Saturn’s Return To Libra And Sacred Activism With Andrew Harvey On FAR Tonight

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Andrew.HarveyActively Sacred.

As we get ready to shift (again) into Saturn/Libra this week, for the finality of it’s stay, we’ll undoubtedly be addressing issues and questions around fairness, equality and of course, rights. We’ve all been “looking” at the environmental and cultural calamities that are arising out of the Gulf spew, but there has not been a lot of activism or demonstrations around the Gulf and BP’s almost totalitarian control over the region.

That could change greatly and pretty rapidly in the weeks to come, once Saturn reclaims it’s exalted place in Libra. Maybe, just maybe, groups like Greenpeace and The Sierra Club might actually have something to say about what’s going on down there, since they have been conspicuously absent throughout it all.

With Uranus and Jupiter both bobbing and weaving with Aries/Pisces over the next few months, Saturn will have center stage. People’s concerns will start to mount. It’s inevitable. Saturn in Virgo is patient and deals with the details. In Libra it swiftly turns to “what’s right.”

The USA was born in revolution (with a lot of inside help), but the culture of protest came much later, when the unions and suffragettes began to march for humane conditions, fair pay and equal vote. It wasn’t until the late fifties and early sixties when protests became synonymous with the country and the times. However a much deeper look at the social movements of the sixties begins to reveal a different story.

As I have typed here before, if there was ever a concerted effort to bifurcate the masses on the heels of a major collective trauma, like The Kennedy Assassination, the sixties could not have turned out better. The wholeness of the apple pie dream was sliced and sectioned off. We had splits between sexes, races, ages, and classes. We had a war that drove a continental wedge through it all, sprinkled with psychedelic fairy dust casting Dionysian spells across the land. It split The USA into a land of a thousand trances.

When reading and looking back on Saul Alinsky’s, luciferian inspired “Rules For Radicals” we can see the blueprint for a different kind of revolution taking shape, one that is culminating with the current administration. If anything, this is the apotheosis of the sixties and Alinsky’s freeze the target stratagems. Indeed, there was a revolution at hand, but who was pulling the levers and why? Were all of the protests of the sixties a great show, a Pluto in Leo sized distraction wrought with drama and useless death or were they the collateral damage for the “Dawn Of A New Day?” It calls into question the entire idea of protest and the spirit of activism itself.

Does activism have a place in our time and can it exist as a viral event waiting to catch flame, unlike much of the astro-turfed and deeply reactionary tempest in a Tea Party? Can people “change” the system? Do they have a voice? How much does spiritual awareness and activism go hand-in-hand?

We’ll find out some of the answers to these questions and hopefully more with sacred activist and poet, Andrew Harvey tonight on FAR Sunday, 7PM, PST. Please join us as we discuss these ideas and others, from his latest book on North Atlantic Press, Heart Yoga: The Sacred Marriage of Yoga and Mysticism

5 thoughts on “Saturn’s Return To Libra And Sacred Activism With Andrew Harvey On FAR Tonight”

  1. R

    What an amazing show that was! Everyone should listen. Hats off to the “Heart Yoga Warrior”!

    I think we all need to start gathering our own personal power at the moment, sort of like a ‘quickening’ for the entire world.

    Good luck with your healthy diet, Robert. You might like to have a look at “Eat Right for Your Type” by Dr D’Adamo. This is an idea that plays proper respect to the role of evolution in diet and subsequent health of the body. Worth a look.

  2. A

    I’ve always thought that what was happening during the sixties was like “lost in space”. It was an incredible breakthrough period..for the World.
    Thank Goddess I was born during that time and Uranus/Pluto conj in Virgo will help bring matters into practical terms.
    Protesting just to protest is a waste of time. Most people are pissed off. People that create a new paradigm in which to live do not wait nor ask is this the right time or..boy I am sooo angry I could….Be/do/have…..

    Peace Robert!

  3. E

    Awesome show, Robert. Thank you so much for that gift. LOVE Andrew Harvey — what an incredibly eloquent being, seemed to be channeling Saturn in Virgo…

  4. d

    “divine outrage!”
    A great interview – very much appreciated his honest and harmonious opposition of passion and detachment. Look forward to reading his book…and learning.
    Also enjoyed the exploration of religions dying and the rebirth of the divine – “to whom we do submit”
    thanks phoenix

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