Spacecraft Luna, Wrap-Up With Jay Weidner, Full Moon Scopes

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

space_moonIt’s a Full Moon, but what is The Moon anyway?

On Sunday night, you might have heard the intense, powerful and profound conversation with Jay Weidner and myself. If you haven’t, you can simply go to the player to the right of this post and listen in. There are two streams to our talk; One is the evidence that Jay provides regarding the hidden messages in the films of Stanley Kubrick, messages that range from a faked Moon landing that he had filmed, to an expose of the dark forces of psychic and material manipulation that have been at work for at least the last 3,600 years.

Jay’s a Gnostic alchemist and draws a lot of his info from Indian scriptures such as “The Vedas.” His main thesis is that we have been managed and manipulated by a group of beings known as “The Aryans” or “The Ariens” or “The Archons” and their middle management, for a very long time. While we did not establish their original source, we did more or less agree upon the Annunaki as their origination.

It’s Jay’s premise that after every Yuga cycle, The Sun experiences something called, “Mass Coronal Ejection” meaning that there is a solar burst that scorches The Earth and Terra hits reset on consciousness and species development, a way for it to experience a new level of complexity and diversity, but Jay thinks that when these coronal ejections have taken place, “The Aryans” hoof it to Mars and chill out until life on Earth comes back a bit and voila, they get to run things all over again.

We also discussed the possibility of our Moon as an artificial spaceship, placed into orbit. While we did not talk about how it got there, theories abound regarding the destruction of our first moon and even the fact that we originally had no Moon at all and it was placed there to help balance our cycles with tides, menstruation, solar orbits and seasons. If that’s the case, then The Moon might have very different properties than we know aside from gravitational pull. Perhaps there are technologies within The Moon itself that regulates biological function from a distance. If that’s the case, then we cannot dismiss it’s impact upon us during it’s cycles, especially at it’s peak and decline. In it’s fullness we are in the most direct line of contact with an energy it generates to heighten our sense awareness, both defined and subtle. In it’s decline, we are in a state of lesser conductivity and are closer to the circadian rhythms of our own world.

What does this meaning terms of astrology? How does a piece technology impact where it lies in your birth chart? How can we account for such perceptive and accurate info when looking at The Moon’s influence?
When I was younger and just getting my feet wet with astrology, I noticed that both my parents have Virgo Moons and that their natures were by an large, critical, both of self and other and yet, they found refuge together in their shared and generally agreed upon criticism of the world and the shortcomings of others. It was a very small club and they were both founding and elite members. If one decided that a person didn’t live up to their standards of being a friend, the other would quickly follow suit, as they shared an emotional harmonic that was clearly played out by the critical nature of their Virgo Moons. This was my first and most immediate lesson in the accuracy of astrology.

I was born at the very end of Virgo, which also showed me the connection between Sun/Moon, Moon/Sun in terms of offspring relationships. I’ve done a number of charts where children share either a Sun or Moon sign with one parent. In my case, my son shares a Libra Moon with me, just a few degrees apart. Clearly, most people that have a basic working knowledge of astrology can see The Moon as emotional antennae as being legitimate. There are far too many cases of this being played out.

So The Moon moves through various constellations, usually over a 48 hour period and while in the sign of that constellation it is assigned a value based on the mythic or archetypal qualities of that constellation. Today, The Full Moon is in the constellation of Libra. Ironically Libra was first considered Scorpio as the Arabic word for scales and claws is roughly the same;

“In earlier times, Libra was represented not by a balance, but as the claws of a scorpion. The reason is a confused translation of the words zubānā in Arabic and zibanitu in Akkadian, which mean both ‘weighing scale’ and ‘scorpion’. In ancient Mesopotamia, a weighing scale was often the arm and the pans without a stand, and was hung up by a string tied to the midpoint of the arm, resulting in a close resemblance to a scorpion hung up by the end of its tail with its arms stretched out. The double meaning of zibanitu resulted in the constellation being called Chelae Scorpionis (the scorpion’s claws), and it originally formed part of the claws of the Scorpius. The modern Libra is the youngest of the Zodiac signs and the only one not to represent a living creature. In Greek mythology, Libra is considered to depict the scales held by Astraea (identified as Virgo).

One would think that if that were the case, then Libra would line up with Scorpionic time and it does actually in tropical astrology, but not in sidereal, where it resides from 9/23 to 10/22. How did it downshift from not just Scorpio to Libra, but to another month backwards in time?

