Saturn In Scorpio’s Final Degrees Fans The Flames Of Ferguson

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

ferguson-riotsEnter Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn in Scorpio moves steadily towards its final degrees. These are the critical degrees as planets, especially the transpersonal giants like Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto begin to shift into the next sign. The last degrees are volatile, explosive, catalytic and unstable. We are talking the 27th, 28th and 29th degrees, the latter also known as “The Anaretic Degree.”

On 3/11/11, The Daichi earthquake devastated the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Uranus was at 29 degrees in Pisces and Neptune at 28 Aquarius. Both aspects represent water (Pisces/Neptune) and uranium (Aquarius/Uranus). The volatility of those degrees was more than evident on that day. We’re talking cosmic wobble, matrix shifting, cultural and planetary tectonics.

Let’s go back to October, 2008, when “The Maverick” LOL, John McCain was theoretically running against Barack Obama. And just before the ballots were punched in November, the economy bottomed out. All of those nasty derivatives were like the China Syndrome, a full out meltdown to the core. Where was Pluto? 28 degrees. Critical. The degree shift can also herald the arrival of the new energy of the next sign. The meltdown was a harbinger of the titanic superstructures that would become Pluto in Capricorn.

On September 11th, 2012, radical Islamists raided the US embassy where four Americans were murdered, including Christopher Stevens. Saturn was at 27 degrees Libra. While the Benghazi affair was muted as much as possible, it did have a significant impact on Hilary Clinton, Scorpio, who left her Secretary of State position In February of 2013. Saturn was about to move into Scorpio.

During the final days of Saturn in Scorpio, Ferguson lays in charred and broken memories and dreams. Just as the energy of Saturn is not quite yet extinguished, neither are the flaming embers of what happened last week in Missouri and across the country.

The kindling tinder of revolution has been stoked ever since Henry Gates was hassled by the Cambridge police. From Gates (The opening) to Trayvon Martin (Martian/Martial/War) to Michael Brown (Color), every event that has been associated with police, young (and old) black males and death, has escalated the tension, strife and conflict. I’m not sure we’re done—not even close.

With the final degrees of Saturn/Scorpio we’re getting a hint of the challenge that lies ahead with Saturn in Sag and that’s rights, freedom, laws, martial laws, natural laws, etc.. Sag wants to expand. Saturn wants to compress and contract. Something has to give.


November 24th is an interesting day. On 11/24/63, Jack Ruby aka “Jacob Rubenstein” a hustler and pimp in the Jewish mafia, smoked Lee Harvey Oswald, live on national TV, making it the first, televised murder in history, this on the heels of the ritual sacrifice of John F. Kennedy. It is also the anniversary of the publication of “On The Origin Of The Species” by Charles Darwin, outside of the bible, probably the most influential book in the history of the west. Some might say that it’s the manual for aspiring psychopaths. This is actually a fairly important component to what is about to unfold.

”No Justice, No Peace” has been the chant heard from San Diego to Boston. On the one side, there’s vox populi, spinning out of control, spiraling onto the periphery of mob rule. On the other, the rule of law, armed and armored, looking more like Robocop than sheriff, Andy Griffith. Both sides have been infiltrated. Some set fires, others yell racial epithets, both bring gasoline to the already combustible conditions. They’re the unseen accelerant to the flammable social condition. Think Reichstag.

What’s completely unfortunate is that the event has been polarized, which is the obvious strategy, and that’s lifted right out of the pages of “Rules For Radicals” by Saul Alinksy. Both Darwin and Alinsky are Aquarians. So now it’s become about race and as the “race issue” becomes the action that freezes and polarizes, we’re debating who did what, what procedures were not carried out, and who’s rights were violated.

If you think timing is critical, well, you’d be correct. Just days before the announcement of the grand jury findings, Obama had enacted an executive order, basically becoming a Nero. What happened to the debate surrounding this game changing executive order? It was drowned out by the shouts of protest and the incessant drones of the talking heads who had been instructed to give Ferguson their full and undivided attention. Distraction is a powerful weapon in the war on your mind.

This isn’t the first time distraction and noise has played a role in the Ferguson event. Weeks before Darren Wilson’s ill fated encounter with Michael Brown, Israel was pummeling Gaza back into the Middle Ages. The Israelis were drawing criticism and ire from the global community and just as Netenyahu and his inner circle had decided that they had done the statistically correct amount of damage, enough to produce three lifetimes of trauma, they took their foot off the throttle, just slightly.

On August 9th, Darren Wilson and Michael Brown crossed fateful paths. Goodbye Gaza, hello Ferguson.


