Star Of The Day — Jay-Z — Forty And Illuminated

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

jay-z-doJay-Z sampling Crowley.

One of the most popular posts I managed to scratch out was a pre-horoscope post on Jay-Z. I had stumbled onto a small stash of Youtube videos that had grown almost exponentially over the past year. The videos were documenting Jay-Z’s involvement with Freemasonry. There were photos of Jay and Nas and Jay and Kanye slippin’ the grip, one of a number of secret handshakes that Masons use to identify themselves.jayzkanye
Spearheading the discovery was Alan Watt, a somewhat controversial figure in the realm of illuminati showdowns, occasionally accused as being a gatekeeper (but that’s a different story). Anyway, Watt had hooked up with a guy by the name of “Cul Cre” aka “Culture Creation” Speaking with Watt from Brazil, “Cul Cre” went on a fascinating dissertation on the Illuminist presence in Hip Hop. He cited “The Game,” “Dead Prez,” “Mystikal,” “Lil Wayne,” “Nas,” “Kanye,” “Jay” and even “KRS-1” and “Mos Def” as being inside the game at a fairly high level. His arguments and evidence were fairly compelling. But out of all of them, it’s the content around Jay and his Masonic influence that’s really jumping up. I get search terms every day with people trying to figure out if Jay is a Mason or an agent of the illuminati or if he sold his soul to the devil. What’s fascinating about al of this is how Beyonce and Rhianna are also being viewed through the same lens.

There’s a filmmaker named Lennon Honor who has done an amazing 21 part video breaking down Rhianna’s “Umbrella” and “Disturbia” videos. Since Jay-Z rhymes at the beginning of “Umbrella” he too comes under Honor’s estimable scrutiny. It’s only a few lines, but they way he deconstructs them is critical to understanding not just what unfolds in the Umbrella video, but as it relates to Rhianna’s life, especially in Jay’s camp. The continued unfolding of the story takes place in the “Run This Town” video with Jay-Z, Kanye and Rhianna, which has also been broken down into it’s serial parts and exo-political meaning.

The buzz around Jay-Z’s illuminist connections are growing and even hitting the likes of XXL, where Byron Crawford just pecked a piece about Jay-Z and his illuminist connections getting Jay into position to eventually buy The Yankees. Even Jay-Z himself is in on it, using the Masonic hype to his advantage, crafting a new mythology as he dances with the dark side. Can we determine by Jay-Z’s chart if he does indeed have the secret society sauce in him?
In a lot of celebrity charts, all the info isn’t always available. That’s the case when it comes to Jay-Z ‘s chart and then some. We know he’s a Sag and today is his 40th birthday, but we don’t know his birth time and to make matters even fuzzier, I have heard from my friends in the hip hop world that Jay-Z is actually older than his stated age. This presents a problem when looking at his chart and trying to determine if particular angles would lend one to be open to some sort of fraternization with guys in robes.

If we go on the face value of the birth date, Jay-Z would be a Sag with a Libra Moon, Mercury in Sag, Venus in Scorpio, Mars in Aquarius, Jupiter in Libra, Saturn in Taurus, Uranus in Libra, Neptune in Scorpio and Pluto in Virgo. If the date is correct, there’s some interesting threads running through these planets/signs that might reveal what we’re looking for.

I think that on et surface, we need to simply look at Jay-Z’s sun in Sag. If his birth time/date is not correct, it’s not even worth getting into, but the Sag Sun does count for something. If anything, it points him towards the acquisition of wisdom and knowledge–that’s the nature of Sag. But wisdom and knowledge are not always manifest on the highest plane of one’s ability to do so. Quite often, knowledge and wisdom, get perverted into information and power, which are the tools of the trade used by corporate psychopaths the world over, many of whom have fraternal relationships that support the very best psychopathology in high places. So just because Jay is a Sag, it doesn’t mean that he would necessarily reach for the highest aspiration–more like low hanging fruit.

