Soaring Into Aquarius, The Tebow Effect, More Costa Concordia, Reassessing Saturn and Jay Weidner on FAR

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Can you name all the people in this pic?

The Sun moved into Aquarius yesterday. Around me, the winds blowing off the Pacific cut through layers of clothing like blades of ice. Its finally raining here. It rains just like the weathermen predict nearly all the time now. The days of being 50% right are over. They all get their doppler scripts from NOAA and the weather’s always easier to predict when someone is controlling it. Who knows how much cesium and hot particles are being flung around like mutant sprites in search of fatty tissues and essential organs. Do we want to know?

Inside my warm little split level, I’ve been fighting a strange flu that comes and goes. Its on the run now, but tomorrow, who knows?

But this post isn’t about that. Its not about pulling the dark curtain back again and again and again. The Aquarian Sun has delivered a beam of light straight to my third eye, even through a dark and clouded moonless night.

It all started two days ago when I did a reading for Molly Hall, one of my favorite people, astrologer or not. I pulled “The Star” for her and it started a trigger effect. (Just moments after typing those words, the power went out. Now its not just the skies that are dark. I wonder about its significance. I remind myself to get an analog line, just for moments like this, but then I remember that just about everyone I know is either cellular or voiped into the grid. Who would I talk to?)

Yesterday on the show, I spoke with Jay Weidner who is just wrapping up his newest film, a feature called “Kalki.” Kalki is the male counterpart of Kali. Its also the name of a Gore Vidal novel, a slightly tongue-in-cheekish affair about a world savior/anti-christ figure. Jay’s movie has nothing to do with it.

I love Jay. He agreed to come on at the last minute. We talked about 2012, Ron Paul, liberals, Tim Tebow, God, the end of the criminal cabal that’s been running the planet in archonic fashion since the beginning of what we call, “time.” Its really worth a listen.

Speaking with Jay was really uplifting. It was a suitable chat for the first day of Aquarius in 2012. It dovetailed nicely with my work/time with Molly and really caused me to re-think my work.

I started my radio show on the 12th of February, 2010. This year will mark two whole years of broadcasts. I started the blog in earnest, in September of 2008. My first astrological post on Sarah Palin caught fire and I never looked back.

I’ve used astrology to untangle knots and divine meaning in the maelstrom. Its been an outstanding tool to that end and I am not sure anyone else was doing what I was doing then. But it struck me today, that we need a new language, new symbols and new art to navigate through the next part of the journey, well at least I do.

If you managed to wind your way through the catacombs of this site, you could find keys to many things. I laid out the melting economy and the attendant gravity of Pluto in Capricorn before it morphed into the iron fist of Sauron. Well guess what? I am done with it or at least this variant. Its time to move onto something new. I won’t be abandoning astrology. Quite to the contrary. I’ll be using it for something different.

One of the contributing factors was watching Michael Hoffman’s brilliant, “Revelation Of The Method” video. In it, he breaks down how the arch-symbol makers are allowing us to decode their mysteries as it were. Why do you think films like National Treasure and The DaVinci Code are made? Its to indoctrinate us into their version of hermeticism. As a result, we empower them, their symbolic import and influence in our lives. That’s why its so bloody blatant now. High school kids wear illuminist images from the 14th century on their hoodies.

Prior to the insertion of Bush II in the White House, the Neocons drew up their playbook at places like Brookings and AEI. They drafted the “Project For The New American Century” also known as P.N.A.C. Their keystone document was titled, “A Clear Break.” This was the model for pre-emptive war and other machinations, well thought out to retro-fit the White House, particularly the Executive Branch. It was at both diabolical and masterful. It was the end-game accelerator, forcing us to wake from the slumber of our illusion.

Its uncomfortable and even unclear what to do in the midst of the nightmare, but one thing is certain; There is no turning back now. The only way out, is through.

So I have decided to launch my own version of P.N.A.C., “Project For A New Astrological Consciousness.” I have no idea how it will look or evolve, but that’s a lot like my life in general.

So what does that mean? Well, unless I can’t help it, naming the evil is over and done. We need new models that can assist us in turning the ship towards brighter shores and new continents of the heart.

When I write sometimes, I can feel you out there, lives flickering in a brief moment of eternity, shared and longing for the same things. Life without fear, without judgment, without shame, filled with nothing but love.


I’ve been thinking about Saturn today as well. Its squatting on my Venus in the 11th, forcing me to deal on so many levels. Back in July, I gave up drinking. I crossed a chemical line in the sand and don’t feel the need to drink anymore. I had wine at Thanksgiving, but only one glass. I could have one right now, and have just one. The diyonsian pull to descend into the hazy fugue states in no longer there. I have crossed over into temple of Apollo. So I began to ponder the meaning of “no” and the attendant limits that go along with it. I thought about how I used to think that it was my divine right to fuck who I wanted, when I wanted, drink, smoke, trip, you name it. It was all grist for the fleshy mill . . . or so I thought. You must understand that I have Jupiter in Sag in the first and it trines Uranus in Leo in the 9th. Anything worth doing is worth over doing or to quote another famous Sag, “The roads of excess lead to the palace of wisdom.” I may not be there yet, but I am hot on its trail.

