September Scopes, Pisces Full Moon, March Towards 999

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

maryGetting back to basics.

This is my first, post-Kosmic scope. I waited as along as I could, but that ancient voice would not let up. It kept tugging at my soul, incessant in it’s whispering reminder that I have to do this. Service. So it is with the spirit of service, so ably captured by the month of Virgo in all of it’s selfless wonder that I return to the tablet and piece together a rough hewn map for the next thirty days for each sign. Bill Laswell moves across my speakers, invoking future mysteries, the call of muezzin echoing against the machine gun beats of drum’n’bass, rattling the ghosts in my mind. Let’s do this.

It cannot be underestimated as to how important September is. It represents the end of a cycle “nine” and it also culminates in the harvest. It’s a month of completion and in some ways, peak. I have always felt that September, for all intents and purposes should be the end of the year, with October the beginning, with it’s descent into night. Whatever happens in September, pay close attention as it will mark the tone for the next Gregorian spin around The Sun. You will both reap and sew during the month of the virgin.

Astrologically, we see the first, fully shaped form of a human in the wheel. Unlike Gemini, the composite of twins, two as one, September and apparition of the virgin is the first, full, human form to emerge in the zodiac, followed only by Aquarius, the wave bearer as the only other human in the wheel of the stars. It’s key to understand this as Virgo makes us aware of our role as humans, first in the process of life, which in the past was tied to agricultural cycles, but also in the more abstract realms of concepts like service, healing, and ones lifework or “dharma.” In Virgo we seek purpose–raison’ detre . This month is no different, well almost no different.

First off, we have our old friend, Mercury retrograde happening in Libra, calling into question relationships, agreements and contracts. My advice? Don’t sign any of them. Old flames might be re-ignited, if only for a season. It’s time to go back and reclaim part of yourself that you left behind or at the very least, redress an imbalance from a previous relationship. A great deal of healing can occur on that front now. Don’t be afraid to return to the source.

In addition to Mercury going backwards, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are doing the same reverse maneuver. This has major repercussions on how we view our culture at large. During a time of economic downturn, when companies have downsized and jobs have gone overseas in the unmitigated march towards globalization, a group of highly skilled and educated people are left to ponder their future and purpose. This Mercury Retrograde in concert with the other planets I mentioned will provide ample ground for people to redress their purpose, take personal inventories and re-define themselves against the backdrop of a culture that is becoming increasingly alien to them.

I cannot stress how many people I know that have no sense as to where things are going. There’s this collective feel of being adrift with a serious lack of continuity reverberating back to us from the future. This is not a bad thing in and of itself, if we can relate it to the unknown and be more or less okay with the flux and chaos of our time, knowing that some other, more tangible reality awaits us on the other side of the dominant paradigm’s collapse. Being here will take commitment, health and a sense of purpose, even if you no longer no what that purpose might be. Mercury Retrograde during this phase is asking you; “Why are you here?” “Are you ready to fulfill your destiny in a way you might have never dreamt of?” “How do you survive and thrive in an environment of entropic decline?” With honeybees dying, the threat of Swine Flu and it’s attendant vaccinations (possibly forced) on the horizon and the revelation of new strains and diseases on their way, diseases that might be so bizarre, that it would look like something out of the X-Files, it’s flight check time. Fasten your seat belts as Saturn in Virgo directly opposes Uranus in Pisces on 9/9/9. Something gives, breaks, the fever dreams of the collective break out into visceral manifestations. More on that date as we approach it. Here’s the scopes for the rest of the signs.

We cannot have a discussion about this month without talking about the Full Moon. It peaks on the fourth and caps the six-month-period between the full moon in March (Virgo) which opposed Uranus in Pisces. Here we are again, this time the Moon has shifted it’s position and will now pass through Uranus. In the sphere of relationships, this augurs the rapid end and beginning of new connections. You say “goodbye” and “hello” almost in the same sentence. This rapid shift in allegiance and affection is never easy for a type like you who desires predictability, even though your mercurial self may fluctuate wildly. The person you meet will open up a new sphere for you. It’s like they’ll unlock the door of a room you never knew existed in the mansion of your soul. They may be there ever so briefly, but once they open that door, there is a new space for discovery and an opportunity to tastefully decorate the space with your own essence and being. Like everyone else in the game, you’re looking backwards, trying to find meaning through time, mostly this past year as it is your solar return. With Saturn one of the few forward moving planets, in your sign, catching up with Uranus in Pisces and directly opposed to it, yo are a lightning rod when it comes to health. Take the lead. It’s a sign of things to come for you in the future. It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

Mercury breaks at seven degrees of your own sign. The Sabian Symbol for seven degrees Libra is “A Woman Feeding Chickens And Protecting Them From Hawks.” My friend, Lynda Hill has this to say about this degree; “This degree speaks about nurture, protection and guardianship. It’s about being on the lookout for changes in the atmosphere, to be mindful of possible intrusions or intruders – without being worried or imagining things that aren’t there, of course.” This important for you as you are the perennial champion of rights. It seems as though you are on double duty this month, ever watchful of the world around, but also the world within as well, because it’s our inner landscape that can give us clues, hints and portents of the world around us. The Sun and Saturn are moving through your 12th house, which stimulates the your relationship with your inner life. Saturn is obviously the most cautionary of planetary forces. The Sun is traversing the ocean of your unconscious, getting ready to rise at the dawn of your ascendant after the 22nd. This is a significant time for you as your ability to merge with inner and outer forces, a point of equilibrium, balance, that which you aspire to is in motion. Pay very close attention to your hunches and instincts throughout the rest of the month. Mercury squares Mars in Cancer when it goes retrograde, so making sure that you are not overreacting in your life is also critical. Sometimes a shadow is the dark profile of things to come, while others, it’s merely a shady outline cropped against the illumination of the night.

