Saturn’s Last Days In Sag, Space Gods and Orphic Mysteries

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium


One of the side effects of Saturn’s stay in Sag has been looking at belief systems of all types, putting the veracity of their claims under a microscope of truth. Is Islam a religion of peace or hate? Have Christian churches been infiltrated by Freemasons and has their services been altered to include New Age beliefs and secular humanism wrapped in paper-thin scripture?

Is the Pope a full-blown Satanist and is the Catholic church about to embrace homosexuality due to the rampant man/boy love scandals that breakout on a frequent basis like bad case of herpes? What about Judaism? Has Zionism, a secular belief in a rabid nation state bolted itself to the Torah and become a Judaic version of Wahabbism where the state and the majority religion are one in the same?

As we begin to leave this three-year-cycle that also took a sledgehammer to fake news, exposing the 20th century version of top down information exchange to be not only slow and antiquated, but chock full of compromised sources, hidden agendas and agents of deception. Sag has a stake in truth and this Saturn cycle was brutal on traditional media of all sorts. Newspapers took a huge hit as well, with the New York Times, the so called guiding light of American press losing subscribers, advertisers and money at a rate that would alarm most businesses. Don’t worry we’ll always have newspapers in one form or another, because they still serve a purpose for the programmers of this so-called reality. They’ll get bailed out or supplemented when needed.

But there’s also new cosmologies and myths doing their best to emerge from the smoldering fires of our collective furnace. From blue chicken beings, to Nordic gods, and sulfurous reptiles, they emerge to occupy an already over crowded headspace..

Steve Crimi, author, publisher and friend decided to descend into the depths of the Orphic cave to explore this phenomenon of faith, myth and cosmology, the “out there” versus the “in here.” Here’s his potent musing on the state of faith and mythos in the 21st Century.

Where Will the New Alien Mythology Lead Us? 

By Stephen Crimi

So many of the Greek myths are cautionary tales for humans not to act as divine. Cassandra is cursed because her oracles rivaled those of Apollo. Arachne was a mortal who wove better than Athena. Psyche incurs the wrath of Aphrodite because her beauty caused worshippers to forget the Goddess of love. In Homer’s Iliad, humans are just manifesting the mess that is Olympus. By the time the Odyssey is written, humans begin to individuate. “Some things you will think of yourself, some things the gods will put in your mind.”

Cutting through that are the Pythagoreans and Orphics. Empedocles wrote about himself as divine, and as one who could teach you to realize your own divinity, how to heal and how to bring back souls from Hades like Orpheus did. The Orphics, without any recognizable organization, managed to have a presence in the ancient world for over half a millennium. The mysterious “Orphic gold tablets”—inscribed gold foil found either in the mouth or hand of corpses detailing specific directions to take in the underworld—have been found in Italy, Sicily, Crete, Greece and Thrace. Their basic theme, as a reminder to the soul entering Hades, is to state to the Queen and King of the Underworld “I am a child of earth and starry sky . . . my race is heavenly. You yourselves know this.” Recognized as kindred, you are granted to drink from the Lake of Memory, instead of the Lake of Amnesia, and are fully restored to the brother and sisterhood of divinity.

getty-gold-tablet-bOrphic gold tablet from a grave in Thessaly, 4th century BC.

Contrast that with the Homeric depiction of souls as mere shades, basically miserable, and apparently still fond of blood. As Achilles tells Odysseus when he makes the katabasis or underworld journey in the Odyssey: “I’d rather serve as another man’s laborer, as a poor peasant without land, and be alive on Earth, than be lord of all the lifeless dead.”The severity of this statement is often missed, because it negates both Achilles’ semi-divine status, and the reigning Greek conception that becoming a great remembered hero is the best possible outcome of life.

There is a current current recapitulating this chasm between human and divine, though it subtly seems to be doing the opposite. For decades now there has been a call in this culture for some sort of new mythology. The myth of Christianity shed whatever resonance it originally had with the human-divine Christos millennia ago. It fully lost itself in the throes of domination and empire. All that remains is the sad belief that simply stating a faith buys you a ticket to the paradise show, no other effort or action needed. Not to mention a strict biblical 6000-year complete historical timeline, which doesn’t even make sense on its own terms. (Compare this with Christ’s deceptively simple injunction to love your enemies. Anyone who has actually tried this realizes what a radical and transformative teaching this is. Realizing yourself in another is a step on the path to the vision of divinity across the board. And that divinity shining within and through all things is the Christos.)

