Smart Meters (Uranus in Aries) Activating Social Activism (Saturn in Libra)

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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Technology thats bringing people together..

On todays show, I interviewed Joshua Hart, the founder of Stop Smart Meters.Org a true grassroots organization that is dedicated to stopping smart meters in their tracks. Santa Cruz, which, thanks to the tireless commitment by Hart, has become front lines for smart meter resistance. Hart who would classify himself as a classic progressive, driven by core progressive values, such as care for the environment, aversion to big business etc. has found himself aligning with members of the Tea Party, whose values seem to be much more in agreement than not on the smart meter front. One side abhors Big Gov, the other Big Biz and the magnet drawing them together is the dubious smart meter. This is a really positive example of Saturn in Libra getting worked out in the collective, two disparate sides forming alliances based on the need to bring a situation that’s out of imbalance, back into accord.

The meters themselves represent the worst aspect of Uranus in Aries. They are like small cell phone towers attached to your house and create a grid network of other smart meters that bounce the signal from one house to another, all the way back to a central tower. In addition to the radiation and dirty electricity thrown off by the meters, they’re also invasive, tracking your power loads in real time and sending the info back in pulses to Pacific, Gas and Electric every four-to-five seconds. While P.G.&E. is an early adopter, programs with other PUCs are popping up all over the country.

In the second half of todays program, I hooked up with Carol Croft (Etheric Warriors.Com). again. We talked about how orgonite can be used to diffuse the static fields of not only smart meters, but other electronic devices, systems and grids. There are visionary applications for technology, the light side of Uranus in Aries and orgone is certainly one of them.


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3 thoughts on “Smart Meters (Uranus in Aries) Activating Social Activism (Saturn in Libra)”

  1. J

    Great show today. If I’m not mistaken the Tea Party started as a grassroots party with a truth agenda. It was quickly co-opted by the far right money machine. Santa Cruz is going to be a test case.

  2. A

    America is a Paper Tiger… Litterally, ti outlived making paper money that engulf the world, and the whole world is losing itself back America… Starting from Europe. It won’t function any Tea Party, Coffee Party, Coffee Shop, Wine Demanour, Oil Refuge or what else…
    The economy based on paper is much more than the real productive economy. All is over-dimensioned and that is why all is potentially over…
    This is the key and simply, as any system in nature, it **has limits**, but here’s the other point: Capitalism refuses to have limits…

    But Nature has it! This is the basic contradiction that’s destroying the whole world, like Hokusai’s The Big Wave, the World Tsunami – Neptune in the anaretic of Aquarius…

    So accept the limits, may pay for it the ones who gained more in the False Game That Falls , game called The Maaaarket – this false idol! – and live free…
    Free from the conditioning that was made onto you all…

    And please, don’t let anyone seduce you, collecting you in this or that party: Think with your own mind first!

    Neptune in the Anaretic of Aquarius… The terrible ancient god of the sea, Poseidon, Phos-Eidon (The Image of Light in Greek), Neptunus…

    His revenge is without merci, he made Ulysses pay it hard… Don’t play with him…

    Accept the limits, play along the rules, let the Corporate mafia start to pay, live free with your family and friends, and for principle don’t accept what media claim…
    Think with your mind first…
    Reason simply and you’ll discover many things…

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