Spiritual Entropy, Neptune, The Goode Story Gone Bad & The Fall Of James Ray

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

2f039fe72f7da38fa25a501a3eeece58-1As I’ve been getting used to my new, astrological flatmate, Neptune, leasing out a room in my 4th House for the next two-and-a-half years, I’ve been meditating on the topic of the fall, personal and collective fall. What goes up, must come down or in the second law of thermodynamics which states that; The total entropy of an isolated system can only increase over time. It can remain constant in ideal cases where the system is in a steady state (equilibrium) or undergoing a reversible process. Eventually, all things come to a collapse, some sooner than later.

I’m meditating on this concept due to trans-Neptune’s opposition to my MC. I’m courting my vulnerability, the places where I’m not only not strong, but even atrophied. Not an easy position to assume at the mid-point of my life. I think that the best literary example of this is King Lear.

Lear is the proud ruler who suffers a fall from grace by pitting his daughters against one another, and descends into madness as a result. The final scenes of Lear find him deliriously roaming the wastelands in a blind quest for nothing with the court fool. This is the hard gravitational force of spiritual entropy. Everything has been taking from him, mostly due to his hubris. Even the fool ranks higher since the fool had nothing to lose and has courted oblivion his entire life. Even he has greater standing than the tragic Lear.

As controversy swirls around Corey Goode, David Wilcock and the Blue Avian opera, we can this process of the fall slowly unfold before us, as Goode rose to meteoric heights with his dazzling tales of secret space programs, other worlds, orbs and Blue Avians. Wilcock was Lewis playing to Goode’s Clark as they unwound stories that were straight out of 1950’s comic books like Amazing Tales. Goode received awards and a long stay at Gaia, which is no easy feat, considering that I was there and know the tenuous nature of their contracts and agreements. They have long term plans for Corey.

David Wilcock and Corey Goode June 28th OYM Radio Transcript and NotesBut his ascent as whistle blower with a jet pack was interrupted when Bill Ryan posted an interview where he claimed that Goode was delusional and that his fantastic story was part marketing, part fairy tale and part assemblage of similar accounts. Then it went next level. Randy Maugans turned on the high beams and the disclosure of disclosure heated up. Then it became a nasty scrum with the likes of Dark Journalist (Daniel Liszt), Alfred Webre and Stephen Greer piling on (the latter two with their own skeletons rattling around their closets). The only thing sustaining Goode/Wilcock is the unwavering support of their network as their franchise investments. That’s been the case for years with David as prediction after prediction failed to come to fruition as the dark cabal often spoken of in sober, yet prophetic terms, seems to still be in power.

Wilcock is about as untouchable as Hilary Clinton.

The second law of thermo dynamics didn’t take into account money, power and influence as an air pocket of sustainability

Maybe due to the fact that Wilcock is a Pisces and he can bob up and down like a raft adrift in Neptune’s roiling seas.

Over the weekend as I meditated on this notion of the fall, I was riveted by a documentary on James Arthur Ray, the self-help guru who was on the cusp of joining the ranks of Robbins, Toll, and Chopra as a modern magus for the masses. With his appearance in The Secret and a cozy spot on Oprah’s couch, Ray was reaching the refined ethers of the big time and then tragedy struck. On the weekend of 10/11/09 in Sedona, Ray was leading his spiritual warrior workshop and the apex of the weekend was the sweat lodge event.

In a sweltering, low-ceilinged-dome, covered in toxic plastics, three people would eventually die from heat and blood poisoning. James Ray would be their agent of death, ingloriously shepherding them into the afterlife. What ensued would be the fall of James Ray. From Oprah’s couch to prison. Ray spent two years in prison for the wrongful deaths of the three participants who never made it out of that death lodge.

