Saturn/Pluto Opposition For Steve Jobs, Ascendant/Descendant Direct, Health Crisis

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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stevejobs1975.jpgJobs and Woz at ground zero.

I just saw that Steve Jobs will not give The Apple keynote this year. This does not bode well for Jobs, nor Apple. Back when I was at MONDO, Apple was in serious trouble, hanging on by the barest of threads, while bean counters like Gil Amelio kept the company on life support. Jobs was busy turning Pixar into a movie giant when he stepped back into the leadership role. It wasn’t long before he struck gold and put Apple back on the map with the cool and multi-colored iMac. Jobs brought verve back to personal computing with the stylish little bots. The iMac and the G3 and G4 series brought money back into the Apple’s coffers and then in 2001, they launched the iPod, which would not only be the final piece to the rapid, three-year-resurrection story that Jobs was authoring, but also revolutionize the music industry.

Jobs and Apple then did the classic end around by getting the majors to agree to a blanket license deal for their music to be sold on iTunes. Without iTunes, the rapidly failing music industry would be in even worse straits than it currently is. Not only did Steve Jobs save Apple, he also might have saved the record business as well, even though the publishers and labels might not be so willing to heap as much praise upon him. The final piece to Jobs’ triumphant trifecta was the iPhone and much like the iPod became not only a must have tech toy, but a de rigeur fashion statement as a trendy accessory.

Things aren’t looking good for Steve Jobs and Apple though. His health seems to really be on the skids and there is strong doubt circulating that Apple has no one with the requisite vision, smarts and guts to continue their run. That said, I’m sure that Jobs has been feverishly working on the latest platform for Apple’s success, entre’ into the gaming industry, taking on the Nintendo’s, X-Boxes and PSP’s of the world. Gaming holds the largest consumer market share for entertainment right now and it could be the long tail that could propel Apple towards success well into the next decade, if they can innovate the way they have under Jobs’ reign.

Astrologically he has some real challenges. Transiting Saturn is sitting right on Jobs’ ascendant. Severe limitation through health as it relates to the most vulnerable angle of the chart is indicated here. With Uranus opposing it in Pisces, just on the nape of his 7th/8th house cusp, it is producing incredible strain on Saturn, pulling on every etheric cord. In addition to the heavy, Pluto/Saturn opposition, Jobs is also undergoing a Pluto/Neptune opposition as well. His natal Pluto is in his 12th house and Neptune is now transiting his house of health and well being, opposing the planet of death and “Lord of The Underworld” in his house of mystery an union.

While I will not give astrology the final say when it comes to matters of God and soul, it would seem that Steve Jobs is facing serious challenges and these two very significant oppositions do not bode well at all.

The most critical phase for Jobs will be the weeks just after his birthday, when Uranus will pass over his natal Sun and shortly thereafter will be in direct opposition to his ascendent. It will then quickly pass into his 8th house.

Interestingly enough, Apple was incorporated on January 3rd, 1977, when Mars was at 1 degree Capricorn and now Pluto sits right on top of Apple’s Mars and Jobs, the often martial, driving force behind Apple has been Mars personified. Jobs, the will that brought Apple back from the dead, will be a phantom on Apple’s biggest day and largest stage of the year.

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