Sobering Realizations Of Neptune, Dissipative Structures As The Tao And The Bloody Rabbit Hole

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Blueprint for transformation?

This is usually my chrysalis time of year. The Sun ducks down behind my IC and conjuncts my South Node. It’s not my most vital cycle of the Gregorian calendar. The past few years have been bolted to personal drama around this stretch. Three years ago, this time, my marriage was unraveling at light speed. I spent three days locked up with the agents of the lower fourth and an inquisitor with a pill-popping degree. One day in the memoirs, I’ll write about that 72 hours. Oh yeah, I danced in the dragon’s jaw. Two years ago, almost to the day, my father passed from this plane of existence. You get the drift. Last year, I got a bit of a reprieve. I think the universe had mercy on my shell shocked soul.

It’s been over six months since I abandoned summoning the lesser spirits of grapes and grains. The changes are profound. The gauzy film of the matrix gets clearer and clearer. What we see and experience is truly unique and ours. Once we understand this, then not only does the movie change, but the perspective does as well. You (whoever you are) become the director instead of a bit player or some “character” actor (but you can still be them too if you want or choose). I’m not alone. I keep running into people I know and haven’t seen for a while and a lot of them are reporting similar pieces (pisces). I interviewed Abel Ferrera a few weeks back and he was candid, quite candid about his recovery. 4:44, his latest film is about that process, played out by Willem Dafoe in an art loft at the end of the world.

With both Chiron and Neptune in play, especially with the added boost from the Sun and Venus, its shining more brightly through dense and murky waters. People keep showing up and telling me how they’ve stopped drinking and they don’t miss it. Its having a wave-like effect on us.

There is a concept called “Dissipative Structures” which was stumbled upon by Nobel Laureate, Ilya Prigogine that I think is truly compelling and at the heart of the planetary transformation we’re all experiencing. Here is the technical definition of it;

“Ilya Prigogine is best known for his definition of dissipative structures and their role in thermodynamic systems far from equilibrium, a discovery that won him the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1977. In summary, Ilya Prigogine discovered that importation and dissipation of energy into chemical systems could reverse the maximization of entropy rule imposed by the second law of thermodynamics, which only applies to closed thermodynamic systems with no exchange of energy or entropy with the environment.

A dissipative structure is characterized by the spontaneous appearance of symmetry breaking (anisotropy) and the formation of complex, sometimes chaotic, structures where interacting particles exhibit long range correlations. The term dissipative structure was coined by Russian-Belgian physical chemist Ilya Prigogine, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1977 for his pioneering work on these structures. The dissipative structures considered by Prigogine have dynamical régimes that can be regarded as thermodynamically steady states, and sometimes at least can be described by suitable extremal principles in non-equilibrium thermodynamics. Simple examples include convection, cyclones and hurricanes. More complex examples include lasers, Bénard cells, the Belousov–Zhabotinsky reaction, and living organisms. One way of mathematically modeling a dissipative system is given in the article on wandering sets: it involves the action of a group on a measurable set.” (Source)

In lay terms, what Prigogine found, was a solution to entropy. That solution was where complex relationships at a sub-atomic level interpenetrated one another and influenced the behavior set of each structure accordingly. This was done without any forced application or fusion. As mentioned above, dissipative structures can be seen at work in nature in the form of “convection, cyclones and hurricanes”, so we’re not talking about something passive here. No, this is dynamic, trailer-park-blasting, spiritually quantum theory that in my estimation is at the root of the power of Tao. Taoism is the mystical branch of DP. It is the doing without doing.

DP is incredibly Neptunian/Piscean as well. Its fluid and diffuse. It moves like waves between people, lives and communities. But DP at its core starts with the individual and then spills outwards. When we do our spiritual work on ourselves and we begin to gain positive ground and momentum, it impacts others. We don’t even have to try. That’s the beauty of DP. We change our selves (cells) and then others change with us, around us, through us. Then the movie changes.