If we look back on his life, we can see that he was raised in New York and came of age during a time when “black consciousness” was on the rise. Public Enemy was fighting the power and groups like X-Clan and Afrika Bambataa’s Soul Sonic Force were sampling not only rhymes, but esoteric mythology as well, reaching back into the roots of ancient Egypt and even in some cases, beyond. At the center of the black consciousness movement was “Malachi Z York” founder of the “Nuwabian” sect, a hybrid mutation of “The Nation Of Islam” and more esoteric teachings evolved out of Egyptian mystery schools. Jay Z was immersed in this culture and can even be found spitting his rhymes with Big Jaz on “The Originators” which actually has brief shout out to “Nuwabia.” Here on the video, check out the stylings and imagery of the singers and the video itself. Jay-Z was not some ignorant fool that simply made a few quick moves to get to the top of the game. He’s known about symbolism, magic and knowledge for years. It’s quite Sag-like actually. The Nuwabians have since relocated to Georgia, where they are setting up a surreal version of their own Egypt. Check out the video on their site to get an idea of how committed these people are. Malachi York, their leader is currently in prison. If anything, this would show Jay who has the supposed power and who doesn’t. Cash hungry criminals run the world, while marginal prophets like York do time. Where do you think Jay-Z is going to put his energy and with whom? Is that the Sagittarian in him or are there other factors in his chart if the day is right?
While it’s never too wise to simply read signs and planets on their face value, without the birth time, it’s hard to get a complete read, especially if the DOB might even be in question, but let’s assume that today is really Jay’s birthday and he is 40. His Mars would be in Aquarius at 21 degrees. Mars in Aquarius is incredibly forward thinking and innovative, really on the cutting edge, but it can also be cool and cruel. My take on Mars is that it brings out the best and the worst of each sign, regardless of whether it is a benefic or malefic, whether it’s in it’s ruler or decline. Mars is energy and unchecked energy in any sign is problematic. If Jay’s Mars is in Aquarius, it could represent the shadow of the Aquarian Age or simply reveal what the Aquarian Age is really meant to be; a covert system of control that manipulates symbols and perceptions in order to insert a new program that re-wires peoples circuitry while giving them new belief systems that can make them more easily managed. Is Jay-Z now openly flaunting his Mars in Aquarius when he wears a Roc-a-fella hoodie (see above) that has “Do What Thou Will.” Is this the shadow of Mars in Aquarius being expressed by Jay through fashion and mass media? Mars trines Jupiter in Libra in his chart, which should exalt his feelings of fairness and equality for all, but his lyrics rarely if ever exhibit such altruistic sentiments. Jay-Z is all about “the life” which is materialistic excess raised up to god-like levels. In this sense, he’s been like a street corner pimp for a massive media campaign that offers all the worst aspects of self and cultural empowerment. It promotes the separate quest for “self” in the grossest and most banal way. But he’s promoted and helped at many levels bad steps along the way as a result of this. If Jay-Z were more like his opposite, Tupac Shakur, both astrologically (Gemini) and philosophically, do you think he’d still be around and perched to possibly buy the New York Yankees? It’s doubtful that he’d be alive, let alone have a record deal. Jay-Z used the Mars/Jupiter alignment to make friends in very high places to promote an agenda and shape the minds of millions of young Americans, black and white.tupac_shakur

Again, looking at the birth chart, we can see yet another potential clue to determining whether or not he has been co-opted and is now openly using his connections and power to overtly place more symbolic magic further and deeper into the collective psyche. His Venus is in Scorpio (like our pal Tiger Woods) and it is conjunct Neptune in Scorpio. I don’t want to give Scorpio a bad rap here, but it is in it’s fall. It manifests in the quest for power in relationships. Hilary Clinton, Tiger, Jesse Jackson and Bill Gates all have Venus in Scorpio. Patti Smith and Jim Morrison also have/had it as well. One group represents the political and material drive for power with Venus in Scorpio, while the latter are more concerned with the symbolic externalization of the psyche. Jay-Z seems to be an amalgam of the two, especially since he is now externalizing the symbolic element in both his videos and his lyrics. In essence, he is becoming more brazen and using the imagery in service of what he has apparently been tasked to do. Add Neptune and it’s rather mystical, yet dark, scorpionic powers over the top of Venus and we have affiliations, groups, networks, societies in the service of magical and occult ordination. Venus has a loose square to Mars, which would accentuate the more cruel and indifferent qualities of Mars in Aquarius. Again, all of this might be a moot point if this is not Jay’s real birth date, so we are at the very least speculating on what may or may not be real. What we can go on though is the body of work that’s out there and how Jay-Z seems to be playing up and reinforcing not just his emerging image as dark mage and master of the material plane, but now consciously dialing up the energy and inserting into the dominant paradigm. In essence, Jay is at the very least making it look cool to sell ones soul to some greater power that claims to have domain over this world.

