Sex, Death, Birth, Scorpio; Going Far With P.M.H. Atwater on NDE’s

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

When instinct meets vision.

It’s Scorpio time! Pull back the veil. The season of night is now upon us. Clocks turn back and we descend down into the nether regions of the psyche, feeling along the cave walls, like the uterine tracts of the great mother, as we plum the depths of sex, death and birth. In Libra, two seek to become one. The social ritual of courtship and finding common ground is sought after and experienced, balancing out self with and through another is initiated and then the real journey begins. That’s where Scorpio comes into play; Each person in relationship must die to their former selves. It is through sex, the little death that this gets played out initially. Ecstatic pleasure and the promise of recreation, to be born again in another life form is pure Scorpio. The psycho-drama of relationships is often and unconscious reaction to the dying process at hand.

Every step, from the first kiss, to the last breath in relationship, the human is involved in one of the greatest mysteries of the universe; one becoming two, then becoming one. Its a mirror of the relationship with the divine, where we are always one, but descend into duality and then seek to (re)solve it through the conscious awareness of our oneness. Relationship is the alchemical model for this gnosis.

Scorpio brings us face-to-face with our compulsions, obsessions, complexes, projections and fears, mostly assembled around death. Sex is intimacy and intimacy opens wounds. Wounds are the psychic scars we do out best to protect. Scorpio pushes us past our boundaries and fears. Scorpio is sex-death-birth and everything in between. Its an initiation, where the serpent and the eagle meet and instinct bonds with vision.

On the Friday Farcast, I interviewed P.M.H. Atwater, near death experiencer and author of Near-Death Experiences, The Rest of the Story. In keeping with the spirit of Scorpio, life, death and re-birth, she looks at the stats around NDE’s and their cultural implications. While I didn’t see eye-to-eye with her forthcoming social paradigm, which emerges near the book’s end, I cannot recommend her research on the subject enough. Its thorough and top notch. Here is my interview with her below.

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6 thoughts on “Sex, Death, Birth, Scorpio; Going Far With P.M.H. Atwater on NDE’s”

  1. p

    um, yes…you were certainly channeling libran diplomacy around the 911 subject. i, myself, was (near-death) dying out here during that part, and having to give you credit for your obvious restraint. and the future world part, arghh. i noted the “secret spiritual world of children” book, tobin hart, and appreciated your pisces son’s comment. gosh, i hope (most fervently) the possibility for a bump up in a world-wide moment comes true! that ghaddafi death-scene and celebration business – we’re sick of this, are we not. thanks, it’s the first time i’ve listened.

    pisces mama

    1. a

      PMH has addressed the UN on several occasions and I did not bring this up in the interview. One of the ongoing inner dialogs I have is trying to discern who is in on the game on a conscious level or who is simply being programmed via a well meaning and earnest, yet deluded set of beliefs. I think she might be part of the latter. Thanks for listening.

  2. p

    i agree, that’s an important differentiation to make, and i’d agree about pmh atwater being well-meaning and earnest. one of the things i suppose when i think about death is that people will “know everything” – which would be nice – all the people who have ever disagreed with me will finally get how right i am about things and how wrong they were – lol! the sun is opposing my 1 degree taurus moon today…i picked a fine time to make comments on someone’s blog, so i will stop, but i appreciate your blog, and just hearing you and others echo my horror about the state of some major things makes me love the internet.

    1. a

      You are really funny. I’ve had similar thoughts about people dying and getting it–most recently my father who passed on two years ago. I didn’t bring this up with PMH, but I remember hearing many years ago about how Plieadians are taken out of time/space for an instant to experience eternity and then understand existence from that point forward without the restless searching and yearning that dominates our time here. But that’s what I was getting at with Ibogaine and a planetary near death on a collective level. Yes, the internet closes the distance between us and our isolated POV. Its a start.

  3. J

    I found P.M.H. Atwater’s response on Elsa’s blog’s/#comment-146697

    P. M. H. Atwater says:
    I apologize for not being able to present what I wanted to say in the short amount of time we had. My point with a biological imperative for threshold experiences, is that, you can trace physical as well as psychological changes in experiencers afterward with how they contributed to societies afterward – not saving society, not even, necessarily, bringing about a new golden age – but overtime what changed them (the experiencers) does indeed go on to facilitate evolutionary changes in the human species. I know you disagree with this but all you have to do is compare our bodies, our brains, our creativity, our invention, and cultural differences, with what has been happening the last several thousand years. The human species is improving (even though that can be argued in the short run). We are getting larger and better and doing better things. I suggest to you that you can focus most on threshold experiencers and see what happened overtime with them and where that led. We are programmed in our brains to have spiritual experiences. They are part of our makeup. A threshold experience takes that programming and expands and accelerates it to much greater degrees. We are not only programmed for this, but it is a biological imperative – it is how significant changes occur in the body/mind complex, the capacity of the human brain, and in better social programs and involvement. Scientists look at tiny details and say “that’s the whole thing, that’s what causes it, that’s all it is.” The fairness issue acknowledges that that is what they do; that is their forte, to the point of “scientism” – the worship of science. A real scientist looks at the whole picture to see interrelationships. That’s what is needed more – not only with those who call themselves scientists, but even with researchers of the near-death phenomenon and other similar studies. Yes, their view is certainly more open and inclusive, but even that could use a more expanded view. That was my only point, but I was remiss in being able to articulate it in a style that made sense. Perhaps I’m still missing the boat, but I had to try. Since you are an astrologer, my Pluto is virtually on my ascendant in my own chart. That’s why my research is so thorough (also Saturn on the midheaven). Thank you again for your kindness, PMH Atwater
    10/31/11 at 12:54 pm (reply)

    1. a

      I don’t disagree with her experience/threshold pushing the envelope of human being. That said, I am not in agreement with the idea that we need to be penned off into cities for our own good and that living a resource based life in close proximity to the land is something that will not be in our best interests. I do not believe that this is a manifestation of some form of consciousness acquired in the space/time slip of the NDE. I know people that have had NDEs that are fully aware of Agenda 21 and want no part of it. It “feels” to me like that part of PMH’s research is ideological and institutional.

      I also had issues with her assessment that the Arabs did 911 and while her booklet eased the guilt of some muslim children, the inability to drill down and dissect the 911 event as anything other than a planned demolition is troubling for me, which then leads me to question other aspects of her work. However, that said, honoring her Pluto on her ascendant, I find her research on the personal NDE experience to be impeccable and of great value to those who have had it and struggled with it or want to know more about it. But when she makes cultural leaps with those perceptions, and draws out maps for how we are going to live, it “feels” very agenda based to me.

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