Star Of The Day — December 28th — Woodrow Wilson — Corporate Enabler, Debt Issuer, Agent Of Pluto In Capricorn, PT 4

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

jacobschiff.jpgSchiff happened.

The new year starts as the old one ended, with the continued slaughter of Palestinians. In the darkness of the new moon, Israel rained tons of bombs and missiles from the skies., and now, Israeli tanks and soldiers await orders on the outskirts of a battered Gaza, savoring their chance at a kill shot of the Muslim “menace” they have begrudgingly co-habitated with for sixty years.

We hear of missiles being lobbed into Israel, but we hear little of rock throwers against some of the most sophisticated weaponry on the planet.

During the primaries, while Ron Paul was debating in New Hampshire, he commented on the conditions in Iraq and why there was so much violence. Paul made what I thought was a very salient point about how Americans might feel if they were living in an occupied territory. He posited that we would react in a similar way to the Iraqis. Of course, his republican brethren tried their best to laugh him off the stage, but Paul’s cultural parallel was not lost on me. I used the same measure when viewing the situation in Israel and based on the marginalization of The Palestinian people, the fracturing of whatever land they have remaining, the blockade of food and medicine, I can understand why these missiles might be launched into Israel. I do not condone it, but I understand the motivation and the response has been nearly apocalyptic. Whether it is Gaza, Darfur or any other hot spot where our humanity is sacrificed for some tribal pride and blood lust, at what point do we as a people and a planet say, “enough is enough?” What will it take for us?

Is this the beginning of the negative Plutonian energy uncoling in Capricorn, generating the fury of some soulless leviathan straight out of a Tolkien version of hell on Earth? And just how the hell did we get here?

Before the end of the year, we looked at John D. Rockefeller, his chart and the role he played in the election of Woodrow Wilson. We looked at the astrological elements of the day and how they were prime for illusion, deception and ultimately, the negative transformation of The US tax and banking systems. We saw how The US got drawn into WWI when The Lusitania, filled with bullets, grenades, mortar shells and vacationeers was sunk in the open waters of The Atlantic by a German U-Boat. But how much do we really know about the real reasons behind the war and The US’s entrance into the the conflict and how does it impact the current situation in Gaza?

Shortly after The Civil War, a young man landed in New York. His name was Jacob Schiff and he, along with The House of Rothschild, would change the socio/political/economic history of The United States and the world along with it. Schiff was guess what sign? If you somehow pulled “Capricorn” out the ethers, well, you might just have a future working for a psychic hotline. As we have seen with The Capricorn type, long range planning, endurance, and the objectification of the emotions to the point of detachment are just a few of the traits associated with that sign. Schiff had his Sun conjunct Venus in Capricorn. Sun conjunct Venus can soften even the most obdurate of hearts, adding a certain joi de vivre to the personality, so even though Venus is in it’s fall in Capricorn and the most negative qualities relating to relating are present, the cool nature is considerably warmed. The Sun/Venus conjunction is fairly redemptive of the fall, however, it can also be used in service of the negative and more manipulative aspects of Venus in Capricorn. In essence, it would be quite easy to present a favorable face to the world, while maintaining a constant state of guile.

Schiff was also challenged by some powerful oppositions in his chart. His natal Pluto in Aries was in direct opposition with his natal Chiron in Libra. While Cafe Astrology uses the extreme example of The Pluto/Chiron opposition while looking at the life of Brazilian serial killer, Francisco Assis, who has Pluto opposed Chiron, the main theme they are trying to convey is the desire to totally dominate another. Now there can be some very powerful and redemptive qualities regarding this opposition, but it would have to come from an individual who was willing to journey into the depths of their fears and early rejection experienced as a youth. Such odysseys of the self were rarely undertaken in a pre-Freudian/Jungian world, and it’s my guess that this powerful opposition was unresolved by Schiff and led him, to be key agent of forces that would seek to dominate money markets around the globe.

Schiff also had another, extremely powerful aspect and that was Uranus in Aquarius, in an exact conjunction with Saturn in Aquarius. Uranus/Aquarius is rebellious and while it can express the heights of progressive idealism when positively aspected, it can also be the epitome of Luciferian rebellion and will. When it is joined at the hip with Saturn. also in Aquarius, we see someone capable of the execution of long range planning in the service of one of those polarized extremes.

Ironically, Schiff may have done both. While he was an agent for The House Of Rothschild and helped set in motion the rise of The Rockefellers, CFR, The Federal Reserve, the players and forces we’ve been looking at in this series, ironically, The Schiff Foundation in New York provides funds for a number of services for disadvantaged children. How do I know this? I briefly dated a social worker in the employ of The Schiff Foundation and I saw her do nothing but good work in the service of the foundation. So ironically, Schiff managed to help create an entangling network of covert financial and political activities, while establishing a financial trust for inner city youth, amongst other social programs.

Schiff’s plan as assigned to him by The Rothschilds was to buy into a banking house in The U.S.. He accomplished this by entering into a partnership with Kuhn and Loeb, two other immigrants who went from servicing covered wagons, to pawn brokering, to banking. Schiff married Loeb’s daughter, Teresa and moved the firm from Indiana, to New York. It’s there that he eventually brings J.P. Morgan, The Drexels, The Biddles, Rockefeller, Harriman and Carnegie into the fold. Initially, Morgan, Drexel and Biddle were resistant to Schiff’s advances, but when Schiff started to fund oil for Rockefeller, steel for Carnegie and railroads for Harriman, Morgan, Drexel and Biddle took Schiff’s offer to become partners, along with the others in The House of Rothschild, which opened them up to the banking houses of Europe, while allowing The House Of Rothschild entre into the american banking and industrial markets with their now indebted partners. It would be these partners that would form the alliance to create The Federal Reserve, enact taxation, and enter into WWI.

Tomorrow, we’ll skip across The Atlantic and dive into the next layer of the epic year of 1913 and the players that cast a timeline deep into the future that is now tugging hard at our consciousness.

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