Sabian Symbol, Six Gemini, The Reanimation Of Atlantis And Massive Attack

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

MassiveAttackMassive Attack get in on the act.

My astrological partner in crime, Willow and I were talking about Sabian Symbols the other day and we were discussing the whole concept of rounding up. So if you have a symbol in a particular degree, say, Mars in Pisces at zero degrees, you would round it up to the first degree and so on for every other degree. Today is Gemini, 5 degrees, which of course would get rounded up for the symbol fo the day. As such, it is Gemini, 6 degrees. Here is the Sabian Symbol for Gemini, 6 degrees;

PHASE 66 (GEMINI 6′) WORKMEN DRILLING FOR OIL–The avidity for that knowledge which ensures wealth and power.

Here is what the great, Dane Rudhyar has to say in part about drilling for oil;

“Drilling for oil may represent the attempt to penetrate the deep layers of the collective unconscious and to reawaken n the powers of the archaic psyche which once flourished–for instance in the true ceremonial magic of the tribal world, perhaps among the adepts of fabled Atlantis, or even among the shamans and witch doctors of more recent times. The archaic powers may be “refined” for modern situations, but the almost inevitable result is the release of noxious waste products, “pollution.” And there is a pollution of consciousness as well as of the atmosphere that man breaths.”

So here we are, 36 days into the Gulf disaster, which the media is now calling a “gusher.” This morning, a dear friend in England passed along this video. It’s one of the last feeds of raw footage of the planet’s guts, spewing up, from 30,000 feet below the surface of the Earth. Rudhyar really struck a deep nerve with this interpretation of Wheeler’s symbol for this degree, sourcing Atlantis. Where is the rig? It’s in The Gulf, roughly the same region where the legendary continent once kissed the sky. What else have we witnessed lately in the same general vicinity? The Haiti quake, even more centrally located in the Atlantean region. These deep Earth and deep water catastrophes are vulcanic, razing the spirits of another time, reanimating the ghosts of Atlantis, cradle of the esoteric knowledge brought from the stars, ancestral home of illumined networks, the birth of polarity, the conflict of the spirit and the will, cycling and recycling as epochs, eras and movements through time, getting closer and closer to resolution, a spiritual singularity not the event horizon.

Last night, I was at Massive Attack, the dark, visionary outfit from Bristol. Their light show was epic, flashing digital numbers, phrases, stats, data, factoids, memes in rapid fire, real time intensity. They had the power and flexibility to program that download of data at any given moment. While MA was churning out epic suites of psychodrama with beats and heavy atmospheres, they were hitting us with stats about 200,000 barrels of oil a day. They blitzed our minds with an assault of corporate logos, clockwork oranging us to the very last notes, then hitting us right between the eyes with a giant, red, BP across the stage wide screen. It was multi-media agit-prop at it’s best. They are taking their media and music around the globe and they are waking up people up. The rupture in the Earth, 5,000 feet down is an opening into a deeper space within our psyches. It’s primordial and it speaks to our very own survival. PHASE 66 (GEMIN 6′). I’m over on BlogTalk live, in ten minutes, doing mini-readings.

What lies beneath.

4 thoughts on “Sabian Symbol, Six Gemini, The Reanimation Of Atlantis And Massive Attack”

  1. K

    re: Sabian Symbols. Why do you round them up? I don’t understand.

    re: the leak video…I can’t tell what scale the size of the pipe is but it seems so tiny…like, as if we haven’t capped this yet. I thought we would have found a solution by now. Everyday I look at my newspapers… the silence is deafening. I think the volcano got more coverage than this. Other spiritual leaders like Drunvalo are also silent on the issue.

  2. W

    You round the Sabian symbols up because they start at 1 degree of every sign and end at 30 degrees…but we start the zodiac signs at zero degrees and end at 29 degrees 59 minutes.

    So if you have a planet at zero Gemini, for example, you use the Sabian Symbol for 1 Gemini because there is no symbol for the zero degree. So correspondingly, if you have a planet at 29 Gemini you would use the Sabian for 30 Gem.

    The previous degree will add a sort of “where you’re coming from” flavour, but it isn’t the symbol you would use for your now…if that makes sense.

  3. D

    Wondering what the two of you, Robert & Willow, have to say about the timing of the President’s big speech day with the full moon and everything. Particularly this full moon.

    Any thoughts?


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