Romney’s Chilling Venus In Aquarius Exposed, His Karmic Payback In October And The Astro Mythos Of Tebow

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Hi, we’d like to buy your country, err company.

The Leo Moon had a positively incendiary effect on Ron Paul. If the rectified chart is indeed correct, then the Moon, transiting through his 12th House illumined his Leo Sun to the point where we finally got a taste of what Ron Paul would be like after chugging a couple of Red Bulls. In this video, you can see him at his most animated.

As I mentioned on my show, they’re bringing Jon Huntsman along slowly, sort of like drag net fishing for the likes of defecting Gingrich and Santorum voters. Speaking of Santorum, has anyone taken such a nose dive from one caucus to a primary like Santorum? He went from a very dubious second place finish, to sucking the top three’s fumes, while being connected to one of Italy most notorious communist gangs, through his family.

As I noted earlier, the Taurus Moon would impact Santorum (Taurus) favorably in Iowa, but it was the Leo Moon that shined on Paul in New Hampshire. Then there’s Mitt Romney.

My education of Mitt Romney is growing with each passing day–growing like a bad case of mold.

Romney might look the most presidential of the lot. Every hair in place, jaw square, gaze direct and firm. He’s also pretty glib. We can see the glib nature highly aspected by his grand air trine; Venus (Aquarius 8-MC), Neptune (Libra 9-House 5) and Uranus (Gemini 17-House 1). Venus in Aquarius on the mid-heaven might be his calling card. One of Romney’s go to phrases from his economic lexicon is called, “creative destruction.” Its a page right out of the luciferian playbook; “Ordo Ab Chao” (Out Of Chaos Order). This is what Romney shared at Emory College in 2010.

Venus in Aquarius conjunct the MC to a large extent typifies this attitude, especially if we marry it to Uranus in Gemini in the first.

When dealing with psychopaths, the amazing thing is how their soul grinding belief systems are not just justified, but completely integrated aspects of their clinically insane psyches. There is no cognitive dissonance in the true psychopath. Is it his Mormon faith that encourages him towards godhood on some distant world that has endowed him with a sub-zero disposition coldly emanating from that detached Venus hovering above the rest of humanity? Perhaps its some other secret sect that has abolished his ability to care. Whatever it is, he’s clearly not suffering from any pangs of guilt from the human wreckage he’s left behind.

You see Bain capital has specialized in buying companies (they say distressed) then selling off assets, gutting jobs, stripping down production and either forcing the companies into bankruptcy (KB Toys) or selling them off to the next pack of jackals (UniMac). Bain is like a horde of mongols that has practiced the art of “creative destruction” faithfully over the past two decades.

Now Venus in Aquarius isn’t always this cool and clinically detached aspect. In fact, one would think that Neptune would add some much needed humanity here, softening the uber cool Venus. Does it add humanity or does it convey and somehow legitimize Romney’s duplicity? Because that erratic Uranus in Gemini in the first house gives Venus a biting edge, adding yet more Aquarian chill via the ruling planet. To get a clear understanding of Romney’s Grand Air Trine, just watch this video below. Its stunning. In the video Romney speaks with a sufferer of muscular dystrophy in a wheel chair. At first, Romney seems concerned and hears him out. The man needs medicinal marijuana, and tells Romney that six doctors have advocated that he get medicinal marijuana. Romney immediately asks him if he can use synthetic marijuana. This is significant. Why? Because “corporations” can “make” synthetic marijuana. Which means that there is an inherent business opportunity versus simply growing it, which ANYONE can do.

The second piece here is that Venus in Aquarius is “scientific” and synthetic marijuana is not only patentable but created in a lab. Then watch as Romney shifts from concerned to cruel, shutting the man down, shifting into the grinning and hand shaking shuck and jive, like a well oiled shapeshifter. That’s Gemini kicking in. Check it out.

Gemini is a trickster, dual to the core. Ever date a Gemini? Ever watch the movie Sybil? Anyway, I’m being a little rough on Gemini here and I apologize, but Uranus in Gemini is truly unstable. Uranus in Gemini is highlighted or low lighted, depending on your perspective by the bomb (Uranus/Uranium) drops on Hiroshima and Nagasaki (two cities). It also heralded Project Paperclip, the great brain drain from NAzi Germany.

So Mitt has Uranus in Gem in his first house, along with his True Node. Unfortunately, he’s going to get a major boost from Jupiter’s pass through Gemini as it will conjunct his TN right around July 4th.

Heaven help us.

On election night, Romney will have Jupiter two degrees off his Uranus and locked into that grand air trine. From an astrological perspective, this looks almost unbeatable.

Romney also has a Yod in his chart; Saturn and Pluto in Leo opposing his Venus in Aquarius. Venus wants to act as an unfettered and free agent, launching itself outward from the heavy gravity of Saturn and Pluto. Saturn in Leo is restraint on the rule of kings. Its karmic law meets divine right. Pluto in a wide conjunction with Saturn is all about power and the ability to live like a king, developing the patience and fortitude in concert with Saturn in order to get what it wants. Its also the representation of power in the home. Autocratic power.