Michael Brown was born intoe this world on May 20th, 1996. My guess is that his Sun was at the anaretic degree of 29 Taurus, which would lead to the explosive nature associated with his death. This is a very difficult placement and degree because the energy wants to change, to move to a more mercurial and mutable state (Gemini) and yet it cannot get out of the mud at 29 Taurus. Energy is a signature in life and death, Michael Brown’s spirit is caught between worlds, and a country is dislocated in the space of blame, fear and mass manipulation. Keep in mind, that on Christmas Eve, when the Saturn is at 29 degrees Scorpio, it will oppose Michael Brown’s disembodied Sun. Expect vigils at the very least. Saturn will cross over Brown’s Pluto just two days after Christmas and while this is a generational aspect (Pluto) and Brown is deceased, the reverberations of these celestial arcs continue to influence in the wake of a deeply collective, social transfiguration.

Brown also had Neptune at 27 Capricorn trining what I believe to be his Taurus, 29 degree Sun. The Neptune/Sun trine is a creative and spiritual aspect. Neptune was also in trine to his Mercury. Apparently Brown was having dreams about his death, according to his mother. Was Brown pre-cognitive or was he in the process of living out the nightmarish dream of his own creation? Neptune trines are deceptively powerful. Brown had traces of cannabis in his blood and cannabis is a Neptunian amplifier.

His Saturn in Aries at 4 degrees is where the event begins to bleed through. His Saturn was opposed his Chiron in Libra. Saturn is “The Man.” Aries is war, will, blood, all armed forces, including the police. Saturn in Aries is. “The Man With A Gun.” Opposing Chiron in Libra, there is the possibility for reconciliation, healing and the restoration of balance. However, there would also be a crisis facilitated by the opposition in the individual. The opposition in the individual comes first and manifests into the world. Aries and Libra are cardinal signs.

Chiron in Libra would be wise not to clash with Saturn in Aries. Chiron cannot see its own wound in many cases. Ironically, Chiron in Libra seeks reconciliation and healing in relationship, because these individuals have suffered a deep wound and rejection at some level. There are also hints of domestic violence with Chiron in Libra. Brown’s Chiron was at 8 degrees, which means his Chirotic wound occurred at the age of eight. Another aspect of Chiron, in any sign is overcompensation. That’s how Chiron rolls. You either go over-the-top of the wound or stay buried below it, but the real strategy of Chiron is to go through it.

Again, in the wake of what’s happened, it looks and feels as if his Chiron has taken on a life of it’s own, animating the world spirit, overcompensating, misguided and deluded and infiltrated by the agents of the matrix.

We all carry a spirit with us. We already arrive in the world before we get there. This is one of the components to the Brown/Wilson event that isn’t talked about or mentioned. It could be misconstrued as blaming the victim, but was Michael Brown really a victim? Did Darren Wilson just wantonly open his revolver into Brown so that he could have a good story to tell over coffee and crullers down at Dunkin’s? Is it really the collective fear of the black male that caused Wilson to slay Brown?

Some people would like you to believe that.

Things aren’t always so “black and white.”The high as a kite, hulking thug, Michael Brown was taken out because he had crossed the the thin blue line and deserved what he got. Darren Wilson was insensitive, didn’t show any restraint and acted on his buried, racist impulses, that of course all white people have. These are the popular narratives, pushing each of us further into the corners of opposition.

I’d talk more about Wilson from an astrological perspective if I had his birth date. I do know that he is 28 and is about to enter into his Saturn Return, so he’ll be dealing directly with Saturn in Sag as a social signifier, for better or worse.

Two years ago, in the days leading up to the Super Bowl, Ray Lewis was asked about the night that he was involved in a double murder in 2001, after the Super Bowl in Atlanta. Lewis, who has become decidedly religious since that event, basically said that, the killers were doing God’s will, that the men that died that night deserved to die, for the higher order and greater good of God.

It’s ironic that Lewis can get away with such an outrageous statement and yet, the very same sentiment cannot be applied to the death of Michael Brown for any number of reasons. I’m not necessarily comparing the two, but the contrast both in sentiment and judgment is stunning. Ray Lewis was acquitted in a criminal case, but settled with the families of the two dead men in a civil suit. He went onto continue to play in the NFL and make millions. Michael Brown is dead and Darren Wilson is ruined. You can catch Ray’s act every Sunday on FOX Sports.

