Saturn In Scorpio Unleashes The Torrent Of Emotion And Dark Secrets Plus A Little Thriller

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Saturn in Scorpio brings redemption.

Mercury rises like Orpheus through the labyrinth of the 12th House. The path out of hell stretches across the desert on highway 10. Eyes straight ahead, affixed on the horizon, the mournful cries of the past fade into whispers on the wind. The ride stretches through scrub brush and tumbleweeds, across the vast existential plain of the American southwest where thoughts fade into the immensity of the landscape. Somewhere below the surface, alien voices unlock in clicks and whirs, sharing an uneasy truce between them and their mammalian counterparts, risking knowledge for sanity in their quest to fulfill science’s greatest task; to elevate man to godlike status.

And so it goes, the highway uncoiling like a snake against the vastness of West Texas. The air temperature drops and the winds ram into us, headfirst, sucking out 5 MPH. And then, for what seems like half the country behind us, we land.

Its been nearly a month since I posted anything. Its not for want of content or ideas, but when Mercury took that descent, down into my 12th, I could feel the energies surging and churning beneath the surface–molten thoughts and mercurial states–unformed but fluid–in abeyance. In addition to the cyclical re-coding, the move loomed like a Sphinx across the shadowy realms of my sub-conscious. Its been seven years since I left the south of California for the north and the cycle has come to a close. Moving halfway across the country has taken much of my inner and outer focus. This is a nine year and September was a nine month. The circus was leaving town. Along the way I missed (sort of) the shift of Saturn from Libra to Scorpio.

It got me thinking about Saturn a great deal and how its role is to act as a vacuum chamber in our lives, compressing the elements of the sign it its in, along with the house location. There’s more to Saturn obviously, but it this is its most fundamental purpose. Saturn is gravity (I guess that makes Jupiter levity, but I digress).

It didn’t take Saturn in Scorp long to rear its scaly head, did it? Young April Jones went missing in Wales and the suspect was one, Mark Bridger. Notice the tattoo on Bridger’s chest. This was a clear sign, just days into the planetary shift that Scorpio had arrived.

I had been talking about these times for months now. It started with the arrest and subsequent trial of Jerry Sandusky. Sandusky BTW was sentenced the day Saturn went into Scorpio. These were going to be days of dark revelations starting with sordid, child sex scandals. No sooner did the virtual ink dry on Sandusky did the name Jimmy Saville (sav-ill as my english friends have instructed me on the pronunciation) begin to break headlines across the Atlantic. The late Saville was the British version of Alan Freed and Dick Clark rolled into one. He was knighted as one of England’s great presenters and rock and roll impresarios. Well Jimmy had a taste for boys and girls. A big taste. A mega meal taste it appears as one-by-one, his accusers have come forward. But the rot don’t stop there. Oh no. It was just announced today, that Gary Glitter, a pal of Saville’s has just been arrested. It could be the first of many.

The British authorities have dubbed their investigation into Saville, “Operation Yew Tree.” Its an interesting name. The Yew Tree is also known as the “Yggdrasil” The rune “Eihwaz” is associated with the Yew/Yggdrasil. It was the tree upon which Odin was suspended. The Yew tree has been considered poisonous for many years and thus has taken on the visage of death. it is symbolic with the underworld and as such, Odin is suspended from the tree in a hanged man, nordic, imitation of Christ.

As he is suspended and meets his fate, at the very roots of the Yew, an Eagle descended to the top of its branches. The eagle is the sign of wisdom, one half of Scorpio’s codex magica.

At this point, Odin is given the secret of the runes, which become the foundation of the northern language through the runic alphabet. All the runes aka the “elder Futhark” are hidden with the Yew tree itself. So the Yew is the keeper of secrets.

For Odin, his suspension upon the Yew is the dark night of the soul, which leads to resurrection and redemption. Another, very Scorpionic characteristic.

So we can see that the universe is speaking quite clearly to us, through symbolic, if not intentional language.

