Saul Alinsky — Aquarian, Radical Bringer Of Change, Luciferian Lineage And Socialized Cruelty

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

alinsky.jpgThe Quantum Of Saulace.

I’ve been thinking a lot about cruelty lately, meditating on why we inflict such horrible acts upon one another and simply allow them to take place in the name of _____________. If we were presented with images of horror, extreme gut-wrenching, nauseating, mind-cracking horror, with the same frequency that we ingest commercial drivel on a 24/7 basis, would it be enough to move us from our complacent orbit of inertia around this plane of existence? Somehow, I doubt it. When those shocking pictures of Abu Ghraib were released, they were done so not to expose the indecent and criminal behavior that the spineless quislings performed in a classic case of mind control, they were released to gauge our response. How much could/would people tolerate? What would they do when confronted with such immoral and despicable imagery? Unfortunately, four years later, I think we know the answer.

What really sparked this exploration into the depths of creulty was diving into the world of Saul Alinsky in the last entry. Quite frankly, I was blown away by the thorough and rigorous strategem that he devised over the course of a lifetime and two, radical manifestos. Alinsky gives props to old Lou himself in the intro for Rules For Radicals;

“Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history… the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.”

Alinsky’s tactics and techniques are completely amoral and as a result, he’ll resort to anything in order to bring about “change.” In Alinsky’s world, the means justify the ends;

“The end is what you want, the means is how you get it. Whenever we think about social change, the question of means and ends arises. The man of action views the issue of means and ends in pragmatic and strategic terms. He has no other problem; he thinks only of his actual resources and the possibilities of various choices of action. He asks of ends only whether they are achievable and worth the cost; of means, only whether they will work. … The real arena is corrupt and bloody.”


This type of ruthless pragmatism, was learned at the elbow of one of Alinsky’s mentors, Al Capone, whom he spent considerable time with after he graduated with a degree in criminology, a fairly new field at the time, dedicated to understanding the morals and methodologies of the criminal mind. Like Nietzche and Marx before him, Alinsky is pure Luciferian when it comes to the application of energy and will and he sets it loose in the political arena, unconstrained in it’s applications. Two of his greatest tactics are ridicule and taking advantage of man’s inability to live up to his own (read christian) moral doctrines. Pithy enjoinders from the heart and mind of Saul Alinsky include such gems as, “Last guys finish nice.” and “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” Finally, lest we not forget this golden mean to an end, one of which GW Bush must have surely paid great attention to; “Yesterday’s immoral terrorist is today’s moral and dignified statesman of high standing — because he was successful. Yesterday’s moral statesman is sitting in front of a ‘war crimes tribunal’ today — because he lost.” Rules for Radicals whether it makes you vomit or break out your old Mao cap to wear to the office, must be recognized for it’s sheer audacity and penetrating look into how to disassemble modern man in all of his emotional and psychological contradictions and then re-organize him into units of action. It’s right up there with Machiavelli folks.

On an astrological level, who was Saul Alinsky and do the planets play any particular roles in how he set out to destabilize democracy using the very principles afforded by it?

Alinsky was born January 30th, 1909, which places him firmly in the first decanate of Aquarius at 10 degrees. For those of you that are fairly new to astrology, let’s quickly reference some keywords associated with Aquarius, “forward thinking,” “visionary,” “utopian,” “progressive,” “freedom loving,” “brilliant,” “radical,” “anarchic,” “scientific,” “cold,” “articulate,” “eccentric,” “observant,” “distant,” “honest” and “arrogant.” Famous Aquarians with a a political bent include, Reagan, Lincoln, Betty Friedan, Norman Mailer, Susan Sontag and Jimmy Hoffa.

So by understanding some of the keywords associated with Aquarius, we can begin to see the modus operandi behind his rules. Alinsky is an Aquarian to the teeth, choosing to dwell in it’s decidedly revolutionary aspects, nearly devoid of any compassion. What other aspects add to and comply with this mordant asocial persona?

His Moon is in Gemini in an exact trine with his Aquarian Sun. This gives him the unique ability to see into the emotional body with x-ray vision, penetrating mans vices and virtues, all with the express purpose of taking advantage of them. Gemini is a cool and somewhat perverse place for the moon. It can objectify the emotional experience to the point of being cut off from it completely, thus engendering an emotional schizophrenia at times. Duality and polarity are key components of The Gemini Moon and the ability to occupy any emotional position at any time, often without feeling a sense of guilt or betrayal to self and values related to self. His Mercury is also in Aquarius, adding to his social genius, trining Gemini again, this time in Pluto (27/25 degrees), augmenting his ability to see deeply into the psychology of the masses and like any good Aquarian, come up with a system in order to initiate change. This powerful trine also gave Alinsky the ability to communicate with people on a very deep level, imprinting his ideology onto the willing at a cellular level. Whatever techniques he developed on a personal level, he launched his strategies deep into the hearts and minds of his community organizers. Since Pluto deals with collective energies and systems as well, his efforts, through his system and cadre of organizers have interpenetrated the social and democratic DNA of the U.S. as well. Like Edward Bernays, the father of modern PR and marketing, the man that brought us fluoride in our water supply, Alinsky might be one of the most influential americans, most people have never heard of–until recently.


