Rewriting The Matrix Via The Venus Transit As The Divine Feminine Wipes Away The Stain Of Sandusky

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

A sense of murality is restored.

Its not often when a person has direct contact with an archetype that is so matrix morphing in ways that we can only begin to meditate on the spiritual resonance that it portends and yet, this occurred to me just the other day. Here is what happened and why you need to know about.

Jerry Sandusky was judged and condemned swiftly on 43 out of 48 counts of sexual assault. He’s scheduled to spend the next three lifetimes in prison, if he even makes it that far.

Its interesting, as a sports fan, I’d listen to updates on local and national shows and they reported the verdict with a canned sense of solemnity and then they moved onto the scores. The big sports networks don’t want to touch the case with any sort of exacting eye, especially ESPN, which is owned by Disney. Can you feel me? The local shows just shake their heads and since its not a local story, they move on as well. Sports is the Club Med of denial. There’s only a few reporters in the world of sports that would have the nerve to really stare down the Sandusky case, Pittsburgh radio host Mark Madden is one of them. Madden was way out in from of the Sandusky story and has even intimated that Sandusky was not just a perp, but a frontman for something even more insidious. Here is Madden’s Sandusky talking points on the air.

As a result of his conviction, Sandusky was removed from a mural of Penn State luminaries. This is what happens in political regimes where there’s a sea change in leadership or ideology. When Stalin died, he was edited out of similar visuals in Russia, including books and films. Here is the matrix re-writing its own program, virtually re-scripting history. But sometimes, occasionally, there’s a new template inserted, overriding the program to such a degree that it quite frankly transmits the potential for redemption. You see, a good friend of mine is replacing Sandusky on the Penn State mural, her name is “Dora McQuaid” and she’s a nationally recognized poet, as well as a domestic violence and abuse activist and a Penn State alum.

While Jerry Sandusky was building Second Mile into a multi-million-dollar foundation for the procurement of young boys, Dora, a rape survivor was heroically holding down two lives. By day, she taught english at Penn State. By night, she was visiting prisons and meeting with violators face-to-face, working arduously to lobby for victims rights and greater post-traumatic support. Her work was lauded and she was honored by the state of Pennsylvania itself. Could these two seemingly disparate realities co-exist in the same academic dimension? The answer was “no.” And it was not Sandusky that would be forced out of the collegial confines of Happy Valley.

After a strange and severely damaging car wreck, McQuaid had to leave university due to the severity of her injuries. This took place in 2004, almost exactly during the last Venus transit, as Venus crossed over the South Node of the Sun. Sandusky’s conviction and McQuaid’s redemption all took place during this version of the Venus transit, which has been dubbed “The Return Of The Divine Feminine.” I am boldly proclaiming that Dora McQuaid’s displacement of Sandusky on the mural is not only culturally important and a personal vindication for her work, but also signals a re-balancing of energy on a planetary level.

Born on April 22nd, Dora has been tasked with the master number. Her chart features a stellium in Aries including Mercury, Venus, Saturn, TN and Chiron and while they are just outside the current of the Pluto/Uranus square, Aries is the sign of the warrior and she has been that spiritual warrior. Oh yeah, she’s a Taurus, ruled by . . . Venus.

Its more than just a little ironic that Sandusky was convicted during the Uranus/Pluto square as football is a sport modeled on war and Aries rules war. Uranus is radical–we know that–but it also has a disturbing quality to it. Aquarius by and large likes to play by its own rules and there is an inherent lawlessness in Aquarius. This is fleshed out in “Rules For Radicals” written by the rebellious Aquarian, Saul Alinksky, where Alinsky dedicates the blueprint for revolution to Lucifer. Sandusky is an Aquarian as well.

Pluto in Capricorn is not only the ascent of the coporatocracy, but also insight into the proclivities of power, particularly the sexual proclivities. When these two outer planets square, we get friction and sparks, the grinding of social gravitational fields at hard angles.

Sandusky has an Aquarian Moon to go along with his Sun. Transiting Pluto was conjunct his Mercury in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries of course was squaring it. This intensity on his Mercury was pushed to the surface as his Plutonian secret life was revealed for all the world to see. Uranus squaring it added light speed to the trial. There are those that say that the extraordinarily fast trial was due to the fact that they didn’t want the backstory of Second Mile to come leaking out, but when I spoke with Dora, she told me that the reason it was so swift was that they wanted to dispatch the grand jury as quickly as possible on the Penn State administration, including, but not limited to ex-president, Graham Spanier. Spanier is a Cancer, 25 degrees. Saturn is about to square his Sun. It could get very hot for the former head of Penn State, very quickly.

