Sad Sag Nicki Minaj Unleashes Roman, Consumating The Seven-Day-Ritual, From The Super Bowl To The Grammys

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Nicki indulges pope culture

Just who the hell is Nicki Minaj? Seven days after she appeared onstage with Madonna at the Super Bowl in the “Give Me All Your Love” portion of the halftime ritual, she showed up at the Grammys wearing a scarlet hooded gown, accompanied by a faux-pope on the “red” carpet. That was just a little morsel, a mere crumb really. Minaj would later treat the world to a big, heaping slice of steaming crap disguised as devils food cake later in the show. Let’s be clear. Her demonic little fantasy starring her alter-ego, the tortured gay artist inside her, Roman Zolanski is really more like bad dinner theater. People are crying out that this is some sort of satanic send up and in some ways it is, but this is nothing more than the treacle of a spectacle. This is the Disney version of the devil. Its laughable and yet, its seven days after the more insidious half-time-rite from Indianapolis. So we have to pay attention on some level.

Before we look at “Roman Holiday” let’s get a sense of Nicki Minaj, both from a historical perspective and a rather interesting astrological one.

Minaj was born in Saint James, Trinidad as Onika Tanya MIraj, 12/8/82 or 84. The eighth of December is pretty interesting in the light of Minaj’s flirtation with possession and satanism. A quick look at some people born on 12/8 raises the eye brow just a little.

First, there’s The Lizard King, Jim Morrison, who had his own courtship and ragged history with possession and trance states. Morrison saw himself as Dionysus.

Another 12/8 birthday is Sammy Davis Jr., who was an avowed satanist. Being Jewish was mostly a front for “The Candy Man.”

Then there’s Sinead O’Connor, who had her own spat with the Catholic church, just as Minaj is having now.

Lastly, there’s also Flip Wilson, who was known for his cross-dressing alter ego, “Geraldine” whose famous line was, “The Devil Made Me Do It.”

Now we can safely add Nicki Minaj to the birthday party.

John Lennon was murdered by Mark David Chapman on 12/8/80.

“The Feast Of The Immaculate Conception” the day that Pope Pius the IX declared Mary to be sin free from her time in the womb onward is marked by 12/8 as well.

Birth years are conflicting for Minaj. Astrotheme has her listed both as 1982 and 1984. E-Tarrochi 1984. Wikipedia, 1982. The ’84 birth date makes more sense than the 1982 date, since the Moon would be in Gemini opposed her Sag Sun. Exactly. That opposition in Sun/Moon would manifest in the dark and personality splitting relationship between her father (Sun) and mother (Moon). To say that she grew up in a challenging environment would be an understatement. According to Minaj, her father drank, took drugs and tried to kill her mother by setting their house on fire.

Children/people often have to adapt to this kind of stress by compartmentalizing their personalities. Minaj did just that by creating her alter-ego, “Roman Zolanski” an angry, gay, thwarted, artist. She did this as a child. She also created Roman’s mother as well. Here again, we see the split between the Moon (Mother) and the Sun (Son). Her performance cum exorcism at the Grammys was three personalities on display; Minaj, Roman and the Mother. You can hear the fake and clipped British accent in the track. That’s Roman’s mother telling him all the things he needs to do in order to be normal. Nicki Minaj is a classic schizophrenic at the very least. Does schizophrenia cross over into possession? Perhaps. But there was something too controlled and contrived about the Grammy performance to indicate true possession. Nicki however is a true alter, her personality broken into pieces by the collateral damage of a traumatic childhood. Now, she’s like a wind up doll. A Barbie.

At the time of the Grammys, the Moon was in Scorpio, emotional gateway to the underworld.

Whitney died on 2/11 or eleven twice (1111). The Staples Center where the Grammys were held is at 1111 Figueroa St. February 11th is also “Our Lady Of Lourdes” day. Its the day that Bernadette had the vision of the Virgin Mary at Lourdes, thus honored and venerated by the Roman Catholic Church. Want to know what Madonna’s daughter is named? “Lourdes.” In fact she is “Lourdes Leon.” Leon is Leo/King. Madonna has been hyping Lourdes as the incarnation of the Universal Mother recently.

