Sag Lunar Eclipse, Gemini Alignment, The Mystery Of The Owl, Reclaiming Symbols Of Power

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium


And so it begins, the symbol for the eclipse casts it’s shadow over the darkening landscape of the planet as we creep closer to some event horizon that is blind to us. Tornados as fast as formula one cars and as wide the Great Mall of America, looking like a mushroom cloud on a bender tore a whole in the heart of America.

The old owl is the Sabian symbol for four degrees Sag. Dane Rudhyar who always seemed to have one foot in the realm of the invisible brotherhood lives hints and clues at times in his interpretations of Elsie Wheeler’s 360 degrees of revelation. This symbol is one of those that Rudhyar dangles in front of us, teasing us with his subtle connection to forces greater than our own; “The owl functions lucidly in the night aspect of existence. His eyes see what men normally fail to perceive. He represents that consciousness which is active where the processes of life normally escape the attention of the personal ego and its intellect.” Notice how Rudhyar says, “men” and not “humans.” Now this might be in line with “all men are created equal” but it could also indicate that there is a distinct difference between and supermen, or god-men.

The reason I bring this up is because the owl is a loaded symbol.

Sandy Hook Owl

D.C. Owl

Bohemian Grove Owl

Now we’re into some interesting territory because the owl is a really loaded symbol.

It’s a totem of Minerva, Isis, Athena and even Lilith. It sits solemnly over a growth of ancient trees while figures in robes sweat in deep anticipation of the mystery about to unfold, cremating care, the slaughter of innocence.

The robotic owl, replete with it’s eye of Horus is perched upon a row of pyramidal tiles at the apex of the Tyrell Corporation. We get the word “tire” from “tyre.” Apart from being an ancient seaport in Phoenicia, Tyre represents the wheel or a hoop. Ell or El is Saturn. With the hoop and El(l), the Tyrell Corporation is a temple to Saturn and the owl, it’s symbol.

If you don’t know the plot line, they create replicants there–big, bold, sexy, smart and increasingly conscious replicants, which brings us into the domain of doubles and nice segue to the dance of planets in the sky, the triple alignment of Mercury, Jupiter and Venus all in the sign of doubles, Gemini. This dazzling alignment has two meanings (but of course!). Let’s start with the left handed definition; Think of a mirror maze, but not one that’s a labyrinth of reflection, but one where your front and back are reflecting back to you. It’s a hall of gazing between what’s behind and in front of you. The possibilities are infinite really as the both directions give the impression that you go on forever and ever. But is it real? Is it just a projection of your imagination that allows you to perceive yourself as infinite or is it the real deal? Does it even matter? When the human brain watches a movie or a TV show, it doesn’t make the distinction between it being more real than the movie going on inside of you behind your retinas. It’s stream of consciousness flows into the ocean of being. It’s beauty is unsurpassed. It’s potential is expansive and limitless. Yet when you shatter the mirrors, all that’s left is you and the darkness of the void. Then what? Where do you find that thing which reflects back to you that you are not just alive, but have some intrinsic meaning and purpose to your existence here. Without the reflections and their infinite potential, do you really exist?

The right handed version doesn’t hesitate. It knows the mirrors are just glass, burnished surfaces that replay our best and worst attributes, highlighting our vanity, revealing that which we cannot bear to witness. They are simply mirrors and provide a function, nothing more, nothing less and yet, there is the distinct possibility that given the right context, when the inner “I” is not so judicious and grim, that they can reveal a profound secret that the oracles of the ages have divined time and again from their reflective properties and that three planets aligning in the sky like a string of pearls are a line of light, leading us home, away from the desecration and degradation being heaped upon this world.

Those three planets lead us directly into the Sun, where we launch ourselves into a variant timeline where the pyramids are still whie and smooth as the desert sands, the capstone shinning and glistening with gold and bronze people of staggering beauty didn’t fall to lesser gods and wicked spells. You see, too much logic and the magic evaporates as quickly as a tear in the desert.

So what it comes down to is your ability to take back the beauty, reclaim the symbols, an owl is a creature of God. It has amazing abilities to dwell in the night and seek prey. It can turn its head around nearly 360 degrees, which gives it the appearance of looking into two worlds; past and future and yet it’s an owl. It could be a god or a symbol of a god, but that was determined over a long period of time, again and again and again under often bloody circumstances. It’s visage is stained in our sub-conscious mind.

This eclipse barely graced us. It skimmed across the tundra, kissing the permafrost with it’s dark shadow and yet, in the sign of Sagittarius, it brings the entire planet home to the concept of truth. Waves of people, hopefully millions will march and have their voices heard, as they demand an end to GMOs and Monsanto. If you don’t know it already, Monsanto was a slave trading family in New Orleans. Its on the public record. I’ve quoted it and posted links before and their interest in slave trade continues, because they want to own every single, living organism on the planet; from fruit, to seed, to nut, to wing, to web, to scale, to tendon. Everything.

And they’ll do it by modifying every existing species with some genetically provable marker that says that they are the ones that did it, that created it all and guess what? Since we consume the planet, we too will have their genetically traceable markers inside us, twisting, shaping, mutating our own DNA chain and us as a result. Monsanto’s plan is the end of humanity as we know it and the beginning of “Homo Mutantis.” Why do you think we’ve been inundated with zombie imagery ad nauseam? It’s that tricky in-between-state where things don’t go quite right.

But this eclipse in Sag powers the truth. It shines it’s black light on the fluorescent sub-lifeforms and their desperate attempt to implant us with their parasitic virus, which travels from world-to-world, spreading fear, assimilating that which it reviles and detests. This galactic self-loathing will come to an end. It stops here. That’s why we’re here right now. Many of us have gathered for this last stand, a cosmic firewall, against all odds and a force so cunning and seductive that it can entrap many of us in it’s dazzling and subtle possession.

Reclaim the owl! Make it a bird of the forest who dwells in the night, a timeless sentinel of your own soul. Let it be your beacon in a time of darkness and know that their are others at your wing, soaring to a line of light in the black of night and each beat of your wing brings your closer and closer to home.

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  1. J

    Brilliant !! Reading this article has left my heart racing !! The owl has very special meaning to me. It was the harbinger of my awakening ! I for one am keeping it alive in this realm and appreciating it for all it represents. I am also one of the many making this stand and know that I am here right now for this reason !!!

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