Saturn in Virgo vs Uranus in Pisces, Meaningful Work (Dharma) vs The New Plague Part 2

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

ggFrom Dante to The Georgia Guidestones.

In our last episode of who started “The Black Plague” we came upon the most interesting fact that in 1339, the year when “The Plague” rampaged through Crimea and it officially became a European issue, Pisces was in Uranus at 23 degrees. In our time, Pisces is in Uranus at 25 degrees, just two degrees off of the September, 1339 date. And what are we dealing with again? The specter of yet another plague in Swine Flu, perhaps the first of many. Today, marks not only the new moon in Virgo, but along with The Sun and Saturn (opposing Uranus) Virgo encourages us to look more closely about the effect and impact of Virgo on this current cycle and what it looked like during the inception of the plague.

In September, 1339, Jupiter, not Saturn was in Virgo and it had just entered the planet of possibility and expansion. When we look at these cycles from a cultural perspective, as we’ll see from Saturn later on, it’s important to see how they are cast against the backdrop of the times. In 1339 at the peak of the “High Middle Ages” craft guilds, charters, communes, monetary systems, were all on the rise. Society in the west was in a deeply formative stage and the energy and possibility of a new world emerging from the darkness of “The Early Middle Ages” was a distinct reality. Jupiter in Virgo augured a time when the whole concept of work was going to take on a new perspective and people would have had the “possibility” of understanding and profiting from the fruits of their labors. The early church had conscripted many skilled workers and even more hard laborers to erect their great cathedrals, often over the span of generations, with the only reward being their eternal salvation and the cultivation of grace. But the cathedrals had been mostly built out and the centers of worship and social organization were now, more or less intact and there to meet the needs of the population during that time. After the churches, then what? The skills and crafts honed over decades of erecting those mansions of heaven had produced a highly skilled worker caste that could do everything from stone cutting, stained glass window making, sculpting, smithing, building, etc. This was very self-suficient culture in the making and one at some point that could outstrip the two ruling houses of the day; the church and the state. Jupiter in Virgo pointed towards a personal renaissance for the individual and culture, from the roots up. But the plague wiped all that out. The hope, the dreams, the momentum and most importantly hundreds of thousand of skilled people that could have used their crafts and their burgeoning self-sufficiency to create an alternative to the church and the state.

So much for that.

When the dust finally settled and “The Grim Reaper” skulked back into the dark ethers of other dimensions, it was the elite whose numbers remained more intact than the vast numbers of the rising working class. After “The Dark Ages” of “The Plague” a new intellectual aristocracy emerged, which formed the basis of “The Enlightenment.” The “Enlightenment” was anything but being enlightened. It was the dawn of the age of reason, the rise of science, positivism and the cleaving of magic from faith. It begat Darwin, who in turn begat the secular humanist movement, who begat socialism and a culture without a moral compass, one guided by “relative truths.” This was what ultimately happened when “The Black Plague” took out most of Western Europe on the cusp of developing into a unique and powerful expression of individual gifts and skills meeting the rise of education and their growing and slowly empowered numbers.

So here we are, smack dab in the middle of the Saturn/Uranus opposition and what are we yaking about? Healthcare. Prickly conservatives vs. snotty progressives. Polarization. He said, she said. But what aren’t we talking about? Jobs people. The economy. Where is the debate around that? Ben Bernanke can blow as much digital sunshine up the asses of Americans and it isn’t going to change the overall economic picture. Just like they did it it before, it’s all smoke and mirrors. There has been a HUGE sell off in stocks lately. Someone knows something and they aren’t sharing. Follow the money.

Let’s be practical about this; Saturn is tough, persistent, enduring and challenges us to put our nose to the grindstone, in whatever sign it is in. With Virgo, one of the key aspects of that sign is work, plain and simple. Yes, it can relate to service, dharma, health, healing, etc, but w-o-r-k is at the heart of Virgo and in Saturn there is less and less of it.

We have fully entered into the swamp of the globalized economy.

What happens if people aren’t working? They can’t buy things. What happens to the poor and hapless slave labor in places like Indonesia where the make the things that we can no longer buy? They’re out of a job as well. So we have literally masses of people that are un or underemployed and they aren’t going to get jobs anytime soon, not even under some inspired Obama/FDR WPA style program for building green jobs and green industry. Do you think that the powers of ConED and PG&E want us to be energy self-sufficient? Do they want every city in The USA powered by The Sun or wind? Remember, ENRON made billions stealing, I mean trading energy. Energy is a resource and there is a limited investment that any industry would allow for the creation of it’s own obsolescence and demise. So get the idea of a “Green” renaissance driven by government mandate out of your mind. Now that’s not to say that some private interests could make this happen, but there is no cheap money to loan anymore and the banks that were bailed out are sitting on their bailout money, using it to report quarterly profits and devour weaker banks when the time comes. So there has been little investiture into the private sector in order to create new jobs and new growth.

Saturn in Virgo DEMANDS that we look at this as part of the opposition. Uranus in Pisces is unstable as hell. It promises something unusual, a chimera of possibility, a progressive fusion of what can be if we just surrender and let go, which is always what Pisces is urging us to do. So the grand plan, the great distraction gets tilted towards the Piscean pole and the debate about Healthcare takes center stage, but notice that we’re NOT talking about the economy or jobs or gaining greater personal wealth and innovation, during a time when our country and the world truly needs it. And then there’s the plague . . .

Catherine Austin Fitts has mentioned this before and many months ago, when I looked at Pluto in Capricorn, I saw that the writing was on the wall for the average worker and perhaps most of the planet. We have crossed over into phase where technology is at a point of displacing vast numbers of people that were needed to create the vast wealth that the upper 2% now mostly control. Just like during the times of the “The High Middle Ages” when humanity was coming on, a plague wiped out that movement, and we are now, yet again, staring down the possibility of yet another plague (or it’s antidote) doing the same thing. From The Georgia Guidestones to The Club Of Rome, there is this dirty little secret that there are too many people on the planet now and that the uber-elite have scooped up most of the fake cash and are sitting on mind-blowing technology that could render most of us redundant. But, we focus on healthcare and not jobs, money, the economy, value and quality of life. Well that’s going to change.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at how Saturn’s turn through Virgo has been lighting up a generation coming into it’s own power and how that empowerment will impact the concept of work and purpose in the months and years to come.

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