Another interesting astrological aspect was that transiting Venus retrograde got within one degree of Sandusky’s Mars in Gemini, performing as it were a celestial reclamation of sorts. Mars in Gemini lends itself more towards bi-sexuality than almost any other alignment. Gemini also represents early-childhood development and learning. Keep in mind that most of Sandusky’s victims were between the ages of seven and nine. He also has Chiron in Virgo which translates into “the shame of innocence.”

While Jerry Sandusky awaits his dark fate behind bars, as the next phase of the grand jury looks into the sordid relationships up the chain of authority and beyond, Saturn goes direct, speeding towards Scorpio’s arrival in October, when the muck and filth becomes blatantly obvious for all to smell and witness. This will coincide with what is called, “The Externalization Of The Hierarchy,” where the raw, naked and bold plans for a global hegemony begin to be revealed, thus catapulting us towards the catalyst point of 12/21/12 and the life and death drama of 2013.

2012 will quite possibly be remembered as the last year that had any connection to the past in terms of legacy and continuity. In 2013, the collective memory changes. The luxury of nostalgia reaches its climax. You’ll look back on these times and fondly remember them as the good old days. Which brings me to my next point.

Pluto in Capricorn is ruthless and I mean this in the most positive sense possible. Squared up against Uranus in Aries in the all important 9 degree (end of a cycle), we’re being forced to quickly evaluate our own lives against the ominous sweep of the big picture.

I got into it on Facebook today and if it was two years ago, I’d probably still be at these keys hammering away at my rightness of things. I was tangling with an astro-theologian. I think astro-theology is mostly full of shit. Its an atheistic reduction of all things religious, wiping out the big three, all based on the cross-cultural application of the Sun as manifestation of a variety of Gods. The person I was debating with was convinced that Jesus was a fake, all religions lies and that our makers were aliens (cue Prometheus). I wondered how sure could she be and even if it were true, how could she explain away the lives of mystics and saints like Theresa of Avila and Padre Pio? What of Fatima? Medjugorge? These are people and places that have experienced deeply religious and spiritually spontaneous transmissions of the miraculous and divine. How could she be so sure of their non-existence?

While I was prompting her to perhaps reconsider her own position regarding her outright rejection of Christianity, even if she did it just to challenge her own pre-disposition, I was on another thread where I was telling this guy a story about Dezi Arnez and how he loved to take speed while staying at The Copa and screw girl after girl that waited in line outside his room. He accused me of spreading a Satanic lie to demoralize his faith. I somehow managed to piss off a believer and non-believer in the span of about ten minutes. Gotta love Jupiter in Gemini, where I can be a heretic and a disciple with the stroke of a key.

The close knit relationship between Chiron and Neptune in Pisces is manifesting in this dance of disbelief and faith. Chiron is shining a light on the inequities of faith as dogmatic systems of control. Its almost like chemo for the collective soul though. How much will it kill off before it can heal itself again? Neptune trailing behind Chiron offers the signs of redemption, sort of like the transit of Venus or Sandusky to McQuaid. In a perfect universe (its perfect anyway right?) Chiron would expose the hypocrisy and lies, while Neptune would bring the holy water and fill the cistern of your heart with the one, true gospel of pure love and service for the gift of life itself. But this ain’t the movies. Or is it?

With the seeming lack of material excess for many of us, we’re dealing with Pluto’s machine-like efficiency in Capricorn. Whittling away at our possessions and material goods, what is left? As we alchemize the dross of materialism, we get closer to the distillation of our souls. Pluto in Capricorn leads us towards an “economy of soul.” In essence, what we’re doing now, since it appears that the material game is ending, is getting more and more attuned to what’s important and if you haven’t done this, I heartily suggest that you do.

You see, the only thing you have and ever had was your soul, the most precious possession we could ever encounter. Everything else is ephemeral and transitory, so you’d better do some spiritual accounting very quickly. Im not saying to give up your dreams or what you deeply desire to do based on a soulful aspiration. I’m no Marshall Applewhite. But what I am suggesting is, is that you move beyond the lesser light of the material realm and get right with the God within you. You’ll know this by the quality of peace you live with–that is the spiritual litmus.

We started this long and rambling affair recognizing a phase shift in the matrix on a symbolic level as my dear friend and lovely spiritual warrior, Dora displaced the most disgraced and now despised man in Penn State history. Is there any other sign that can validate this state of change? What if Venus transiting the Sun has altered the Sun itself? Was it a cosmic trigger giving birth to a new version of the Sun? The Sixth Sun as prophesied by the Maya? The light here has changed. Its different. It feels like autumnal rays that oxidize the leaves into September rust, then dust are beaming down upon us.

