Sandra Fluke’s Astrological Chart — Polarizing Aspects In Cardinal Opposition

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Opposition in action.

Its late or early depending on where you are. I’ve been playing with this idea of letting other astrologers have a crack at this chart and have it be an anonymous, cold read. But I have too much on my plate right now and the Virgo Moon says play it straight. So here it is.

What you see above you is the chart for Sandra Fluke. Now I don’t have her birth time, so I simply used 7AM. The date is correct and the place is close enough. There are a few things that jump out at me about this chart–in a big way.

The first thing is the oppositions between her stellium in Aries and her stellium in Libra. While its mostly Pluto and a little Moon that suspend the opposition in space, its clear that the breakout of these planets has a decidedly polarizing impact on the chart and as we’re seeing in quote-un-quote, real life as well.

The oppositions are classic masculine/feminine oppositions as well; Mars/Libra. She is devoid of earth and has hardly any water at all. This is a deeply unbalanced chart. I am going to go on record and say that she cannot and will not be able to handle what she’s experiencing. It will be too much, especially later in the year as Saturn gets closer to her natal Pluto and opposes Mars and the Sun as result. Factor in Uranus opposing her Moon at roughly the same time and I believe that she is going to crack under the pressure of whats happening in the outside/inside world. This is a combustible personality and I am going to say something a tad controversial; This is also someone that leads the equivalent of a double life. Its all in the epic oppositions.

I will have more to add about this, but its late or early.

5 thoughts on “Sandra Fluke’s Astrological Chart — Polarizing Aspects In Cardinal Opposition”

  1. I noticed that your tip that Jeb Bush is in the running is gaining traction elsewhere too.

    I got a vibe from Miss Fluke and it wasn’t female. That’s not meant to be criticism it’s just a comment given the subject matter is about fertility and yet the personality came across as dry. Probably unfair to thin slice her from a media consumption perspective but an interesting post as ever.

  2. p

    I’ve been thinking a lot about how polarizing current events are, particularly this one.
    Once again, astrology offers insights that go deeper than what’s reported — it gives clues to the mechanisms at work behind the scenes.
    There’s always more to anything than meets the eye.

    With so much fire & air, she’s in danger of burn-out.
    She obviously has an impulsive personality with that sun, mercury & mars in aries — probably doesn’t look or think before she leaps or opens her mouth.
    btw: what do you think about “fluke”, as a name?

    1. a

      I don’t think her last name is a fluke. As I noted before, a fluke is also a fish. Its a subset of the flounder family. At which point fluke takes on a prominent symbolic role as it relates to Neptune/Chiron/Pisces. More on this later.

  3. R

    My husband – Moon in Pisces – took one look at Ms. Fluke: “What does she care about contraception? She looks like a lesbian to me!”

    1. a

      That’s a whole nuther can of worms, but the chart certainly would suggest an outlook on the individuals part that is conflicted to say the least. Those oppositions are epic.

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