Saturn in Scorpio is the compression of forces that need to rise to the surface and rise they shall.

When we look back to the last time Saturn was in Scorpio, we can see some very unsettling yet trend worthy events to take note of.


Saturn just snuck into Scorpio at the end of 1982. In fact, on 11/30, Michael jackson released Thriller at 0 degrees Saturn in Scorpio. The record would go on to become the largest selling record of all time, driven by the title track which featured a famous video that’s a journey to the underworld, where zombies shimmy and break, shuck and jive while Vincent Price summons the undead. Its also interesting to note that Jackson would also undergo his own legal challenges regarding man-boy love. The Pepsi commercial where his hair would catch on fire would be a turning point for Jackson, both physically and psychologically. Its rumored that his burnt hair would never re-grow fully to its natural luster and length, due to the fact that his father, Joe had had him castrated at the age of 10, which is why Michael would never be able to have facial hair or “real” hair as an adult.

Thriller itself is a particularly interesting cultural phenomenon as it relates to Saturn in Scorpio. It would be the first track by a “black” artist to appear on MTV and provide a shot of melanin into the mostly white programming of funny hair bands like Kajagoogoo and A Flock Of Seagulls. So in its own way, It manifested darkness, both literally and symbolically onto the cable systems across America.

Michael was poised to become the new Elvis as a result in reverse. Elvis made black music white and Michael, by employing the likes of Eddie Van Halen would make white music black.

In many ways, Thriller with all of its trauma based programming, both inherent in the song and in Michael’s own life would become the invocation of the next twenty-nine-year Saturn cycle, which culminated with Saturn’s end in Libra and beginning in Scorpio. Ironic that a figure like Jackson, who was haunted by abuse from many different angles would set the cycle off with the most successful piece of commercial art of all time.

Its also ironic that the zombies which boogie through the video would also be resurrected during this phase as well as the HALO Corporation is holding zombie defense drills in San Diego as i type.

In 2012, just as we saw the dark seeds of Saturn in Scorpio getting sewn over the Summer when the Sandusky case came to light, we can see something fairly similar in 1982. In September, on the 5th, an Iowa paperboy known as Johnny Gosch was kidnapped. Gosch would later make headlines in the underground press as the younger alter-ego for “Jeff Gannon.” Gannon you might remember was the bald-headed-fetish for on GW Bush, getting all kinds of overnight access and backstage passes at the oval office. Gannon also ran an escort service for men that were interested in hanging out with para-military love interest types. And, he got to lob softball questions to his presidential bro when the heat got a little too hot in the rose garden. I’m truly amazed by how asleep the so-called Christians were to all of this when their man was sitting in the executive suite–well, not really.

So Mercury has pierced my ascendent and I hope it leads to more posts. I’ve been fairly active on the radio front up till last week and I’ll be going live on the radio front again next week from my new location. Speaking of Christians . . . .I was stranded with a truck full of my past when I asked a new neighbor if he knew of anyone hat could help me. Almost immediately he bounced out of his house with his friend. His name was “Boris” and he’s originally from Mexico. I wondered if his parents had some sort of Trotskyeseque cum Diego Rivera thing going on? Anyway, he and Joe, his buddy agreed to help me empty the whole damn thing, even if it cut into their bible study. These were two, Christian men. I’ve always been down with the concept of charity and good will, which was conspicuously absent in other, more closely related circles. It always blows me away by how random strangers can outstrip ones own kin at times, but that’s another post altogether.

Yesterday, I circumnavigated the asphalt byways via city transit where I met Lucius, a dark skinned man in an athletic suit that was black and silver, with a bifurcated 6 on his back, hustling food from local churches. I’m surrounded by primitive Baptists and reformed Catholics as the dark revelations unfold.


