RIP Matt Simmons

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Your name became synonymous with The Gulf. You and the hanging Thad. If there was some counterbalance to the spin cycle going counter-clockwise, it was you, setting it right in the other direction. You were on the scene about the second leaking well, right around the time our very own Michael Edward was. I didn’t believe in your peak oil theories but you were our go-to-guy on MSNBC and Fox. Now, you’re gone, evaporated into the realm of the spirit, supposedly like the toxic oil you uncovered. Wherever the mystery of death has taken you, you likely know the full story now.

Your sudden departure has raised as many questions as eyebrows and unlike Ken Lay, who I think is probably living out the rest of his life in some place like French Guyana, your exit is real, if not necessarily legit. I don’t have any astrological correspondence for this and perhaps it’s best not to. You laid it out there, CFR and all.

If there truly is no separation, your work will continue through refined filters and astral-media.

You left a family behind.

You’ll be missed.

Matt Simmons, 67, Dies. (Bloomberg)

4 thoughts on “RIP Matt Simmons”

  1. W

    Matt Simmons dies on 8.8.

    Revelation 8:8

    The second angel blew his trumpet, and something like a great mountain, burning with fire, was thrown into the sea, and a third of the sea became blood.

  2. R

    That book of Revelation sure is interesting, but not for the faint hearted! I did wonder at many of the images. I wondered if some of them might have had some astrological significance…

    Let me see: We’ve got lions, lambs, horses (of various colours – the rider of the black horse was holding a set of scales – the rider of the pale horse was called “Death and Hades”)…. We’ve got a solar eclipse after the six seal is opened, earthquakes, huricane winds and falling stars. Massive earth changes. Then a bunch of people hiding in caves from the “wrath of the Lamb”. And that’s even before the 7th seal which gets opened in the 8th chapter. Holy smoke! Something is really pissed off – to release that type of fury on us!

  3. T

    I thought I was seeing things when I read a mention of Mr. Simmons’ death in the next post up (the one about Peace). Then I thought it must refer to another Matt Simmons, so checked using Google.

    Goodness! Only last week I was reading his warnings about the Gulf disaster. I almost wrote a post about him then but decided against it. His views were quite extreme, on the doomy edge of things, though we’ve probably escaped the worst this time. I do hope his words will be remembered in future. Everything he talked about could come to pass in some other drilling escapade here, or elsewhere, through damage to elements of the environment which could, like a row of dominoes, knock out everthing, bit by bit. They are playing with fire – daft as that sounds in relation to deep-sea drilling.


  4. A

    RIP beautiful soul….
    Thank you from my ‘heart’ for all you did in the name of truth and justice.
    You will not be forgotten.
    Your legend will live on.

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