Shifting Perspectives — Chiron In Aquarius And The Shadow Of The New Age

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

shiftWe’re just full of shift these days.

It’s hard getting fired up for the blog today. I keep putting off what I’ve been wanting to post for a couple of days now. Got a call from my good friend Chris and my time at Kosmic is coming to an end. They are closing up shop and August will be my last month for doing scopes there. The upside is that I’ll be able to post whatever I want without having to taper my message for a certain community, but the downside is that I won’t be able to receive that monthly compensation from Kosmic. It’s been a very good run and I want to thank Chris publicly for being so supportive of my work. I will continue to post monthly scopes as well as Full Moon scopes here. I’m going to have to find a new source of income though to replace the Ko$mic connection. If you like what I do, you can always send a me a donation from time-to-time. Okay, now for the hardcore.

A very sweet friend of mine, a fantastic body worker excitedly shared a Facebook link with me about a new movie coming out, called, “Shift.”I watched the preview and although i don’t have the full movie in front of me, I can begin to decode it on a deeper level: “Shift” conveys a feeling that things are changing, that we are approaching a tipping point in human consciousness and it is as thick as alien fog in the western skies at sunset, you know, the kind of haze that makes blood red atmospheres and strange rainbows at the days end? It’s all over Facebook.

People are uttering saccharine platitudes like, “love everything, all things, all the time, and love will surround you.” Then ten people will give a thumbs up and say, “thank you, love you too.” I think it’s great that people are opening up and making their hearts and aspirations known on line, but the flip side of the openness and sense that we’re onto something really big is that it might not be the complete picture.

This is where Neptune in Aquarius comes into play. In the “summer of higher love” flavored by Jupiter in Aquarius, Neptune in Aquarius adds both the immense possibility for spiritual transformation as it does for mass illusion.

Neptune allows us to dream and embrace unthinkable possibilities and potentials to seep into our consciousness. Neptune is the perfect planet for the promise of “hope.” So we have Jupiter inflating the possibility of utopian perspectives via Aquarius and we have Neptune expanding them into misty, mystical, essence of eau de’ spirit. But beneath it all is Chiron in Aquarius.

Chiron is often called “The Wounded Healer” of the zodiac and while I think this is a pretty apt description for a chunk of Maldek, a piece of a planet that was indeed mortally wounded (hello asteroid belt) Chiron to me, also represents the shadow, the psychic zone of the wounded healer that we are always wrestling with, knowing or unknowingly. In a strange way, our shadows keep us honest, make us question why things are not as evolved as we would like them to be.

I have a vision of the spear of Longinus, firmly implanted in the side of christ, the wound that opens to the pain and suffering of the world. So it is with Chrion in Aquarius.

What is the shadow of the new age? What is the open wound which causes us to proceed with compassion and at times, even painful clarity?

Let’s go back to the brief trailer of “Shift.” In it, I can see some very good things, like the concept of micro-loans to third world entrepreneurs (count me in) and the advocacy of people lighting up, getting turned on and investing their energy for positive change. There’s Bishop Desmond Tutu! I love that guy! it has the sheen of documenting something very powerful that’s taking place, dovetailing with the same kind of uplifting and transformative energy flowing freely on Facebook. But then you drill down and there’s Al Gore, The “Green Pope” waving the flag for climate change and the new social ethos that surrounds it. Gore was recently quoted as saying that “Cap and trade will lead towards a global governance.” This is really getting closer to Gore’s core than his big Nobel payback for laying down in 2000 without much of a whimper or a fight when it came to hanging chads and crooked voter rolls in Florida. Yes, you might love uncle Albert for his “deep care” of the environment, but his ultimate compliance allowed Bush to flush the country right down the toilet in a scant eight years. Yes, I know the supreme court rendered their fateful decision (which they had no right to) but Gore was probably relieved that the farce had reached a semi-official end so that he could collect Nobel and Oscar hardware and all the other goodies that were bequeathed unto him.

Chiron in Aquarius, if it’s really doing it’s job is forcing us to look at these proposed, utopian, scenarios with a critical eye. Is the promise of a new age an organic expression of collective evolution and a rapid acceleration of information via the www? Is it the fact that we are being bombarded by pulsations emanating from deep space? New forms of consciousness emanating in ever increasing rounds of solar flares? Or is it that we are being led, following a script laid out by Theosophists such as Madame Blavatzky and Alice Bailey? Is “Shift” pointing towards a simulacra of the new age? Something that appears to have the look and feel of what people are really hungry for, but in actuality is yet another layer of being covertly controlled? What would be more effective than offering up another version of the matrix for people that are tired of a previous version of the matrix which they can no longer stomach? Want change? We’ve got it . . . sort of. This sort of wading through this muck in public forums has not made me Mr. Popularity. I can easily be the guy that brings the party down, but since I am nearly in the midst of my Chiron return, in you got it, Aquarius, I am re-calibrating my relationship with the new age and new thought, so I have no problem being the gadfly in the ointment of change. Why? Because I give a “shift.”

19 thoughts on “Shifting Perspectives — Chiron In Aquarius And The Shadow Of The New Age”

  1. A

    It is so important to view this shift with a critical eye. I love what the dawn of the Age of Aquarius brought but the party is over. In order to accomplish any real change it takes vision, action and a whole lot of elbow grease. I have more planets in Virgo than I care to admit (pluto & uranus conj in my 6th with Venus in virgo as well…but I am a Libra). The placement I have is generational so there are many practical thinkers out there that were born at the same time. No, you are not a gadfly in the ointment of change. As for Al, I agree he didn’t put up much of a fight but I have to say that even though the election was decided by the Supreme Court (and not the people) it happened for a reason. To think that I voted for someone like Lieberman! That guy really makes me want to vomit!

