Star Of The Day — Tesla — HAARP — The New Atlantis

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

tesla2Belated happy birthday Nicola.

I seem to be buzzing back and forth between the blog and Facebook more than ever before and while I won’t ever abandon the blog, information seems to want to come through in real time now; dialog, share, expand, extrapolate, enlighten. Just as the internet has facilitated rapid evolution in information sharing, environments within the internet are taking that speed to quantum levels. Facebook and even Twitter are viral agents of information gathering and sharing. Blogs still have the ability to allow us to build ideas, cases, presentations, etc, but they are like billboards on the side of the information superhighway now. They serve a purpose, but they’re not the only way of communicating. In the case of Michael Jackon’s Memorial, bot hTwitter and Facebook served as real time agents of commentary–at least for me.

A reader (Momo) recently took me to task about my info and presentation on Nikolai Tesla, whose birthday is today (7/10/1856). He claimed that A) I was Mad. B) Had my information wrong. C) Was championing Edison over Tesla. First of all, I most certainly would qualify as “mad” with some people, so I don’t take any umbrage over his assertion of my overall mental condition. My information was not wrong, only slightly off and I thank him for his correction. Lastly I was not celebrating Edison over Tesla. I was simply trying to give some context about who Edison was. It was his birthday after all AND I was trying to work Tesla into the story. So at the risk of more bashing and questioning my sanity here is a sort of reprisal of Tesla, the man and his life, through his chart.

Here is the line that caused Momo to question my sanity; “It’s a fascinating account of how Tesla plays the role of a dark mage, incorporating the crystal skull technology into the energetic field of Atlantis and as a result, opens up an inter-dimensional gateway,” If Momo had read the entirety of my post instead of frantically trying to find errors in my reporting, he would have noticed that I was referencing Patricia Cori’s work from Atlantis Rising. As some readers might know, Patricia is a friend and I find her work both fascinating and important. She has been working with the Sirian high council for a number of years (lifetimes?) and her work up until her soon-to-be released, Where Pharaohs Dwell has been channeled. In Atlantis Rising Cori and her Sirian sources relate the details of Tesla’s first incarnation on Earth as a multi-dimensional mage, who not only brought power and technology to Atlantis, but was also deeply complicit in it’s downfall, by using “crystal skulls” to tear a a hole into this dimension, which allowed yet more nasties into this realm and eventually sunk the legendary land. So, had Momo correctly read what I was writing, he could have questioned Patricia’s sanity, not mine, but then he would have to deal with The Sirians and they could hack his timeline in a Luxor minute if they wanted to, so Momo should tread lightly or he’ll be emptying animal fats at a soap factory in Belgrade without knowing it. Just kidding Momo.

But the connection between Tesla, Atlantis and The U.S. is fascinating.

trioSir Francis Bacon might be one of the most controversial figures of all time. There are those that believe that he was the author of Shakespeare’s works and wrote the majority of The King James version of The Bible. In esoteric circles, he is also known as being St, Germain, and another legendary figure, “Count Rackoczi”, who seemed to have been around Europe forever. Bacon was a writer, historian, scientist, magician and alchemist. He was also a spiritual mentor for the founding fathers, most of whom were masons and rosecrucians. One of Bacon’s more controversial works is The New Atlantis where he envisions North America as the reincarnation of Atlantis and that the Native Americans were the actual descendants of Atlantis. This text became the fundamental operating manual for kick starting the U.S. In Bacon’s mind, North America would take on both the physical and spiritual dimension of Atlantis as the de facto power on the face of the Earth. Doesn’t look like Bacon was that far off the mark.

One of the main underpinnings of the New Atlantis is the appropriation and use of esoteric and occult symbolism. It’s hard wired into the soul of the country via the the aspects of The US chart, which was drawn up by Benjamin Franklin, who had to hold off certain forces of John Hancock, Alexander Hamilton and others who wanted the constitution signed on the 2nd of July instead of the 4th, But Franklin saw that the moon in Capricorn would have been a detriment to the US chart and held off till it moved into Aquarius. He knew that the lunar opposition to the Sun, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter, all in Cancer, could have been-far-too-much for “The New Atlantis.” This alignment will come into play shortly when we return to the life of Tesla, but this is just the fundamental foundation of the esoteric tradition that is buried deep in the roots of The US.
dctemplate>In addition to the esoteric symbolism of The US chart, another primary level of occult symbolism and esoteric technology is the actual layout of Washington D.C. There has been volumes of work done on this subject, including this incredible site, charting Pentagrams to Pyramids in the layout of DC. What the founding fathers and master builders of DC have understood, as all magical orders, from the halls of Amente to the temples of Luxor have, is that symbols have power. Activated symbols have even more power. Activated symbols placed in the right place, degree and angle become a living technology of sorts and hold thought forms in place. Perhaps this could be one of the reasons why people seem to be in an eternal trance? The symbolism that we blithely recognize and casually acknowledge could actually be tethering our consciousness to a certain level of development, while those that are consciously using and activating such symbolism apply them in their will to power. In this sense, symbols become a mirror, a popular tool in magical traditions. Just watch Jean Cocteau’s (A 33rd degree French, Martinet Mason) use of the mirror in the surreal classic, “The Beauty And The Beast.” Mirrors are reflections AND they are portals. These symbols are quite possibly, both.

As I have posted before, based on various sources, the creator god of Atlantis has been linked to being Lucifer. This has been covered before in my posts on Enlil and Enki, with info coming through Robert Shapiro/Zoosh from his channeled work, Shining The Light. In “STL” he details Lucifer’s rise as an explorer to Earth, a rebel soul, half Orion/half Sirian and ultimately to starting his own civilization, here on Earth. He stole fire from the gods, sharing technology with his upstart race of rapidly developing proto-humans.