I began to think about how as a society, we have been seduced to allow ourselves everything and anything. If we do hold onto some moral center, we can be mocked, derided and cajoled into enabling our lower selves to join the party, where sadness and separation are cloaked in the grand costumery of ego and getting just one more fix of experience.

I’m not judging it. I can just see the distortion its created in my life over the years and how as a society, and as a planet, we have been entrained to accept everything, no matter how un-natural it might be. If we don’t, we’re white and uptight. We’re squares. We’re conservatives. Our cool cards will no doubt be revoked and then we’ll have to hang out with the Christians or the other conservatives, who might profess to know something about restraint, but usually sacrificing compassion at some point along the way.

Morality almost feels like a dirty word at times. Its become so tainted and leaden with the dross of the world’s judgement. And yet, as we look at five-year-old beauty pageant contestants do pole dances for their moms, we say nothing, do nothing about the horror of that spectacle.

We’ve lost our ability to be outraged and that’s because we’ve been entrained over and over again to say “yes” to just about anything. Saying “no” just isn’t cool.

Last week, I was at a bar watching Tim Tebow play. There was a woman next to me and we chatted a bit about the game, about Tebow, etc. She said, “I can’t stand him.” I asked her why? She said he and his mom were obnoxious, particularly for the commercial they made for last year’s Super Bowl. In essence, Tim’s mom talked about when she was at a place in her pregnancy with numerous complications and the doctors recommended aborting him. She declined and had him. That commercial was not about Tim Tebow’s mother holding up a jar with a fetus in it, waving it at America, shoving its death cult totem right back into its sour visage. No. She was simply celebrating the life of her son, which “she chose.”

The screwed up contempt in this woman’s face was almost comical. Then I thought to myself, how upside down is our world when embracing and celebrating a life saved would be viewed as vile and obnoxious? No matter what your position on abortion, just think about that for a minute. Having a baby and sharing it with the world was viewed as despicable. This is what happens when you don’t drink. Things look a little different.

So Saturn has me thinking more and more about limits. The Aquarian Sun tugs me towards a version of oneness–not the synthetic variety of mandatory and strictly imposed Borg mind.

When the new moon hits come Moonday, we’ll be entering the year of the Water Dragon, but perhaps even more importantly, we’ll be presented with yet another opportunity to expand our awareness and move into this year, with an open heart and a deeply discerning mind.

We are magical beings and the divine cosmos, that which we feebly call God is our consciousness. We are swimming in it like fish in an ocean who don’t realize that they are indeed immersed in a medium that grants them the gift of life.

Open your heart. The time for waking up has passed. Its time inhabit your life with the courage of a lion and the gentleness of a lamb. Ride the Aquarian wave know that the future, the world you wish to create is here, right now.

Here’s yesterdays show with Jay. Hope you enjoy it.

Listen to internet radio with Robert Phoenix on Blog Talk Radio

Lastly, a little Aquarian inspiration from Ulrich Schnauss and “Stars.”

11 thoughts on “Soaring Into Aquarius, The Tebow Effect, More Costa Concordia, Reassessing Saturn and Jay Weidner on FAR”

  1. I share the Saturn gravity, as Saturn is parked on my Mars, the last planet of a wide T-square in Cardinal that has been getting hammered the past few years. I completely relate on your observations. In fact I went the restriction route after my saturn return, in which I voluntarily gave up my own version of hedonism. Now there is nothing of that kind to strip, so Saturn is getting busy stripping my Soul this time around. Still too much in the thick of it to understand the ultimate meaning of the process.

    Also resonating with the leaving behind of the “expose’ of all evil”. We have been in a grand dismantlement phase, which is not complete yet, but eventually we will be moving into the build anew phase. Some, like yourself, are as usual ahead of the curve. With Neptune in Pisces many will be having visions as to the solutions for the future direction of our world. And I have a feeling it will be easier than we think, like a damn bursting open, after much restriction or a movie suddenly shifting from black and white to color.

  2. a

    Exciting! Sparks in this post…’on fire’ is apt…and congrats on your new, ‘forming’ project(s). Sooooo many thanks for the multimedia mind/soul/heart tickling as well. Fun to watch these ideas, as they glow / grow. To find inspired ways to apply and enjoy them.

  3. When I write sometimes, I can feel you out there, lives flickering in a brief moment of eternity, shared and longing for the same things. Life without fear, without judgment, without shame, filled with nothing but love………

    With ya brother. Nice words.

    Back in July, I gave up drinking…..

    Drinking and smoking are deserting me after a four decades of intimacy. I’m OK with it and feel it’s connected to the change/shift/compression.