All of these ideas are great, but they exist in a void without action. Alinsky’s Mars in Sag at 13 degrees, trining his Sun takes care of that. Mars in Sag adds an almost zealous energy to the already radically inclined Aquarian Sun. Here we have a freedom fighter with the mindset of a street brawler. Like most astrological aspects, these energies can be used to either create or destroy, but in Alinksy’s case, he was in the business of both. He was dedicated to tearing down the establishment, brick-by-brick, block-by-block, but what “Rules” never addresses is, “what then?” Once the revolution is complete, what next? Perhaps this was part of some other manuscript that only the most trusted charges were allowed to view–the blueprint for the end game of change. Ironically enough, our new friend, Rahm Emmanuel also has Mars in Sag, a mere two degrees off of Alinsky’s, so Obama has the proximity of someone in his inner circle that has the same, action/change energy as his mentor. This must be comforting to the president elect, if not for some of us.

Alinsky’s Venus is in Capricorn, is in a wide trine with his Jupiter in Virgo. Venus in Capricorn is cool and detached and does not carry one ounce of sentimentality along with it. Relationships are usually determined by usefulness and how much they will benefit the individual. People with Venus in Cap form bonds for a very long time, establishing a quality of endurance in their relating. If they are into you, you’ve got a friend for life. Venus in Capricorn tends to be very conservative and while Alinsky espoused radical values, his Venus in Capricorn was not content to let his ideologies co-mingle on the fringe with the easy convert. For him, the absolute execution of his vision was infiltrating the ranks of Middle America. He taught that true radicals don’t flaunt their ideals–they cut their hair, put on suits and change the system from within. Connect this circuit with his Jupiter in Virgo, where his genius for organizing arises and it is easy to see why he was so effective in having a long range view and creating models backed by what appears to be tireless energy in pursuit of a single-minded goal. Alinsky’s Venus in Cap was also in an exact conjunction with Uranus in Capricorn, giving him endurance and the ability to grind at radical change, day in and day out as the explosive and anarchic energy of Uranus is tempered by Capricorn, again directing the intention to the highest point of achievement through the broadest means of application, the widest berth, the largest numbers, guided by immeasurable patience and scale. Alinky saw his work in terms of social legacy and knew that what he set into motion would live on in the hearts and minds of Hilary, Barack and others, For Alinsky wrote, “The organizer, is in a true sense reaching for the highest level for which man can reach — to create, to be a ‘great creator,’ to play God.” In Alinsky’s world, he was the ultimate organizer, the God that spawned a universe of activists and organizers. Alinky’s goal in my mind, was to achieve a certain immortality and leave his imprint upon the soul of the planet through his followers and charges. In essence, Alinsky not only created a school of radical progressive ideology, but a religion cast in a Luciferian light where he was at the center, the hub of all thought that emanated outward and lives on through the “actions” of his disciples. Alinsky’s unstated goal was to usurp the western notion of God the Father and Jesus his son, with . . . himself.

If that’s not enough, throw in his Saturn in Aries (in it’s fall) and will at all costs, will exercised through limitation transformed into patience and voila you’ve got even more focused will and intention working towards Alinsky’s life work. But what’s missing here, in his work and his chart is water, plain and simple. Alinksy had only Neptune in Cancer, which he no doubt was able to use in order to permeate the system through the US’s stellium in Cancer, especially as it trined his Jupiter in Virgo, his genius for organizing the masses, but that is the extent of water, pure emotion in his chart, which we astrologers or students of the art look to as a connection to the life as a whole. With all of his brilliance, his being able to see through deceit, injustice, contradiction and hypocrisy, he didn’t go far enough. Alinsky never got to love. It’s fairly obvious that he viewed compassion as a disease and urged his followers to not give their adversaries any quarter. If he had the emotional capacity to temper his genius, perhaps his genius wouldn’t have manifested the way that it did, or maybe, it would have achieved an even greater level of importance in defining a new social order. Or perhaps, compassion is something that Barack Obama will be open to as a disciple of Alinsky, though I think he would only approve if said compassion was employed only to get people to act, obey or conform to a stated goal.

At the beginning of this look into the life and chart of Saul Alinsky, I meditated briefly on the state of cruelty and why we allow it. What I tried to illustrate here is that in the minds and hearts of those that would employ amoral tactics in order to achieve an end, cruelty is just another tool in the toolbox to hammer the masses with, to create a state of fear, panic and social unease, to distill polarity, because when those pictures from Abu Ghraib were released it left a horrific impression of America in the hearts and minds of people around the world. The devil left had his calling card behind, saying, “I was here and you can’t do fuck about it.” But Saul Alinsky is only one agent whose embrace of cruelty as one of many strategies to effect change has had a visceral impact on The 20th and 21st centuries. Tomorrow, we’ll look at another Aquarius, Charles Darwin and how his theory of evolution, survival of the species, etc, translates into for survival at any and all cost on the political and social fronts and the implicit permission it grants for a subjective, moral, relativism.