I don’t really believe that there are victims in a traditional sense. We all have some culpability in our lives to some degree. When my financial flow is down or I am blocked creatively, it’s not the world that’s obstructing my progress—it’s me. As much as we’d like to blame the other for things in our lives, we are co-conspirators in drafting our own script, be it comedy, tragedy or triumph.

The nature of our complicity lies in the roots of our early upbringing and no one gets to maturity without being unscathed on some level. The real challenge is to make a site adjustment to the environment in which an individual is raised and let’s face it, growing up both black and poor is like being born into a form of heavy debt. The unfortunate circumstances surrounding this, is that there are always people ready to prey on the poor and the socially unstable. Whether it’s crack dealers or welfare peddlers, there’s always someone ready to profit, directly or indirectly off of desperation and misfortune.


Fifty-years ago, on the heels of the death of JFK, the traitorous LBJ drafted “The Great Society” and declared war on poverty. Half-a-century later, poverty is winning the war. Why did it happen and how? What I’m about to say might offend you, but there is truth in these numbers. In 1964, 82% of all Black American families had both parents. That’s just one year before Johnson’s war on poverty. Now, single women comprise 70% of all households in Black America; That means only 30% have a strong and consistent, paternal influences in their lives. This is not an insult or an affront to any single mother of any skin tone, but children need both mom and dad. Unfortunately, we are living in a world where the breakdown of the family has been one of the main goals of the global elite. I have written about this before and I’ll provide the links below, but in the aftermath of the Kennedy assassination ritual, in concert with “The Great Society,” Betty Friedan published “The Feminine Mystique” which was the formal introduction of feminism into the American lexicon. The wedge was inserted into the heart of the American family. All that was needed was a hammer to split it in two.

The next phase was the so called sexual revolution, which arrived right on time with “The Pill” and “Playboy.” Everything became hyper-sexualized. The Boomers were coming of age and they were playing with the vague context of relationship (Neptune in Libra) redefining love (Pluto in Leo) and revolutionizing home (Uranus in Cancer). So some of these things were going to happen and needed to, because we had to leave Disneyland, or the “Eden Of The American Dream” in order to find it once again. We moved from innocence to experience–there’s no guarantee we’ll get to imagination–however that is the challenge.

Remember, Michael Brown had Saturn in Aries in his chart. Saturn is often related to the father. Saturn in Aries could represent a violent father and with Chiron in Libra, perhaps Michael Brown had a score to settle with someone from his past. In a Saturn in Aries sort of moment, in the moments following the decision, Brown’s stepfather urged people to, “Burn It Down.”

Brown also had Venus in Gemini, retrograde. On a cultural level, even this is getting played through the widening division of the Black/White relationship in America.

When Saturn moves into Sagittarius, all of this and more will transfer directly into our consciousness, with confrontation looming closer and closer, the possible advent of the new civil war, with the great unifier, the man who was sworn in on Lincoln’s bible, poised to be the solution to the raging, Hegelian dialectic constructed around race.

police tank

What’s unfortunate is that there are real issues here and they transcend skin color. Our police have been armed to the teeth, thanks to all kinds of surplus money from The DHS. Just like in Ferguson, many police chiefs, captains, etc. from around the country are flown to Israel where they learn how to deal with conflict and transgressors, the way that they Israelis deal with the Palestinians. Heaven help us. Now they have threats coming from the inner cities, from drug cartels and gangs coming up from Mexico and El Salvador. They are being surrounded on all sides.

Being a cop in America in the 21st century has the feeling of being under siege.

Meanwhile, more jobs go missing every year, more students are saddled with debt and are out of work, because the production/consumption economy ended officially in 2008. We’re hyping businesses like Uber, Lyft and Air B’n’B and while these are novel ideas and concepts that involve re-purposing what we already have, it doesn’t create anything new. This is where we are, on the fault line of the social economy, where the old world is about to drop into the ocean and the new one is strange and unchartered territory.

Unfortunately, the call to come together, to understand the real threat and dominators in our society is muted and drowned in the din of protest, reflexively shouting slogans based on the subtle programming of our social conditioning. To truly come at Ferguson or any of the social ills that plague us, we need to soar above the situation and see it from another perspective. If we don’t, no ones special needs, or lists of demands will be met and satiated. Because at the end of the day, with Saturn in Sagittarius, the potential answer to the contrived chaos will be the deployment of more rules, more laws, and more restrictions on our personal freedoms, regardless of what color earth suit you’re sporting.


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    Thank you for this. There’s a real compassion running through your analysis here, which is so refreshing in the midst of all the polarisation and condemnation we are increasingly subjected to. Feels like you’re unlocking the spirit of Chiron in Pisces.

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