This enervated religious vision for decades now has been superseded by scientism as the prevailing mythology. A prevailing delusion ensues that somehow the monolith of science is built upon bricks of indisputable facts and laws. How did “the big bang” get to be a fact, while cosmogonic creation stories across the globe are mere fiction. Certain ‘spiritual’ people have tried to take this tall tale—a planetary primordial chemical soup, maybe a lightning strike or two, somehow leading to single cells, somehow leading to reproduction, somehow leading to crawling upon the land, somehow leading to the proliferation of plants, animals and insects, and finally somehow leading to consciousness—and sacralizing it by saying “Wow, isn’t that amazing! All this from a couple of molecules dancing!”

It’s a part of the false dualities dominating our corporate education, corporate media, and corporate political landscape that we are given only the choice of creationism or the big bang—both of which presume themselves to be Absolute Truth.

One might think another option would be welcome. There is a new mythology emerging in the alternative or truther media that requires some examination in the light of the more ancient traditions of uncovering one’s divinity within. Although it’s claims are otherwise, it just may be antithetical to this realization. Like scientism, its claims are reputed to be based in fact, not myth.

It is seeded several decades ago through a number of books reinterpreting ancient mythology, especially Sumerian and Egyptian, but also Vedic and Aboriginal. The Book of Enoch is especially revered as a blueprint. In short, all the divine deities written of turn out to be off planet aliens, or in some cases inner earth dwellers, with, as Arthur Clarke might note, sufficiently advanced technology rendering their actions magical. We humans are sufficiently unevolved to be duped into calling these entities in our sight gods. Originally in books, the internet age with its spate of disclosure networks, interviews with insiders and “super space program soldiers” have replicated and expanded exponentially this myth the last few years. Also, this tale has been corroborated by channeling from entities beyond this dimension.

It goes something like this. Humans are an alien DNA repository and experiment, possibly designed specifically for mining intergalactically-coveted gold, and we have been ruled over by a particular reptilian-like race who are not particular creative and

feed on our baser emotions. This race has done a little intermingling with the undeniably beautiful human women, creating a mixed alien-human sociopathic ruling class, still running things today behind the scenes via control of banking, military, intelligence and lackey politicians. They are incapable of any human empathy, and instead resort to blood sacrifice and child molestation for their sordid energy and power. Our fear and anger are their food, and in this way, they are very much like the Gnostic archons, or the Ahrimanic entities of later Rosicrucianism.

Unfortunately, this actually explains a lot.

Meanwhile many governments since WWII have been in cahoots with various alien races and have secretly mastered space travel and spacecraft construction, galactic and intergalactic, with spacecraft whizzing around us constantly, cloaked and unheard by the populace. Our solar system from Venus to the Moon to Mars to the moons of Saturn is pockmarked with bases of aliens of dozens, if not hundreds, of stripes and shapes. There are federations who want to help humanity, and federations that want to exploit humanity. They are mining, trading, fighting, signing and breaking treaties, and acting not too different from belligerent self- serving humans—or even the gods of Olympus for that matter—except that they have often had millions of years to evolve beyond this pettiness, but choose to continue. Several other variety of denizens have lived within the earth for hundreds of thousands of years, occasionally emerging to play deity among us.

The reason we haven’t been told or shown (except for the hundreds of videos of craft out there) any of this by our betters is because we will all panic like Black Friday at Walmart.

Any or all of this may or may not be real, but it is outside the direct experience of just about all of us, and certainly well above our pay grade.

The concern here is not with veracity—because disclosure-ascension-revelation- apocalypse is always just tantalizingly out of reach, coming next month, next year, always delayed, according to this new mythology—by infighting amongst the elite over how much to disclose to us.

As an instructive tangential digression, King Tantalus’ punishment in Tartarus was to stand in a pool of water with a low-hanging fruit tree above. Perpetually hungry and thirsty, the waters would recede when he bent over to drink, and the laden

branches would swing away if he reached for fruit. His crime? He stole ambrosia and nectar from the table of the gods and tried to feed it to his people so that they would become divine. He later tried to appease the gods by offering a feast for them. On the menu was Tantalus’ chopped and boiled son. Not quite to their taste, they reconstituted the lad and sent Tantalus to his fate.

The effect of this current secret space program mythos is to corral those who have not given up seeking for some spiritual content of meaning in their lives, who have given up on the revelations of traditional religions, and have seen the typical guru trip end in egoism, arrogance and often abuse, and again feed them a story that demeans their souls. “You are nothing but a slave race, in no control of anything whatsoever, helpless in the face of blazing mind-control technology of these superior forces, secret programs, and this is countered by another elite who are in the best position, due to their inside information, channeled wisdom and off planet connections, to decide what is best for you and humanity. And amidst all this we are to await some transcendent immanent unavoidable ascension, either via a solar flash, a rapture, and if we are enlightened enough, or if enough of us are enlightened, we all passively shift into whatever the 4th dimension is.

