She’s Baaaaaaaaack, Aquarian Sarah Stirs The Teabaggers, Vancouver BC Update

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

kalima-maOnce more with feeling. . .

There are at least three events which bear our witness at this time. The first is the heated rhetoric and actions now taking place in The Middle East around Iran, centering mostly on The US and Israel. I will make this perfectly clear on this blog: It is extremely difficult to justify the totalitarian use of force by any country or group to achieve geo-political gain, sell arms, bleed economies, foment apprehension and fear. It is in it’s own right, a definition of extremism. Peace through war is Orwellian to the core. We need to play nicer.

The Left, which USED to stand aligned with the anti-war movement seems to have moved on from that perspective. They could care less about war. Even when Bush was in office, every lefty on the hill voted for more funding, tax dollars for munitions, more life for death. Both parties have blood on their hands. Both parties are now war parties. The collective psyche has been twisted and torqued through a series of collective traumatizations to embrace the concept of war without end, enemies that are constantly changing uniforms at every most convenient turn.

In South Carolina, they’ve made it a state law that if you want to have any intention of overthrowing the US government, that you now have to register with the state for a $5 fee. We have become a people so wracked by psychological and economic conditioning that some people might think that this is an actually sane request.

So the IDF passes out gas masks recently to residents of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem (though I somehow doubt that the Palestinians got any) and they are sending missile cruisers to the gulf. The press is chiming in with their propaganda about nuclear warheads in Iran getting ready to be assembled. Within days. Ahamdinejad will lob some volatile statement over the fence and turn up the pressure for more sanctions and tougher talk from Obama (Looks like it’s already happened). The beat is on.

Meanwhile, up in Vancouver, later this week, they’re poised to kick off the Winter Olympics. There has been HUGE speculation, with a fair amount of detailed evidence that a false flag operation could be in effect. We’ve already been hearing lately that The US should expect another 911 event on it’s soil very soon, so on some level, our psyches are being prepped for such an event. Could Iran and what might happen in Vancouver be somehow related? Then there’s Sarah Palin.

If it weren’t for Sarah Palin, I would not have this blog (Her birthday 2/11/64, is this Thursday, the day before the opening ceremonies in Vancouver). I would not have met half the people through it, if not for her. My blog was once just a place where I could share my thoughts and gripes. When Palin entered the presidential race as McCain’s running mate, I looked at her chart and did a post on it. It’s popularity sent me down this path. It was September of 2008.

When I looked at her chart, I found the stacking of her Aquarian stellium to be really fascinating. I thought that maybe, just maybe, that someone with her Aquarian bent could really cut through the bullshit and get to the tumor that’s plagued our culture, which is the absolute squelching of our constitutionality, subverted time and again by corporate interest, avaricious lobbies, outside agencies and executive orders. Based on her chart, early on, I saw some promise. But then as the run up to the election wore on, I began to see more and more of Palin that was totally unpalatable for me. I was convinced that she was a fraud and stage managed, just like everyone else.

Now, Sarah has placed herself right in the thick of the Tea Party and she’s on her war wagon, shaking her fist at Iran. It’s clearer and clearer that her Assembly Of God faith, lines up like a notch and groove with Christian Zionist, endgames ideology. I’ve done some posts on this in the past and believe it’s one of the greatest psyops and religious hijackings of our time. Fallwell, Hagee, LaHaye, Robertson and their pals on the Likudnik side of the side of the wall have done everything in their power to promote the end of the world at all costs. For Christians, it’s the end-times lullaby. For Zionist/Israeli/Jews, it gives them the freedom to do whatever the hell they like in the middle east, because as long as it brings armageddon one step closer for millennial Christians, all the better. It’s a toxic end game and deadly co-dependency, that Sarah Palin is more than just enabling.

Beneath her cougar town hotness and feel good homilies about the average Joe, is a very calculating and complex persona at work and I feel she is being used to manipulate a group of people that are angry and frustrated as hell, but are now being preyed and played upon.

Sarah Palin has both Venus and Jupiter in Aries. Her Venus is at zero degrees, so Uranus will conjunct it later this year at zero degrees Aries. It will also sextile her natal Mercury in Aquarius at zero degrees, making her quite explosive, volatile and revolutionary. She has a serious lack of water signs in her chart, which makes her far less compassionate than she could be. Her Cap Moon makes her cool, pragmatic, detached and willing to leverage position for emotion. The more I hear and see out of her and watch her chart evolve along the negative Aquarian expression; hard, fixed, ideologue, the more she concerns me and that the poor Tea Baggers will be led by their noses, shepherded by yet more controlled opposition.

She’s the new Ralph Nader, the new Ross Perot. She’s there to give people the sense and feeling that someone can finally, truly, represent them. Sarah’s already being heavily influenced by AIPAC and The Neocons. Bill Kristol loves her. Need I type anymore? If you want a list of links that illustrates Sarah’s political allies, just go here.

