Sour Melk, Leo Cabrera Becomes The Shadow Of Leo Bonds Unresolved And Wagnerian Betrayal

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Melking it for all it’s worth.

Here in the Bay Area, crocodile tears are flowing into McCovey Cove as the Giants star player, Melky Cabrera was just hit with a fifty-game suspension for being caught with elevated levels of testosterone. In lay terms, he cheated. By introducing synthetic testosterone into his system, his workouts became more productive, he recovered faster and unleashed enormous bat speed, which contributed to his National League leading average of .349. Melky even won the MVP of the all star game, recently held in Kansas City, the last team he played for before he got traded to the Giants in the offseason. Cabrera’s performance had in the talk for the MLB MVP and there is little chance that the Giants would be one game out of first place without his timely hits, holding up a club that was leaking runs, every fifth day when Tim Lincecum would start. With Pablo Sandoval off and on the DL and Buster Posey finding his feet under him, after his ankle was nearly destroyed last season, Melky put the Giants on his shoulders and carried them. Then he let them down–literally.

Last week, word came out that Cabrera had failed his drug test. He was having a career year, up for free agency and was looking at a big, fat, payday. There was talk that he could have received five years at $13-14 million per year. That’s not just eff you money–that’s generational eff you money, taking into account that there will also be an economy here to parlay that money into haciendas for his great grandchildren. His impact on the city and the team was so great that a group of grown men dressed up as “Melk-Men” for the Giants home games. The Melk-Men begat Melk-Maids. You see, San Francisco has been the launching pad for Burning Man and the Bay-To-Breakers, where everyone is in full costume identity shift, that it’s seeped into Giants games where people where Panda hats, fake beards and horse heads.

But oh how the Melk’s turned sour!

Not only did Melky get popped, but check this out. His agent had a fake website built that claimed it sold a product with a banned testo-booster and had Melky actually buy the fake product with his credit card. They did this in case he did get caught and could use this as a piece of evidence that Melky didn’t know what he was taking. After he hires all the lawyers just to keep his ass out of the frying pan, he’ll be a long ways from the fortune he was staring down a few weeks ago.

Melky is a Rat. Truly. Born in 1984, Melky is a “Wood Rat.” Rats are known to get what they want/need by any means necessary. Baseball bats are made out of wood. He’s a Leo Rat (8/11/84) and is going to go through his Saturn Return shortly. With Saturn in Scorpio, squaring his cool Aquarian Moon, and his 2nd Decan Leo Sun, Mr. Melkman could be in for a pretty rough go for the first year-and-a-half of his Saturn Return. What’s really interesting is that he had transiting Saturn in Libra, just four degrees off his natal Pluto in Libra. Recently, Lolo Jones, America’s vestal virgin at the XXX Olympics had Saturn directly on her Pluto. She fell short of medaling in the 110 meter hurdles and not only that, but her teammates dogged her out, obviously a little put off by all the pre-Olympic Lolo love. There was an undercurrent of racial tension in their remarks as Jones, of mixed race and much lighter complexion received far more attention they did. While Saturn transiting her Pluto did not result in the sacrifice of her virginity for the reptilian gods of mammon, she took a major hit. Saturn on Pluto shakes, rattles and rolls.

Cabrera has some fairly complex aspects. He’s got a funky T-Square with Venus in Virgo (purity and judgment in relationships), Uranus in Sag (radical expression through sport) and Chiron in Gemini (duplicity) Boy, did they get triggered. Transiting Chiron in Pisces is opposing Melky’s virginal (that word again) Venus in Virgo. Chiron is the wounded healer and its no coincidence that Melky’s teammates now despise him, for not only cheating, but by going so overboard with it, that he created the phony website. The Melkman also has his TN in the sign of the twins, conjuncting his Chiron. While astrology is NOT a science of fate in my mind, but rather a compass towards destiny, its pretty clear, that without a fair amount of conscious awareness, this train was bound to wreck. But on closer attention, there is something much deeper at play.

