Russia’s False Flaggots, Mercury Retrograde, The Rise Of The Green Christ, Joseph Campbell And The Changes Images Of Man

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

The Green Christ Has Risen

It’s baaaaaaack. Mercury does it’s backwards dance routine for the first time this year and it starts at 3 Pisces and will wend it;s way back into Aquarius. In 2014, this is a pattern as MR starts in water, then moves into air. This pattern sets up an interesting type of retrospective energy, where we look at our recent, emotional choices, then as Mercury retreats into air, objectivity, cool-headedness and clarity begins to kick in. The only downside to this cycle/phase is over thinking and cutting off the feeling capacity with too much analysis. This aspect is well suited for artists who can use the the various stations of air for trimming, editing, refining, using the critical capacities to fine tune any existing projects.

The retreat into the uber-objective and dispassionate Mercury in Retrograde has broader, social implications as well, since Aquarius is a transpersonal sign of the highest order and Mercury in Aquarius is the narrative of our time as we still find ourselves at a moral, social and technological crossroads as we stumble through the Aquarian timeline defined by the 11/22/63 event known as the “Kennedy Assassination.”

In some ways, this MR reflects the transition from the Piscean plane of awareness into the radically re-orienting Aquarian plane.

On a cultural/global level we can see this in the return of Pussy Riot in the light of how the West is framing the Sochi Olympics, which is run down, cheap, anti-gay and socially regressive. Now this is not necessarily editorializing on my end, but it’s needs to be clear that we are defining as the Aquarian Age and where it’s headed has social markers and the thrust for Gay and same sex rights are at the center of the current model of the Aquarian Age. Other aspects include the Luciferic sounds and symbols of modern music, the indoctrination of the externalization of the hierarchy. This current wave of Aquarianism is built on “Do As Thou Wilt” which on the surface can be translated into the expression of one’s free will, which is our God given right on this physical domain, but the level of permission granted by Crowley’s axiom has been extended far and wide into the most disturbing distortions that one could even begin to perceive and imagine. The feel good, do what you want, screw the consequences, adjust the compass of selective morality becomes the navigational mean through which this version of the Aquarian Age is self assembling. The potential results are gender neutral, family free, sex positive, hubots that have convinced themselves that rights are greater than freedoms and all in the service of self. We can see this in the New Age community where the “do it if it feels good” philosophy dominates the group mind.

Joseph Campbell got the ball rolling when he advocated following one’s bliss, but Campbell was referring to doing that which a person loves as a vocation, not as a lifestyle. It’s interesting to note that Campbell contributed to a manifesto called “Changing Images Of Man” which was edited by Willis Harman and produced through SRI (Stanford Research Institute). “CIOM” is essentially a guideline as to how to shape man’s consciousness in the 20th and 21st centuries. For all intents and purposes, I’t’s a Fabian Society operating manual for the common man, with a little bit of California breeze with a dash of acid thrown into the mx.

The premise of the book is that we are living in a world where resources are going down and the population is going up. As a result, people need to be managed (ie herded) into appropriate social forms and structures to fit into and compensate for the overall, downward trend of the planet. The main goal in this treatise is to disabuse men of their quaint notions of freedom and more importantly, individuality. They argue that the notion of sacrifice must be introduced as an altruistic principle, so that given up and living with less, would instill a divine feeling upon the individual, through re-defining their conscience first, then replacing spiritual goals, then rewarding them on some level for their newly found abnegation. It’s a heady manual for steering humanity into a pre-eschatonic species that will willingly accede it’s will as some form of social sacrifice. The environment is a natural point of leverage that is discussed at length as it has the ability to modify one’s conscious will and perception as a symbol for the greater good and the sacrifice that must be undertaken to support it.

CIOM is a work that was produced and distributed to high level organizations that are engaged at collective behavioral modification at a mass level. If you peek inside of it’s framework, you can actually see how this has played out in the re-shaping and re-formation of our consciousness. In essence, it is one part of the manual for steering humanity into the Aquarian Age.

Over the course of the next three weeks, we’ll saw more pleas and more admonitions that encourage people to live with less, while bowing to even greater social pressures that the environment must not just be respected, but the vehicle for a type of sacrifice, where the common good of man resounds in the abnegation of material pursuit and while this sounds like a fine thing not he surface, especially if true and sacred spiritual values replace the void of abandoned materiality, but it is generally not the case as the architects of consensual reality always reserve a spot for themselves at the top of the pyramid. This is how it’s been for the past 5,000 years and this latest edition has all the bells and whistles of a Spielbergian blockbuster.

Conversely, there is another tide rising in opposition to the herding (and then the culling). We will also see this over the course of the next 3.5 weeks, especially as it relates to a false flag operation, which “could” occur in Sochi, but that would be a bit too obvious now, wouldn’t it? No, it would something much, much closer to home, someplace like Dallas/Ft. Worth, Omaha (Peyton Manning), or even a return to the scene of the crime, Manhattan, all of which are Aquarian cities, localities.

Rahm Eammanuel, once said, “never let the opportunity of a crisis go to waste” or something along those lines. When we see Aquarius prominently in the grand theater of the collective, as we are now with the Sun in Aqua and soon to be Mercury, and as we have witnessed Aquarius as a delta point on the timeline for alteration and change, it doesn’t take much to align the time with the situation and realize that molten change, either manufactured or organically present, is erupting and getting ready to get shot into the mold of the matrix.

On an individual level, this has all kinds of consequences, doesn’t it? Are you willing to overthrow the tyranny of existing regimes within you and if you do, what will you replace them with? Will Harman and Campbell’s guilty green paradigm seep in like absinthe for your soul? Will you throw off the shackles of societal restraint and say “yes” to everything that is contrary and against the Piscean Age of soul and conviction? Or will you employ the warrior like energy of Mars in Libra to try to find a true balance between the old and the new, will and faith, freedom and responsibility? As always, the choice is yours . . . or is it?

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    Hi Robert: As a Baby-Boomer inching towards the day I pass the “baton” to my progeny, I shudder to think what that world will be like. Certainly nothing I was socialized my whole life to accept. Actually, quite the antithesis. My granddaughters extoll the “virtues” of Disney’s latest animated feature film “Frozen,” its main musical composition “Let It Go” not so gently nudges today’s youth to accept such dictums as:” conceal your feelings, don’t let them know,” “the past is in the past,” “no right, no wrong, no rules for me!” “Let It Go!!” Is this the Brave New World? Someone stop the movie projector, this “theater” is starting to freak me out!

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