Sarah Palin heading The Tea Party, pushing for war with Iran, supported by Christian and Israeli Zionists, with Uranus in Aries coming into play, aspecting her Venus and Mercury could be an absolute disaster. But the one thing we know about Aquarians, is that they are enigmatic to the core. Whether it’s Bill Kristol or me, I doubt if we truly know the real Sarah Palin because based on her chart, she could flip the switch on anyone, at any time and if that switch is connected to ICBMs, well that could be a very bad thing.

Here is “We Are Change Vancouver” with the latest update on what’s taking place with a potential false flag/terror attack.

I’ve looked at Vancouver’s chart, which is based on the incorporation of it, from Granville, into Vancouver, on April 6th, 1888 and I can’t find any real challenges to the chart based on it’s natal planets and current transits. Could that mean a smooth and harmonious Olympics? No Casualties? All of us pray for such an experience.

Now whether or not you believe in such things happening is in some ways irregardless, because now, if you have read this piece and watched this video. It is in your conscious awareness. Your witnessing the very information itself has altered reality ever-so-slightly. The key to evolving as truly awakened beings, is to become truly aware beings. Our awareness is a our greatest tool in the rise from our slumber and trance.

7 thoughts on “She’s Baaaaaaaaack, Aquarian Sarah Stirs The Teabaggers, Vancouver BC Update”

  1. k

    “In South Carolina, they’ve made it a state law that if you want to have any intention of overthrowing the US government, that you now have to register with the
    state for a $5 fee.”

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    I also don’t get why the winter Olympics are in Vancouver…there is no winter there.

    Also….you think Sarah Palin is hot? lol 🙂

  2. S

    Interesting–most of the astrological writing is above my pay grade, but politically and sociologically, and intuitively, what you’re saying makes sense. these are crazy times we’re living in–and all I can say is I’m grateful for every bit of awareness I am graced with so that I can offer some compassion for my fellow man. The Evil are relatively few, but, at the moment, seemingly omnipotent. WE WILL OVERCOME. <3 Sari

    1. a

      Hi Sari,

      Thanks for reading and commenting. I’m going to be looking at this whole aspect of “evil” and if anyone is truly evil, or something more. If we are theoretically, all one, then there is no separation, even from the most grotesque and chilling expressions of our collective selves. In essence how do deal with the enormous consequences of our shadows.

  3. o

    The Tea Party Meetings are infiltrated by Neo Conservative elements says Ron Paul

    Ron Paul on The Tea Party who they are and what do they want ? “there is strong evidence that the Tea Party meetings are infiltrated by Neo conservative elements ” says ron Paul ,Hopefully the neo Cons won’t lay hand and absorb the Tea Party movement because that would be a real disaster , i hope people do not forget very fast the 8 years George Bush Neo Con administration and the disastrous way they run this country , after all they started this mess And it over to the Obama administration who is now taking all the blame for it …I hope the Tea Party movement becomes non partisan movement and kick if possible those neo con element out …

    Hitler said something like if you want to gain political power, find a movement that is happening and infiltrate it, that is what Sarah Palin is trying to do. I hope they throw her out fast!

  4. A

    Well, I do agree, Tea Parties are infiltrated but let us arrive at the basic of the problem: It is hard today that a true protest may take a creative way, far easier that the forces in charge try and succeed in manipulating it, giving the protest a direction substantially favourable to the system or, at least, which cannot be dangerous for the system…

    On the other point I do agree also: In reality, **Kalimà**, goddees Kalì, is the goddess of History. So it is…

  5. B

    This hell that we live in was engineered from the start
    The energy of the unenlightened sits well below the heart
    But fear is what ‘they’ need from us in order to survive
    To perpetuate ‘their’ evil agendas of wicked stinking lies

    The pendulum will swing back again towards the pure and good
    Will humanity have gained the wisdom to nurture as it should?
    …Or will it all be for nothing… because we didn’t believe we could?

    As a million tiny voices mingle to a cosmic level scream
    Heard throughout the galaxies…beyond your wildest dreams
    And trillions of multi-dimensionals pour pure LOVE onto the scene…

  6. The tea partiers are falling for the GOP hook, line, and sinker putting to rest any notion they are “independent.” For what it’s worth, I think it has to do with religion. The tea partiers know GOP is big government personified but Jesus keeps telling them to vote republican.

    I cannot express my profound distaste enough for Christianity, and the role it’s served throughout history as a tool of militaristic bureaucracy, whether under the holy roman catholic church or the church of Reagan.

    And on the other side, the democrats are doing everything they can to make people completely lose faith in the government being anything more than a piggybank and a private army for the ruling class.

    Every week I have a couple of days where I feel great about the potential of a breakthrough in society / human consciousness, but most of the time I am just wrung out and in pain. This pattern has been going on since mid 2008 for me and I have just had enough of this fucking sadistic roller coaster.

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