One of the things that really struck me was how the Super Bowl ritual was filled with light, even taking place at “Lucas” Oil Field. It was a pure, Luciferian light show. Fast forward to the Grammys, seven-days-later and Minaj, the through line between both events, indulges in Satanic dinner theater. At the end of Madonna’s rave up, she’s singing about “prayer” and the choir is dressed in black, while Minaj is trying to give birth to the spawn of the devil, her choir is dressed in white. Here we have the forced reconciliation of opposites. But this is nothing new. The Luciferian/Satanic one-two punch has been around for ages. In the 60’s it was personified in music by the Beatles (Luciferian) and The Stones (Satanic). One might ask what the difference is?

Lucifer is about ascent (ascension). It is brilliance and the lesser light, typified as the God of this world, the creator of Atlantis, the plumed serpent. There is an attempt to break free from the gravity of this plane of existence through aspiring towards the lesser light. The whole of the new age is built upon the foundation of this belief system. Satanism/Satan is a wholly different beast. It is about being caged in the body for eternity–think about being trapped in form forever. Its drudgery. Slavery. Blake’s satanic mills. Relentless. No escape.

I’ve typed at length before about the “Law Of One” vs “The Sons Of Belial” as they relate to Atlantis and ultimately Freemasonry and the different branches. “The Law Of One” as either secret ideology or metaphor, is roughly translated into allowing the people to rule themselves without much interference. Ron Paul would be an expression of “The Law Of One” as would the founding fathers, which Paul sees himself as an extension of. This is in the Luciferian camp.

“The Sons Of Belial” believe that humanity is incapable of pulling that off, so we need to be managed and managed hard. Here we have the heavy hand of Yahweh ready to smack us down. Keep us in our place. These two manifest also as Enki and Enlil in the “Epic Of Gilgemesh.” Enki, plays the role of Lucifer who loves his creation a little-too-much. Enlil doubles as Yaweh, the foreman of the planet who cracks down on humans when they get slack. Both are ultimately forms of control. One extols the virtues of rebellion in order to be free. The other promotes slavish obedience. No wonder we’ve been so fucked up for 5,000 years on. We’ve been torn asunder by two poles of extreme ideologies, by mostly-well-meaning if deeply flawed aliens on an extended mining mission. Talk about cognitive dissonance!

Here’s what I find really fascinating in the light of all this. So guess who has partnered in a joint clothing venture called “Material Girl”? Lourdes Leon and Kelly Osbourne. I kid you fucking not. The daughter of the Luciferian (light) madgewitch (Thanks Ellis) teams up with the daughter of Ozzy Osbourne (the prince of darkness), one of rock’s most notorious devils, founder of Black Sabbath. You can’t make this shit up.

Lourdes just shaved the right side of her head, which in Islam is called the “Taqsir.” This is done as part of the last stage of pilgrimage. The event that follows the “Taqsir” or “Halq” is the sacrifice of an animal or the stoning of it. Now I’m not saying that she shaved part of her head as part of Whitney’s sacrifice (I would never besmirch Islam), but the timing is fairly interesting to say the least.

I also find it interesting that while Nicki Minaj drags the fake Pope to the Grammys and then does a mock exorcism for “Roman,” Obama has been jousting with Roman Catholics all week around birth control and the real pope finds himself in a bitter power struggle as more scandal leaks out of the Vatican. Apparently there’s a schism in the leadership of the Church revolving around banking and who the hell knows what else.

One of my readers, Audra brought up a really good point. She, like many others are noticing that the Madonna/Minaj events are getting more and more obvious. More and more people are waking up. But quite frankly, they couldn’t be making it any easier really. The question is why? Are we validating their paradigm, even though we seek to decode and disassemble its influence on our lives? Are we unwitting co-conspirators? Are awake souls far more juicy to harvest than slumbering ones? I’m just throwing it out there. And if that may be the case, then what do we do? Maybe its time to consciously look the other way, or hold up the mirror so that Medusa (Media/USA) finally turns to stone.

26 thoughts on “Sad Sag Nicki Minaj Unleashes Roman, Consumating The Seven-Day-Ritual, From The Super Bowl To The Grammys”

  1. n

    I think those that dream this up are ready for something else, and screaming for it, just extreme intelligence, the part that dances in between what is permitted, and kissing instincts, and trying to stay sort of neutral. That is just observation, the thing itself, coloured by most everything, being all entangled, and stuck together, depending on the compartments the rise up to meet this stuff. Going too far one direction, will start another, whether this is cosmic, or just metaphors for working it out, and maybe some risk. It always gets messy, even the stable part is seething, I don’t make the damn rules. If I did, I would not change anything, to preserve this life. And even if I did, that is just another choice, but there are too many getting erased by this, the best and the worst of it. Letting it play out is not juicy, just what gives.