  2. B

    Thirty years ago John Lennon sang a very prophetic song for this time… Mind Games…He saw it…as did Nostradamus …
    The world of spirit becomes a known energy …aka the opening of our third eyes …aka the second coming …aka the lifting of the veil

    This ditty was downloaded to me from spirit…

    ~ GOD Never Made Anything Square…(think on…)

    There’s a cosmic burst of LOVE pouring through our skies
    Stirring up a vortex within this evil veil of lies
    It started as a trickle that turned into a flood
    Then became a tidalwave of unrequited blood
    The souls of the murdered and sacrificed for gain
    Who in death KNOW Truth but seek no vengeance for their pain
    Just a helping hand for man’s survival to win this wicked game

    Those lucky heaven dwellers have contact from beyond
    Beings from other dimensions share a strong loving bond
    GOD’s wrath is manifesting through forces above the myth
    That place we call heaven…that State of Constant Bliss

    There have been many more like this ‘given’ to me from spirit (mainly John Lennon!) …

    1. a

      Love it. I was talking with a friend last night and our conversation veered towards this very subject and the help we get to keep this blue orb spinning in space. Because on the “surface” if we truly looked at who has the resources, fingers on the buttons, etc, there should be no way we’re even having this connection right now and yet we are.

      Don’t be a stranger here.

  3. B

    Thinking ’bout it…maybe you could do a check between our charts… my birthday 12/16/1955 london 3.23pm …John 10/9/1940 liverpool 6.30pm…?

  4. T

    Hi Robert. So sorry to read that your connection with Kosmic is nearing an end, and hope something appears soon to replace it. You write so very well, I can’t imagine someone won’t snap you up.

    Re the wave of “lurve” on Facebook – I haven’t experienced it personally because Facebook gives me the creeps (gut feeling, no idea why). But I think I’m with you in your views. Facebook isn’t the world. Any shift has to be world-wide and species wide. It ain’t happening – yet. Age of Aquarius is a long way off. We won’t see it, will we? I won’t anyway. We are probably on some kind of cusp now – a giant centuries long cusp, so occasional whiffs of what’s brewing might be around from time to time I guess.

    I think Facebook and other social networks are a bredding ground for communal emotional euphoria, which in the long run amounts to very little – in the big picture.

    As for Al Gore – can’t fault him. I won’t criticise, he might have made mistakes, but I do believe he’s a man of integrity, and that’s all I ask of anybody.

  5. t

    sorry to hear about you leaving kosmic… i really enjoy your writings…
    very professional, truthful and to the point!!!!
    i too have chiron in aqua 27 deg…..

    Hope 2 c u at angelicas new Ning, if not … that’s okay too…
    Your a cool guy robert….
    everything happens for a reason….
    better things are just around the corner… watch for them.

    ; )


    be well

  6. Thank you, you said it…love this post Robert! Except for the sharing about not being on Kosmic anymore, I trust the universe will fill that “shift” from one place to another and increase your income along with it.
    Just went throught the Chiron return, ouch! Yet as those things go, also insightful, with some similar insights as we have discussed before.
    And yes, even though “those powerful moneyed interests” surely are steering many into mindless bliss while they Gore us into laying down before the courts of the overlords, you are right on Robert, we get to play this too….back to the looking glass of previous post…thankx again for saying what is not popular.
    ….and of course….the spirit within brings us serendiptous events to help us past our blinded euphoric facebooked tell alls, oh at 10:30 I spilled coffee, etc.

  7. B

    Have to agree with Twilight about facebook…but al gore is to integrity what Gandhi was to war!
    This is what John Lennon had to say on the morning of gore’s musical bash on 7/7/07 london

    ~Global Warming And Burned Out Politicians

    Global warming is not to blame
    for our drinks poisoned with aspartame
    or the fluoridated water that rots our brains
    or the violence and death of our video games
    or the schools producing kids who can’t read
    or the outsourced jobs for corporate greed
    or a health’care’ that knows only pay-up or bleed
    or a media who lies and takes us for fools
    or a flood of illegals to clean out our pools
    or our bully boy tactics in blood soaked Iraq
    or the pantsdown* trillions we’ll never get back

    I could go on but I’ve gored you enough
    solving global warming will cure none of the above…

    * aka pentagoon

  8. T

    @Badger…..we disagree about Gore – that’s fine. But as for global warming/climate change – dealing with that will allow time and opportunity to right some of the other wrongs Lennon listed. If climate change isn’t dealt with none of those wrongs will matter any more.

  9. Ok so, when we put focus on something we really trust to be truth in the astro universe, you can get the points that show you how astrology is tangible in a rational mind, and for me, Aquarius has its air of hypocrisy, people write about love, and talk about the wrongs in society, ideas flow, action get lost in directions, they talk about people talking about having its ordinary events in their daily life, complex behavior are rising with new astrological configuration, the long era is infinite in a suspicious mind which never open the mind for the possibilities you could find in this bilateral era of choices, Aquarius is giving us the sense that we belong together in the same escape, but with different distances between each one, and in Neptune, it expands our experience within the new facets that are rising within the doubt of the divine.

    The cup of uncertainty perhaps? I think the facets that are proposing the shift may happen someday, are the ones who may start a revolutionary way of dealing with our available sources as humans on planet earth.

    I prefer having this good vibe of the Aquarius hypocrisies, than a sure 3rd war burning all the good greens that still are with us.

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