None of us are saints. You might have better perspective on this than most, and yet, you are challenged this month to re-visit your past actions, finding understanding and ultimately forgiveness for things that you did out of some unconscious motive or drive. This is critical as Mars takes up residence in your own house until mid-October. This means that you need to be clear and ready to deal with your own personal power, with as little internal conflict or residue as possible. This points towards the consolidation of your resources and your base. While you seek the forgiveness of others and yourself, your friends can offer you some credible counsel. It’s imperative though that you ask for any type of insight before it’s offered up without your permission, which could stir up a hornets nest for you. It also allows you to be conscious and create a level of enlightened dialogue. In the midst of all of this, we know that you are a dedicated and courageous friend to the end, but how much are you willing to go to the wall for yourself? It’s time to let it go. Your reward? The start of a new, creative passion that takes you by storm and allows you to express yourself in radically new ways.

While you’d like to fly the coup, it’s not quite time yet. Saturn is calling you to be more serious and dedicated to the task at hand, which is saving the universe of course. This is always a controversial task and mission to take on. Some say that the world doesn’t need saving. Others, that we need to create a “new paradigm” not save the old one. Multiple realities, multiple worlds. Which one is important to you? That’s where you need to put your energy now, focus on what matters and what you’re good at. Bring them together in a unified point of focus. The beautiful thing about the mystery of this plane of existence that we can never be truly sure that we are doing the right thing at any given time or making a difference, etc. We move forward on the winds of faith. So let’s say you are working on a community garden in your city and you don’t know whether or not this is making a hill of beans worth of difference, would it help you to know that there are hundreds if not thousands of community gardeners out there, right now, plotting their own. small contribution to keeping the Earth’s soil alive and productive? It might, but perhaps you’d let your foot off the gas if you did. Millions of unpublicized efforts to make life better for one another are happening right now. It’s a network of miracles, without the 24/7 coverage. Continue to do what you do and do it with the sense that you are blessed without needing any kind of validation. Don’t stop.mahatma-gandhi

Mars opposed your natal Sun and opposed Pluto transiting in your sign has you tense and nervous and you can’t relax. Yes, I know I’m channeling David Byrne and despite the intensity, you are no “psycho-killer.” The restlessness is all about what pings you, moves you closer towards breaking through to some sort of humanity. Mars in Cancer is radical nurturing and intense feeling. It’s causing you to not stay stuck in your opinions regarding the concept of social Darwinism and only the strong surviving and thriving in the human jungle. Where does this manifest? It’s in your most primary relationships with those that you fall asleep and arise with. The tension you might be experiencing in relationship is this focal point. Saturn transiting your house of higher consciousness is forcing you to find solutions that are more spiritual in nature, especially as it opposes Uranus, restless and churning in your house of ideas and communication. You are prime for epiphanies and there is no better place for them to manifest than your career. With Mercury going backwards, you are re-thinkiing equality and shared responsibility as it relates to your career. The perfect fusion of this concept come together in the lives of Martin Luther King (Capricorn) and Gandhi (Libra), who sought equality in all things and empowerment through peace. Let that bedeviling energy drive you to the point of breakthrough, then do the unthinkable; “take a stand for the rest of us.”

The normally detached radical of the universe cannot help but be smitten by the purrr of Leo in it’s opposite sign, alighting the planet of love and amour. We are far past Spring as the leaves turn to rust, but you dear one are ready for love, especially as the Full Moon suspends your ability to hold on too tight. Consider this Full Moon and shot of nitrous to your semi-conscious position to remain aloof and independent. Not only the Moon, but Uranus, which has been messing with your ability to make money will also get in on the act. When the Moon rises, the hell with looking, just leap, preferably into the arms of a waiting and willing lover. Jupiter is nearly through it’s glorious turn in your own sign, so you might as well make hay while the second sun still shines. Don’t worry, Chiron and Neptune will still be with you and us, making sure that we refine the vision of a new world, alternating between skepticism and faith. You of course will be the mediator in this pulsation towards creation, but it’s not always best to do it or go it alone. Open up and let the love shine in.

