Sag(e) Tips For This Holiday Season

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

DrunkensantaNow that’s the spirit!

So the holidays are here and I am going to give you your holiday survival guide based on the planets in transit. This applies to ALL signs. First off, from here until the 22nd, the Sun is in Sag. That means rollicking good times for everyone. Good cheer, toasting, etc. Everyone gets at least one free pass to do something really stupid, especially if it is powered by your favorite grog or mead. Honorary Sag, Todd Rundgren once said, “Anything worth doing, is worth over doing.” Now, of course, you cannot drive, because during this economic climate (and I will get to that later) local communities are hard up for cash, so catching even the most barely tipsy tippler is money in their bank. Walk or taxi when you go out and raise your glass to the spirit of the centaur. Remember, you get one pass to do something you might regret a little now, but at the end of your life, trust me, it won’t make that big of a deal and what the hell; Coronal Mass Ejection, Niburu, Disclosure, Cyberwars. Party like it’s 1999. You just never know. That leads me to the next holiday tip.

Don’t be cheap. No one likes a cheap date or a cheap skate. Dig down and leave a little extra on the tip tray. If you see a ragged bag man or woman, drop them a fiver instead of a one. There for the grace of God go you and I. It’s the holidays. Share your blessings, no matter how humble they are. This is the lesson of The Sun in Sag. Giving and living on faith.

Now, Sag is not the only energy in play. Mercury and Mars are both in Capricorn. This is great news for people that are looking to find ways to show their appreciation for others in a much more shall we say, frugal sense. If you’re buying gifts, go with cash. There are big time bargains out there. That’s the trend. Most people are eschewing credit cards, much to the chagrin of Chase, et al. Capricorn is also very, very resourceful. Look to barter. If you can exchange a skill for another skill or good, say, jams for a massage, or car repair for a gym membership, go for it. Capricorn supports that kind of creative exchange and it is more in the spirit of the season anyway. Don’t be afraid to barter–it builds community and really conveys the spirit of giving.

Then there’s Venus. Good old Venus. Try holding some mistletoe over the second chakra, unless of course you’re Al Gore’s massage therapist. Yes it’s a season to be nice, but also naughty as well (see the first paragraph). Don’t worry, cool headed Saturn in Libra is always there on the side, to put things back into balance. You can mess around or mess up and it all gets weighed up and parsed out. Everyone gets at least one pass.

Cresting with the peak of the season is the wild, full-lunar-eclipse, that will be visible in the eastern part of the skies in the US. This will happen on the 21st and will add a ton of confusion, especially if you’re traveling, throw in a little Merc retrograde in Capricorn and I would urge extra caution. It’s generally considered a bad time to travel during a full, lunar eclipse, so if you can get out of dodge before or after, I’d highly recommend it. Look for massive TSA hassles. If you work retail, God help you. Retail will experience a record number of returns this year.

So in a nutshell, here’s what you need to do to get through:

1) Lose yourself at least once.

2) Make sure you do not drive.

3) Look for bargains and barter.

4) Mistletoe low.

5) Chill under the eclipse.

And remember, be generous. Everyone hates a cheapskate.

8 thoughts on “Sag(e) Tips For This Holiday Season”

  1. P

    Jolly good advice Rob! Especially about the not driving. Can’t say why, but I’m feeling optimistic about this holiday season. Feels like good things are afoot that are yet to be revealed.

    1. a

      You were always one of the most naturally optimistic people I’ve ever met, so I have no doubt that the season will reflect your inherent good vibes.

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