The documentary chronicles Ray’s fall and subsequent return to the motivational circuit. I wanted to look at his chart to see if there were markers along the way and from the celestial perspective, who is James Ray?


astro_w2gw_96_james_ray.63253.16458There’s no known chart for Ray, but we do know where and what day he was born on (Honolulu, 11/22/57). If you’re keeping score at home, Ray’s life path is a 55 or a 1. It’s fairly uncommon and potently high vibrational. There’s a huge amount of glamour associated with the master numbers (11, 22, 33, 44, 55) but being able to handle, hold and ground the energy isn’t easy. Sometimes the high vibrations and a calling are as much a curse as a blessing. I rectified Ray’s chart by looking at his prison time an where it would align with his 12th House. This turned out to be a 6AM chart, which would put his 12th House at 23 Libra. Ray would begin his jail time on 11/17/11. He would celebrate his 11/22/11 birthday in a cell. What should have been a career/lifetime portal for Ray was a deep. spiritual lock down.

Transiting Saturn in Libra and subsequently Scorpio would mark Ray’s jail time and line him up with his Saturn return and the act of resurrecting himself. Witnessing this in the video is alternately strangely inspiring and disgusting. America loves a comeback story but James Ray will test how much we will forgive and forget. We watch Ray work with his trainer to get back in shape, we see the transformation process at work. He emerges from prison with long hair and a startling humility. As the doc progresses, his hair gets shorter, clipped to the point of his pre-prison persona. He’s teaching his Harmonic Wealth material, while staving off his critics who do not feel that he has the right to play guru again. Seeing him work a potential client on an up-sell. one wonders if he’s learned anything at all as he slickly moves into the scaly old skin of preacher/promoter. Speaking of preacher . . .

James Ray’s father was a fire and brimstone, healing hands preacher in Tulsa, Oklahoma where Ray spent the very awkward years of his youth. Saturn as the father plays a significant role in his chart, conjuncting Mercury and the Moon. Ray was born under the zeal of the Sag New Moon. The Moon/Saturn conjunction isn’t warm and fuzzy. Emotions tend to be hard at times, even dispatched like executive orders. When Kirby Brown, one of the people who died was in distress, Ray was told of her condition. Here’s where his Moon/Saturn conjunction kicked in. Ray said that she had done it before and assured that she would get through it. What doesn’t kill us make us stronger, but sometimes, it just kills us. The makeshift sweat lodge would become Brown’s sarcophagus.

Ray’s potent stellium in Sag is charismatic, particularly in the 1st House of the rectified chart. Trine Uranus in the 9th House (unconventional beliefs) he get’s the Aquarian torque, the which helps in re-packaging older practices and belief systems (Sag and especially Saturn) with something new (Uranus). His Mercury/Uranus trine adds originality and a touch of genius. From the 9th to the 1st House is the reception of transmissions from a higher source where they are embodied and shared on a personal level. But while he has Sag in spades. he also has three planets in Scorpio (TN, Mars and Neptune with the latter being conjunct by six degrees). Ray is here to learn about magic, power and responsibility) in this lifetime. Mars in Pluto is potent, but it’s potency is somewhat diffused conjunct Neptune. It’s less rooted in eroticism and manifests in fantasy, mesmerism and spell casting. James Ray has warlock energy and in this chart it’s hidden in the 12th. Those Scorp aspects also square Uranus and that’s energy of, well, sudden death. People see and get Sag the Teacher, but behind the scenes, he’s working darker channels and it comes through the Scorpio ascendent. Part of Ray’s lesson in this lifetime is the battle between light and dark, the competing powers of heaven and hell.


banner-4802aWith the advent of modern astrology, the old, fated symbolic interpretations gave way to more, evolutionary ways of astrological language. As modern psychology merged with astrology, Pluto went from grim reaper to shadow and death became transformation. But sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar and Pluto is Pluto. In the case of Ray’s chart, Pluto in the 10th House can be a harbinger of death and not just the death of there three people who passed away over six-years-ago, but the death of James Ray’s career and now, apparently it’s resurrection. what’s striking about the documentary is any lack of friends or long term relationships. There are no life long friends, lovers, or ex-wives. Just his brother, mother and father. One gets the sense that Ray’s most intimate connections are with the people that serve him, his assistants and the people he serves aka his clients. The isolated quality of relationships could be chalked up to his craggy Capricorn Venus, which also speaks to professional, not necessarily personal relationships–square Jupiter in Libra it hints at exploitation and potentially manipulation. In quintile with Neptune, there’s also a sense that his relationships are also about some form of spiritual service and connection, perhaps with his clients. As an astrologer, counselor and guide, I get this (just look at my 11th House), but in Ray’s case, it’s striking.

