Saturn In Libra Levels The Playing Field, Saluting The Captain And Michael Edward On FAR Tonight

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

alex7The new library at Alexandria

In spite of it all, and some of you know the “all” I am referring to, we live in rather amazing times. I am witnessing a profound self-assembling take place on Facebook and other nodes on the net. This blog and my show are just two, very small, omni-directional intersections of spirit performing complex algorithms of mysterious connection and strange attraction. At some point in 2011, the majority of my friends on FB will reach the upper limit of their friend capacity. What then? Do we all just become each others fans?

But it’s not just idle chatter or random chit-chat on FB or elsewhere. We are exchanging perspectives, ideas, cross-pollinating concepts, cross-checking facts. I am witnessing less flame wars and flashes of the ego. Even though the honeyed chants of new age kumbaya still gurgle in the background, they do not predominate the current mindset like they did last Summer. People have come down from the high of hope and the charge of change. The hangover of reality has set in and blaming the bitter Bush we were all forced to gnaw on is not going to alter our experience one iota.


In many ways, the internet has become a virtual mystery school, a 21st century library of Alexandria at the tips of our fingers, and it is evolving with ever more novelty and invention. This is unprecedented in the history of world. We’d have to travel back into the annals of Atlantis to approach something similar, but even then, we did not have the same sense of undifferentiated selves that we do now. But the internet is changing all that. The medium has it’s critics and it deserves it at times, but I do not find it as isolating and alienating as some might paint it. After I write this post, I will meander down to the local cantina and help my buddy Lloyd ring in his 62nd birthday.

I have friends all over the planet from the net and I have even met some of them. It helps me keep existing friendships alive as well, but then I have a stellium in my 11th house. What I am doing my best to communicate is, is that this is a remarkable medium and it’s changing our lives in ways that we cannot comprehend. It’s braiding our spirits on a subtle level and in many instances is fleshing out our humanity in the process.

The Captain’s Journey

I met “The Captain” on a message board for a pro hoops team. Now the guys that go there are not your average sports fans by any stretch. They read David Foster Wallace, Wendell Berry and Bob Pinsky. They listen to Huun Hur Tu and John Zorn. So when I started yammering on about Terrence McKenna, The Captain jumped right in and I knew I had a friend. We eventually met and he became a friend of my family. My son and I went to a roller derby match with him in Santa Cruz one night, one of the many times we hung out. I learned about him, his life story and then I saw it change. His wife died, a daughter he had given up for adoption many years ago found him. He then discovered a true lover and muse who inspired him to finally write and work on ideas that he had been stewing on for decades. They got engaged. A month ago, he announced in public to a group of us, a small group from that same forum that gets together once-a-year for The NBA Draft, that he has liver cancer. His new bride was with him. It slammed hard, like a powerful wave that caught us off guard and knocked the wind out of the room. We all got up and hugged him. His new bride fought back tears as she embraced people she had heard of yet had never met. He flashed a bittersweet smile and gracefully exited the room filled with pulsating plasma screens and silent men.


This past week, he has announced that he is in hospice now. His time here is short–eternity beckons. I would never have met The Captain without the internet. His presence has made my experience richer, in both life and death.

The Half-Knots

It’s becoming increasingly clear, as resources are drained upwards each and every day, with the upper 1% owning 80% of the wealth, that the economic playing field is far from equal. It never really was. There was always some impediment to really making it and if you were smart and lucky enough to accrue some capital through hard work and ingenuity, you had to fight to hold onto it. This is the great lie of capitalism. It only works up to a point. If you get really good at it, other people begin to take a serious interest. But the playing field is getting leveled in other ways.

The human capital that has been used for the past 3,000 years to build the new Babylon is starting to figure it out and figure it out pretty fast.

Libra’s Justice vs. Just us

Here is where Saturn in Libra comes into play. It has a unique quality to bring all sorts of energies around relationships into balance. I’m not a big devotee of the concept of karma, because I do not think we fully understand it, but I do believe in the law of balanced interchange and divine reciprocity.

Saturn in Libra is the great leveler and we are in relationship with everything, not just primary one-on-ones, though they will get worked out as well. The environment, liberty, the economy, power, it all comes before the celestial tribunal of fairness and the eternal scales of justice. We cannot escape these immutable conditions, no matter how much money or resources there are to spin webs of illusion or fly false flags. Ultimately balance is restored in all things.

This is what the internet is doing, it’s leveling the playing field, getting people up-to-speed and talking with one another in ways that are revolutionary.

As the jimmy-jacked economy of the globalist money makers keeps gong from toxic-debt to austerity, to more money printed, to the manipulation of metal prices, to outsourcing, to inside trading, it’s becoming patently clear that we are in the flux of a tipping point. Technology, while not quite at the level of the singularity, has outpaced the need for human capital, but the host can’t quite be eradicated just yet. While the conditions for a Toffler-esque future shock are rapidly approaching a critical level, so is the complex spiritual and etheric entangling going on underneath it all–soft wiring the collective soul. For every animatronic wet dream hatched in an inorganic incubator, scores of humans come alive, not born, but come alive. That’s how the game works.

In Search Of The Other Half

There are instances of men and women that were born via sperm donors, not knowing who their fathers were and while they were raised by loving mothers and even non-biological fathers, there is an emptiness in them that they cannot shake. Something inside of them is incomplete; It’s the need to know and understand half of their biological make-up. They want to essentially come into some sort of balance regarding who they are. Ironically, many of them started to be born around the mid-to-late-eighties, when Lady Gaga was born. What’s amazing about them, is that some of them are questioning the humanity of the experience and that no one really thought through how they would feel.

For a really insightful peek into this world, here is a touching op-ed piece by Katrina Clark from 2006 in The Washington Post. While the story is nearly four-years-old, it is still happening for others and I have little doubt that we’ll here more and more about this as these children will push for more transparency in their quest to achieve some sort of biological balance in their lives.

Right now, Saturn in Libra is squaring off against Pluto in Capricorn. One of the things that we’re going to see straight out of the gate, is a demand for more transparency in The Gulf Of Mexico. People are going to start to demand that the situation be brought back into balance and that we get more information regarding what’s happening around the health of people down in there. Over the course of the next month (August) Saturn will be the only transpersonal planet moving forward. In addition to squaring Pluto, it will oppose Uranus and Jupiter. I see this as a quite positive aspect. It’s energy is sending out the clearest signal. It moved into position at 0 degrees on the same day The Caban Wave Spell initiated in the Arguelles count. That day was 1 Chicchan or 1 Serpent (I Unify In Order To Survive). Day two of that wave spell was even more auspicious, 2 IX or 2 Spirit (I Polarize In Order To Equalize). As Saturn will move past Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto, it’s energy will out pace that of those planets and the need for balance and to redress the gulfs in our lives will be imperative.

Please join me tonight on FAR Sunday. I will have Michael Edward on, live from Florida. We will discuss the latest in the gulf developments and what it means for us on all levels.

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