My best guess is that the planet cannot hold the vibration of alcohol and hard drugs for much longer. The Pluto in Scorpio generation is having the final shots at last call in a very big way. The morning after is coming when Saturn moves into Scorpio. And no matter what Diddy, Pitbull, Amber Rose or Madonna do to promote booze, its days as an unholy sacrament are running dry. There’s something very different and new emerging that we have no reference point for. Its ineffable in that thinly veiled and refined Piscean way. We are the destination and we are the transfer point. We are both subject and object. We are thou and thine. Here is where we collapse the poles of duality in a omni-dimensional embrace of something that is emerging in a couscous fashion after 200,000 years on this planet. You’re part of it now. Tag. You’re IT.


Nicki Minaj has appeared three times since the Super Bowl. including the horrific and tasteless Grammys romp with “Roman’s Revenge.” and the much tamer NBA All Star game where she did a medley of “Starships” and “Superbass.” Watching her, Pitbull, Chris Brown and Ne-Yo at the Orlando (see Gaga) All Star game, I have to ask myself, what the hell happened to music?

In 1984, Winston Smith talks about how music is generated by a machine as the dystopian soundtrack for their oppressive and slave-like existence. Everything now sounds like its pumped out by the same logarithmic, union-free composer. All I hear is a re-hash of late 90’s styled techno-house beats, nitrous farting whooshes of synths and choruses of alien auto-tuned vocals. Half rhyming, half sung, its all mediocre and mindless, but its also weirdly breaking down barriers. The urban needle has moved. Its no longer in the black and its much closer to pink than red.

And while the symbolic imagery of the NBA intro and halftime shows were turned down nearly to mute, they’ve been popping off the charts almost everywhere else and everyone is noticing. Illuminati is pervasive in our culture now. The question is why?

If you go down the rabbit hole deep enough, you’ll find things you weren’t prepared for; Things that make you re-think where it is you actually reside and how so-called humans could do these things to other humans. Its not a journey for the faint of heart. Its creepy, cruel and crushing. You begin to wonder what kind of God would allow this type of activity to take place and then your faith is nailed to a cross. Now you are a witness and a witting accomplice. Its a double bind.

On the verdant plains, the elemental rim of the rabbit hole, Esther dances away like the May Queen, shaking her ass like someone half-her-age. Its all fun and games and root chakra seduction on the surface. The beats are up-beat now even though they are just re-animated from another time. While strange sounds drown out the skies around the world, the soundtrack to the apocalypse is bright and chirpy, cruising at a cool 128 BPM, taking you right to the edge of your heart rate, keeping you on the strobing dance floor of Babylon, 24/7.

Last week, I had SiStar MyRah on my radio show. We talked about the overt symbolism on the last Super Bowl as well as Super Bowls going back to 2002, the first post 911 Super Bowl, where the Patriots played the Rams. Its a terrific show. SiStar MyRah comes from a very different background than I do and yet, we really clicked. In fact, we were one mind operating in real time. For me, this is the model of spirituality thats emerging spontaneously, cutting across racial and social divides, time and space and not sacrificing anything except our egos. Its not some forced model of assimilation. It simply was and is. You may not agree with everything, but its seriously worth a listen.

On Friday I interviewed my good friend Constance Demby, a true American treasure. Connie is a pioneer in sacred space music. Her groundbreaking record, “Novus Magnificat” is widely considered a classic, on a par with the likes of Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream.

In the second hour, I spent time with John Friedlander, pioneer in the realms of psychic research and consciousness.

I am changing my radio schedule. “Navigating The Astrological Matrix” is moving to Fridays. Far Fridays is jumping to Sunday nights, where it originated.

SiStar MyRah

Constance Demby

John Friedlander

17 thoughts on “Sobering Realizations Of Neptune, Dissipative Structures As The Tao And The Bloody Rabbit Hole”

  1. I used to be an Olympic drinker. A real champ and fun with it. Rarely any social problems though my health got taken out during a time when I was doing a bottle of rum a day and pretending to be Hemingway on a tropical beach. These days I not only rarely drink but a few days ago I was trying to think of an excuse to do so. I couldn’t think of one single pathetic excuse. I had fun being a boozy bon vivant but it’s not me any more.