  2. T

    We watched the Grammys, I felt repulsed by the “Roman” number, but I guess that was the point – the sick point. Entertainment seems to rely more and more on repulsing, denigrating and insulting the audience. Maybe, Robert, I’m just not in tune with the generation providing this “entertainment”.

    What I do find interesting though is the list of “celebs” born 8 December you’ve provided. That date would, I think, would be around 15 Sagittarius, so I looked to see whether any Fixed Stars might be or have been influencing that date. Sabik and Ras Algethi are nearest. Neither has particularly “nice” interpretation. (Of that list I’d willingly watch Flip Wilson only.)

    This from Astrology Central website

    “It is said to give a passionate, blindly good-hearted, wasteful and easily seduced nature, together with little happiness, unseen dangers, enmity, strife and slander. Pliny said that it occasioned much mortality by poisoning. This constellation has also been called Aesculapius and held to rule medicines. By the Kabalists it is associated with the Hebrew letter Oin and the 16th Tarot Trump, The Lightning Struck Tower”. (Robson).
    General influence of the star:
    According to Ptolemy it is of the nature of Saturn and Venus; and, to Alvidas, of Jupiter and Venus. It causes wastefulness, lost energy, perverted morals, and success in evil deeds. (Robson).

    Ras Algethi

    Influence of the constellation:
    According to Ptolemy it is like Mercury. It is said to give strength of character, tenacity and fixity of purpose, an ardent nature and dangerous passions. By the Kabalists it is associated with the Hebrew letter Daleth and the fourth Tarot Trump “The Emperor”. (Robson).
    General influence of the star:
    If afflicted, indicative of an aggressive personality who always displays an unbridled hostility to those he comes in contact with. (Noonan).
    Boldness and a drive to gain power. If well aspected it is said to give enjoyment and favors from women. If badly aspected, it is said to cause irritation, especially in connection with the female sex. (Ebertin).

    1. a

      Hey Twilight. Did I miss your Bday? If so, I wish you a belated and bountiful solar return. If not, well I wish the same anyway. Good stuff on the fixed stars. I left out David Caradine and Gregg Allman, also born on 12/8. Caradine as you know died under very mysterious circumstances in I believe Bangkok. It was rumored that he was working on something really big (exposing the game) when “they” Michael Hutchenced him. Allman lost his brother Duane after Clapton turned him onto heroin in Miami during the recording of “Layla.”
      Music is over. Music is dead. Long live music.

  3. D

    Why, it’s little red ridiing hood with that big bad wolf. The whore of babylon enters centre stage looking somehow kind of ‘tibetan’ to me. The revelations of the catholic church are, to me, a powerful cover for the historical signficance protestant protaganists played in the history of the British Empire (slavery) and to the equal if not greater extent the British Protestant sects engage with currently.

    It’s always that game of ‘look! see the birdie’ as the media lens pans in on a fragment of activity within a certain sect at events long gone whilst the main game continues unquestioned and unhindered. As it is with the Catholic Church. But is it true that Er Very Protestant, Church of England Maj. has to ‘kiss the bishop’s ring’ so to speak?

    Every cardinal sin imaginable is being brought from the abyss in full surround sound technicolour and still they pray or are they prey? The worse sin of all is wilful ignorance and as we traverse the symbolic paridigm we may not linger too long, for knowledge of the chains and locks they represent. As you say, the RP camp is acting out Prometheus and we all know what happened to him.

  4. D

    Fascinating Robert. Especially the numerology…all those elevens. Also, I believe Whitney was a Leo (like Madonna)
    born on 8/9…born on the 9th; died on the 11th. I watched neither of these satanic spectacles but if poor Whitney was
    indeed ‘sacrificed’, her death certainly insured a greater audience for the Grammy Awards and for Minaj’s satanic
    spectacle. This, seems to be, their way of ensuring that the ritual would be witnessed by as many unwitting spectators
    as possible to give it more power. And, I agree with your WWWIII comment. I think both of these television spectacles
    were precursors to this impending event. But, to paraphrase scripture: “If God is with us, then who could be against us”
    holds very true for our human race. Sending LOVE to all. xoxo Dee

  5. H

    Another person born on 12/08 is New Age channeler Celia Fenn, who became kind of popular in the new age comunity by posting her channels of ”Archangel Michael” on her website. Her channels are woowoo, ambiguos, but yet charming. Typical new age. She’s one of the best I’ve known in it

  6. d

    Is that a rose or a V jay jay she’s dressed as? we can all see the phalus on her arm is an old white wrinkly…
    The laughing gets louder from the spirit world…

  7. H

    I once read that in ritual sex, red is a symbol of the feminine (menstrual blood) and white is a symbol of th masculine (semen).

