Richard Sherman, The Grand Earth Trine, Uranus in Aries Conjunct Sherman’s Sun

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

The Smack Heard Round The World

Richard Sherman has just roared his locks into the brain of everyone who has watched the epic title tilt between the Seahawks and Forty-Niners at Century Link Field last Sunday. In the span of about six seconds, he managed to acrobatically tip Colin Kaepernick’s pass that was headed in Michael Crabtree’s direction. With a knifing, twisting, stab at the exact moment, he deflected the pass backwards, where it was snatched up by Malcolm Smith, who intercepted the tip and stole the Niners Super Bowl aspirations in a cold, Seattle second.

But Sherman wasn’t done–far from it. Erin Andrews grabbed him for a quick interview, where Sherman called out Forty-Niners wide receiver, Michael Crabtree and labeled him “mediocre.” He not only cut Crabtree and the Niners deepest wound, he poured salt into it and lit a match. We’ve never seen the likes of Sherman and for some people, that isn’t good enough. He’s young, brash, immensely talented and provided he doesn’t get injured will play in the league for another 7-8 years.

Richard Sherman is just getting started.

He’s an Aries and a Dragon in the Chinese system. That’s formidable.

It’s no surprise that with transiting Uranus on his Sun, Sherman is a lightning rod. I remember when Terrell Owens was in his prime, Pluto in Sag was on his Sun in Sag and we saw the culture quake that was TO. The outer planets have a transpersonal effect on whatever planet they are touching/conjuncting. In essence, they can make the individual lager than life. But it can also burn. The same sort of swagger that catapulted Owens to national fame, also burned him. TO was reported to have tried to kill himself.

Pluto helped focalize and transform his Sag gifts for athletics into a sport changing icon. And then it burned him to the point whee he suffered a Plutonian death of sorts, getting passed around from team-to-team.

The lightning bolt of Uranus has struck Sherman’s Sun in Aries at 9 degrees. Perhaps the solace that Sherman haters might take is that Uranus is moving away from his Sun, but that won’t need his status as the sot loved/hated player in the NFL

Sherman has a Virgo Moon which can be hyper-critical and also drives him towards some form of perfection.

After that, he has Mercury in Pisces. which isn’t necessarily known for it’s tirades, but certainly for it’s flow, for when Sherman speaks, it’s like a dam that’s burst.

The strength of his body and his chart comes from the aggregation of Earth planets in his chart. He has a tight trine between Venus in Taurus (26 degrees) and Mars in Capricorn (25 degrees) both of which are exalted. Mars in Capricorn combines the energy of the ram with the goat. With Mars in Cap, Sherman will be around a long time. But that’s not all. Sherman has Jupiter in Taurus (4 degrees) and Saturn in Capricorn (2 degrees), again a trine and a tight one. The Saturn/Jupiter trine conducts energy between two, titanic forces. It’s a potent combo that brings discipline to his craft (Saturn) with an expansive view of the body and matter (Jupiter). He might have the highest combo of ruler/exalted planets of any chart I’ve seen. His Sun in Aries is exalted. His Venus in Libra is in it’s rulership. His Mars in Capricorn is exalted. Saturn in Capricorn, in it’s ruler. Jupiter in Taurus, exalted. That’s some serious astro mojo.

Uranus in Capricorn is in trine with his Jupiter in Taurus, The Jupiter/Uranus trine is aspect of improvisation and even genius. It’s off the cuff rants and last minute heroics. And it all has to do with the body as Sherman is tough and physical.

With Pluto in Scorpio opposing his Jupter there is a bit of an obsessive streak in him, but along with with everything else in his chart, he is thoroughly grounded. He’s also going to make a ton of cash. He reminds me of Hannibal the conquerer of antiquity with a little Hannibal Lecter and penchant for cruelty to boot, especially if you’re a 49er fan, with all of that Earth and a burning Aries Sun, Sherman is going play at a high level, for a long time. Better get used to him. The only weak link in his chart is Chiron in Gemini, which squares his Mercury in Pisces. Can you say Adderall?

Rectified Sherman chart with of course chatty Gemini on the ascendent.

13 thoughts on “Richard Sherman, The Grand Earth Trine, Uranus in Aries Conjunct Sherman’s Sun”

  1. H

    That’s pretty interesting. I’m not a sports fan, but you make it interesting.

    Now I wonder, how in the world did the two states, Washington and Colorado, that have legalized weed – end up in the “super” “bowl”?
    This is all planned, right? Or is life stranger than fiction?

    Also, have you seen that horrific picture of moon faced Hillary (Planet Hillary) on the NYT magazine cover?
    How MUCH does some segment of the PTB hate her? Wow, just wow. Its so terrible you cant look away. I try not to pay too much attention to main stream media, but they got me now.
    I’d like to think two factions of the PTB are fighting it out. Hope they destroy each other.

    1. a

      I think it’s closing a bit. Arizona was right on their tail and the Rams were competitive. Seattle is a younger bully version of the Niners. I also think that Jim Harbaugh’s act has become a little toxic. CK is also getting some large doses of humility. I think they will always be competitive, but the will no longer dominate the NFC West.

  2. T

    With his north node conjunct his mercury in Pisces in his 10th house I bet we’re going to be hearing a lot more from this guy.

  3. W

    ‘LOVE THIS GUY! Take a look at some of his quintiles:
    Sun quintile Ascendant – unique, creative, dynamic & dramatic in achieving goals. Life often feels like creative play or drama.
    Sun quintile Chiron – very gifted at understanding subtle energies, symbolism and other dimensions of reality; ‘would be an excellent astrologer, healer and/or spiritual guide.
    Mars quintile Pluto – superhuman force.
    Neptune quintile true node – intuitively in-tune with social forces; knows how to benefit from social contacts – such as his response on Super Bowl Media Day:

    “Richard Sherman’s excellent answer to ridiculous question about strippers on media day”

    Thanks Robert, for bringing Richard Sherman to our attention! What a natal chart! – He is destined to be a star! And a guru! 🙂

  4. C

    Yes, too bad about the Niners… didn’t really have a preference in this game but was hoping that Denver would be able to come back a bit.

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