Scorpio Stellium Demands Transformation, Saturn Square Pluto Commands Your Attention

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

gaudierSaturn and Pluto, cleaves and polishes

The power of the Pluto/Saturn square hasn’t kicked in quite yet as of this writing (11/15 9:48 PM PDT), but by Monday morning the energy should manifest itself on more of a collective level. Individually, I”m sure the weekend was intense for many people as Pluto demanded some form of control while Saturn commanded endurance and balance. Power struggles, power plays, fairness or lack thereof all got played out in my personal life.

My son entered his first jiu jitsu tourney and he was met with Plutonian force as his opponent threw him and executed a submission hold all in about 20 seconds. It was heartbreaking to see him get thrown by something he was not prepared for. The shock of the fall knocked his wind out and there was little he could do. His strength is his wrestling and he never got a chance to do it. Capricorn 1, Libra 0. Then a really strange thing happened when after his shocking defeat, they called his name to square off on another ring. We were mystified because he had just fought, but when they called his name the first time, they inverted his name calling his last name first. Then he was called to the second ring with his first name first. But then they didn’t recognize him as being who he was and disqualified him. So, in essence, he lost, twice, which was even more confusing for a kid not quite six. I guess with his Libra Moon, he had to achieve some sort of balance.

A strange symmetry.

Having to explain this to him on top of his loss, was really challenging for me and his mother. “Not fair!” ‘Not fair!” He kept repeating it through tears over and over like a mantra. Capricorn 2, Libra 0. So we called in the elders. We got his grandparents on the phone and their mature and soothing Saturnine qualities brought him slowly back into a state of balance. His little drama had just begun. Mine had started the night before.

Earlier in the day on Friday, I called my father who has not been well, in fact, he had been hospitalized for nearly ten days last month. I was hit with the news that he has been diagnosed with cancer of the liver. Out of the depths of my twelfth house, the sting of Scoprio’s stellium hit like a ton of bricks. I’m still processing this.

So it was that my son had his first bitter taste of defeat in life and my father came face-to-face with his own mortality. In some ways, I was witness to a terribly beautiful balance, a dark fusion of Pluto and Saturn’s square.

So that was my story for this intense weekend.

What was yours?

7 thoughts on “Scorpio Stellium Demands Transformation, Saturn Square Pluto Commands Your Attention”

  1. My weekend was pretty huge… It started on Friday the 13th, which was the opening of Oregon NORML’s Cannabis Cafe. My wife and I have been involved with Oregon NORML for several years, and this is turning into probably the biggest thing we’ve ever done. We got a ton of local media coverage and were the most popular article on Reuters. The lines to get in the door on Saturday were huge, and we had to turn people away as we reached the fire marshal’s maximum capacity. The laws in Oregon prohibit the sale of our medicine, so we re giving it away for free. It’s exciting, and nerve wracking, and a complete act of faith. For it all to work, those people adept at mastering the Plutonian energy of the black markets must show compassion and generosity and comply with the Saturnian law and give away a highly valuable commodity so that we can hand it out to those in need. So far, it’s working.

    You spoke about the Indian Chief as the Sabian Symbol for Capricorn 1, and it is my hope that this energy will manifest as the return of the Potlatch, the ceremonial redistribution of wealth that could help turn the tide against the concentration of wealth we are used to. Clif High’s from the Web Bot Project’s idea of the “New Salish” resonates with this idea. It seems to be happening in our strange reality in Portland, and it inspires me with hope that there can be a way forward despite the crumbling economy around us.

    Somehow this is all related to the cosmic events around us… The transit of 9/9/09 brought the Emperor of Hemp, Jack Herer, to our city for our annual Hempstalk festival. During the festival on the 12th, he suffered a major heart attack. Jon Trudell was there, too… It was surreal to see so many archetypes incarnated and present. Seeking some understanding, I was led back to Emily’s articles on Jon Trudell here on your blog… I’ve been hanging out since then. Somehow, Trudell is a piece of this puzzle in my life. The Indian Chief. The Fisher King. He’s coming back to town on 12/12/09 for our awards banquet, and I don’t know what yet to expect.

  2. Looking at the chart and thinking about it more, I’ve got to think my experience had more to do with the whole Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune Conjunction in Aquarius… Is anyone else tuned into that?

    I’ve been so focused on Pluto and Saturn lately, I almost missed the more natural explanation.

  3. e

    hi John!! Congrats on the opening of the cafe, and how awesome that John Trudell is coming back to town.

    And thanks, Robert, for the opportunity to share about the transit – I’m curious to see what others experienced…

    Last week SUCKED for me – it seemed like anything that could trigger my deepest fears and anxieties was exactly what was happening. I was grateful for my yoga and centering practice and the knowledge about the astro-influences – all of which kept me from totally self-destructing. But then things shifted for me over the weekend – weirdly, when the Saturn-Pluto square was moving into exactness. I did some astro-readings and healing sessions that got me out of my own head and where I felt a strong affinity with my clients – that sense that we’re all in this together (the Aquarius super-conjunction, perhaps?). I had the thought that the best way to deal with this transit was maybe to focus on doing something helpful/positive for others (I’ll try to remember that during the next exact hits).

    Then on Sunday I got to hear Barbara Hand Clow – one of my most influential teachers – who was giving a talk in Portland. She had great information, as always, and, just being in her presence I felt this vibrational rearrangement going on in my system – very powerful.

    So I feel like I’ve made it to the other side of darkness (for now), and especially feeling much better after the New Moon and the end of that long void-of-course period yesterday…

  4. B

    Dear Robert …so sorry to hear about your Dad…the colour of healing is blue …it’s that simple…just think blue… it brings the healing angels
    Maybe this Pluto Saturn square along with the Neptune Chiron conjunction will start to unravel all the lies and corruption in the medical and drug industries
    … and funds made available for reseach into cures that profit not the corporate slugs and death dogs …

  5. K

    so sorry to hear about your father… but you seem to understand that life is bigger than death. *hugs*

    Friday was hard on me and the class. All the students agreed that it was an unlucky day. Honestly, I have zero recollection of my weekend. But this week at school was challenging…literally. I have been challenged by coworkers, parents and students. Pfff. All at the same time. Oddly enough, I did not take it personally and did not lose faith in myself. By Friday things leveled. Endurance and balance were key for my survival.

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