and hints at homo-eroticism, shadow projection, un-requited love and even cruelty.

As Jones became more and more removed from the immediate orbit of the band he formed, the became interested in other forms of music and culture. Richard Horowitz who was very close to the situationist/writer/filmaker/occultist, Brion Gysin told me that it was Gysin who introduced Jones to Bachir Attar and “The Master Musicians Of Joujouka” in Morocco. Jones spent hours in the back country with the nomadic masters of pan pipes and goat skin drums. Attar was the latest of the Attar clan to lead this group of pantheistic mujicians, snake charmers of the spirit. It was in the company of Attar and his group that Jones found a primal magic that tittilated the senses of his Piscean Sun, and ignited the passion of his earthy Mars in Taurus. It was not a one-way-love-affair. Attar and his group loved Jones as well. They were amazed by his ability to play anything he picked up (as was Jagger) and imbue the music with his own charm and inner music. In fact, they loved Jones so much that they wanted to make him their own personal fetish of sorts and allow him to play the role of Pan in ceremony they re-enact where a man dons the loins of pan, an enormous reproduction of a goat penis, with horns on the head, etc, who then dances amongst the other members of the tribe. While Jones was flattered, he never became Pan for a day. While Jones was courting the old gods of forgotten times, Jagger was dancing with another manifestation of “The Horned One.”

satanicrsThe Stones’ musical rebuttal to The Beatles deeply influential and enormously popular, Magical Mystery Tour was Their Satanic Majesties Request which displayed them in all sorts of wizardly garb under a flicker finish album cover, giving the band that gauzy/hazy effect that supposedly everyone has when communing with “Mr. D.” This phase of The Stones’ particular development caught the eye and ear of film maker, Kenneth Anger, who enlisted Jagger to score his 1967 film, “Invocation Of My Demon Brother” and later cast Marianne Faithful, whom Jagger had stolen from Brian Jones in the female lead of “Lucifer Rising.” Anger was influenced by the cruel, French surrealist (and Mason), Jean Cocteau and was a high priest in The OTO, Crowley’s magickal church. it’s fairly clear that The Stones were drawing inspiration from some very dark sources. So while Jones is consorting with Pan, Jagger is courting other daemons.

I once read in a book by Whitely Strieber where he confesses writing lyrics for a very popular group in London that were not nice people. While Strieber didn’t come right out and say it, I believe it was The Stones.

By all accounts, Jones, who had battled drug addiction, due in larger part I believe to his Moon Square Mars (Leo/Taurus) and Sun Square Jupiter (Pisces/Gemini), had come through it and was feeling mostly well about his divergent path from The Stones (he was sacked). In fact, he was even spotted at The Monterey Pop Festival having a great time. There was no sign that Jones was depressed or wanted to end his life and as I have previously mentioned, his nasty habits seemed to be under control. But on July 2nd, 1969, Jones was found face down in his pool.

It had been widely assumed that he had overdosed, but as the years have gone by, a different story has emerged. Janet Lawson, Jones’ former flame confessed that she believes that Jones had been murdered by Frank Throrogood, a musician and handyman who claimed that Jones owed him 6,000 pounds for work that he had not been paid for. Throrogood had been bullying Jones all night and when Lawson came out from the house back to the pool, she saw Jones face down in the pool and Thorogood had very little motivation to help Jones. The 2005 film, “Who Killed Brian Jones” chronicles the events that lead up to and culminate in Jones’ death, along with the post-mortem that raises the possibility that he was indeed murdered.

Where does astrology come into play on the death of Brian Jones? On the night of his death, Neptune in Scorpio was in an exact opposition of Jones’ Uranus in Taurus. This theoretically could explain the drug/alcohol connection with Neptune/Scorpio but Thorogood was more than just a handy man–he was a stone mason and a brick layer, a molder of earth. Does he represent the sudden the sudden violence of Uranus in Taurus as those qualities oppose the druggy energy of Neptune in Scorpio? The astrological questions are interesting in and of themselves, but what of the more arcane components? Did Jagger and Jones dabble in dark areas that would cause a man like Frank Thorogood to be momentarily possessed and commit a murderous act in the name of some unholy host? In essence, was Jones’ death an indirect manifestation of black magic?

Just six months after Jones’ death, The Rolling Stones organized and performed at the ill-fated Altamont concert, where The Hells Angels murdered Meredith Hunter, while the crowd, soaked to the gills on bad acid looked on and The Stones played on. There is some debate over what song was playing when Hunter was stabbed. The default would of course be “Sympathy For The Devil” and some claim that this was actually the song that was playing contrary to “Under My Thumb” which is the song playing during the film. Both songs take place during riot scenes and could actually be interchangeable based on the chaos of the footage.

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