In my last post, I discussed “The Kolbrin Bible” and there are a number of references in that book that states that the world actually had 360 days in it’s solar cycle but an extra five days were added somewhere along the way. Did the extra five days push all the signs forward thirty days? Did Libra used to occupy the space where Virgo once was? Scorpio where Libra used to live? Did we actually add days, or did something happen where the Earth shifted it’s geocentric relationship to those constellations enough so that they actually appeared in different places in our skies?

Libra is a pretty interesting constellation unto itself, let alone the mythic meaning it might portend. It is home to the first planet that was discovered outside of our solar system that was found to have Earth like conditions:

Libra is home to the star Gliese 581, which has a planetary system consisting of at least 4 planets, including, Gliese 581 c, the first Earth-like extrasolar planet to be found within its parent star’s habitable zone, Gliese 581 d, discovered in 2007 to be another Earth-like planet, and Gliese 581 e, the smallest mass exoplanet orbiting a normal star,[1] both of which are of significance for establishing the likelihood of life outside of the Solar System.(Wikipedia)

So let’s get back to this Moon/Constellation thing. Let’s say for a moment that The Moon is a spaceship, a piece of technology, one that amplifies and magnetizes, then it could theoretically account for it’s interactions with star systems and planets, acting as a device that accumulates and disperses energy based on alignment or misalignment. We know that planets have pull on another and this is how a number of planets, especially the outer planets were discovered. There was a wobble on the orbit of Saturn, which led to the discovery of Uranus, which had a wobble of it’s own, where we found Neptune exerting it’s influence. So we can agree that the planets themselves have force. Most astronomers and skeptics would say it’s not enough to influence our lives and that astrology is mainly superstition. But how did astology get here and why does it hold such a powerful influence on our lives today?

People like Jordan Maxwell attribute astrology to “Astrotheology” in essence making our myths out of planets and constellations. The Electric Universe guys have a similar theory. But it had to come from somewhere. In my exploration of death and time as it relates to “The Epic Of Gilgamesh” it’s fairly clear that astrology was prominent during the heights of the Mesopotamian and Sumerian empires. Certainly, it takes root in Babylon and later Egypt, where Ptolemy, a Roman living in Egypt becomes the first westerner to organize astrological principles in great detail. So the debate becomes, does it truly exist and exert an influence on our lives and how?

Here are four plausible theories:

1) The Planetary Pull Theory
Discussed in some detail above, the planets in our solar system exert an influence on us by their mass and general physical properties. As they square off, oppose and trine one another, the energies and elements create harmonic or dissonant relationships with one another. The constellation or star system they are aligned with acts like a Cymatic pattern that is an aggregate of the energies of that system. The ancients knew this and created a nomenclature for the lay person to understand this via agrarian or elemental attributes. So in essence, the planetary pull theory is like a shifting, kaleidoscopic mandala that is always moving and modulating energy on an individual and collective level.

2) The Accumulated Belief Theory
This theory presupposes that since we have been living with astrology for so long and have poured so much of our beliefs into it, that it has literally taken on a life of it’s own. In essence, we have created it through our continued attention and focused application of it’s principles. Now we may look to the planetary pull theory as a justification for the belief in astrology, but our own interest animates it into a social construct and a way for us to understand the ineffable with a language and set of guidelines and principles.

3) The Elemental Theory
While talking with Jay the other night, he discussed how the Archons returned from Mars, sans melanin, with red hair. Jay claims that this is the result of iron oxide in the blood, accumulated from time spent on Mars. If that’s the case, then perhaps we have an elemental connection to all the planets in our solar system; elements of Mars, Saturn, Mercury, Pluto, etc, which biologically predisposes us towards certain influences and inclinations. If we are heavily aspected by certain planet, there might be also be an underlying correlation with our own biology and accumulated star/genetic stuff.

4) The Past Life/Interdimensional Theory
I first discovered this in the writings of Edgar Cayce. According to Cayce, there is interdimensional life taking place on all the planets and that the energies of each planet experienced intensely on those plane(ts). For instance, if you needed a lesson in love, it’s off to Venus you go between lifetimes. If it’s sobriety and order, a little timeout on Saturn is just the tonic. So, theoretically, by having these experiences between lifetimes, we actually become attuned to the influences of these spheres and the impact they have on our lives based on time of birth, soul agreements, etc.

