Riffing on V For Venus, Virgo, and Vendetta on Guy Fawkes Day

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

v21.jpgThe fifth of November, a day to remember! Barack Obama is the 44th president of The USA and the morning of his victory happens to fall on Guy Fawkes Day. Today is the day in The UK where great bonfires are assembled throughout the land as a blazing remembrance of Fawkes’ plan to take down the queen. The morning of Obama’s victory and Guy Fawkes day set the free associative wheels in motion. Today is the fifth or in Roman numerals, “V.” Obama scored a “victory.” Fawkes was resurrected in the anti-1984 classic, “V For Vendetta.” Obama is the 44th president which is 22 x 2. Twenty-two is the letter “V” in the English alphabet. So Obama’s presidency equals “V squared.”

Riffing on more famous “V’s” there’s Spock, “The Vulcan,” vampires, “V” the vampire blood that humans take to get high in True Blood.

Who can forget “V” the classic, alien series that NBC ran back in the eighties? Then there’s Vader–Darth, The Vril, an alien race that Hitler supposedly contacted to get UFO technology, Valum Votan, the mayan lord of time, who is supposedly inhabiting the body of Jose Arguelles, Vishnu, the hindu god of maintenance and preservation in the hindu cosmic trinity, which includes Brahma and Shiva. Perhaps Visnhu dwelled on Venus before he descended to Earth. There’s Virgo, the ninth sign of the zodiac and goddess of the harvest, especially the grapes that grow on vines. There’s valkyries, vixens, voodoo, valerian and even Prince Valiant, all representing the power of V.

It’s the inverse of a pyramid with the bottom open, which makes it like “U” that precedes it, receptive, which leads into both vaginal and virginal. It is two outstretched arms raised towards the heavens. It’s antler and antenna. From “V” we get velocity, valance, vector and virility. We also have velcro, which some claim came from the vril, or a close relative who must have traveled through the vacuum of space. There’s v-chips, verichip and vibrate, along with vim, verve, vinegar, vassal, vessel and void. And of course, there’s vision, a quality that we all share. And with that, go out and do a little Veni, vidi, vici. The mayan calendrical new year is upon us and the next fifty days are considered prime time to focus on your dreams.

Live long and prosper.

Feel free to add to the list of your favorite, esoteric and non-esoteric words that begin with “V.”

7 thoughts on “Riffing on V For Venus, Virgo, and Vendetta on Guy Fawkes Day”

  1. S

    Do you remember the very short-lived sci-fi show (1995) with Lori Singer “VR.5” for virtual reality? A ‘V’ word – how about vamoose? 😉

    BTW, Happy Birthday to me.

  2. S

    I thought of a few more – I promise that I didn’t use the dictionary – visceral, vicarious, vigor, vice, vivacious, vituperative, viper, vapid, vindictive

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