While many uneasy questions keep getting asked in the aftermath of the Benghazi affair, mother nature, end times turbulence and a few, well placed atmospheric amplification systems have summoned superstorm Sandy from the froth of the Caribbean, to the shores of the American northeast, where millions have gone without power, roads shut down and schools canceled. While Manhattan was under water, more serious issues are surfacing. Oyster Creek, a nuclear power plant in New Jersey has had their power supply disrupted and they are now on alert. Without power, there’s a level of danger that can reach Fukushima like proportions. Just six more inches of flooding can stop Oyster Creeks from cooling. This is potentially disastrous. There are 25 nuke plants in Sandy’s path of destruction. The waters rose to a greater height in the Tauran Full Moon, opposite the Scorpionic Sun. Sun, Saturn and True Node all in Scorpio, with Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. That’s a lot of water.

Casting a chart for 12 Noon New York time on the 29th yields some interesting results. Pluto in Cap is directly on the ASC. Pluto of course rules Scorpio. Pluto is plutonium. On this chart, it’s part of an intense Cardinal T-Square with Venus and Uranus. As we’ve seen so far, the testy square between Uranus and Pluto does not make for cozy bed fellowing. Its explosive, chaotic and culturally disruptive. While I don’t think that they would go so far as to fire up HAARP just to make the Benghazi thing go away, we can certainly see that Venus in Libra in the 9th (diplomacy abroad) is being severely tested by what’s happening locally (Uranus/Third) and the emerging demi-urge from the recesses of the collective imagination with Pluto on the ASC. Using a bit of astro-cartography, both Saturn and the Moon cut right through New York. Here we see the effluvial deluge in motion through Scorpio. Water is emotion and excess of water is the release of denial through emotion, even if this storm was amped, what we’re seeing is the breaking of some emotional barrier and what’s leftover will be even more interesting than the initial impact of its force. In the aftermath, people will weep or sigh. The psychic air needs some very deep cleansing. Atmospheric catharsis is fine as long as people don’t have to go through some form of nuclear meltdown as well. In which case, there is simply more stress upon stress, weighing down the overburdened backs of the modern American. We don’t need another Fukushima or Katrina to cower before the false gods of this world–old Yahweh still exacting his ancient and primeval obedience and scorn upon the masses.

Its good to be back.


26 thoughts on “Saturn In Scorpio Unleashes The Torrent Of Emotion And Dark Secrets Plus A Little Thriller”

  1. L

    Glad to see you’re back on the pale horse. Was worried you fled the country when the radio show didn’t pop back up this week.

  2. R

    We were ALL worried. We need and rely on you to create some semblance of sanity in this world. Just keep putting it all together for us – so we don’t feel so alone. Thanks.

  3. H

    Yeah, you’re back!
    Tex – ha, I like that.
    Can’t wait to see how you’re new location blends with your thoughts.

  4. Robert, wonderful that you have emerged after your move. It’s up there on the list of most stressful things in life. With the acceleration of time and all the shit flying around, we must be processing about a lifetime a week. ya, and what Renee said…. you are a lighthouse and you help me to keep my bearings. You’ll be able to share with us your new perspective. At the same time, you will be a positive influence in your new surroundings. I look forward to hearing more about your new adventures.

    1. a

      Still emerging. I have to move yet again. I live beneath two dogs that are large and bark incessantly. I am ascending–two flights up. Last night at 1:30AM, one of the dogs started barking and I let out my best Paul Atreides vocal blast through the paper thin ceiling. It worked.

  5. T

    I’m happy to see you back in the saddle again, Robert. Texas? Do you have the hat for it? We’re neighbours now then. 🙂 I hope you will soon find somewhere quiet and comfortable.

    The mention of hanged man in this interesting post (which I’ll need to read again to take it all in) gave me pause. I’d forgotten the full symbolism of the tarot card the Hanged Man : Odin etc. A few days ago I tried a three card tarot draw asking if Prez Obama would be successful in the election. The third card was The Hanged Man. Either way – win or lose I guess it could fit- an uncomfortable fit!

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