This isn’t really just about Jay-Z though. It’s about the conscious and overt marketing that is used to keep people in their place, especially the black community, which has been left without a true political rudder since the deaths of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King. Hip hop is anything but protest music or a politically conscious art form–t has pockets of it though–Immortal Technique stands out as one of the few rappers that is willing to take on big issues like 911. But the majority of hip hop is on Auto-tune now, while Jay-Z and his crew, run this town.”

So the mystery of Shawn Carter aka Jay-Z deepens as it creates what I would call a “negative mythology” while the likes of Alan Watt, Cul-Cre and Honor Lennon dissect the message beamed back at the masses. Is Jay-Z illuminati? You be the judge.

Here’s a few interesting videos of Professor Griff of Public Enemy talking about Jay-Z, Obama and others.

Professor Griff On Obama and Jay-Z Part One.

Professor Griff On Obama and Jay-Z Part Two

Professor Griff on occult rituals in hip hop Part One.

Professor Griff on occult rituals in hip hop Part Two.

18 thoughts on “Star Of The Day — Jay-Z — Forty And Illuminated”

  1. K

    Wow this totally surprised me! I never heard about any of this and it was interesting to read. I will definitely delve deeper into this matter. I suspect that Barack Obama will be the beginning of the end.

  2. B

    That’s about as much hot air as i can handle
    I’m pretty sure JZee et al are aware the world is run by retards corrupted by sphincter surfing satanists(white men)
    …and speaking of hot air…and climate change…Do you think it’s the lobbying power of the beef industry aka the murder burger boys
    to hide the facts that METHANE(farting cows) is a MAJOR cause of any warming?

  3. B

    Sadly… those murder burger boys (white men) who cause so much misery and cruelty to cattle…
    are ignorant to the universal laws…

  4. a

    Badger, have you watched the Professor Griffin videos? I think there’s a pretty distinct disconnect in the hip hop community about who calls the shots and how you get ahead.

    Global warming?

    I think it’s an outgrowth of Eugenics, which is at it’s heart, a racist ideology.

    You can slice and dice that any way you want.

    Staying with the metaphor, we all have our sacred cows I suppose.

  5. B

    Hi Robert,
    Thanks for the reponses.
    But looking at all of this from a spiritual perspective…that is the ancestral energies surrounding black americans is a force too strong to deny. Those ripped up roots from Africa and all the suffering of slavery has created a powerful spiritual energy… Our present day Heroes/saints being Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela and Malcolm X …none of whom were turd polishers…nuff said
    The whole system is a turd and the only way to get ahead is to polish it… but what you do with your rewards, wealth and fame is the bigger test…
    Dontcha think…?

  6. B

    Ha… synchronicity…just been to Linda Hill’s Oracle and pulled Sag 14 A vast panarama of sand and time is unfolding…
    There is a thot and it is plickening…

  7. K

    Well, I watched all 21 freakin’ parts of Honor’s video on Rhianna. It’s amazing (though a bit long…he is quite anal…I don’t need everything to be repeated 3 times). I then continued my research and realized that the music industry is practically run by the illuminati. Lady Gaga is one of my favorite artists, and after reading all this information, I suspected her to be part of the game as well. I have found information that confirms my suspicions. I can’t believe how much this symbolism is being flaunted in our faces. Another artist I can’t figure out is Marilyn Manson (whom I am a big fan). Although he uses all the occult symbolism, his lyrics go against principles of control, religion and government. Or maybe he’s way more underhanded than I think. If he is part of the game, I think he’s trying to get out as in many of his latest interviews, he expressed his desillusionment with the music industry who was treating his art like merchandise. His last two albums have been very different than the rest of his collection. They are more instrospective and autobiographical. He has lost tons of fans over this, as he is now perceived as a big softie. (The same thing pretty much happened to MJ.) Now, Interscope has let him go this month due to low record sales of his latest album (about only 112 000 copies sold.) I wonder what will happen next.