The spotlight of the Full Moon falls directly on you, with a key light coming in from Uranus. What does this mean? You might not be in center stage (that’s reserved for Virgo) but it’s not out of the question that you could steal a scene or two, simply by walking onto the stage itself. You are fluid, strange, enchanting and unpredictable. In essence, you’re what the world needs now. The only downside to your inadvertent star turn is the heavy weight you’ve been feeling in relationship. That will soon come to an end as Saturn moves into the decidedly more sympathetic sign of Libra, where the focus is less on relating one-to-one than serving the greater whole, which you are much more comfortable with. But really it comes down to doing your own thing no matter what, even if it will cost you the security that you’ve built up in relationship over the past two years. Are you willing to let it all go, or can you find some common ground by showing your significant other that water rises to it’s own level and occasionally, that’s a lake in the mountains, high above the muddied streams of consciousness that run through our daily lives. You can either be a sherpa for love or go it alone. The choice is yours.

You don’t like playing second fiddle or second guessing or anything second unless it’s helpings and yet here you are, with Mercury going backwards, you’re being asked to take a back seat. I know this is hard for you. My ex-wife (Aries) and I almost always fought to see who would drive. Well, you can either fight or surrender. Maybe the latter might be the best strategy, especially if the person you’re with is sober at the time. Now I’m not using this alignment as an opportunity to get plastered, but it might not be a bad idea if you let up on the gas pedal in all arenas right now and simply coast a little. You have plenty of momentum available so you won’t stop or stall. Being the boss has it’s advantages from time-to-time and this is one of them. The Moon is urging you to follow your instincts without fail, even if it appears to be a less direct path than you’re used to. Like Aquarius, love is in the air for you as well, despite the entropic decline of the industrialized west. Love amongst the ruins? Hardly. How about love amongst the deeply in need of repair?

Saturn has not been kind to you when it comes to love lately, but there is always a moment of turning in nearly every situation and yours nearly here. Look amongst your group of friends, Someone is about to emerge in a way that you have never seen them in before. Their light will shine brighter than it ever has, causing a corona to appear above them with a small band of cherubs singing their name to a very cool dub beat. Well almost. It may not be that sensational but it’s enough to catch your attention and reconsider this person anew, someone that could actually be worthy of your attention. I promise that anything that arises out of this will not be incestuous at all. In fact, it’s not them that’s changing so much, it’s rather your perception of what’s acceptable and feasible in your own life that’s reflected in them. In essence you are
the light of change illuminating them–but let’s keep that between you and I. You don’t want to spoil a potentially romantic moment that arises when you least expect it.

.The conflict between home and career is about to escalate and explode. That’s the good news. You are going to have to deal with it sooner or later and it looks like September is sooner. Will you have to re-locate? Do you want a career in another country? Another city and is this at odds with your loved ones? Do you want to trash the whole idea of working in an office altogether? These questions need to be addressed and cannot be held at bay any longer. There’s no worse sign when it comes to being restless than messenger of the gods. You have to figure it out or your reception will be so out of whack that your normally curious and complicated mind will just shut down. Mercury will arbitrate the negotiation for you. You cannot avoid it., but you might be able to find a solution that works for everyone, well mostly everyone. Even in a democracy, there are those that suffer but the common will of the good is more or less achieved. It’s tricky. You can get what you want, but you’re going to have to work for it. Not addressing it is not going to help at all. Roll up your sleeves and get it done.

The normally placid Crab is anything but in September. Fiery Mars in your sign makes you beyond moody and almost too touchy. You’re a force, but an unfocused force, moved by the extreme sensitivity of this planetary alignment. What you need more than confrontation is a weekend at a spa, where you can soak in the geo-thermal bliss of life giving waters, soothing and comforting the myelin sheath of your nerve endings, sending waves of comfort and bliss to your stressed out brain. Hopefully, you could achieve this with another person so that when you’ve calmed down a little, you could share a deeply erotic and well honed sensuality with them. Cancers instinctively know what their partners need and when Mars moves through their sign, can you say, “oh la la”? Get there on the Full Moon if you can, where the urge to merge is going to be the deepest and most profound you’ve felt in quit some time. My only caveat is that if you don’t want to bring a little bio-sensor into this world, then you’d better get conscious and protect yourself, if you know what I’m sayin’. Other than that, you don’t need to molt, you need to get molten.124492937847559432481c6

The other night, I was at my local watering hole, hanging out with a guy named “Kenny.” Kenny was this large brother that looked like he could have been the uncle of Michael Bivens from New Edition. He was sweet, good natured and all he wanted to do was see his band get some good gigs and thrive. It was his misfortune to be introduced to “Bill.” Bill was a slick talking opportunist who wasted no time laying out his credentials (which bizarrely enough included a CIA card) and hitting Kenny with his “pitch on the mount.” I quickly stopped Bill and asked him whether or not he wanted to ask Kenny what he did. He turned on me and in a very threatening fashion, said that, “he would take care of me later.” Once he found out that Kenny had no business of collateral that he could exploit, he turned on him and did his best to humiliate him. Kenny just sat there like an implacable Buddha. Why am I sharing this with you? Kenny was a Leo and he allowed this buffoon the luxury of making a complete and utter ass out of himself, discrediting him to everyone in earshot. With Venus in your sign, you have the luxury of this type of benevolence. Think of what might be accomplished when this energy is actively turned towards love?

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