In some ways, I’ve undertaking this little sojourn to demonstrate how Moon in Libra works. It takes an issue (usually emotional) and looks at it from a number of different angles to come up with a fair assessment of the situation or dynamic at hand. That said, how does the Libra Moon play out for you in your sign over the next couple of days? In order to better understand, I’ve assigned you each a guide of fairness, balance and wisdom to guard you and light the way for the next 48 hours:

Let’s face it. You’re a hothead. I don’t mean that in bad way. It’s not like you’re running around trying to rip peoples internal organs out at the first bad glance, but you have a pretty short fuse. You can get there, wherever there is pretty fast. I’ll never be able to completely expunge the memories of my ex (Aries) speeding down the freeway, baiting other drivers to access their road rage. She want to get to places in a hurry and it pissed people off. She actually enjoyed it. So here we have an example getting there fast in both a literal and figurative sense. But ah, here comes that cool and classy Libra Moon, adding balance and perspective to your need for speed. This is critical for you in relationships. Slow down. Don’t bait your partner into an intimate form of road rage. You see, he/she has been to Venus and knows the soft contours of emotional symmetry and balance. For you, I have assigned one of your own as your guide. Can you believe that Bill Bellichek is your emotional sherpa? Coach B better known as “Captain Coma” for his flatline press conferences is an Aries that has mastered the art of being placable and unflappable (well that is if your name isn’t Eric Mangini). But even Bellichek had his grand lesson to learn. In 2008, he was accused of cheating thanks to Mangini, a former coach for The Patriots. Bellichek didn’t just get mad, he ran the score up on his opponents, inflicting as much pain with every touchdown above and beyond the pale. Well it came back to bite him in the 2009 Super Bowl, where a miracle catch by David Tyree virtually ended The Patriots bid for a Super Bowl win and perfect season. Even “Captain Coma” had to succumb to the forces of balance. Keep it in check where loved ones are concerned.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This line comes from Jack Nicholson himself in Kubrick’s “The Shining.” Yes, I know, Jack is a Taurus, just like you and he is your guide to this month’s full moon. You don’t want to be running down the halls of your workplace with a fire axe in hand now do you? Well maybe you do, but let’s not go there. So how do you avoid splitting your supers cranium in two? Well it’s pretty simple actually. You have to make a game out of nearly everything work related. Pin the donkey tail on your bosses face, things like that to lighten the load. But what I would really do is ask myself, “What would Jack do?” I remember seeing a picture of Nicholson out on a rowboat with some friends and he was obviously being stalked by Papperazi and he took his pants off and bared his ass to the world. Nicholson MOONED them. I would think long and hard how you can take the piss out of your work situation in the most balanced, yet deliciously wicked way as possible. Take the personal stuff out of it though. You don’t need a psychic boomerang winging it’s way back at you.

Walt Whitman was a pretty interesting character. To this day, “Leaves Of Grass” is still my favorite poem in the language. He’s breaking all the rules of poetry, stepping out of rhyming, iambic pentameter and setting the stage for free verse in the 20th century. The amazing thing about “Leaves of Grass” is how Whitman brings all things into a state of balancing. There is leveling, reckoning, resolving, surrendering throughout the poem. He does this through exalting creation and coming to terms with death. In “Poem Of Procreation” from “Leaves” Whitman has this to say about sex (an love): “Without shame the man I like knows and avows
the deliciousness of his sex, Without shame the woman I like knows and avows hers.” I don’t think Whitman is being figurative here. I think he’s actually being quite literally and is referring to lovers, both male and female that he has had intercourse with, social and otherwise. Whitman is bringing the love of sex between the sexes in balance into balance for himself. This easily applies to you over the next few days as well. Now I’m not advocating that you go out and cross the street so to speak, but it could be a very rich time to embrace members of both sexes and richly proclaim your love for them. Whitman would no doubt heartily approve and your duel nature would readily comply with such democratic overtures.

If The Moon is a machine, then what does that make you? A mechanocrab? A Transformer? We might be onto something there. This Full Moon actually resides in your own home, resting at the bottom of your chart’s ocean. Your guides this month, like the signs pevious to yours, come from your own sign. I cannot think of better Full Moon guides than Abigail Van Buren and Ann Landers, twin sisters, born, July 4th, whose advice on etiquette and manners shaped a nations morality for generations, bringing balance and equanimity into peoples lives with sound advice and sage wisdom. They’re your guides this month so that you can use the same sort of decorum and peace making principles around your home and with your family. Dear Abby usually dealt with the lovelorn and heartbroken, while Ann Landers dealt with propriety. Somewhere between the two, over the course of this Full Moon, you’ll have to deal out double doses of both–maybe even administering some to yourself. Peacemaker, homemaker, lovemaker, let The Full Moon and the power of The Van Buren sisters guide you in your quest to achieve a polite symmetry in every square inch of your home life, inner and outer.

