Scopes For August, Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Jupiter Rocked And The Big Opposition

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

jupiterbigIs it my imagination, or does Jupiter now resemble a scowling Ben Grimm since it was hit by a meteor/asteroid?

Seems like I’ve been away forever. Here is the final, Kosmic Starcast. As of 9/1, all horoscopes will leave here until further notice. That said, this marks the last horoscope that I will be writing for Kosmic. This all started in November of 2007, one month after I left the corporate world, likely for good at this point. I personally want to thank “Chris” for bringing me into the Kosmic fold. It’s been a very good run, but now it’s time to move onto other places, projects and faces. I will still be doing scopes at my site, I will also be writing at on “Edge Spirituality” and am working on launching an internet radio project. I hope that you found some humor, meaning and overall value in these scopes at Kosmic.

Since the full moon is rapidly approaching, each sign will get a bonus, full-moon-scope. Consider it two for the price one! Well, since it’s free anyway, this might be one of the best deals on the internet!

I was exchanging emails with Molly Hall, a gifted guide and writer. She’s the astrology expert at and they couldn’t have made a better choice in my opinion. In our exchange, she was talking about the need to experience something more profound and deeper than her training and learning has served her up till now. Molly’s desire for a palpable gnosis is something that I think many people on the spiritual arc are beginning to feel. While there’s certainly a surplus of feel good vibes with Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron, all in Aquarius, Jupiter has gone through some rapid changes as of late. It went retrograde in June and the past two months have seen people slow down and even step back from the Aquarian high that kicked in just after the election. It dovetails with Molly’s desire to access a deeper channel, something more profound and empowering than the conceptual or the imaginal.

In addition to two months worth of Jupiter retrograde, causing us to re-think our Aquarian values, Jupiter has also been recently struck by something which appears to be a meteor. It’s impact has visibly changed the gaseous countenance of the second Sun. If astrology and astronomy are not-too-distant cousins, then we cannot discount the actual physical changes that a planet undergoes and how that might even effect it’s astrological import. In many cases, we’re running on pure speculation and untested theorems, but as William Blake once aptly said, “What was once imagined, is now proved.” As such, Jupiter’s surface reflects change, a new wrinkle in consciousness, a mutation in the galactic God’s eye. What does it mean for me and you? Does it accelerate the rate of the Aquarian energy now aligned with Jupiter or is it a new ripple that we won’t understand or even know? What we do know is that Arthur C. Clarke wrote a “novel” called 2010, where Jupiter becomes the second Sun in our solar system and as such, heralds a new dawn for humanity. We’ve got roughly four months before 2010 officially kicks in.

On top of Jupiter, we have another eclipse on the way, the third in just one month, on the 5th in Aquarius and Saturn returns to oppose Uranus, one last time in the Virgo/Pisces duad. We’re talking con conservative points of view regarding health versus radical ones. Individual versus societal and collective viewpoints. Sorting through the hype and what’s real. Had enough yet?

Let’s see how all of this effects YOU!

You’re usually rocking in the free world when August rolls around and while you’ll experience a little boost of amore, you’ll actually have more astral support in September as Venus and Mars kick in with their Leonine energy. If the next two months were the equivalent of a marathon, you’re in good shape now, but pace yourself on all levels. When September arrives, you’ll enter sprint mode, so coalesce and save your energies and resources as much as possible. Saturn and Mercury collude to add some doubt and scepticism to your overall psychology regarding health and healing, especially as Uranus moves into direct opposition. What’s real? What’s hype? Should you be concerned about your health and the overall state of health? And if you are, what can you do about it? This energy urges pragmatism, research and diligence. . . but once you find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to communicate. Mars is a restless force in your chart now and you have to appease it somehow; blog, write, share, tweet, whatever, just get it (the info) out of your system, run the energy until it stops running you.

Full Moon Bonus Scope:
The eclipse is taking place in the realm of friends and progressive affiliations and groups. the zone of dreams and the world to come. You stumble upon a revelation that leaves you questioning some of your most cherished beliefs about who we are and how life is supposed to be fair. It’s actually a very powerful realization to have if you can get past the dismay and
the sense of abandonment that comes along as you re-calibrate your values. This correction will serve you well, as you will have the energy, power and personal authority to set things
right in August.

