Solar Eclipse, New Moon, Saturn Retrograde, Heavy Weather Ahead

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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eclipseBlack Sun Rising.

Feels like we’re about to be shot out of cannon. There’s so much happening in the heavens. The Sun is heating up again, more solar flare activity in the past thirty days than in the past two years. An asteroid came pretty damn close to The Earth on Wednesday, there’s a new moon in chilly Capricorn, Saturn goes retrograde in Libra and we’ve got a solar eclipse on the 15th. This from NASA on the eclipse.

“The first solar eclipse of 2010 occurs at the Moon’s ascending node in western Sagittarius. An annular eclipse will be visible from a 300-km-wide track that traverses central Africa, the Indian Ocean and eastern Asia (Espenak and Anderson, 2008). A partial eclipse is seen within the much broader path of the Moon’s penumbral shadow, which includes eastern Europe, most of Africa, Asia, and Indonesia.”

The annular path begins in westernmost Central African Republic at 05:14 UT. Because the Moon passes through apogee two days later (Jan 17 at 01:41 UT), its large distance from Earth produces an unusually wide path of annularity. Traveling eastward, the shadow quickly sweeps through Uganda, Kenya, and southern Somalia while the central line duration of annularity grows from 7 to 9 minutes.

For the next two hours, the antumbra crosses the Indian Ocean, its course slowly curving from east-southeast to northeast. The instant of greatest eclipse [1] occurs at 07:06:33 UT when the eclipse magnitude [2] will reach 0.9190. At this instant, the duration of annularity is 11 minutes 8 seconds, the path width is 333 kilometers and the Sun is 66° above the flat horizon formed by the open ocean. Such a long annular duration will not be exceeded for over 1000 years (3043 Dec 23).”

That’s a lot of activity. Can we expect more challenging circumstances on the planet in those regions? What does all of this mean?

The New Moon in Capricorn will square Saturn as it moves backwards. This could be a very interesting time for relationships. Look for the pst to be -re-animated. Old lovers come out of the woodwork, issues that were once thought of being resolved are back on the front burner again. Power plays and ultimatums should be avoided at all costs. For anyone involved in legal issues, stay on your toes, especially if it involves any government agency or a corporation. Don’t buckle or cave in immediately. Of course, this affects Capricorn, Cancer, Libra and Aries Sun signs, Moons and ascendants. Check your coordinates. Strive for win/win, but don’t back down either. Buy time and try to ride it all out until Mercury goes direct. Things will shift.

The solar eclipse is the first of this young decade. Of course, since it’s in Capricorn it will aspect the US chart, exactly conjuncting the US Mercury in 24 degrees. The shadowy Sun will also conjunct the US Pluto, with a four degree orb. What generally happens on Fridays? Heavy economic news is released. With the conjunction of the eclipse on the US Mercury look for challenging language and forecasts. The US seems to be broadening it’s presence in North Africa via the ongoing soft conflict with Somali pirates, Nigeria (oil) and even Yemen, as it sits directly across from Somalia. The eclipse will cut through the center of Africa, but it touches the motherland and then heads east.

The next solar eclipse will occur on July 11th, which would place it at roughly a mid-point between The US Sun and Mercury. So what takes place during this eclipse, could very well be part of a two stage activation, culminating during the Summer.

The eclipsed Sun will touch The New Moon, conjuncting it and Venus as well. As we have seen during the past year, Pluto in Capricorn has really flexed it’s muscle in triggering the coporacratic DNA that has initiated buyouts, bailouts and sellouts. This eclipse will either reveal its shadowy nature in greater detail, illuminating some aspect of the (de)evolving paradigm or it will trigger yet more of the same in terms of plane/plain power grabs in the midst of more chaos.

It all starts today.

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  1. B

    As the Earth erupts in pain…Another jolt of humanity returns to GOD…That people still today live in such poverty is a scar on the souls of everyone of us…

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