    Im a fan of Jay too but I lately Rense is a bad influence on him. When they get together it’s like old ladies doom mongering and what I don’t like is the dryness of delivery as if somewhat disconnected from it but obliged to comment loftily on the eschaton. (Rense is a hero but he’s burnt out on backing hope)

    Jay’s less obvious strength is when he hits on a seam of knowledge he’s seldom shared before and suddenly a ten minute unexpected oratory leaves the listener sitting up straight and the old hand familiar with his material in awe of the new respect he just commanded.

    I need to relisten to your interview as I fell asleep and awoke to Jay doing his doom Rense cameo shtick. I hope you’re not offended but it made me laugh out loud to on my own. Sometimes it’s all that is remains in situations of hopelessness. Jay and Rense should remember that if they’ve forgotten.

    1. a

      Hey Charles, Yeah, it feels like we are moving beyond the vibration of alcohol and smoke. Good for you. The first few weeks can be might challenging. I think that when Saturn moves into Scorpio, many people are going to be re-assessing their habits and addictions. As far as Jay goes, I believe he and I have a pretty cool synergy. You’re absolutely right about him tapping into something and then branching off into unique territories.

  4. “Morality almost feels like a dirty word at times. Its become so tainted and leaden with the dross of the world’s judgement.” Robert, these two sentences are so wonderfully expressive. I wonder though, how we are going to define ‘morality’ without stepping on the broken idols of the past and enraging their idolaters as we do so.

    How are we going to define a moral path that sets a bar for humanity without constricting the choices of the individuals of the collective? We were given 10 Commandments and through the millennia we found even these too constricting. What’s worse we couldn’t enforce them without breaking those self same commandments.

    My belief, (being a sun sign Aquarian) is that part of answer lies in the Uranian process of individuation. In this process we move past fear (Saturn) to the realization that we can be who we are without censure from the Universe. (Our families are another matter.) Individuation requires that we unlock our unique gift, that which we can do better than anyone else, and offer it for the betterment of the collective. Like your quitting alcohol, it is a line is then drawn in the sand. This is who I am, this is what I offer, this is how I do things. Our moral center then derives from this realization, and is more unshakable than any law chiseled in stone.

    What interesting times in which we live!

    1. a

      Hey Beth, You bring some really keen insight to this and I could not agree more. Perhaps we have what it takes right now with the outer planets; Uranus in Aries is radicalizing the will, adding the acceleration towards individuation that you bring up. Neptune in Pisces brings compassion, keeps us fluid and not caught up in judgement. Pluto in Capricorn urges us to get our shit together, get organized, disciplined and the CEO of our own experience.

      Saturn in Scorpio should be very interesting, especially at the early degrees trining Neptune. I think people will be able to make deep changes to their lives without a lot of trauma.

      Thanks again for your very cogent thoughts.

  5. Hi Robert, you are so inspiring. You get my Saggie splash chart pinging in all directions, lol. I was listening to one of your archives today… interview with MamaVal about A Course in Miracles. Great interview – she’s a wonderful speaker. Then you go on to interview the English lady (sorry, missed the name) about the Royal Wedding. Brilliant! I’m bringing this up because your blog today is about the thought she presented – ritual/celebratory/meditative group work with intention. Like Merlin, we can use the same tools and timings (as the cabals do) to wield the power of intention. I loved her idea and was thinking we needed another “Feed the World” concert, but perhaps we have become more sophisticated. Certainly it’s a good time to circle the wagons. One circle connects to another. I like to sometimes think of saturn as the manifestor. In your 2nd house, you must have learned something about that. I hope you will consider your progressed chart. In 4 months Pmoon joins Ppluto. The chart is pretty powerful. I’m feeling the magnetism anyway. Ya, Jay Weidner is amazing. His interview with Zany Mystic was pretty mind-blowing. You’ve recently been in a hospital with your son… flu could be weird thoughtforms and entities from there (hope you don’t mind my 2 cents worth).

    1. a

      Thanks Linda. I went to see my healer today. She’s a wonderful practitioner of NMT (NeuroModularTechnique). Getting through it. I agree. A conscious moment of shared, collective awareness would be a vital tonic. I think we’re inching towards that kind of synchronization like never before. Let’s just keep the intention that we can experience on “our” terms.

  6. K

    Hello Robert;

    I had not heard of you until I saw a link on Henry Makow’s website to your words concerning the Italian liner. I was impressed with what I read, then looked a bit further and saw you had a very recent interview with Jay Weidner (one of my very favorite thinkers in today’s dark world); I listened to the show and enjoyed it.

    Can you tell me, is your radio program available for downloading so I can listen on my Ipod?

    I hope you have Jay on again soon and just want you to know I appreciate what I’ve read of yours so far and am thankful Makow included that link in his story.

    Warm Regards,


    1. a

      Hi there,

      Yes, my show is available for download right off the blogtalk site.

      Here is my showpage.

      If you scroll down, you can also see archived shows.

      If you go to my youtube page, you can find my first interview with Jay where we drop down into the Kubrick rabbit hole. Its a pretty awesome exchange. Jay was really on that night. Here is a link to it.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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