My advice to you for August is pretty simple; “Make money–not love.” Both Saturn and Mercury are lining up situations where lovers and even family, people you love can be highly critical and vice-versa. You’re doing a dance together and the one that takes it the least personal must also lead. It’s easy to be crestfallen when those around us begin to peck at our shadows,
especially when they are the ones that are going through a very similar process on their own. Knowing and holding space doesn’t always make it easier though. What are the benefits to do it if you can? How about lower blood pressure? Less aggravation? Deeper breaths? More oxygen? The ability to re-wire neural pathways? These might seem like mundane tradeoffs, but they aren’t. In the new economy that is coming, these simple values and benefits will be much more highly prized and coveted than they are now. Clear and calm states of mind will be the soft assets that will be like gold. So that leads me to the second part of your scope for August. Get moving on the financial front ASAP. Flip assets, clean out old accounts and sell stuff you no longer need. Get liquid and then look for ways to improve your liquidity. Even in hard times, there are expanding markets. Put your nose to the ground and find them.

Full Moon Bonus Scope:
You are being challenged to go beyond the realm of innuendo and rumor when it comes to your career and life path. Liberate yourself from the illusion of who supports you and why in your career. That means that you’ll have to go after some sacred cows, but that should be no problem at all for the focused bull. The worst thing that could happen is that you’ll realize that you’re finally breaking free of the spell that the powers that be will always have your best interest at heart when it comes to your work. The best thing that could happen is the doorway to a new and more refined expression of your career path.

Of all the twelve signs, you might be the most nervous and skittish of the bunch. Mars is driving you forward with significant force, even if you don’t know where you’re going. Multi-tasking is something that’s second nature to you, but what about hyper-diemsional multi-tasking? Do I have your attention yet? We’re talking about performing multiple actions across a number of planes of existence. That should not only pique your interest but be your preferred skill set in the months and years to come. But it won’t comes easy. Both Saturn and Virgo are making your home a veritable cauldron of tension, especially as it opposes your house of public standing. Home repairs, sick kids, dealing with banks that won’t return your calls, all add a sharply edged layer, that can do more than just drive you to get things done. The Sun in Leo urges you to take command when it comes to communicating what you need around your home space.
Assume a stance of authority with out being dictatorial. Act “as if” things are already happening in the direction that serves the highest good for all. Embrace your ability to call the shots when it counts and you can get through a lot of the BS that is dragging you down. But remember to be respectful as long as you can, but if the right time, place and circumstances arise where you need to offer up a healthy blast of anger, so be it.

Full Moon Bonus Scope:
Where does your faith and your disbelief converge and depart? Do you believe in miracles or did you dump them at the curb of adolescence? What about angels? The power to heal?
Can it all be really explained away by some scientific model? You’re going to be very surprised as you begin to embrace the possibility of magic and faith, through something that challenges your skepticism in spades. Instead of defending this rationalistic model, or even having others define it for you, go into the space that anything is truly possible given the right conditions and begin to watch the beautiful and strange coincidences of life begin to emerge.

Venus is still giving you some well deserved loving. Soak it up like biscuit in gravy. Those feel good juices will get you through till November, when what you start now on the relation tip will get much more serious and some really clear choices are going to have to be made. Summer turns to fall/winter and the commitments get more important and real. Communicating this may not be as easy as you would like. You know that it’s good, it’s fun and makes you feel sexy and alive, and you want more, but don’t want to break the spell, nor have it broken for you. Do your best to calm your doubts and simply be in the flow of the experience for now. If you want to get something off of your chest and need to communicate it, I would suggest that you find a cause that you feel passionate about and write a series of well thought out and informed letter and send copies via email to very member of congress. You’ll be surprised by some of the responses you get and you’ll actually feel a whole lot better as well. It’s an exercise in bringing your inner authority out, while for lack of a better term, cleaning your pipes. It’s a win/win for everyone.

Full Moon Bonus Scope:
What are the hidden costs of working for yourself? We’re talking both external and internal ledger sheets. Do you find yourself always working to keep your projects and businesses alive?
How much are you really making after all the smoke clears? This full moon will trigger a full accounting of those costs. Your personal audit might surprise you. You may not go back into the 9-5 world, but you’ll certainly look to work smarter, more efficiently and less. The bottom line is that you need to make sure that you are paying you what you are worth.