It’s ironic that Mata Hari and Ian Fleming are both Leo’s. Hari of course was an infamous spy and Fleming wrote about one (007). What most people don’t know about Ian Fleming is that he not only wrote about spies, but was one himself. Pals with both Errol Flynn (another spy) and L. Ron Hubbard, Fleming had plenty of real material to cull from for his Bond novels. While they were both Spies, Fleming possessed a literary bent and he is your guide for this Full Moon, because for you, it’s about revealing secrets, communicating them in ways that are both codified and creative. These could be family secrets or your own, but somehow, they need to come out and the best way that you could go about doing this is to write about them in impersonal ways. Take on a persona, go to a chat room, become someone else and let your tale unfold like a mystery being played out before the eyes of a stranger. By doing this, you are setting the stage for the real revelations to take place in such a way that you are familiar with externalizing them. Don’t take mistake your “fictional”
tale for confession–it’s not–but it’ll do for now.

When it came to dispensing advice, Dr. Joyce Brothers always had a real sense of calm with her demeanor. She never seemed to get rattled and she always had the most sensible things to say without going all code red in order to say them. I’ve chosen Dr. Joyce because you need to have sensible chat with yourself in regards to finances, values and fears. It’s easy to get freaked out based on our post-economy where little makes sense. Wall St is up with little production or manufacturing. Oil is up, though demand is down. Gold is limping along while the dollar is decreasing. Very little makes sense in our artificial and synthetic economy, but Dr. Joyce would sit you down and calmly address your fears, one by one, making sure that you don’t steamrolled by al them at once. Understanding your fear is the key to bringing your finances and sense of security back into balance. So do yourself a favor and look at each anxiety or fear around money and ask yourself, what is the worst that could happen? If it’s living in a van down by the river, well, at least make sure you do it in style. Dr. Joyce wouldn’t tell you that, but I would. :-)

I’m tormented in choosing your guide. It’s either ee cumming or Ezra Pound, both poet laureates of your sign. But since you are a Libra, I’ll choose both for you. cummings was a pacifist in the sense that he expressed “no hatred” for Germans. He was supposed to be in an ambulance corps with his friend John Dos Passos, but due to some administrative mix up, wound up in Paris for five months. This obviously tilted his views towards war. He was eventually found and placed under Army detention. While he was there, he wrote a classic book called “The Enormous Room.” He was eventually freed due to the intervention of his politically connected father. Meanwhile, fellow Libran, Ezra Pound would do time as well, after the war, in St. Elizabeth’s for supporting the fascist, Mussolini, broadcasting what were “anti-american” screeds using Mussolini’s radio facilities. In “A Serious Character” a very fair rendering of Pound’s life, it’s noted that he only did this after numerous attempts to contact congress and even Roosevelt himself to decry the interest of fractional lending and The Federal Reserve. But he only used Il Duce’s radio because no one back home was listening to him. He was convicted of treason and sent to St. Elizabeth’s to serve out the rest of his days. Why these two guys? Because both had a social conscience and a moral obligation to some sort of principle. You need to balance your need to inform and enlighten with appropriate vehicles and channels for our time. Be creative and let the forces of social justice flow through you like an inspirational breeze and not a destructive tempest.

Last year, it was revealed that Joni Mitchell is afflicted with the strange disease known as Morgellons. For those that are not in The Morgellons community, it’s difficult to understand this and it’s attendant symptoms, but for those in the know, it’s a horror story of epic proportions. In fact, Jan Smith a long time researcher of Morgellond and sufferer as well believes that we all have it and it comes mostly from chemtrails. If that’s the case, then what we do. I’m not sure what you would do, but I know what Joni would do. She’s write about it, paint it, turn it into art. Joni has always been one of the best emotional alchemists of pop music. She had the ability to take a leaden relationship and spin it into a gold record. But more importantly she could transform her suffering into art. That’s why she’s here for you now, guiding you into the recesses of your spirit, the dark places, where God hides in the shadows and waits for the brave souls to journey into the realms of abandonment and fear, to resurrect not just hope, but an unshakable faith of a life beyond death. Big stuff, but just listen to “Hejira” and you’ll get all the inspiration you’ll ever need.

