Saturn On A Summers Night, Trayvon & George, Ellias Lonsdale on FAR

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Vertically challenging.

I’m standing on the curb at Pearl Street Mall. There’s a high powered telescope on the street provided by a sweet Italian guy. Maybe he’s Gallileo in cargo shorts. Tonight’s attraction? Why Saturn of course. I line up, close one eye and set the other upon the ringed god in the sky. There it is. It’s the first time I’d ever seen Saturn in the flesh so to speak. I chuckle as I ironically note that I have to take on a modified eye of Horus approach to view it. The first thing I notice is that it’s hanging vertically in space. It’s a little odd since we are so accustomed to seeing Saturn nicely resting in a horizontal plane in the mind’s eye. And there is the message. Things are not always as they seem, nor do they appear in ways that we expect them to.

I can’t help but think about what’s happening with the Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin psyop. As the days bleed into the Summer heat, more surreal details emerge and everyone has an opinion.

I’ve been talking about this for months now. It started when Tarantino released “Django Unchained” and I realized where all of this was headed. The country is being programmed for an eventual race war and good people on the left and right, black and white are taking the stinking cheese as bait.

We talk about oneness consciousness, unity and how we’re all one and most of the people espousing that are full of shit, because when it comes to really pushing the envelope, then many of those people start pushing agendas, consciously or un-consciously. Separation is good for business.

This psychopathic bloodlust for justice on both sides is oh-so-Old Testament. Eye-for-an-eye, Hammer Rabbi. And where has that code of justice gotten the Middle East? How’s that working out?

Somewhere along the way we’ve lost touch with the ability to invoke and honor the presence of God in our affairs and in the affairs of the so-called world. Instead of surrendering to a greater source of compassion and wisdom, we bow to lesser gods, whether they are “evil white witches” or the holder of justice who inserts himself at light speed into the fray, yet is conspicuously absent and silent over other crimes against freedom and rights that scream for attention and resolution.

This type of surrender isn’t easy. Just ask a parent who has lost a child or vice versa. Ask a victim of ALS who is on a one-way-trip to paralysis and death. Ask one of the girls held captive in Cleveland for over a decade. Ask a vet whose brains are scrambled and heart is smashed as he comes to the realization that what he’s done was done in the name of control and not freedom. Or even God forbid, an ex husband or wife.

We live on a planet where the stakes of redemption are high and getting higher.

Even my sense of indignation is primed, pumped and ready to vent. I demand to know where the moral outrage is when it comes to events like Fukushima, Palestine, 911, the Bailout and Monsanto. I watch myself teeter on the brink of disgust for my fellow humans as they fall prey to such rancid, low-hanging-fruit, getting their signal played to perfection, falling into some muddled ground of moral justification, ranging from obsequious white guilt to blind, molotov-like-fury from masked and hooded thugs in the streets of Oakland and Los Angeles. It’s then when I’m reminded of Yeats’ lines from the second coming;  “The best lack all conviction, while the worst/Are full of passionate intensity.”

We need to step back, take a breath, challenge our own assumptions and our own self-righteousness and for those that have the nose, sniff out the foul stench of illusion in this or any other situation and call it for it is; blatant manipulation at a mass level. We can do so while still remaining calm while doing our very best to not take it personally. Not everyone has this calling, I know. I seem either blessed or cursed by it and yet it feels like we are all, more or less coming to some sort of dance with the truth, no matter how awkward or strained it might be.

Tomorrow, the final waves of the grand water trine, which I think has kept things fluid and cooler than we understand begins to fade as the planets begin to move further apart and separate. Use this energy while you can. Go deep and see where it takes you. Invoke the loving name of God and don’t ask for anything but to simply be open and shown what to see.

Maybe, just maybe, if enough of us do this, we can ride the tide into a safe harbor where clarity, compassion and steadfast commitment to one another resides.

Please join me on Friday, 7/19 as I consult with master astrologer, Ellias Lonsdale about the upcoming double magen star in the sky, slated for the 22nd and more. Elllias lives with one foot in this world and the other in the stars. I’ll also be joined by the sparkling and charming, eighty-six-year old Bunny Herring who will share her life story as a trapeze artist for Ringling Brothers.


9 thoughts on “Saturn On A Summers Night, Trayvon & George, Ellias Lonsdale on FAR”

  1. S

    Far out guests Robert! I’m sure a great time will be had by all. A beautiful soul wrote at Vizzy’s about ‘sensitive people having such … anguish… right now”… hoping it is just hahaha ‘just’ the trine grabbing onto my 8 Pisces sun ball and having its way with it. I’ve been having some very much like life review dreams lately. That’s what my ruler Neptune is doing with me.

  2. S

    oh yeah, PS… that is an awesome pic of Saturn! Never seen it vertical before. It’s funny when you remember the planets are real isn’t it by seeing them up close and personal via telescope.

  3. H

    Thanks for being the voice of reason.
    And all this just after I finally started to notice young people, black and white, walking together in my progressive city. It use to be all feel good talk by their parents, now it had become a reality that blacks and whites walk together as friends.
    Guess the elites gotta break that up, the white and black elites.

    1. a

      We’re being given a series of continuous mini-revolutions all the time now here in the US. This instability is part of the plan to keep people agitated and fractured.

  4. R

    Hi Robert: To what end is this “plan?” Is it just universal control? Is that all that they want?
    Thanks again for all of your posts.

    1. a

      Renee, it has to do with the capture and enslavement of soul and using soul(s) as some kind of battery to create an anti-universe. At least that’s what it feels like. It’s an audacious plan–and it won’t work.

  5. C

    As “Dune” becomes a reality, the “Fremen” assemble in the bankrupt city of Detroit, hiding in the wrecked remains of American capitalism, planning the downfall of the “Spice” Corporation.

    How romantic is this concept. Blame it on the trine.

  6. R

    Thank you for your response, Robert. I agree with your theory. Can’t help but wonder when and what the “turning-point” will be!

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