Happy birthday. How does it feel to be the cats meow? The Sun is literally shining on you and while it’s over it’s apex, we always associate August with the sunniest and hottest month. It’s ironic that you a great big cat, have these days named “dog days.” But this month, you’re being tested and tempted by the titanic forces of Jupiter, aligning with your most intimate relationships. You want more, maybe even someone else, maybe you want that someone else AND who is currently in your life. You want it all and you want it now. And during your most expansive month of the year, it’s tempting to say, “why not?” The problem isn’t that you might not be able to handle a smorgasboard of delight, it’s the others that may not willingly comply with your emotional feast, at least not consciously. Here is where it gets tricky for you, because you might be able to rationalize your rather large appetite quite well, and since you are the king and queen and all, you really deserve that second and third portion, but the fact of the matter is that you don’t want to risk your status on any level especially as we look at the full moon which has a profound impact on you. Venus in Cancer highlights secret relationships, while Mars puts you on full tilt when it comes to connect and meeting new people. It’s gonna happen. You just need to be as open as you can–your loyal charges deserve nothiing less.

Full Moon Bonus Scope:
We can’t seem to elude the topic of relationships for you. Sometimes, it’s not about what is said, but isn’t that carries more weight and even more responsibility. It’s a time of secrets, hidden alliances, dalliances, shadowy partnerships and occluded connections. Sometimes a mirror doesn’t have to be reflective glass, it can also be a shiny piece of dark obsidian that you can see an image of yourself, barely revealed and yet more elementally alive and interesting in it’s distortions. If you have the courage to see yourself in that type of refracted concentration of minerals and mass, you want ever be able to lie to yourself about the true intentions of your heart again.

it’s tough being the one who says now, but since you’ve almost made it through your Saturn in Virgo transit, you’ve nearly mastered the art. Now, “no” is almost like “yes” since by saying “no” to one thing, you’re opening up the possibility of accepting other things as a result. “No” to alcohol and crappy food has led you to “yes to great, healthy food and taking care of your body.” That type of discipline is about ready to pay off for you big time, especially as September rolls around. You’re in the stretch run of almost two years with of hard and diligent work on yourself. Don’t cave in now. Keep going. The delayed gratification will be worth it. Venus in Cancer is offering you some real opportunities to accept some love in your life, to keep you going. No one ever said you had to be a monk or a nun while you got things right. In fact, think of it as a healthy reward for all that internal heavy lifting you’ve been doing. Uranus is going to throw down in your house of relating and changes are going to happen fast as soon as it opposes Saturn in your first house. Tried and true or something new? Illusion or the real deal? Come the last week of August, only you can decide.

Full Moon Bonus Scope:
I have a friend that lives up in Montana. She doesn’t know it yet, but she’s sitting on a powder keg of healing power. She’s a force to be reckoned with, but she can’t seem to see that . . . yet.
With the full moon/eclipse lining up in your house of healing and dharma, you are going to experience something similar, though you’ll have to tear down some of your existing beliefs about who you are and what you can accomplish. You’ll also need to deconstruct some core assumptions about healing, who gets it and why. Your time as a skeptic may be drawing to a close.

Want to hook up with Libra this month? Just go to almost any BBQ, picnic, group event or fundraiser and they’ll be there. It’s a social time for Libra and Libras rarely miss a chance to get out and party. However, all is not harmonious, 24/7 for the great balancer of the zodiac. Saturn and Mercury are stirring dour feelings from deep within. As much as you’d like to be happy and carefree, it’s hard for you to go there completely. You are the sign of harmony and balance and when you feel a sense of imbalance, not just in yourself, but with those around you and the world at large, you cannot help but feel a bit down in the dumps, even if you can’t pinpoint the reason why. You can’t save the world by yourself, so you might as well go out to that BBQ or picnic and makes some friends, recruit some new charges, make alliances, figure out that you’re not alone in what you’re feeling and that others are having a similar experience. That in and of itself, will be incredibly healing and worthwhile for you. The upcoming opposition between Uranus and Saturn sets the stage for you to undertake a radical stance when it comes to creativity. Break the mold. Oh yeah, if you can leave the country for a few weeks all the better. A BBQ in Brazil sounds just lovely for this time of year.