Back in the 80’s, Terri Cole-Whitaker was the poster child for abundance. Her ministry was brimming with Sagittarian joie-de-vivre as she effused not just about the power of a loving and healing God, but of God’s abundance in all, through all. Terry’s ministry was like super strainer getting ready for liftoff. She was there before the big abundance wave hit, long before “The Secret” was even a whisper. Terri was poised to hi big time, but like so many successful enterprises, too many people got on board the bus, the engine started to get sluggish and eventually it broke down. While she was busy fixing it, a whole new wave of feel good preachers climbed up to the public pulpit. She still lives a pretty good life even though people like Marianne Williamson and Deepak Chopra usurped her position. I’m resurrecting Terri here, because you have something to learn from her ascent. You see, it’s getting close to being your time to connect with the public in your own way, maybe it’s youtube videos, or cable access or preaching your ministry on Chatroullette,
but no matter what the vehicle is, exude the sense of possibility and power for every man, woman and child. Hold the center and touch the sky.

What’s fascinating about Capricorn is that when ow look at the cast of characters associated with the sign, some of the most visceral, vital and vitriolic Americans emerge; Muhammed, Ali, Jon Voight, Mel Gibson, Rush Limbaush, Carl Sandburg, Richard Nixon. Barry Goldwater and J. Edgar Hoover are all Capricorns. Love’em or hate’s, they’re an indelible part of this countries history and culture that is uniquely American. It’s one of those classic examples of a sign learning about itself through it’s opposition (Cancer), but I am here to choose one American that went in a different direction entirely. Carlos Casteneda pushed the envelope of a “Separate Reality” with his apprenticeship to Don Juan, the great Yacqui sorcerer. Now there’s some dispute as to if Don Juan even existed and if Casteneda didn’t just make the whole thing up? Does it matter? What isn’t some form of fiction or at the very least, interpolated truth? Let Carlos Casteneda be your guide as it relates to casting a new line out into your career space. Am I telling you to lie on your resume? Well, not really. But I would heartily encourage you to play up non-professional or unaccredited skills in ways that your profession would not allow or even recognize. Bring them to the fore, give them another name and legitimize their presence. Source your own brand of professional sorcery.

He’s controversial, but Charles Lindbergh is a fascinating complex and integral character in the history of the American landscape. I’m calling on Lindbergh for you because you need to get out, up and leave. Spread your wings and set some records. Take flight and be the first to do something for yourself that you haven’t done before You might not cross The Atlantic solo for the very first time, but there is some personal best out there for you and if it’s across the ocean, across the country or even across the state, even better. You’ll find vision, wisdom, freedom and the sense that things can have a legitimately fair outcome for all involved as long as you take the risk to get there.

No Pisces had a better handle on death than Johnny Cash. The guy wore black all his life. There was always something just a little gothic western about Cash, a guy who had seen too much, experienced some redemption, seen a little, backslid, redeemed again, etc. It seemed as though this spiritual sandpaper removed layers of pride (along with his voice) over the years. In the end of Cash’ life, there was nothing standing between his rough hewn countenanced and God. On second to last album, American V: A Hundred Highways Cash sounds almost biblical, way and authoritative as an old testament profit with s steel-six-string. People loll Johnny Cash (and there are very few) act as personal portals, points of organic expression that balances light and dark, not just for themselves, but humanity as a whole. That was the purpose of Johnny Cashes life. Well over the next 24 hours, you get to do something quite similar. It’s about guiding ghosts, dispatching demons and bathing in the shadows of your fears, scrubbing with the pumice of faith, knowing that what you do, you don’t do it alone and most certainly not for just yourself.

9 thoughts on “Spacecraft Luna, Wrap-Up With Jay Weidner, Full Moon Scopes”

  1. k

    For some reason your post encouraged me to cast my parents’ charts…I feel like I have uncovered some kind of mystery….with the exception of my brother, we are all devoid of Earth elements. I’m still trying to uncover my parents’ moons and what it could imply.

    I’m excited that Flemming is my guide; my dad thought me a lot about him.

    Revealing secrets, and communicating in codes….Robert, I’m so exited!

    Thanks for this….and kudos for this post…it’s pretty epic in size!

  2. In my extremely limited and knuckle-dragging way, I see the planets and stars as having influence in the patterns of energy frequencies they give off, that resonate with one another and the earth’s energy.