Then, all the light of human transcendent wisdom is reduced to relevance only in terms of this myth. The 10,800 poems of the Rig Veda are only important because of a couple of late verses mentioning some sort of flying apparatus and divine weaponry. Hopi tales of their relationship to the Ant People simply describe subterranean Mantid alien races. Irish one-legged Fomorians, who have been considered entheogenic mushroom beings by some interesting thinkers, are Nephilim space giants, since the apocryphal Book of Enoch and a few lines from Genesis are central to this new mythology.

What then is the relevance of a Rumi, the Christos, the Buddha, a Pythagoras or Orpheus, since they talk not of off-planet bases, but revelation this lifetime through connection to divine source within? Personally, I prefer my mysticism to come from those who have physically walked this earth and had to deal with the rigors of plying a spiritual life while in a body, rather than an interdimensional being with a weird accent who’s never bothered to drag one of these carcasses around telling me what’s what. In fact, these great earth teachers and their teachings make the entire alien agenda, the AI agenda, the elite cabal agenda, and the shadow government agenda irrelevant, to spiritual realization. Which doesn’t mean we don’t have to deal with it.

Christ as Orpheus mural from the Roman catacombs. 4th Century.


Is there any liberation in this space mythology? Because, once again, you are left looking for salvation from the outside. Even though the prophets of this new mythology claim that it is all about your liberation, your freedom, it is only obtained by buying into a system that you must take completely on faith, since unless you are an insider, your life experience stands outside these tales.


What is the difference between this belief system, and Mormonism or Scientology or scientism?

We are in the darkest of ages where there is nearly no light on the outside. And the darker it is outside, the more light we need within. And in spite of attempts to co- opt it, exploit, occlude and poison her, there is still plenty of illumination to be found through our Mother Earth, her Nature, and her Sophianic expression.

And one of the secrets of the resurrection of the body of the Christos is that he penetrated deep into the earth before emerging from the cave on the ritual third day of initiation. This is a recapitulation and externalization of the same journey Orpheus took when he went underworld to reconnect with his lover Eurydice (not aliens) in an act of sacred marriage. In the original version of the myth, the connection and return are successful. The Christos takes this journey anew for us, a journey to follow, uniting divine consciousness with the living manifestation of the earth.

The earliest Christians understood this, and their original art in the Roman catacombs was of the Christos as Orpheus, fully connected to nature through the music of his being.

Only later does the Roman cross symbolize Christ. And while there are numerous traditions of a deity hanging from a living tree of life or knowledge—most notably Odin on the Yggdrasil—the tree for later Christianity is the dead wood of the cross, and the crucifixion overshadows the forgotten underworld journey and resurrection. We are left with “He died for your sins”—again salvation from without—from which nothing fruitful has grown.

The fear with this new mythology of humanity as a slave alien experiment, is that alien deities can bear no real fruit for us, whether they are real, helpful, or nefarious. They can offer fleeting hopes of a karmic comeuppance for the abuses of an evil earth cabal, but nothing other than a continuation of separation from our divine selves if we look to them for salvation.

Empedocles spoke about grafting to our divinity. The Tree of Life can only grow within us, and is it always best to share its fruit.

Stephen Crimi lives in Asheville, North Carolina with his wife and partner, Krys, where they tend to their publishing company, <a href=””>Logosophia Books</a>, their garden and their lives in the bosom of the Smoky mountains.


4 thoughts on “Saturn’s Last Days In Sag, Space Gods and Orphic Mysteries”

  1. P

    I do not agree. Consider this to begin with:

    One of the side effects of Saturn’s stay in Sag has been looking at belief systems of all types, putting the veracity of their claims under a microscope of truth.

    This is not how Saturn behaves. This is Uranian behaviour. Saturn is the displinarian, it asks such questions as ‘Does this claim stand up to assault’ not scrutiny. Or perhaps ‘What are the ideas here at play in relation to Saturn?’

    Secondly, it seems to me you are rather in Saturns thrall. I did not read the excerpt following your introduction there that I thought was interesting, but I caught the word ‘false duality’ and you used the term ‘Blue chickens’. By that you of course mean the Blue Avian ideas/ claims of Corey Goode, but that is a deliberate mistake. It seems to me you are attempting to ‘discipline’ those who would believe in such claims.

    It is an interesting transit though. I wonder if ideas of Reptilians… These would be those doing the ‘disciplining’ in a sense. Saturn for me has very much been my work life seeming to crush down a little on my Uranus in late Sagittarius. I wonder if the energy of other planets goes back up that line wondering what the overall picture is on this. Reptilians being a Saturnian ‘myth’ so to speak.