Full Moon Bonus Scope:
Sometimes you’ve just got to get off of that fence and commit to love. Let go of the higher love model, the polyamorous model, the friends with bennies model, etc. There comes a time in all of our lives where we realize that what we’ve been running from is what we desperately wanted but could never accept. You are about to have one of those moments. Don’t turn away or look back. Have courage and open your heart.

You’re normally a lot more cool headed than you’re about to be. August sees a mighty T-square lining up between the Aquarian stellium of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron and The Sun in Leo. That’s a lot of fixed energy you’re going to have to deal with, especially as it relates to authority figures While you’re not the most rebellious sign in the zodiac, you do have your limits and you’re about to let people know just what those limits consist of. Your work place is not ideal, but not many folks can say that theirs is either and that is where we find you. You’re weighing the option, clocking the BS and wondering if it’s worth it all. Can you do what you do on your own? In your home? You have the discipline. Do you have the guts to do what it takes to get you over the top? Be your own boss? Commit to making your dreams of a self-sustainable livelihood come true? Mars is a driving force in the house of your ruling planet. It’s making you get things with an almost ruthless efficiency. Don’t be afraid to cut ties if you have to, but make sure you don’t slice your loved ones to death in the process.

Full Moon Bonus Scope:
You’ve been searching for something like home for quite sometime–not just a home–but a place to live–a real community. Well, this full moon/lunar eclipse will give you the opportunity to look into the dark places and spaces in your life where that place does exist. What are the values and emotions that you hold sacred and how can you expect, let alone find others that can share and live with them in community? You’ll be able to get a sense of that, what you need and how it might not be that difficult to find like minded others, but first comes the articulation. In the final eclipse of this cycle, your language will emerge from the depths of a silence you have long held onto.

It’s time to plan your escape. Now I’m not talking big picture escape, not yet, but something along the lines of getting out of Dodge City for a while. August is the perfect month for you to achieve liftoff into other realms. Money should not be an issue as you are on a bit of a roll right now, so you can splurge just a little. When you escape, it’s usually not to run away from your issues or problems, but rather to give you perspective, a greater view over your surroundings and personal milieu. Be forewarned though; If you do go out there, you’re going to connect with some people that feel like long, lost kin, which then sets other pieces in motion, more choices, more options, new connections and possibilities, which means that you would possibly have to say “goodbye” to some things in your life. But whether you uproot yourself to move half-way-around the world or not, you’ll be expanding your circle to include a group of strangers that you are about to embrace as members of an expanding tribe. Mars is speeding up relationship possibilities as well. Watch out for someone moving into your life at remarkable speed and leaving you with a feeling of, “now what.” In short good archer, things are heating up, speeding up and ramping up. Add the fact that you have some major work that you’re drawing down into the world and then communicating it, means that you’ve got a lot on plate. Sharpen that steak knife.

Full Moon Bonus Scope:
Words are very powerful tools–just ask any ad agency or propaganda wing of any government. You’re about to learn a lesson surrounding the power of words and language. You need to be extremely clear and tactful with what you say and how you say it on and around this full moon/eclipse. People are listening and you can’t ask them to jump over a cliff and when someone actually does and suffers a fall, then simply have no stake in the matter. Be conscious, be clear and maybe even be a little silent. Listen instead of talk. Now there’s a concept. Whatever you do on the 5th, make sure you do it with a clear head and heart. Words can live on for a very long time.

The month begins with intensity as Pluto in your sign, opposes Venus in Cancer. As we ramp up to Saturn in Libra, many signs will already be processing and churning through the choppy wake of relating. You’re in the rapids right now. Most early goats are dealing with issues of power and will be for the next few years. All Capricorns will have to come to grips with it over the next 15 years and don’t expect it to always be a romp in the fields. The themes that sprung up last month around equality, respect and fairness in relationship won’t subside, in fact they are more intense this week as it leads up to the eclipse. You have to figure out whether or not you’re being respected for what you bring to the table or if it’s a case of you not giving enough when it really counts in the emotional clinches. Your ruler is about to go mano y mano with Uranus and while you sort through what I would call traditional sex role scramble, you’ll also be doing the same in regards to your religious beliefs as they relate to your upbringing. You’ll be challenged to reconcile what you held near and dear and what is emerging as a new pattern of spirituality that is breathing itself into the body of the planet. Again, the universe is asking you to make clear choices and either integrate new models of love and faith or boldly reclaim your own, more traditional values and let your partner and the world deal with your choices. Whatever you do, make them and don’t look back.