    On your Cap forecast- It really speaks to me as I have recently made a committment to never again hold back my intelligence, abilities, and uniqueness anymore in how I go about my job as a writer and an ad executive. I highly recommend the book Linchpin by business maven Seth Godin for anyone who is seeking ways to apply their passion to their career.

    Lastly, Carlos Castenada is an interesting reference for me, though I have never read any of his books. I recently found out I share a birthday (Dec 30) with Austin Osman Spare, an extremely eccentric British artist and writer.

  3. A

    My mom’s moon is in Aquarius & so is mine. My dad is an Aquarius. I have always had a emotional connection with my mom. My relationship has improved with my dad and over time I understand him better.

  4. p

    How about the planets are literally inhabited by a planetary “archon” intelligence? And each star as well. Echoing archons and archetypes of universal living forms [lions, bulls, etc] and mental actions [scales – weighing, balancing etc.] within a vast living mind [the galaxy as nerve cell? living light computer-transporter machine within which we thought project into appropriate game-lessons?]. See Hans Moravec for a kind of Arthur C. Clarke Platonism. We are projections from a vast living mind that evolved out of and now plays back within organic bodies [that will now “evolve” or die trying into machine bodies of vast lifespans and incomprehensible computational, transhuman capability.

    I would say that the Kosmos appears hylozoic [living matter – it is alive – all of it] and that we are simply condensed light forms within – incarnating as we bounce in and partake of twelve universal forces. It would make more sense to think of the sun as a living, conscious being. And the planets as somehow literally speaking, as Beings ala the Olympian pantheon. That has some explanatory power as to why astrology would work. And the means for the hyperdimensional synchronicity play down here.

    1. a

      Well, that’s one possibility. I’m more into the concept of aboriginal dream time and Aurobindo’s view of the human body than transhumanic potential. For me, the singularity is more about a return to a self-aware knowing of our divine source. In essence, we know that we are part of one whole, but with an individuated perspective. Many years ago, I met my first spiritual teacher and one of the things he shared with me thirty years ago still rings true; “Each one is given according to their own beliefs.” A few years later I read “Far Journeys” by Robert Monroe and this maxim is played out in spectacular fashion between lives.

      So if you hold the idea that that’s what the universe and the planets and the Sun hold for you and that transhumanism is the blueprint for your ultimate, enlightened, mutation, then the universe begins to conform to it. When enough people hold or share the same basic beliefs or values, a consensual reality emerges.

      Don’t get me wrong, I love astrology and have found too many correlations to dispute it’s model, but I think that at times, it serves us to drop our models and conceptions and let “reality” breath into us without our filters.

      Thanks for the thought provoking comment. Don’t be a stranger.

  5. Dude… Awesome interview with Jay. Seriously.

    Regarding the length of the year stuff…

    I’ve heard of the 360 day year story as an Egyptian tale, outside the Kolbrin Bible… Essentially, the story is that the Sky Goddess Nut has an affair and gets pregnant. Her husband finds out and casts a spell so that she can’t give birth on any of the 360 days of the year. Thoth helps her out and adds 5 days to the calendar, creating a loophole so that Osiris, Isis, Seth, Nepththys, and Horus the Elder can be born.

    The interesting thing to me about this is that this story of Egyptian origin repeats in Welsh mythology, which also serves to connect the Kolbrin Bible to Egypt. In the story of the birth of Lleu Llaw Gyffes, there is the same idea of a Goddess’ pregnancy held in stasis until the crafty God triggers his birth through a magical ritual. Also in this story it is a multiple birth and the God Dylan is born but immediately returns to the sea… much as Horus the Elder immediately returns to the sky after his birth.

    To me, the 360 days are probably used to present the year as an idealized circle to correspond with the 360 degrees in sacred geometry. I think this might have actually originated in Chaldea along with astrology and migrated to Egypt. The Mesopotamians were amazing mathematicians, and used a base-20 number system (as did the other famous stargazing people, the Mayans). You can add in 5 holidays (perhaps the 4 cross quarter days + a “day that’s not a day”) and sync up the idealized 360 calendar w/ the natural cycle.

    There’s one idea I find much more fascinating than the 360 day year… and that is the 366 day year.

    It turns out this 366 day year model is the basis for the unit measure used universally in the prehistoric megalithic stone structures of Europe, and turns out to be an incredibly useful technology. Check out “The Megalithic Yard Revealed” at This is the stuff of the real stone masons, the guys that the Templars impersonated when they went into the “witness protection program” and had to laid low after SHTF for them. Good stuff.

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