    No doubt answers will come in the next few months.

    1. a

      Since transiting Mars is on my MC, I’ll take advantage of the timing to reply to you.

      Number one, we disagree with Saturn/Uranus.

      While Jupiter is expansion, Saturn is compression. When Saturn is in a particular sign, it compresses the nature and inherent qualities of said sign. Thus through compression, we see the current standing Saturn and in Sag it’s belief systems. Uranus IMHO is a radical departure, but Uranus doesn’t really question or weigh the “gravitas” of decisions and processes out. All one has to do is look at the useful idiots in the NFL exercising their Uranian departure from their role as athletes/warriors, ie agents of Aries/Mars.

      In essence, Uranus/Aquarius tend to be reactive.

      Not only that, but Uranus, ruler of Aquarius has to share that rulership with Saturn. Here is what Astrograph aka Henry Seitzer has to say about the relationship between Saturn and Uranus.

      “The Ruling Planets of Aquarius
      The ruling planets for Aquarius are Uranus and Saturn.
      Uranus is the planet of freedom and revolutionary vision, the urge for change and the ability to visualize new possibilities. Uranus rules Aquarius, and is exalted in Scorpio. It is also associated with mental studies, electricity and astrology. Its position indicates the arena of originality and freedom from conventional thinking in your life.

      Saturn is the planet of limitation and contraction, and the trials of life experience. This includes discipline, punctuality, and the conservation of material resources. Saturn rules Capricorn and is exalted in Libra, and is limited and material, versus unlimited faith (as represented by Jupiter). It indicates areas where the personality will be restricted by fears and lack of confidence, and also areas which are important to be worked on in this lifetime.”

      So not only does Saturn rule over it’s own sign, but also Aquarius. No other planet does this with one sign stretched across two planets. Mercury and Venus co-rule, but it’s a co-rulership within one sphere/domain.

      So we’ll disagree with Saturn.

      As far as being in thrall with it, and using your example of it, eg; The Blue Avians, I could have used Ashtar Command, the Sirians, etc.. I’ve had a relationship with Gaia as well, going back to 2012 where I did 24 shows for them.

      Yes, we shall see.

  2. P

    I loved the first part of your response there. Of course I don’t completely agree but Mars over MC… Cool! My sun is actually conjunct Mars by seven degree orb which is quite a big orb.

    I don’t see the NFL to be Uranian. The way I see it is that Uranus loves to be involved in highly detailed endeavors such as science and even WikiLeaks type things that involve lots of parts in order to reach a ‘truth’.

    This is why Donald Trump has it conjunct Sun and is very much about the free market. Nigel Farage has it bi quintile. Another who does not have it is Marine Le Pen, and her economic plans were highly left wing.

    I think what happens is that Uranus comes in and tries to organise things according to an ideal hierarchy. I.e. the free market. Then others resent this hierarchy preferring the redistribution of wealth. So on a Uranus transit people may be doing communist stuff but it is actually the rebellion against Uranus. (If Uranus likes detail to lead to truth it only takes an internet search to realise that policemen kill more unarmed whites than blacks, and that blacks kill their own a great deal more. Therefore, IMO, NFL athletes are anti Uranian. The Soros agenda, the Pluto pushing back. Even if they are not in square any longer their still is a residual fight.)

    1. a

      Players aren’t Uranian. They’re Aries. Uranus is in Aries. I see Uranus a bit differently than you might, though we can agree on some interpretations.

      I see Uranus as radical and revolutionary. Yes, I get the science bits and innovation. I have a very tight orb between Uranus and Jupiter in my chart, Uranus 9th in Leo and Jupiter in Sag, 1st. When I lived in Cali Uranus was conjunct my relocated ascendant. I know Uranus pretty well. :-).

      This is the hundredth year anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution, when wait for it . . . Uranus was in Aquarius.

      If you look back at most of the color revolutions that were staged by Soros/Clinton/Obama, you’ll find that most of them took place in February (Aquarius).

      Of course any significant revolution must have significant planning, forethought and most importantly, backing, which is the Saturnian stage. Saturn packs the keg, Uranus lights the fuse.

      Those Aries warriors are jacked into Uranus, so much so that they might have even undermined one of their own; See David Carr (Aries) and the Raiders lack of protection.

      Everything comes under scrutiny with Saturn. Just ask someone getting an audit from the IRS. Sagittarian systems, philosophies, laws and religions are no different than the poor taxpayer under Saturn’s intense gaze.

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