Saturn In Scorpio Fixes Egypt’s Cardinal Loop As Civilization Comes Full Circle

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

A new light breaks in Egypt.

Just jumping in here with a quick post on what’s happening in Egypt. it’s HUGE. It might be the most important event of this young century and maybe beyond. Over the course of the next few paragraphs, I’ll to communicate how important it is and how astrological, this might be the permanent shift for Egypt.

First off, this is nearly unprecedented as to what’s just happened. The Morsi government was supposedly voted in by a majority but those results were suspect however, they weren’t quits as suspect as the Morsi regime itself, which quickly installed MB personnel throughout all key offices, including the police. Older members of the Cairo police force were using old, second rate weapons while the new hires of the MB were given new, modern, firearms.

Unemployment was at an all time high and the strongest underground economies were drugs and homemade weapons.

The people had had enough. But more importantly, they had had enough of intervention from the USA, G8 and NATO deciding what type of government would chosen for them. Obama came out yesterday in support of the Morsi regime and this can only be viewed as a major bole for the Obama administrations foreign policy. The World Bank and IMF proxy in the form of the MB couldn’t stand in the face people who want to self-govern.

From a geopolitical standpoint, Egypt is huge. It controls the Suez Canal which controls the flow of oil and gas from Saudi Arabia. Think this isn’t a big deal? It’s also the country that’s a stone’s throw from Israel. Don’t think that there aren’t some concerned parties here.

Looking back into the history of Egypt, we can see how Saturn is and has been at play since 1805, when Egypt formed it’s first government of sorts under the ironclad rule of Muhammad Ali. Ali wasn’t Egyptian, or Ottoman, or Arabic. He was Albanian. Egypt’s first modern ruler was Albanian.

He was the son of a tobacco and shipping merchant. He was so good and skilled at planning and fighting that he not only routed Napoleon for the Ottoman Empire from Egypt, once he was in power, he also kicked The House of Saud’s ass all over the Arabic peninsula. In fact, Muhammad and his sons were so smart and powerful that they took Crete and Syria and were on their way to conquering the whole of the Ottoman empire in what is now Turkey. If it wasn’t for Russia and Europe intervening, Ali and his forces would have dominated a region and posed a serious threat to the royal families of Europe.

One of the things that Ali did was nationalize everything in Egypt. He taxed farmers and if thy couldn’t pay, he’d take their lands.

He made all the merchants sell their goods to the state, who in turn then sold them to others, carving out a profitable niche as a middle man. He took that money and built himself an army and a navy–a formidable one that conquered the fierce warriors of the Sudan and then conscripted them to fight as his foot soldiers. He was one, badass dude that nearly turned all of Europe on it’s ear.

As I mentioned, he reign started on the 9th of July in 1805 when Saturn was at 9 degrees Libra.

The next major shift in the governance of Egypt took place on the 28th of February, 1922, when the UK withdrew its formal claim on the country. Where was Saturn? In Libra, at 6 degrees.

Fast forward to June 18th, 1953, when the Egyptians declare the republic, where was Saturn? At 20 degrees Libra. Sensing a theme here?

Let’s go back two years ago when they last went through this on January 25th, 2011. Where was Saturn? Bingo! Libra, this time 17 degrees and in the shadow of Saturn Retrograde, with Saturn stationary. Not a great time for a revolution.

So that’s four regime changes and significant shifts and four incarnations of Saturn in Libra. Obviously, they need to work something out when it comes to balance, equality and finding the middle path between leadership and the will of the people. Libra is a cardinal sign, so this is going to get worked out again and again until it’s settled. And now with Saturn in Scorpio, there’s a break in the cycle. From cardinal to fixed, this is a massive change and even with Mercury and Saturn retrograde, which pose their own challenges for the future, I see these aspects as a looking back to Egypt’s ancient past, a return to the foundational roots of the planet itself. Because it all started in Egypt 5,000 years ago. It’s the cradle of civilization and from there it moved to Greece, Rome, then Western Europe, then the USA and the 13 colonies, to western expansion, to California and the rise technodominance, multiculturalism, film, TV and music. The zenith of the west.

Then the wave moves across the Pacific to Japan and their financial dominance in the 1980’s. Then to China in the 2000’s. China has crested. Their peak is over and that wave is moving, perhaps it crashing on Tahrir Square as we speak, coming full circle, from the days of pharaohs and hyper-dimensional physics, magic, esoteric arts, star gates and celestial alignments, to collective mind theater powered by smart phones and virtual networks carrying the vision of the future in 140 characters and less. The wave of the grand trine is crashing upon the shores of time and you’re here to witness it.

10 thoughts on “Saturn In Scorpio Fixes Egypt’s Cardinal Loop As Civilization Comes Full Circle”

  1. J

    Awesome post-I always come away more educated. But Saturn in Scorpio. I’m not sure if I’m rembering your podcasts on Scorpio coorectly or thinking of just Scrpuo in the 8th, but does that represent dark, hedonism? Or is that just an 8 th house aspect?

    1. a

      No, Saturn puts a governor on Scorpio. For instance, Aaron Hernandez of the Patriots was likely on a murder spree until Saturn eclipsed his Pluto and put the brakes on his dark ways.

  2. t

    Thanks for being such a great teacher of history Robert. I’ve been mind dwelling on your Wednesday’s radio show all day… interspersed with Springmeir’s works on the histories of religion and their take overs or creations by the black magicians. Excellent works you do Sir.

  3. t

    Your statement of ‘Saturn puts the brakes on Scorpio…” caused me to recall what happened during the last Saturn in Scorpio… I remember it well. OPRAH was the one who opened the door to how many children in this country are sexually abused by their family members etc. NOBODY was conscious of the numbers until then. Mid 80s. Then like a tidal wave, so many people came out with the light shining and admitted their own abuse, opening the doors to that dirty dark secret works.

    So I can see it now to-Saturn does put the brakes on the dark expressions of the sign’s energies… Saturn wants to straighten up the actions causing stagnation or devolving humanity behaviors.

  4. T

    Super post and wow everything does really come full circle like life itself. After I read this blog, insight was given that the planets have an order to them, and in a sense, they become a metaphor for us at all the different stages of our lives. For instance, after age 50, one can “be Saturn”. Then, in the geriatric years, one is “like Neptune” , experiencing strange illnesses perhaps even dementia whilst becoming archaic . Then finally, we “are Pluto” and perhaps are re-generated through the cycle once again. Forgot Uranus is between Saturn and Neptune. Maybe that’s when one becomes the Change.

    1. a

      Excellent insight. I would say that Uranus is the crazy old man that doesn’t give a shit anymore and says whatever the hell he wants.

  5. T

    Yes! Or those women who wear red and purple; the purple hat society! Or the eccentric 70-something-old-man you see in a high end Mall wearing plaid pants with a loud floral shirt and a French beret.

  6. T

    If you don’t mind my rambles, I have more insight. Those who die young of say drugs, were Neptune too soon — and thus, Pluto. Neptune being the higher octave of Venus, points there. The trouble started in the Venus years; love, or lack of love. True, genuine Love can only stave off Neptune, and thus, Pluto death.
    That is why only love can save the World, right?

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