Romney’s dad was in the car business as the old Mittster puts it. Yep, his dad owned American Motors, who gave us such memorable cars as the Pacer and the Gremlin. Here is where the pre-fab man runs into trouble as the Summer progresses.


On 10/6 Saturn moves into Scorpio, squaring his natal Saturn in Leo, conjuncting (wide) his Chiron in Scorpio. The unflappable snatcher of pensions and thousands of jobs is going to have a karmic moment. A deeply karmic moment. Saturn suffers no fools. It brings all things into proportion. It raises the humble and lowers the mighty. Its in the fixed sign of Scorpio and its going to go after Romney’s Saturn in Leo hard. His unchecked power is going to get a wake-up call.

You see, the sixth house is the little guy. Its the day-to-day grunt work of service, assembly lines and unglamorous gigs. These are the people that worked at companies like K.B. and UniMac and Saturn is going to remind Mitt Romney all about them and the lives that got atomized when Bain came to town, stripping assets and selling the shell of a company for obscene profits with no care whatsoever for the broken families left behind.

You see Mitt Romney would laugh at the type of sentimentality displayed in a statement like that. For the economy to thrive, some people have to suffer or something like that or so sayeth Mitt. Well the bell is going to ringeth for this man as Saturn moves towards conjuncting his Chiron in Scorpio while squaring natal Saturn.

There’s this movies called “Freaks.” When I was in high school, I was slightly obsessed by it and the characters in the film, people like the pinheads, and “The Human Torso” a guy with no arms and legs who rolled cigarettes as a part of his act. They are all part of a movie set in a carny. The basic plot is that there is a blonde beauty named “Cleopatra” who joins the circus and seduces a midget named “Hans” but only for his money. While she’s fooling Hans, she’s screwing the strongman, “Hercules.” Cleo eventually starts poisoning Hans so that she can get his inheritance after they marry.

The “freaks” find out about her plot and come after her and Hercules with all manner of sharp objects, turning Herc into a falsetto and mutilating Cleo into a “duck woman.”

This is what Mitt Romney has to look forward to (metaphorically of course).

If I were Mitt Romney, I’d start making some big mea culpas right now. But he wouldn’t or wont ever admit to what he’s done. Nothing wrong by him. Just living out the American dream, while others thrash in its nightmare. Transiting Chiron will also be hitting his Mars in the 11th House at the same time. Its in Pisces and I hate to say it, but it will expose the Mittman as not being very strong. If his chart and his history isn’t enough, he’s a cousin of George Bush and he’s got the strangest ears I’ve ever seen.

Okay, enough about him and the surreal pageantry of phony elections. Let’s talk real shit. Shit that matters. Yeah, I’m talking playoffs, NFL, football, mytho-poetic psycho-drama. I cannot do a column without a little Tebowizing.

Tomorrow, the New England Patriots (Romney’s stomping grounds) take on the Denver Broncos for the 2nd time this season. The last time the two teams clashed in Gillette stadium, Leo Tom Brady outdueled Leo Tim Tebow. Word on the street is that Brady has been agitated and edgy. Leos don’t like to share the spotlight and this week, it was announced that Tim Tebow is America’s most popular warrior, outpacing Tom “Captain America” Brady and his supermodel wife. But this is more than just a big cat vs big cat rumble. Its BIBLICAL!

Last week, the Broncos “miraculously” defeated the Steelers and their Rasputinesque QB, Ben Roethlisberger. They did it in amazing fashion. In overtime, with one, quick strike, Tebow found Demaryius Thomas on a slant for 80 yards and a score. Game over. That pass gave Tebow 316 yards in the game. The same number as his favorite passage from the Bible; John 3:16. Tebow’s coach? John Fox? His GM? John Elway. Two Johns (The Baptist and Patmos).

Just last week, Tebow’s former coach, the guy that brought him to Denver, Josh McDaniels just got hired by the Patriots to coach their offense. McDaniels is a Taurus. Can you say silver? Forty pieces? Can you say Judas? The Patriots coach is Bill Bellichek, an Aries. Can you say war? Roman? Centurion? Pilate? The owner of the Patriots? Bob Kraft, a Gemini. Duality. Can you say Nicodemus? I predict something strangely, well miraculous. If I were the Patriots, I’d be more than just a little nervous. They might win, but grand cosmic forces are at play here. Moon in Virgo rewards conservative play calling, which favors not only Denver, but also the Forty-Niners against the high flying Saints.

Check out this powerful video, which exposes Mitt Romney for the cold-hearted corporate assassin that likes to “fire people.”

8 thoughts on “Romney’s Chilling Venus In Aquarius Exposed, His Karmic Payback In October And The Astro Mythos Of Tebow”

  1. On the other hand, Obama will be dealing with Tr Saturn t-square his Jupiter/Mercury, so won’t there be mea culpas of his own? Do you expect Saturn to allow him to overstate his accomplishments — as he did in 2008 — and not take responsibility for his failures? I think the Press will be MUCH tougher on him this time around and that’s going to both anger and frustrate him. Add the Tr South Node to Obama’s Moon throughout the Summer — with its attendant paranoia, depression, frustration, and sense of betrayal — and it’s not looking good for him either! And one can’t help but remember the Moon can sometimes indicate a woman.