According to Pat Cori, the first incarnation of Tesla takes place in Atlantis, where, pardon my language, he fucks up. It would make a lot of sense for him to return to “The New Atlantis” to make things right again.

If we look at The US Chart and the ephemeris of Tesla, we see some interesting aspects begin to emerge.

Tesla’s natal Sun is just over the US Sun by four degrees (17/13). His Venus is exactly conjunct The US Sun at 13 degrees. His Saturn, at 5 degrees is conjunct The US Jupiter, exact and The US Venus at 3 degrees. These two latter conjunctions are quite telling. Tesla had immense opportunity in The US as evidenced by the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction, but his Saturn/Venus conjunction made relationships more problematic, constricted and constrained. He was basically used by Edison–offered opportunity–then had it retracted. He had a similar relationship with JP Morgan, who witnessed Tesla’s tower generating electricity, literally out of thin air. Opportunity abounded for Tesla and then it didn’t.

haarp1If we were to view the Sun as energy, as source of life, with his own Sun closely, but just over the US Sun, Tesla’s own life force is linked up, astrologically and energetically with that of not just The US, but also with the world. The US has undoubtedly incarnated into “The New Atlantis,” the dominant planetary paradigm. In this regard part of the legacy that Tesla has left us might be incarnate in HAARP (High Altitude, Auroral, Research Program) that throws billions of gigiwatts of energy off the ionosphere and can be used for any number of purposes, such as deep sea communication with submerged craft, to even changing the weather. There are a number of people that believe HAARP and related technologies are used to control the weather as well as peoples moods and states of consciousness. If Cori’s Sirian connections and information are true, was Tesla erroneously incarnating to repair the damage that he did and as a result, set the very same energies into motion yet again?

One of the interesting aspects of Tesla’s chart is the uber innovative Jupiter in Aries at 8 degrees. Ironically, the Sabian Symbol for 8 degrees Aries is “A Crystal Gazer” which seems more than apropos when dealing with Tesla’s historic and mythical legacy. I’ve never done this before but if you look at the Sabian Symbol for Aquarius at the same degree, it’s “A Flag Turns Into An Eagle.” So let’s assign this degree to Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius. So if we combine “A Crystal Gazer” with “A Flag Turns Into An Eagle” we have both the esoteric connection of Tesla (the crystal gazer) with the esoteric connection of The US (flag transforming into an eagle). The two come together in a neat, symbolic, symbiosis.

So you might ask why I chose Aquarius to “mirror” Aries? It’s because we are beginning to get very close to the shift of Uranus from Pisces into Aries and with it a radically different energy. It will move into Aries in May of 2010, which will signal a tectonic shift in energies, from both a personal and collective standpoint of will. I’ll cover this much more later, but Uranus eventually reaches 8 degrees in June of 2012, This is where it will conjunct Tesla’s Jupiter and in many ways his electrical legacy. Will the technologies that he left us with liberate us from the yoke of traditional, top down, energy use, or will they manifest in something far more dark and catalytic than we can imagine?

Only time (and a short amount of it) will tell.

5 thoughts on “Star Of The Day — Tesla — HAARP — The New Atlantis”

  1. Hey Robert,
    Interesting take on Tesla, appreciate the reference points to further reading and previous posts.
    I had a mediation/vision about 15 years ago when I was shown the Earth spinning at me with the word earth wrapped around it like the Universal Studio’s logo.
    As I watched it spin towards me I heard: “The last shall be first” and with that, the H on the end spun forward and wrapped itself into the front of the word, which now read Heart. I was told: “Gloria, a long time ago a key fell out of the atmosphere that protected the earth”, (showing me the shape of a triangle) which fell into the oceans where a whale came up and swallowed it. “Chaos swept in and with it fear” This was known as the planet Heart in relationship to our understanding of the word, Tiamaat, and the rest came later….
    Two years ago, in a drumming journey with Brooke Medicine Eagle at my shoppe, I journeyed into the future, where I saw a doorway of sorts/portal made up of a shiny image, that almost looked like melted fluorescent plastic/metal that was mirror like…..

    AS an aside, I am distantly related to Alexander Hamilton on my mothers side, (Grandma is a Hamilton) and Bauer/O’Neil on my father’s side.

    My father was brilliant and actually invented super glue, until Duponte sued him and my father didn’t have the $$$ to fight DuPonte, so had to just shut the doors of his chemistry company and walk away…..

    HAARP, as I am told, has far more frightening ability than we are even close to knowing.
    I also have been given the information that the pyramids, anchor a certain pwer/energy matrix that is channeled into the earth.

    They will be able to discard all nuclear weapons (of the old variety) because they are already outdated modes compared to the technology they now have.

    There is no need for bullets, just focused energy that cannot be traced in typical methods

    Much has been “wiped” from many peoples minds already, and we are being slipped the mickey of bs as some innocently give the excuse as being “part of the planetary transformation of newness’, don’t even worry……

  2. e

    Ever watch the first movie, Star Wars? Ever see the scenes where they finally blow up the Death Star? Find a weakness in this HAARP, and exploit it. In this way, you will destroy, and/or transform it. Same idea. I think it will take spirit flyers to do it, this time. Luke Skywalker did it last time!

    As this technology has been amassing, so has the focused, increasingly synchronized and unified power of our own minds.

    1. a

      You know, ecoartopian, you should think about starting your own blog. Until then, I’d be happy to continue producing mine so that you can piggy-back on my research and ideas. πŸ™‚

  3. D

    We share a moon he I and you. His is a story still yet unheard by the majority who remain in darkness for he was literally the light of the world.

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