Star Of The Day — December 28th — Woodrow Wilson — Corporate Enabler, Debt Issuer, Agent Of Pluto In Capricorn, PT 2

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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federal_reserve.gifThe Federal Reserve Seal Of Approval.

Yesterday, we looked briefly at the aspects, both astrologically and socio-politically with the election of Woodrow Wilson and the subsequent passage of The Federal Reserve Act, The Federal Tax Act and the entry of The US into WWI. Let’s spend just a little more time drilling down on the astrological angle first and then see where the progression of events during this critical period of the history of the world takes place.

As we noted yesterday, Wilson had a stellium in Capricorn (Sun/Moon/Mercury) which made for one, highly ambitious individual. As we have previously noted, The Capricorn Moon is anything but sentimental. Individuals with a Capricorn Moon can be distant, icy and reserved. They base their emotional output on what will serve their material interests and are often the progeny of a very formalized upbringing, especially where the mother is concerned. The good news is, is that as they get older, they get more and more comfortable with their emotions, which at their base formation is simply the ability to experience emotional vulnerability. Alas, for Woodrow Wilson, that might have come far-too-late for him, as we will see later.

Exacerbating the heavy push towards achievement with Wilson’s stellium in Capricorn was a highly ambitious Jupiter in Aries, which squared his natal Sun in Capricorn. This combination makes for a highly driven individual and since they’re in two of the most ambitious signs in the zodiac, their energy is amplified but their expression is often rash, even as Aries is paired with cool, Capricorn. If anything, this combination could bring out the worst in both signs, fueling Capricorn’s desire to rise to the top at all costs. It’s perhaps this combination, connected with the next one we’re going to look at which drove Wilson to accept deals that he would later regret. Is it any coincidence that both signs are in animals that are often associated with the devil? Now, I am not being a moralist by any stretch, but I think it’s worthwhile to note the connection between the two.

The next aspect that really plays into Wilson’s professional vulnerability was a painful opposition between his natal Saturn in Cancer, opposing his Sun/Moon/Mercury in Capricorn. Saturn here is in it’s fall and generally indicates a lonely personality given to isolation, unable to allow the warmth and feeling on a familial level to enter into the emotional life. Again this is indicative of a strained relationship with the mother and maternal figures in ones life. As it opposed Wilson’s goat stellium, it created a polarity in his inner life that he sought to resolve by being successful and powerful, that by ascending to the presidency of the US, and doing whatever it took to do it, Wilson thought he could then gain the love, affection and acceptance he had been seeking all of his life. But he was wrong. Terribly wrong. It’s also interesting to note that Wilson’s Saturn in Cancer was just two degrees off of The US Sun in Cancer. Ultimately, Wilson’s ambition and covert associations, though his Saturn have placed a seal of limitation upon the Sun of The US. Astrologically speaking, there could not have been a better candidate to play the role of hatchet man, than Woodrow Wilson.

While Wilson was working out his love/ambition issues to his and future generations detriments, there was other action happenings in the skies that made this international power play take place with little effort or fanfare from the common man.

Throughout much of 1913, Neptune was in Cancer and sat directly on The US Mercury in Cancer at 24 degrees. Neptune/Mercury conjunctions can lead to incredible inspiration and even psychic communication. It can be a deeply empathic aspect as well, especially in Cancer, but it can also be painfully delusional, leading to illusory projections, needless self-sacrifice and unfortunately, deception. The energy of Neptune cloaked the real intent behind the players that made 1913, perhaps the most significant year in modern history, because as we are now seeing, it’s the inception of fractional reserve banking and the deep reach into the federal tax base, that have led to lending and default at an unprecedented scale. Some are even likening the current banking system with a Ponzi scheme that dwarfs even the Madoff scandal by comparison. In essence, what happened in 1913 has a direct correlation on what is now taking place.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at the players behind the scenes and what their ultimate agendas were.

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