    With the South Node conjunct his Moon, could this be the return of Hillary upsetting the apple cart? With her Progressed Moon conjunct her Pluto/Mars (I believe) and Tr Saturn moving to conjunct her Sun — usually indicative of a successful period for her, if you look at her history in correlation to Saturn conjunct her Sun — this is not the chart of a woman retiring.

    With Romney, you’ve got his Progressed Moon having JUST moved into Aries — at 00 Aries around the day of the first Primary — and, at Election Time, will be conjunct his Progressed Midheaven and then they both will be trine his natal Pluto ON Election Day. He may have Tr Saturn waning square his Saturn, but I’d be interested to see what cycle — and what Saturn Return Chart — this Waning Square is concluding.

    And, for the record, those two men both turn my stomach. Not voting for either Romney or Obama.

    1. a

      I find it hard to work with Obama’s chart since I do not trust his birthdate. However, based on the consensus, Hawaii, birth time chart, that sounds about right. I’ve said it before and I will say it agin. I believe he will be a one term president. There is always the Hilary card to be played. We are in endgame now and any candidate that gets within farting distance of the oval office will be inserted to carry out the last stages of “The Great Plan.” That might even include Ron Paul BTW. However, Paul is so much different than the others, and I mean radically different, that I’d roll the dice on him. Let’s hasten the end or the beginning. That’s my philosophy at this point.

  2. D

    Romney (MIT?) isn’t doing himself any campaign favours by his arrogance towards the the man in the chair; Americans are brainwashed into the PC ‘war on drugs’ propaganda, but they would not want to be seen or judged as heartlessly depriving people of pain relief and then imprisoning them/crippling them further with fines. He can’t retract this video evidence, to be reeled out and used as evidence against him.

    When and if people wake up to the trigger words of ‘economy, efficiency, sacrifice, for the common good’ realising that they are word bombs ensuring our compliant enslavement, the system will dissolve. Creative destruction/order out of chaos; Romney’s rhetoric and style emulates the age old tradition of asset stripping. Nations, continents or even entire planets are ripe for the picking of adventurous psychopaths and the hard earned successful industry of independent business owners is easy, home grown pickings.

    Ruthlessly pragmatic, the elites have no qualms about their inherent criminality in the brutality they wreak from their hosts. After all, they reason, none of this would have come into being but for our manipulation as superior intellects in shaping human ingenuity to our will against itself. That we are mere slaves is taken as unquestionable scientific fact and the children of the elites are deeply imbued with narcissistic grandiosity and other religious delusions. They see it as a ‘kindness’ to offer us ‘choice’ in euthanasia, to cull our numbers, to offer us ‘help’ in collective suicide. After all, we’ll never amount to anything now that the plan is so far advanced and successful and have outlived our usefulness. It is philanthropic charity to remove children from ‘criminal’ parents, vaccinate those too depleted for any hope of long term survival. Hasten the inevitable. Of no more value or consideration than a clutch of hens in a battery shed.

    Romney’s approach will be a winner with those already lost in another American Dream ….. those petty criminals, psychopaths, zombies and up-their-arse-righteous types happy to regurgitate media hate mongering against the dispossessed. I hope he’s taken down in spectacular fashion and with him, this whole stinking edifice of outdated, worn and blatant crabs in the bucket divisive malice engendered in the zoned out populace. But as the Romans said ‘let he who will be deceived, be deceived’ After all, the bigger picture is to ensure that people become totally mistrustful of Congress, enabling the passage of a new political/economic deal. But boy, the resemblance to Bush Snr. is chilling …. as is the relish with which they observe the effects of their deceptions.

    Like a big daddy telling stories to cover his covert intentions, part of the thrill of the deal is knowing the suffering he’s about to inflict. Then gloating as they ride for office on the back of millions of shattered dreams; through the very same media which sold them a pup in the first place. Romney has South American backers for whom he takes over profitable home grown industries as drug laundering operations and platforms from which to create huge wealth from debt. Internal piracy. “He didn’t look out for us” she says, still looking to daddy to protect them from himself.

  3. p


    Synthetic Marijuana is very, very bad. Nobody should use it, especially not someone with muscular dystrophy.

  4. a

    I want Dennis Kucinich…for years and years it’s made sense…which means…I know it ain’t gon’ happen… :/

  5. Robert,
    Gates7 here… just read interesting info saying the cruise ship was hit (as in a bomb/torpedo) at 8 pm, photo shows a big hole but no scraping around it. Story says people heard a big boom. Conjecture is that they took a hit and then headed for shore to avoid fully sinking. Of course, Iran is implicated – oh god – well don’t shoot the messenger, just sayin’ that 8 pm looks astrologically interesting with venus/neptune on the descendent. Hide the money? BTW, concerning election this year, mercury goes retrograde on that day. Interesting. All the best.

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