Soundscape For Neptune Opposed Mercury, The Upcoming Pisces Full Moon And The Fires Of Texas

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Let it rain.

Sunday, the Moon moves into Pisces, rising to fullness on Sunday night. Neptune in Aquarius is opposed Mercury on the critical anaretic degree. We need water in Texas to offset the scorching heat of the fires and epic drought, not too mention Rick Perry’s hot air. I decided to post this track that I did about two years ago. Its a sonic paen to water, rain and a psychedelic journey into the rainforest. This is for Texas and all people needing spiritual and emotional relief in times of drought on all levels. Thanks to Daft Ada for the inspiration.

Nagual Telemetry by dominmatrix

9 thoughts on “Soundscape For Neptune Opposed Mercury, The Upcoming Pisces Full Moon And The Fires Of Texas”

  1. T

    Please include Oklahoma too, Robert. The whole state, but especially the southern part is as badly, if not worse off, than Texas. A Wild Life Refuge about 30 mins drive from us is burning, as I type.

    Will go back and finish listening to that very calming audio piece. Thanks.

  2. c

    I just wanted to give you feedback on Fridays show about 9-11 I really enjoyed listening to everyone who called in to share what they felt that day. It was a very moving show. And those who have not heard it should.

  3. S

    Great piece of invocation, Robert. I am listening to it for the 3rd time as a light rain falls, helping to clear some of the smoke that has blown into the Chicago area from a forest fire 400 miles away in northeast Minnesota (drought there too). It was hard to breathe yesterday for some of us. A cold front is moving through most of the central and eastern U.S. with current temperatures 23 degrees F below seasonal normal. It is entering Texas and bringing rain to Dallas. Praying it can do some good for Texas and Oklahoma.

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