Full Moon Bonus Report:
The dark moon shines upon your house of security and resources. There’s some secrets that are ready to be shared with you about how business is about to get done. What are you going to do with that info? Will you use it to benefit a larger group than your immediate circle or just a select few. Whether you’re being cut in for a piece of the big pie, or simply being courted into an inner circle that will use some measure of power and influence, you’ll have some moral hand-wringing that will need to take place. Do the right thing.

Yet another sign dealing with relationship issues, but lucky for you, it’s about fun and games and allowing the warmth of another heat your natural cool and occasionally detached persona. It’s the age of Aquarius isn’t it? Well let the Sun shine in, especially as it relates to your heart. But, as we have seen throughout the rest of the scopes, opposition plays a key role in nearly everyones chart right now. You are no exception. While you are being offered the gift of love, you are also dealing with an intense amount of celestial activity with two planets, one asteroid and the moon, all conspiring with you to keep the flame of possibility burning. But the moon has a special mission for you. More on that latter. You’ve always been pretty good at making your way in the world the way you want, but these are slippery times and you’re going to have to go deep to retain the type of autonomy that you have liberally given yourself over the years.
That means figuring out new ways to employ your genius. Look to your dreams and sudden revelations arising from films that will capture both your imagination and your willingness to take risks to draw down new models influence, affluence and innovation. For even you must re-invent the re-invented self. This is one of those times.

Bonus Full Moon Scope:
And now for the moon. This eclipsed moon, in your sign is going to make you realize that not only are you not alone, but you really don’t want to be. It’s a little dark-night-of-the-souilsh as you ponder the days and nights ahead without the warmth of a body and the light of a soul in close proximity with yours. You’ve been just fine being the lone ranger or rangerette, but it’s getting old and the most radical departure you might take will be towards the direction of god forbid, a conventional relationship. This is a great time to undertake such earthly notions as you won’t have to settle for anything less than someone who will love your weird self the way you always wanted it.

Keeping it real is not your stock in trade these days. You are out there in the stratospheres of other realms and alternate realities, however, your relationships are all too ready to be your anchor. In fact, they are tethering you to this plane of existence, sometimes painfully so, constricting your liberty of movement in these altered states. You can’t escape the criticism and the well meaning intent of making sure you’re grounded, safe and well, but you chafe at rules and regulations wrapped up in the gauze of loving care. Venus supplies the answer with the loving care of a doting mother. The opportunity for to rest in loving arms, away from the constant chatter of the critics in your life is very real. If I had to play astral matchmaker, I would not hesitate to tell you to overturn any rock you can, to find a Crab, whose Cancerian nature is just what you need right now; pure acceptance, no questions asked. The great dichotomy of life is that we are told that if we seek love, it eludes us. If we seek approval, we’ll be met with reproach. Comfort does not lead to security. You know the drill and yet, that is what we are here to do, because if we didn’t we’d just be pods of self-contained and self-sustained matter that doesn’t really need anyone or anything. Even the in vogue, “interdependent model” is becoming so formalized, and relating by some healthy blueprint. I say to you oh scaly one, go out, seek, search, get messy and risk that someone will find all of it both charming and irresistible. Let the romantic cat out of the bag.

Bonus Full Moon Scope:
Aquarius and Uranus are doing a number on you, sending you spiraling through the world as if it’s a dream. Now the lunar eclipse is going to take it to another level and if you are open to such things, you might just learn a little something about travelers from the stars, other worlds and ultimately where you might have even originated as well. If you can stay open and receptive as dark moon beams charge your consciousness, you’ll get some very unusual info about your next step on this plane of existence. It involves art and channeling your creativity to
capture the views of inner space, according to your perspective. Live long and prosper.

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