13 thoughts on “Rewriting The Matrix Via The Venus Transit As The Divine Feminine Wipes Away The Stain Of Sandusky”

  1. J

    “Sports is the Club Med of denial.” – great line, and another great post. That Dora McQuaid replaced Sandusky in the Penn State mural truly is matrix morphing. I clicked on her link, and listened to your recent broadcast – she is powerful, yes, but more importantly she has such empathy, such heart, and we are all is such desperate need of people like that these days. Speaking of heart, one of the Fatima messages is that the Sacred Hearts of both Jesus and Mary should be honored together — in other words, both men and women should honor the divine masculine and feminine within themselves. Well, that’s how I interpret it, anyway.

  2. s

    Robert, thanks for making us think. I love reading your posts, even though I don’t always agree with everything you write. That’s what makes the world go round I suppose.
    My main reason tor commenting, though, was to point out the interesting way the picture of Sandusky was cropped, a subtle sign for those in the know? The green (Satan ‘s color?) sign has been cropped to read, “served”.

  3. H

    Still trying to work out the meaning of this Pluto-Uranus square, in material ‘real-world’ terms.

    Plutocracy – the political control of the state by an oligarchy of the wealthy.

    Pluto is reducing 99%’s possessions by moving all the wealth to the 1%?
    And this would go unchallenged if not for that Uranus in Aries.
    Is this too simplistic?

  4. d

    Something huge stirs … my psychic world is flooded with spirit children come to help balance the healing…
    …that eye at the apex of the pyramid symbol used by the turds is totally about the penis and nothing about some ‘secret third eye wisdom’ they want us to beLIEve they hold…
    Resting in peace for anyone with half a brain is not an option while these greedy old pedophiles corrupt and control…
    Remember… eyes on ball hand on woody…

  5. “You see, the only thing you have and ever had was your soul, the most precious possession we could ever encounter.”

    Yup. Whenever things got really rough in the past (and, boy, had they), someone told me that my energy was something no one could take away from me.

    It’s my kick-ass energy I’m proud of.

    Make sure your souls are in the right place. This isn’t about what faith you follow, or who your friends are, but about something much deeper than that: your truth.

  6. t

    That’s incredible and very inspiring that Sandusky’s off the mural and replaced with such a brave woman after she was displaced from Penn State previously. Really gives me massive faith in the cycles. So her ‘stellium in Aries’ would have been totally tested by Saturn these past few years then. Wow! And early ones with Pluto too. I’ve been working this criminal case of mine for almost the duration of that Venus Cycle. Libra with a stellium including her Pluto in Libra is the main perp. Spotlight amazingly coming down on them right now. I had a dream where I was telling her ‘Saturn’s going to make damn sure you don’t get away with this-and whatever Saturn misses, Pluto will mine sweep behind it’. My ordeal really did start in 2004 with some fraudulent Title work starting the show on the road though I didn’t realize it then (Neptune conjoin my natal Merc)… I really pray that Sandusky’s org and all those involved are being gone over (and after) with a fine toothed comb. Group actions seem to be being gone after… finally.

    Wonderful writing Robert-thank you.

  7. m

    The luxury of nostalgia reaches its climax – I have been sensing this since 2010 and couldn’t quite understand what I was feeling or why. It felt like everything up to that point was really starting to feel like distant past, not part of the present at all. I love the photo of Dora. Great story!

  8. C

    Robert…thank-you for bravely going where no one else wants to look.

    The effect of Uranus square Pluto cannot be overstated. It’s the headliner right now. In October the power of this square will be magnified when Saturn moves into Scorpio and begins to support Pluto. The sex lives of the famous and powerful will continue to exposed and we will continue to see the famous pass away as well as corporate power transformed. What does that mean for the meek? Stay the hell out of the pool…it’s full of sharks.

    I’m so curious about the power of Neptune coming home. It’s bound to be a bumpy ride for a while with Chiron leading the way. In the end spiritual repairs will be completed as the wounded healer takes no prisoners. How does Neptune soften the effect of Pluto (sextile) and Saturn (trine)? And next year Jupiter rolling into Cancer. Surely this will help to soften the blows?

    We wait with baited breath…

  9. s

    “As we alchemize the dross of materialism, we get closer to the distillation of our souls.”

    Great line. Yes, it seems we’re fast approaching a spiritual tipping point beyond which there may be little redress, only the intentional, if prompted, refining of focus.
    Should one expect to continue their ‘walk between the raindrops’, a less circuitous route may be required to absorb and absolve(them.)

    The Balance is in, all is magic, and the children are still at play. (sweet!)

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