    1. a

      Yeah, there’s such a seduction with booze and writing and art and all that. Its really being pushed hard now. If you watch Minaj at the NBA All Star game, she does a shout out to Coors Light and Bud Light at the beginning of “Starships.”

    1. a

      Hey Patrick,

      I did know that. In fact, I did a chart for 3/2, Clif High’s doomsday date. Clear Magen Star, two Grand Trines, a sneaky Cardinal Cross + a phat Yod. All coming to a sky theater near you.

  2. J

    I think many of us are getting more sensitive in general to the whole spectrum of alcohol and both legal and prescription drugs. I have never been much for drinking, but I went out last week and had 2 cocktails over 5 hours – not exactly a wild night – and felt positively ill the next day, but not a hangover ill. It is like my system is rejecting it. I also now seem to be reacting adversely to pennicillin. Even my beloved coffee! What gives? Pretty soon I will be sipping herbal tea and doing crossword puzzles :)

    1. a

      Juno, I am with you. I cling to coffee but it could easily go as well. Rumor has it that coffee was brought here, along with tobacco as a form of “will” control by an alien group, quite possibly the Orions shortly after the fall of Atlantis. Now I’m drinking raw almond smoothies at Cafe Gratitude with David Wolfe. What the hell gives? Guinness I loved you. Be well. :-)

  3. T

    wow, i was an “olympic” drinker too, just quit after new years. No desire to drink anymore, can’t stand the negativity of bars anymore (especially the shit that passes for music these days with all the stupid programing videos.) sports is annoying to no end on TV, dumbed down to the nth degree. especially the commercials. endless barage of nonsense and noise. i cut my cable last year except for internet so now i am especially sensitive to tv noise. Thanks for this blog. excellent stuff!
    Tom in tempe Arizona

    1. a

      Thanks for dropping in Tom. I too have eschewed the bar scene and it was a radical cut. I don’t miss it at all. That’s not to say that I didn’t have some fun times, but I just peep in every now and then to say hi to some friend and I’m off. Time, whatever it is at this point factors into this as well and it seems more important now than ever, like we don’t have a lot left to squander. At least that’s my sense. Things are getting very real and I think many of us have our eye on the ball right now.

  4. More and more, it seems to me like the “Illuminati” or whatever they are the ones who are on the ball. They are certainly the ones who have no trouble manifesting their will in the world. Meanwhile, with everything we think we know, us “aware” people are just a tiny echo chamber in one of the nether regions of the Net. And no matter how sophisticated we think we are, they’re the ones who always come out ahead.

    Back when I believed in a Deity/Deities, I always wondered why it/they could be so cruel as to let this stuff go on. Along with a general move toward an atheistic view of the Universe, I concluded that if there are Deities, they have chosen their side and it is not with the free thinkers on the Internet. If there is not deities, then the closest thing we have to them is whoever is pulling the strings of our society.

    The decision comes down to whether to keep fighting a losing battle, sit back and watch, or participate in some small way and have fun.

  5. I don’t get how my family can drink so much. I would be soo dead if I drank what they do. Sometimes, though, the occasion requires a little imbibement. So I go for 1, just 1 GOOD quality champagne and orange juice. If that happens once in 3 months, I call it a wild social life lol. How I justify the coffee is making it half and half with almond milk. I would LOVE to sip smoothies and hang out with you and DAvid talking about super foods. Something that happened to me just recently has me rather concerned. Right around Valentines Day I suddenly went off chocolate. It’s just not right.

  6. haha. I think it was Mark Twain talking about addictions, who said, “and there she was – a sinking ship with no weight to throw overboard”.

  7. P

    Time, whatever it is at this point factors into this as well and it seems more important now than ever, like we don’t have a lot left to squander. At least that’s my sense. Things are getting very real and I think many of us have our eye on the ball right now.

    How funny your observation is about having time to squander. Had quite a dark Feb and the Dark Horse was dancing quite merrily with James and John Bourbon. I’m sure my daze of wine and roses are too slowly moving, but not just quite yet. I rely on my focus and being clear headed is certainly something that I need at the moment as I move onto the next phase of my life.

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