  8. a

    Katrina, you get an award for siting through it. Yeah, he is a little anal. I suspect that there’s some Virgo floating around in his chart.

    You don’t get to rise to the heights of hit maker in the music biz unless you play the game. It’s pure and simple, even more today. Back in the day, when people bought records and later, even CDs for a while, a record company could have a HUGE hit like “Thriller” which would fund some other projects and artists that were not on the hit list. Occasionally, like in the days of college radio and MTV, a band could break through on it’s own merit and talent. The Flaming Lips come to mind. But that’s not the case at all now, since those big projects don’t fund the smaller ones at all. Selling a million CDs these days is a very big deal, so there is intense application of marketing and manipulation of artists and audience alike.

    There’s some research that’s gone on in this field. A lot of it deals with the 60’s, LSD, Project Monarch/MK Ultra. The Beatles it is claimed were a product of MI5 and Tavistock, through their association with EMI. I have some suspicions that the punk scene came out of Tavistock as well.

    Manson is interesting. I read his autobiography many years ago and found him to be pretty fascinating. I think he’s trying to break free from the constraints of his own mythology and perhaps some of the dark energy that has surrounded him. I think Columbine really did a number on him.

  9. K

    Yes, while watching the vids I was thinking that Lenon must be a Virgo or something…woah. Perhaps it’s the Cap rising in me that made me sit through it all 🙂

    Project Monarch/MK Ultra are terms that came up on my research into Lady Gaga and Beyonce. I’ll have to look them up more in depth to understand these projects.

    These two ladies are way to similar lately. Gaga started off as an alter ego and Beyonce just came out with Sasha Fierce. Talk about split personalities right there. All of Beyonce’s recent video clips are SUPER hypnotic! It’s crazy to look at. On the Video phone video she is wearing a black and white costume. On her hip can be seen a mask split in two faces…You can also see a sun and moon symbol on her breasts…Gaga and Beyonce are pretty much going into the same line and they really look and act brainwashed/re-educated. Gaga makes a guest appearance on Beyonce’s “Video Phone” (the video suggests that it deals with surveillance) and Beyonce in turn made an appearance in Gaga’s “Telephone”. The lyrics of this song suggests that she cannot be reached…she is disconnected. All this is not coincidental.

    I agree with what you said about Manson…I really wish him the best, but I worry for him. He’s smart though, and I think it was a good idea for him to expand his talents to other ventures (film, painting).

  10. I take exception with this: “At the center of the black consciousness movement was “Malachi Z York” founder of the “Nuwabian” sect…”


    Malachi York has done more to destroy the Black Community than possibly anyone else living, except for maybe Jerry Heller. He was preying on people who were mentally ill, TOTALLY disenfranchised and outcast from society. These people worked and gave him all their money, collected welfare and turned it over to him and signed over all of their worldly possessions. Then every time it got too hot, he hightailed it out of there and set up somewhere else, changed the sect’s name, their costumes and who they were praying to. Giving him credit for being at the center of the the rise in Black Consciousness at any time is like crediting Jim Jones with furthering Christianity.

    At the time you are referencing (NYC 1985, 1987), Dr. Pork and his people were not Nuwaubians, they were Nubians, Israelites and Ansaars. These were the men selling incense and muslim oils in the train station who used to wear the flowing white robes and the women wearing face veils. This was not a mainstream thing and they were not reaching the young kids my age (approximately 11-17). The Five Percenters were. This is the height of the Eric B and Rakim, Brand Nubians, Big Daddy Kane era. The Five Percenter slang was hypnotic, the message (The Blackman is God, theBlackwoman is the Earth) was empowering and the livest dudes in every hood (who looked and dressed and could fight the best) were always the Gods.

    My opinion is that JayZ was a Five Percenter and his man Jaz O was an Ansaar. Jaz was older than JayZ and a little past the rowdyness of the Five Percent energy. Even now I hear Jay using Five Percent slang and saying peace to the Gods in his raps. He might have fell off in some ways and started living the trife life but c’mon, leave Jay alone. Growing up he probably read all the classics: The Book of Will, Opening The Third Eye, The Iceman Inheritance (Liberalism = White Man’s Burden, Conservatism = Iceman Inheritance), The Isis Papers, etc. and decided to put what he learned to use. His music is motivation, and all about being the boss of your own life. What’s wrong with that?