  8. T

    Thanks Robert !

    Yes WW III seems to be somewhere on somebody’s agenda, getting nearer to the top too. Just as it’s hard to lance an abscess, it’s a relief once done, and maybe we have to look on another WW in that light because the nasty smelly gunge is gathering rapidly now. Though I hate, hate, hate the thought of war, remembering as I do the tail-end of the last Worldwide unpleasantness, what has to be will be. 🙁

    1. a

      My thoughts around war may differ greatly from yours. I see wars and economic cycles linked together. In 1913 when the Fed was started and taxation got enacted, the US was summoned into the war by the Rothschilds, through Jacob Schiff and Col. Mandel House. The geography of Europe was altered. New countries were formed. Germany lost a great deal of territory as a result. This in turn set up the Treaty of Versailles which placed crushing reparations on Germany, which led to Adolph Hitler’s rise in the moral and economic void. The US was still in a depression, so we were ushered off and into the next great War. That war led to the industrialization of the USA and allowed the likes of Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, DuPont, Getty, et al to profit even more. They also bombed Japan back to the middle ages and part of the plan with Japan was to develop it as an outside source of trade and manufacturing, which happened rather quickly and started the gears of globalization.

      Here we are again. The global economy is a shell game. Fiat lending has reached the top of the pyramid and the ponzi scheme is up. Oil prices are flatlining due to stagnant growth in Europe and the USA, which means supply is far greater than demand at present. Israel wants to re-define its borders and even the likes of Ed Asner, who was just on Alex Jones can clearly see their role in pushing for this potential world war. It stinks to high heaven and the people of this planet deserve better than the cretins, liars, thugs and thieves that are running into dust. That’s my take.

  9. T

    WW2, though, halted Hitler’s plan to be Ruler of All He Surveyed, to “cleanse” the race, and other assorted horrors – and though those safely living here in the USA might see US entry into that war in one light, we in Britain and Europe see it altogether differently – as you say – and for VERY good reason!

    1. a

      That’s only one part of the war. The other part took place in the Pacific theater. Pearl Harbor was the 911 of WW2. WW2 does not happen if the German people were not morally and economically bankrupt by the reparations of the Treaty of Versailles. This was austerity 101. Wars are planned. They just don’t happen.

  10. k

    “Wars are planned. They don’t just happen. ” <—–( true that!) I would be really interested in your astological take on this impeding doom. Also, do you think we have some planet X lurking around near by?

  11. k

    “Wars are planned. They don’t just happen. ” <—–( true that!) I would be really interested in your astrological take on this impeding doom. Also, do you think we have some planet X lurking around near by?

  12. K

    Hitler was an invention of the same banking elite that ‘loaned’ currency to all sides in WWII. He may have thought he was destined to rule most, if not all of Europe, or perhaps he understood where he stood in the pecking order…. either way, his job was to lead Germany into a bloodbath and, by extension, create a moral climate that allowed the City of London to create Israel with the blessing of the (majority of) the world’s populace.

    There are no elected leaders (there were a few remaining leaders of their people going into the 21st century… Gaddafi of Libya was one of the last.. . if not the final) left in the world. There are the boobs we vote for to ‘represent’ us in America, but they can’t even take a bribe from a lobbyist without first getting permission.

    Anyway – another EXCELLENT take, Robert. I always come away from your articles more informed than I was prior to logging on to your site. I very much appreciate your work!

  13. K

    As an aside, Robert… have you had the pleasure of reading Dave McGowan’s brilliant work detailing the Recording Industy/Laurel Canyon/Shadow Govt ties? You’re probably already aware of it, but on the chance that you are not, here’s the link to his website and it made up of the posts under the title: ‘Inside the L.C.’

    1. a

      Yes, I did a post on this a while ago. One of the best researched and compelling pieces on the internet. Add the Tavistock/Beatles/Stones connection and you get to see the 60’s music scene in a very different light.

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