Star Of The Day — December 28th — Woodrow Wilson — Corporate Enabler, Debt Issuer, Agent Of Pluto In Capricorn, PT 5

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

roths.jpgWho is really directing the movie?

So I am banging on a piece that I promised yesterday, but got sidetracked writing the monthly horoscope for Kosmic (hey they actually pay me!) and had to put off the latest installment of this series and I promise, we’ll move onto other (hopefully) lighter topics soon. I’ll post the intro to the January/2009 scopes and a link to Kosmic, probably tomorrow.

So onto the matters at hand. A quick caveat however before I dive into the murky waters of conspiracy and the players that are involved. Some of the info I will write about might rub someone’s fur in the wrong direction, and yet, as is my modus operandi, it will be viewed through the prism of the stars and correlating historical info, plus my own, slightly twisted perspective.

Okay, so without further adieu, let us travel back in time, to 1913 and perhaps even beyond and view the concatenation of events as they are impacting our world to this very day.

This whole series started off when I looked at Woodrow Wilson on his birthday, December 28th. I peered into his chart and peeled back the layers of his psyche, how he got elected, who got him elected and why. We then looked at John D. Rockfeller, spied his chart, examined his role in the election of Wilson and then we had a gander at Jacob Schiff, generally a lesser known, yet vitally important player in this drama and now, we turn to Europe, The House of Rothschild, the start of The Fed, the inception of fractional reserve banking, the bankrupting of Germany through the reparations of The Treaty Of Versailles and the genesis of Israel, through the machinations of the first wave of Euro-Zionism. Remember, this is history and the stars. Here we go.

The latest and perhaps most devastating financial meltdown or our time, perhaps of all time, occured just after the Autumnal Equinox on September, 23rd. As I have noted in the past, many events are staged or occur around pivotal changes of season, or key celestial events and in many cases, these are not coincidences, but timed to take place when there is the most potent symbolic and magical power waiting to be tapped. So the financial meltdown occurring just on the other side of the The Equinox, is in my mind, no mistake. In a perverse way, it was a harvest of godlike proportion, an orgiastic, capitalistic, bacchanalia for the ages. Because when someone loses money, someone makes money. That’s the name of the game. So the massive amounts of cash that were lost on bad loans and derivatives had already lined the pockets of the major players. Then, in a moment of grand hubris, the same companies that “lost money” got bailed out by the likes of you, me and your grand children’s grand children, as Henry Paulson stuck a metaphorical gun to the heads of every congress man and woman saying that unless they signed off on the bailout, that martial law would be instituted. Again, the rich got richer. What a Fall! What a haul! What a harvest!.

The meltdown occurred when Saturn was in Virgo at 14 degrees. What is the significance of this you ask? Way back in the year, 1744, on February 23rd, Meyer Amschel Rothschild was born. He was an early Pisces (three degrees), with a Gemini Moon, Mercury in Aquarius (retrograde), Venus in Capricorn (like Jacob Schiff), Mars in Pisces (conjunct Sun), Jupiter in Libra and . . . Saturn in Virgo at 16 degrees. Now, I’m not saying that the meltdown occurred specifically to match Rothschild’s Saturn in Virgo, off by a scant two degrees, but the coincidence is certainly noteworthy. What is it about Saturn in Virgo that seems to have played a large role in the life of Rothschild as financier, money lender, power broker, king maker, economy breaker, war banker and the current financial crisis?

Saturn as we have noted before is the planet of limitation, hard lessons, karma, time and power. I’m not talking power in a Plutonian or Martian, or Solar manifestation, but occult power, old, Earth magic, the power of cycles, arcane symbolism and the manipulation of space and time. One of the esoteric manifestations of Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, is “Baphomet” or ‘The Goat God.” It is widely circulated that a few, popular, fraternal organizations place “Baphomet” at the top of their pyramid, worshipping the Earth energy as the power and light of this world. This, in my estimation is a negative manifestation of Capricorn/Saturn and yet, it is still, nonetheless representative of it’s cosmological expression. In essence, it is dark matter that can be manipulated on a symbolic level. A lot of people in the conspiracy circles get hung up on the presence of the occult in systems like astrology and that it is yet another way that Lucifer can control us through subtle means, like the new age or a Led Zeppelin recorded with back masking. I do believe that symbols have power, but to ignore them and to dismiss them as simply works of the devil is dis-empowering in some sense. Jesus trafficked in symbolism, allegory and metaphor and used them as tools to tell a story about consciousness and if we are to embrace the truth as a living and breathing concept, then we too need to reinvent as well as reinvest ourselves with a fresh approach to it. Back when we looked at Keanu Reeves as world savior, Billi Baldi mentioned “that if Jesus were alive today, he’d probably have a website.” This is what I am talking about. So while I might be critical of how symbols like astrology and other systems can be perverted and manipulated, I think they can also be very positive tools with the awareness that they are not the totality of the truth. Okay, back to our story

So we have, in my opinion a negative manifestation of Saturn in the sign of Virgo. Virgo represents purity in it’s most basic application, ie “The Virgin” or in some cases, The Virgin Mary, playing opposite Jesus as Pisces. It’s a nice and tidy fit. Baphomet (Saturn/Cap) has also been aligned with “Sophia” or wisdom (wise dominion) or “the light of this world.” So now we have Sophia and The Virgin Mary together, two of the most powerful esoteric symbols and manifestations that form the basis of illuminated, spiritual principles.

Hugh J. Schonfield was a British, Bible scholar. He was Jewish and considered himself a Nazarene, meaning that he saw Jesus as the fulfillment of the messiah destiny as prophesied by Old Testament prophets. Schonfield, using The Atbash Cipher, substituting the first letter in the Hebrew alphabet (aleph) for the last (tav) and working backwards, second to second to last and so on, was able to translate “Baphomet” into “Sophia.” This of course becomes the lynchpin to “The Da Vinci Code,” Knights Templar and so on. So we are dwelling in the symbolic meeting of Sophia and Mary. Now I ask you. If you were invested in running a negative program, a dark ritual, and this esoteric matter was available to you, wouldn’t you use the time and the elements to do so? This is important to note when Libra (scales/Athena) meets Saturn (Baphomet/Sophia) next year.

So our old friend, Mr. Rothschild had this alignment in his chart. While looking at 911 and prophecy, I spent some time with the quatrains of Nostradmus (again, Southern France) and his veiled references to the “city on fire” and saw that his Mars in Cancer at 14 degrees sits right on top of The US Sun at 13 degrees, which was 2 degrees off of Jupiter in Cancer at 11 degrees on 9/11/01 and I began to see astrology as not being limited to our current reference in time, that in fact aspects can live and breath through time, depending upon the intensity of the life that embodied them. So when I look at Rothschild’s Saturn in Virgo, just two degrees off of the 9/23 meltdown, I begin to see a pattern through time, whether it is intentional or not, the ability to use the very detailed knowledge, the analysis required, the brainpower and attention to detail needed to derail a financial system, the ability to see the whole in it”s various and often times granular parts would be purely Virgoan and the ability to match them up with the money, power and the big picture of Saturn (Capricorn) would allow an individual, if they were morally compromised, to see the big picture and back engineer it to create a simulacra, or their own version of it. This is the power of Saturn in Virgo that I believe Rothschild tapped into, from an esoteric level and from an astrological, these are your tools in a lifetime level and the manifestation of those thoughts and actions exploded through time, just two degrees off his own Saturn in Virgo on 9/23/08. There are plenty of other factors in his chart and otherwise that are quite pertinent, but we’ll stop here for now.

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