It wasn’t that long ago when Barry Bonds was crushing baseballs into the chilly brine of McCovey cove. Bonds’ home run production was both prodigious and unprecedented, especially for a man at his age. In this late thirties, his production should have been tailing off. Instead, it was launching him into the stratospheric heights of the game’s all time greats. Bonds currently holds the all time record for home runs in both a single season and in a career. He eclipsed his solar opposite, Hank Aaron to hold the home run crown. Aaron is an Aquarius and Bonds, like Cabrera is a Leo. Bonds is a first decan Leo which is ruled by Leo. Cabrera is a second deacon Leo, ruled by Sag. One wants fame, the other achievement through some numinous act. But here’s the deal. This chemical drama is more than just chance, or the proximity of the most cutting edge performance enhancement labs in the country.

The Melky affair is archetypal.

You see, after millions and millions of taxpayer dollars spent to get Barry Bonds for perjuring himself, absolutely zero closure has ever occurred around one of the most controversial and least liked athletes in modern history. He and Roger Clemens (also a Leo) have been at the center of the steroidal witch hunt for the past six years. Most clear thinking people know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that Bonds and Clemens used PEDS to achieve greatness and acquire large sums of cash in the process. Like Bonds, Clemens’s recent run through the judiciary gauntlet ended in a mistrial and he’s now free to continue to be the a-hole that he’s been throughout his career. But I am getting a bit of track here. The complexity of the Bonds affair has left an open wound, a psychic gap that even a magical world series in 2010 has not been able to close and heal. In a Jungian sense, Melky Cabrera is the unclaimed shadow of Bonds’ and the Giants fan base, thrashing in a denial deeper than McCovey Cove. Melky even resembles a troll, ever-so-slightly, but now he’s a demon raised from the depths of BALCO’s synthetic vats of human potential and super-soldier Nazi juice. He’s also become Bonds’ wicker man, burning in a public effigy the way that the all-time home run hitter never did or will. This is a classic case of transference but also a reminder of the powers of the collective unconscious to dredge up, especially on a mass level, the unclaimed and unresolved matters of the psyche.

At the end of the day, Bonds might be symbolic of Baseball’s rampant steroid era, but Melky Cabrera will be its frankenstein monster, unleashed on the public as the horrific and betraying other and unless fandom and Bonds come to understand this and expose the shadow in the light of awareness, the beast of science and denial will forever haunt the house that Barry built.

7 thoughts on “Sour Melk, Leo Cabrera Becomes The Shadow Of Leo Bonds Unresolved And Wagnerian Betrayal”

  1. J

    Great read Robert. I was not aware of the Melkay Way until just now. Mentioning BALCO also drug up something that goes DOOM in the deep. The dwarves dug too far … NALCO is the name of the Monsanto subsidiary hired by British Petroleum to disperse the oil in the Gulf of Mexico. What is Cabrera’s nationality?

  2. L

    I remember Melky well when he played for our KC Royals. Having the All-Star game here in our city this year was pretty interesting.

  3. r

    Full costume identity shift… this jumped out for me. 🙂 Have you seen Bonds’ site? Hello.

    Years ago, I had a great Nike ‘Just Do It’ ad with Barry in the background, taped up in front of my treadmill. Hot bodies are great motivation, but Nike’s writers were the real inspiration. Though I didn’t really follow his career, I liked him because I identified him with those words. Oh, the irony. That was before I worked in advertising.

    I found it interesting that he is a Leo, and his first wife’s name was ‘Sun’, second was ‘Watson’, and he was involved romantically with a ‘Bell’ (Bell-Bonds). His daughter Shikari (which means pathfinder/big game hunter) had some recent topless photo scandal, too. Hmm.

    Leo and denial seem to be a theme in my personal world lately… Are they associated astrologically? It would run along with ego/image/pride.

    Fascinating read, Robert. You can’t take the pirate out of a giant, but someone still has to pay…

  4. C

    What the Stars giveth…the Stars also take away…you can’t say it isn’t fair…after all…it’s their ballpark

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