Spreading Dick Love — The Ginger Ninjas

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Ginger NinjasI was up at Harmony Fest yesterday amidst the twirling dancers and swirling winds of skunky dank, checking in on old friends and renewing my hippy card for 2008/9 and while I mostly enjoyed the experience, a major happening for the Sonoma County region, I was really taken by one little band called “The Ginger Ninjas.”  They have a couple of cool things going for them.  One is that they travel to their gigs by bike and then use their bikes as generators, peddling to supply electricity to power their amps. They even rode their bikes from Grass Valley, deep into the heart of Mexico to perform all over the place. The second cool thing they have going for them is a ridiculously catchy tune about loving Dick Cheney, ostensibly a masters class in spiritual development and keeping the heart chakra open.Not only is the song really catchy, it’s witty and wrly insightful.

Based on it’s topicality, humor and just being a fun and jumpy little rock and roll number, this song should be a huge hit.  Well I’m doing my part to spread the love. Here are the amazing Ginger Ninjas performing “Dick Cheney (Needs More Love)”.

Just click on the download button below to open their great video version of the song. 

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