Solar Transmissions

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

parma_filtered3Feel the everlasting and eternal rays from the center of your universe.

It must be the arc of Sol edging closer to Jupiter at 25 degrees in my first house, or perhaps I am dovetailing with the times, but I will share with you, from the most expansive molecules that our creative genius granted me, that we are on the cusp of conscious awareness and the only thing that is separating you from this realization is the shadow of your fear.

Understand this.

You are completely alone.

No one is here to save you.

No UFOs. No Ron Paul. No Bono. No Julian Assange. This is it folks. If you can feel your utter al(one)ness then you are one step closer to liberation. You have NOTHING to lose. You are the most beautiful and dangerous expression, this side of the Sun.

Happy Holy Days!

5 thoughts on “Solar Transmissions”

  1. A

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  2. K

    Everything has led me to this. There should be another social pyramid akin to that of Maslow. Instead of the pyramid of human needs there should be one that describes the levels of freedom to be attained. It feels like there is a certain glass ceiling of illusion/paradox that has to be broken in order to get to the top.

    If leaders, educators, social engineers and parents learned to be emancipated, independent and autonomous, the world would be radically different in as little as two generations.

  3. A

    Once people can accept these facts, and no longer hide behind the excuse that they are forgiven, then maybe we can stop doing shitty things to each other and the Earth.

  4. “No Bono.”

    THAT’s a gem. This entire post is a gem. Robert, thank you for your wisdom, and for putting your words together so succinctly and beautifully.

    Happy day,

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