Star Of The Day — December 28th — Woodrow Wilson — Corporate Enabler, Debt Issuer, Agent Of Pluto In Capricorn, PT 1

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

225px-thomas_woodrow_wilson.jpgYou ilterally owe a debt to this man.

To fully understand the darker aspects of Pluto in Capricorn as they manifest in negative iterations of corporactic and governmental control and a frankensteinian fusion of both, which more than loosely translates into “fascism,” based on the classic interpretation by Mussolini, we need to travel backwards in time, to the year, 1911.

It’s the run up to the presidential election and there are two, soon to be three candidates running for the highest office in the land. The presumptive favorite is incumbent, William Howard Taft. Taft is intractable when it comes to allowing the creation of a central banking system. He vows to use the power of veto to kill any measure that would allow fractional reserve banking in the U.S. Keep in mind that federal tax as we know it did not exist prior to 1913, and why should it? There was no central banking system that could feed off of it.

Well, the likes of the international banking community were not to be deterred from gaining access to the financial coffers of the US tax base. This is the time of the rise of the industrial magnates and robber barons in The US. The likes of Carnegie, Rockefeller, Getty and DuPont are making alliances with older, European money vis-a-vis The House of Rothschild, Warburg, Hapsburg and Baruch. Through the association of Jacob Schiff, the money families of the early 1900’s are making alliances that would alter the socio-political landscape of the 20th Century.

Another asset of old and new money was one Col. House. House was a mysterious figure that moved in and out of political circles, making connections and courting favor. House met the main man of todays tangled tale, one Woodrow Wilson (12/28/1856), then Governor of New Jersey. Wilson (Capricorn Sun/Moon/Mercury), was a lawyer by trade and House saw in him the qualities of a man with ambition, a man with a feel for the future, an agent of compromise. In short, the ultimate candidate, pliable and easily led. House approached Wilson with the offer to become president, with the caveat that he would carry out whatever mandate came across his desk by his “advisors.” Wilson, driven by his goat stellium and very ambitious, Jupiter in Aries readily accepted House’s offer.

House then engaged the banking the industrialist families, who began a massive cash infusion into Wilson’s coffers, while tapping their assets in newspapers across the country touting Wilson’s talents. Just in case the vote was close, the industrialists trotted out an old Teddy Roosevelt to run as third party candidate, a strategy that has been employed whenever needed (see John Anderson, Ross Perot and Ralph Nader) to fractionalize the popular vote.

Their all out assault on the presidency was successful and Wilson won by the lowest margin of victory in history and less than 50% of the popular vote.

This is where it all begins.

.In 1913, when Neptune and later Pluto were both in Cancer, in rapid succession the following takes place; the passage of The Federal Reserve Act, the passage of The Federal Income Tax act and the entry of The US in WWI. In short order the United States was thrust into the maws of the international community, started to produce munitions and weapons (of course they had top borrow millions in order to do this) and the toll road to indebtedness and servitude was now open.

It’s been recently revealed that The SS Lusitania was loaded with munitions and was shipping them across The Atlantic for the war effort. The Germans had intercepted radio communication (likely intentional) and knew the ship was ferrying explosives, even though it was a passenger liner. The German government took out ads in newspapers warning citizens not to travel on The Lusitania and yet, they did. Germany did what they had to during a time of war and sunk The Lusitania, which signaled the entry of The US into WWI. As a result, a border war that was nearly resolved with British surrender and the return of most land and assets by The Germans to the countries they were fighting with was nearly over and then The US enters the fray, which changes history.

Why was The US brought in and by whom?

We’ll look at this more closely tomorrow, as well as how Wilson’s planets in Capricorn, along with the potently deceptive Neptune in Cancer and powerfully transformative Pluto in Cancer struck dark chords that are ominously reverberating through time.

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