“A People’s Organization is dedicated to eternal war,” — Saul Alinsky

9 thoughts on “Saul Alinsky — Aquarian, Radical Bringer Of Change, Luciferian Lineage And Socialized Cruelty”

  1. T

    Hmmm, Robert…Are we on a “Let’s trash Aquarius” journey here? Or is it “Let’s trash socialism?”

    As a first decanate Aquarius Sun myself, with Saturn in Aries like Alinsky – though no other chart similarity, I have to say that “cold”, a keyword often ascribed to this zodiac sign, is one I’ve never agreed with. His lack of compassion (as you desribe it) certainly isn’t a common Aquarian trait to my mind.

    As a European-style socialist myself, I feel you are painting a very slanted picture here – but it’s interesting to see how an American views someone who taught the basic principles of socialism, as having something to do with Lucifer…..LOL!!! I want to echo one of your famous tennis stars – ” You can’t be serious!”

  2. a

    Twilight, I am referencing Lucifer only because Alinsky does as well. Ideologically, there is no difference between Alinsky and Crowley as far as I am concerned. Do I object to the Luciferian tint? Not really. I am a big advocate of Blake and lucifer plays a key role in his complex cosmology. To me, Lucifer represents the quaility of the individual separating him/herself apart from creation. It’s an identification of the self apart from the universe or God. It’s something we all experience to one degree or another and then we move towards wholeness, unity and singularity, because I feel, at deep level, we crave connection.

    Yes, we do view things differently as we were raised in different systems, so one might be more at ease with socialism, while another is more wary, not of it’s benefits for the whole and what it might take to acheive them, but the stultifying extremes exhibited in places like China and pre-cold war Russia, where fear is the rule of law.

    As Pluto is transiting my second house, I am more and more interested in mass psychology, systems of control and the means by which they are employed. Trust me, I am an agnostic on this front and am as critical of free market capitalism, where it benefits a select few as we are now about to witness first hand.

    Lastly, I would never trash you or any other Aquarian. How could I? I have a stellium of four planets in my eleventh house. I love Aquarians. And you, most certainly raise the level of your decanate. 🙂

  3. T

    Hi again Robert

    LOL! I’m feeling a little on the grumpy side today – sorry for sounding over-sharp in my comment. Thanks for taking it in good part.
    I’m not sure I understand the Lucifer thing. Crowley is kind of creepy yet fascinating for me, and I only know about Alinsky what I’ve picked up over the election season and from reading your posts. His teachings seem to be universally thought of as “A Bad Thing” and something to hold against Hillary Clinton and Obama, as they both studied his stuff, I understand. I can only think that if it was good enough for them it’d sure be good enough for me!

    I do understand the fear of communism still around in the USA, and as scoialism is a cousin of communism, though far removed, I guess it’s inevitable that there will distrust. The extremes of it, as of any other ideology, are not to be recommended!! A soupcon here and a sprinkle there is just what’s needed here though IMO. 🙂

    Aquarius is a really difficult sign to pin down, I’m finding. There are at least two or three types, and I think it depends a lot how much Saturn there is in the mix, and how wide the span of planets in the chart. It’s the same for all the signs, but it seems particularly noticeable in Aquarius, I think. I’m glad you do like ’em though. 🙂

  4. a

    The Luciferian quality I am referring to that is the central theme to Alinsky’s model of social change is to throw morality overboard and use any means necessary to effect change. The Alinsky school is action oriented and in many cases will advocate action first, then address meaning. It has no morality as it’s fundmamental basis for change. Perhaps a healthy dollop of Buddhist compassion, or Catholic Agape could offset the aggressive nature of The Alinsky model, but that in and of itself would be antithetical to its basic premise.

    These are the rules of engagement.

    A problem with socialism and communism is the movement towards federalized and socialized banking. When there are 2-3 banks, which is in the process of taking place right now, with the government having a hand in each of those banks, it creates less opportunity for credit to flow freely, doesn’t engender competition for better rates or better service. It exists as a monopoly. I believe that you folks in Engkand experienced something similar in England prior to Thatcher’s reign where unemployment was off the charts because money was not flowing to entrepreneurial sectors of the community. However, out of the that economic malaise arose The English Punk movement, with my favorite Aquarian of all time, Johnny Rotten at the forefront.

  5. T

    Maggie Thatcher? Don’t get me started!!

    It was mainly privatization of utilities and nationally run enterprises that Thatcher carried out. As well as killing off most of the Trades Unions. And in the view of many it was then that the rot set in. Public transport service declined and got more expensive but less efficient, same with electric, gas, water supplies. Prices went up, quality of servce went way down. She did too much too quickly. Inflation came down but unemployment went up. She caused a year-long strike of coal miners which was an absolute tragedy. She closed coal mines without providing alternative ways of life for generations of miners who had kept the country prosperous for so long – and whole mining villages died. I hated Thatcher with a vengance!

    She went too far, and that’s always the danger for both left and right – they don’t know when to stop. It sounds as though Alinsky advocated going several steps too far!

    Johnny Rotten and Sid Viscious….LOL! Those were the days!

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