  11. a

    Thanks for the deep info on York. Also great knowledge on the early days of hip hop. Jay Z is a sacred icon for people in the hip hop community, but what I tried to illustrate here is that I merely picked up on threads that were already out there regarding his work, by others, who are more or less coming to similar conclusions. If you have the patience and the time, I highly suggest that you watch the 21 short films by Honor Lennon on “Umbrella” and “Disturbia.” The information clearly puts this content in another light.

    I think that Jay-Z is doing what most artists do at a very high level, and that’s sell out.

    There was a time in the early nineties when PE was coming up and their peak was dovetailing with the rise of NWA who paraded around initially as simply reporting the horrors of Compton, which the mostly white music critics are up like sweet potato pie. It was gritty and real. I once flew on a plane with a journalist for Pacifica Radio who specialized in urban culture and hip hop and he told me that there was a conscious choice at the time to support NWA and their message over PE’s. It was a top down, industry based decision and MTV would help implement it. Thus there was a changing of the tide in the message of hip hop and you saw how the 90’s unfolded in a storm of violence, death, incarceration and addiction.

    Jay Z and Diddy’s careers evolved out of this decision and direction.

    I guess I’m biased and a West Coast guy when it comes to hip hop. I prefer the likes of Saul Williams, Carl Rux Hancock, Mike Ladd, Blackalicious, Mos Def and others. Intuitively, I never vibed with Jay-Z, but hey, I’m just an astrologer at heart.

    But thanks for setting the record straight on York. This is what blogs and comments are for. Thanks for reading and caring enough to comment.

  12. De nada. This is a great blog and (although I somehow have an avatar, I’m pretty sure I’ve never read your stuff before) I’m glad I found it.

    My personal opinion of music is that what we hear on the radio and see on MTV is not the product of two turntables and a microphone. I have a CD set called “Brainwave Suite”. On a conscious level, each of the programs (“Insight and Intuition”, “Relaxation”, “Creativity and Awareness”) sound like random noises – birds chirping, wind through a screen door, a waterfall, etc. On a subconscious level, they work so well that no matter what state of mind you were in before listening, you can achieve a desired one with the CDs. I think all the music now is being manufactured by people who study that level of the science of sound. At whatever point music moved from the upper body to the lower one, the source of the music changed.

    Black music (circa 2010) imparts a negative sexual energy. You feel the beat in your ass, your pelvis. It’s not a healthy, fruitful sexuality ala homegirl in your side bar but a contest of perversion, trysexuality, sex as sport. Also, a musician I know used to say Rap is being marketed to women now and R and B is being sold to men. Thats why its very few broke (imagewise) rappers and non sexually enticing RnB singers. You listen to a rap record now and feel like you have to find someone who sells MDMA to supply you the X pills you need to be dateable. You listen to a love song and feel like you need to buy a new car. When you think of the amount of money involved, yeah it makes sense that only the people with the playbook are allowed on the field.

    I feel you on the NWA vs. PE thing. I hate West Coast Rap because of that ignorant jerri curl gangbanger nonsense just came out of nowhere and engulfed De La Soul, Brand Nubians, Nikki D and the other rap that was really cresting in NYC at that time. I hated that whole era and when the south took over rap and when the midwest did…there’s a theme here.

    Astrologically, Puffy, Jay Z, the shiny silver spacesuits and excess belong to Pluto in Sag, no? I agree with you totally on Saturn in Libra heralding the return of the songwriter. Pluto in Cap does too, in my opinion. Capricorns love music and most are artists in some way. Maybe, hopefully, we’ll see a return to quality in music?

  13. a

    The military beat also cannot be ignored. Listen to Beyonce on tracks like “Green Light” with the aggressive war styled chant and “Irreplaceable” with the “to the left, to the left” refrains.

    I think the space suit stuff for Puffy and Mase was more of Uranus in Aquarius, which kicked in strong in 1997 and then Neptune in Aquarius, circa 1998. Both planets were playing off the Pluto/Sag energy.

  14. f

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