While he seems quite at home with his lone ranger status, he’s certainly not adverse to making new connections which can serve him. When he was interviewed by Piers Morgan, then with CNN, on the heels of the sit down, Morgan’s manager and publicist took Ray on as a client and still manages him to this day.

Saturn’s been moving across Ray’s Sun/Moon/Mercury/Saturn for the past three years and he’s had to deal with the karmic repercussions of his past actions while clearing out the past-thirty years of learned and patterned response. Unlike King Lear who suffered from his ignominious fall, Ray’s descent was braced by a prison cot and not the aimless wanderings of a blind-old-man.

Taking on a role where lives are influenced by thoughts, words and actions is one of the trickiest there is. The inherent dangers are out there for anyone with eyes to see. From corrupt gurus, to pedophilic priests, to self-help titans trying to stay one-step-ahead of their competition, the casualties either get wise or succumb to even deeper traumas than the ones they were trying escape from.

With Neptune on the MC of the US chart, this is part of our collective story of faith, fall and redemption. The truth is, no man or woman can fully lead us to our spiritual dwelling place, which is conscious union with God, outside the dream of separation. They made add fuel to our journey, help right the ship, but the final steps on that path is ours and ours alone.

5 thoughts on “Spiritual Entropy, Neptune, The Goode Story Gone Bad & The Fall Of James Ray”

  1. t

    A week ago I was with my Father in a nursing home in the blazing parched desert, he’s overcome with madness, he feels constantly as though he were falling… his blankets are falling, the walls, the bed, everything is falling. I wrote a poem this week called Father Madman Sage. It is sorted stuff to sort through that’s for sure. Dang congruence is an amazing thing. Really great writing as always. Thank you for sharing your insight~

  2. t

    I was also confronted during my visit with something that I came to recognize as spiritual poverty. It was a bit fascinating but painful too, looking into the ‘poor in spirit’ mirrors and hoping that it’s true what they say about the blessings. Just before i read your article I was enjoying quality time with Nietzsche’s quote: “There is a false saying: “How can someone who can’t save himself save others?” Supposing I have the key to your chains, why should your lock and my lock be the same?” Just a bunch of healers, counselors and madman fucking gurus standing in the ‘I need redemption’ line too~

  3. J

    Wow Robert…this piece is excellent, fascinating and so resonant with the swirling energies I’m surfing lately. Maybe my natal Neptune in 4th Scorpio has a hand in that? The Nietzsche bit strikes a potent chord to be sure. As an avid participant in Inipi Ceremonies (sweat lodges), I remember this sad story with sorrow for the loss of life and anger at the hubris and ignorance that resulted. Kinda strange to know that Ray is still working it even if I feel that redemption is possible and a worthy pursuit. As for Wilcock/Goode you nailed it and it will certainly be interesting to see how that circus plays out. Gotta be like Dory these days and “just keeping swimming:….the waves are swelling-Surfs up! May we all learn to ride them in synch with the flow of good forces and remember how to tread water after the inevitable wipe outs that throw us off center. It’s always about balance, intention and flexibility I say! Gotta get back up on that board like an arrow of truth straight to the heart of Great Mystery…aiming always for Peace and Love to be the meaning and reason for this crazy game called Life. Sovereignty and Hugs are what we need now lol! Thanks for sharing your gifts/insight!
    ~Shine On Brother :) <3

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