Star Of The Day — December 28th — Woodrow Wilson — Corporate Enabler, Debt Issuer, Agent Of Pluto In Capricorn, PT 3

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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rockefeller1a2.jpgOil wells and Orwell.

So we’ve had a gander at Woodrow Wilson, his chart, the chart of the times, namely, the events that surrounded the epic year of 1913 and how they are still impacting us today. All that is left is to understand who the key players were and their ultimate goal–follow the through line and arrive at your own conclusions.

We have already looked at the mysterious Col. House, but what about the men he worked for?

John D. Rockefeller was born on July 8th, 1839 at 11:55 pm in Richford, New York, making him a Cancer Sun, with a Gemini Moon and Aries ascendant. He has some very notable features surrounding his chart as they relate to the US, but also in his personal chart as well. His natal Pluto in Aries is at the end of the 12th house and conjunct his ascendant. This is an incredibly powerful placement for Pluto, acting as a volcanic generator just barely beneath the surface of the self. While the personality might be able to display a veneer of control and calm, underneath, there is a penchant for violence, anger, deep, long lasting grudges and enormous staying power and will. For me, this is the focal point of Rockefeller’s chart, especially as Pluto leans into his ascendant from the 12th house. To make matters even more complicated for Rockefeller, his natal Sun squared his Pluto as well, pushing his volubility to epic proportions. I’m sure that he had a wrath equal to old testament prophets and Gods–lots of smoting going on in The Rockefeller household. Dialing up the intensity, Rockefeller’s Jupiter opposed his natal Pluto, creating a hellish polarity between the will of the self (Pluto in Aries) and expanding opportunities in the lives of others (Jupiter in Libra). This dynamic no doubt led to Rockefeller’s intense formation of foundations and philanthropy, which in some ways has served his torturous polarity in a perfect expression. His foundations are a conduit to tax breaks and currying favor by bestowing money upon foundations, while also assuaging some of the guilt that’s accrued in the acquisition of wealth.

He was the epitome of the self-made-man, hawking healing potions as a traveling salesman. Potions and liquids play a large role in his life and his chart, from magical elixirs, to petroleum products, and the 12th house, ruled by Neptune is the domain or water, liquids and gasses. Pluto in Aries in the 12th is a thoroughly symbolic representation of drilling dow beneath the surface. Rockefeller made this aspect payoff for him in a very, very big way.

He started Standard Oil and became one of the first oil barons in The U.S. Rockefeller’s Mercury in Cancer is conjunct The US Mercury in Cancer and that gave him a unique ability to tune into the needs of the public in a very big way. Rockefeller was very interested in mass psychology and getting people to do, or buy, or act in accordance with some form of social cue. He created the first in house PR department for Standard Oil by hiring Ivy “Ledbetter” Lee, a pioneer in the realm of PR. For Rockefeller and Lee, PR meant spin and the ability to nip crisis in the bud, create an aura of success or diffuse controversy. I have already explored aspects of this as it relates to The War Of The Worlds and Rockefellers involvement in the infamous, Halloween, psyop. Lee would later go onto become a key member in the early formation of The CFR (Council On Foreign Relations), which Rockefeller founded in the early part of the 20th Century.

It’s no secret that his descendants, from Nelson, to Jay, to Winthrop, to David have all had the establishment of a one world government, first and foremost in their mind. The formation of the network that would establish the various links between organizations and groups like The CFR, The Trilateral Commission, The Bilderbergers and The Club of Rome all have their roots, in The US with Rockefeller. Is there any evidence to suggest that there are aspects to Rockefeller’s chart that could point towards such a powerfully clandestine network and dark aspirations.

For me, the tell tale alignment (besides Pluto in Aries on the ascendant) is Rockefeller’s Saturn in Sag, which sits in The US 12th house. Saturn is quite uncomfortable in Sag as the energies between these two could not be more different. Sag wants to expand, while Saturn wants to tamp down, constrict and limit. Sag is freedom of thought, feeling and worship, Saturn is often related to censure, criticism and judgement. There is not a natural expression for the expansive energy of Jupiter here and in fact, it is constrained to the point of being extinguished. His Saturn sits in the US 12th house, a house as we have seen that is behind the scenes, below the surface, beyond the purview of public scrutiny. It is the house of secrets and therein The US Chart, is this industrial titan’s Saturn, clamping down of Jupiter (freedom) behind the scenes.

In order for Rockefeller to achieve a global hegemony, or as some would say, “A New World Order” he would have to align himself with others of like mind and begin to fund such a massive undertaking. He would look to Europe as Europe was looking towards him for money and clandestine alliances that would lead to election of Woodrow Wilson to the office of president, the formation of The Federal Reserve, the institution of federal income tax and of course WWI.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at his European connections, the secret of Jekyll Island and the ultimate lament of Woodrow Wilson.

Don’t forget, 12/31/08, 6 AM, PDT is “The Gathering In The Void” where we will meditate, observe and notate our experience together and report back, here on this site. I looked at the Mayan calendar for that day and it is indeed auspicious, FIVE CABAN, “Commanding synchronicity.”

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