Riots In Egypt, Jupiter In Aries, Orion, Sirius And Antares

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Wild in the streets

The Fertile Crescent is on fire. Egypt appears to be waking from a 3,000 year old slumber as rioters clash with with police in violent confrontations, not about Islam or Christianity or Judaism, but of survival, of oppression and the rising costs of goods and services. Not far from Egypt, Yemen is also simmering. Tunisia and Algeria are already embroiled in their regime changes. Where it all started is likely where it all begins. Jupiter in Aries is just four-days-old and already the flames of unrest and the cries of the individual co-mingle. It’s always challenging when viewing revolts from afar. We do not know who is fanning the flames or why and to what end, but I do know that such activity in such a concentrated area like North Africa can spread quickly. Is it a controlled burn or is it a flat out blaze of fury? It might be too early to tell, but the situation bears watching, since there seems to be some sort of chronological symmetry with what’s taking place now.

Orion And Aryan

Robert Bauval and Adrian Gilbert set the archaeological world on it’s ear when they published “The Orion Mystery.” They came to some startling conclusions, but the central theme was that the pyramids at Giza were built and aligned with the belt of of Orion and that their orientation was in some ways like a launching pad for the pharaonic souls, hurtling them into space and becoming Osiris, as a star in the belt of Orion. Thus the Pyramids were aligned with the belt to speed the souls journey along and send them to their eternal home in then heavens. After the 5th and 6th dynasties, solar deities replaced celestial ones and the pyramids were no longer oriented towards Orion’s Belt. But the pyramids of Giza dwarf any others by comparison, both in stature and in mythological import.

Orion is the God of War

In the DC Comics classic series, “The New Gods,” Orion is portrayed a fierce and angry warrior, clad in red, the opposite of his fighting companion, the cool and graceful, Light-Ray. In “The New Gods” Orion and Light Ray (Lucifer/Sirius? Light Ray is depicted as pure light, blond and white). Together, they teamed up against the most evil man in “Apokolips; “Darkseid.” Darkseid is Orion’s father. In “New Earth” a parallel universe, there was “Apokolips” and “New Genesis.” Evil reigned in Apokolips and subjugation of the individual will was the rule. Orion broke ranks with his father and teamed with Light Ray to ultimately defeat his father. A portal opened up between both worlds and the battle spilled over into this Earth.

Not far from Egypt, Yemen is also restlessly perched, wobbling on the verge of chaos as well. Some of you might have heard rumors about a star gate that opened up in The Gulf Of Aden, near Yemen. The buzz has been floating around The Net since last summer regarding activity, in around and above The Gulf.

What’s fascinating is the blend of Orion and Aryan at Giza, as one of the Pyramids is named “Zawat El Aryan” which apparently lines right up with Rigel and Betelgeuse, in Orion. So here we have the fusion of Orion/Aryan. What’s also interesting is that as I have dug a little deeper, the words are related, but not in a way that I once thought.

Orion + Sirius = Aryan

In the night sky, Sirius and Orion are neighbors and in opposition with one another. These two stars play an immense role in our mythology and our secret history, the one science has kept from our purview. One of the more compelling narratives I’ve read regarding our origins and the creation of Atlantis is a mind twisting saga that encompasses James Cameron’s career, the spiritual importance of Titanic and dueling forces of light and dark throughout history, stretching back into the garden of Eden, created by the galactic originator disciples also known as “GOD”.

The creation of Atlantis it seems was a joint effort between Orion and Sirius known as “Xeno-Genesis.” But there was a rebellious sort amongst the Sirians, a fellow by the name of “Satan.” And this Satan fellow created a genetically modified organism, known as the apple or the fruit of the tree of knowledge. It contained enzymes that created a sense of separateness in Eve. In essence, she became sentient and aware of herself apart from the galactic originator disciples. She talked Adam into sharing the experience. Apparently Satan did take the form of a serpent to get her head wrapped around the idea. Now I ask you, what was all the buzz last week? The emergence of Ophiucus. The Serpent Bearer. Tonight as I type and Egypt rages, the Moon is passing through Antares located near Scorpion, adjacent to Ophiucus. Antares is related to Mars due to it’s reddish color and of course Mars is Aries/Aryan. On the other side of the ecliptic, opposite Scorpio/Scorpius is Orion, near the constellation Taurus. But back to our Atlantean tale and the battle between the gods.

There was a rebellion in Atlantis and war broke out between The Orions and The Sirians. The war extended into the heavens and Cydonia on Mars. The battle was fierce and it exploded the planet between Mars and Jupiter, which was known at the time as “Fenex.” Out of the debris of that planet, we get the asteroid belt. The Sirians were apparently thwarted and The Orions carried the day, however, Terra was not quite the same after that.

While doing research, I kept coming across the term “Aryan-Sirius.” It occurred to me that the word Aryan is not just a derivation of Orion as I had previously come to the conclusion, but is a conglomerate of Orion and Sirian or Orian, or as it might relate to a very precious substance here, (Au)rian. In any case, it feels like the word for the god of war, Aries/Aryan represents the battle between The Orions and The Sirians or the Aurian/Aryan/Orian conflict itself. And right now, as Jupiter is in the early degrees of Aries, the god or in this case, the spirit of war, riots and revolt erupt in the land of the great pyramids, stationed as gateways to Orion. Venus by the way, is resting right at the loins of serpent bearer, tonight, over Cairo and of course Cairo is anglo for “Al Qahirah” in Arabic, which was derived from “al Qahir”, the Arabic name of the planet Mars. But tonight, as Robert Smith once crooned, “There’s a fire in Cairo.” BTW, no one in Egypt can read this, since the internet has been officially shut down.

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    Avatar was a best seller in Egypt … when it didn’t win the oscar peeps in the muslim world painted themselves blue in protest…

    Dear James Cameron look what you did
    the world watched Avatar now rallies to be rid
    of cruel self-serving tyrants, no more can they kid
    “Know them by their fruits”…as billary and biden skid…

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