Revisiting Sananda’s Birth On 911, The Gemini Full Moon, Mandela As The New Imitation Of Christ, 11th House On Gaiam

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

The new shroud of Turin.

When I was a kid, I had the most violent reactions to anything having to do with the Church and Jesus. When I was barely four, my mother took me to church with her mother and father and her youngest brother. The door of the church swung open wide. The swelling sounds of the organ hit me like a gale force wind. The light bled through the stained glass window behind the altar, where a man on a cross in supreme agony crucified my attention.

I screamed in terror and refused to go inside.

After some quick thinking, they thought I would be better off in Sunday School, below the church. I remember feeling the power of rebellion swirl and rise in me. I had no interest in Sunday School or anything associated with that church and wanted to be as disruptive as possible.

Fast forward, about four years later, we would drive down El Camino Real some days on our way home. There was an orthodox church there, replete with alabaster walls and cobalt blue minarets. Mary gazed down upon us as we drove by. Whenever we got close to that church, I would have a panic attack. I would drop to the floor of the back seat. I can still smell the rubber and plastic of the mats on our new Renault.

Once I thought enough time had elapsed, I would ask if it was safe to sit up.

This fear/panic/contempt for the church and all things iconographic continued and got worse in my adolescence. If I went to a restaurant and there was a picture of Jesus on the wall, I would position myself so as not to be able to see it.

At summer bible school (I had to go with a neighbor and her kids) I made jokes during the service. When it came to painting stained glass bible scenes using water paints on the classroom windows, I opted for rockets and space. My friend’s mother thought I was the devil–I might have been. This continued up through my early twenties until I had what I called a conversion experience. It was classic in some ways; Dark night of the soul, extended downward and outward into the deep, glacial orbits of Sartre’s existential and empty alterverse, propelled by the rocket fuel of high grade LSD. It was the bad trip of all bad trips.

Somewhere around 4AM, I decided to pray for peace and sleep and to surrender myself to God in that moment. My soon to be lesbian girlfriend slept next to me, oblivious of my furious, psychic meltdown. Later on, I would reflect on this as my Gethsemane moment. It wasn’t that epic in the scheme of things, but no matter how hard I tried, she wouldn’t wake up and offer me any comfort.

But almost immediately after I sent out my prayer, I was asleep. In the morning, when I awoke, I knew my life was different–that it had fundamentally changed in a way that I couldn’t comprehend.

Over the course of the following months, my life became very different. I meditated. I gave up drinking. I began to see auras. I astral projected. But aside from all of that, I became a better person and felt that a force loved me enough to change my life in ways that I had always wanted, but never had the strength to. My faith grew and with it, so did my sense of inner peace. I had always believed in the concept of God, but this was different, far more personal.

I began to read the Christian mystics and poets, especially the likes of George Herbert, Henry Vaughn and Richard Crashaw. Crashaw was a mad, catholic englishman living in Italy, whose poetry bordered on the surreal. I sought out Thomas Merton and Edgar Cayce.

In essence, I went from unrepentant and rebellious youth to a true believer, well as true as it was for me, because I don’t know of many christians who would have been interested in my out of body experiences or if they were, only from the perspective of saving my soul. I had lost my “Chrisotphobia.”

Fast forward, it’s 12/16/2013, the Moon is in Gemini and my latest video on Gaiam is hitting. I’m looking at the possible birthdate of Jesus/Sananda/Emmanuel of 9/11. Yes, I am looking at it from a biblical perspective, using a reference from “Revelation” that seems to correspond to the date of 9/11/-3. I’ve posted the chart here before, but here is the link to it.

Under the Gemini Moon we get to examine two, separate stories, or variants on the greatest story ever told. There’s the astrotheological version which is more empowered by the 12/25 date, where the winter solstice is celebrated as Sol Invictus and Jesus shows up as Ra or Apollo some other solar deity. He’s a play on Zeus (Jesus/Hey Zeus) or he’s a fictional character altogether, deployed by the Romans and another JC, Julius Caesar, as a future control system for a crumbling Roman empire.

So I wanted to explore a different narrative. On the Gaiam video, I actually compiled even more strange and compelling info that suggest that 9/11 is indeed a very important day.

It is marked by the Beatles very first single, recorded on 9/11/62 and the Beatles as we know them were formed that day when Ringo officially became the drummer of the band, replacing session player, Tony Sheridan and future postman, Pete Best.

There’s more.

There were five nuclear tests and at least four significant moments in the formation of the nation/state of Israel. There’s a ton going on, not too mention the mother of all goings on. There’s something deep and ritualistic about the date and if indeed a historical figure such as Yeshua Sananda was born on that very day, there’s been quite a few interested parties jumping on the current of that ancient and timeless circuitry.

The lads from Liverpool crop up again and again on the alter-timeline frequency. They’re massive players on 11/22 and JFK and they surface again on the 9/11 tip. If Sananda/Christ was born on 9/11, what better day to launch the avatars of the new age, the troubadours of group consciousness and the aquarian age? Now did some guys in pointy hats draw up a chart one day and say, “This is the day, we’ll start the Beatles?” Well, since they were likely cooked up at Tavistock, you never know, since Tavistock and MI5 have had all kinds of esoterica at their fingertips; from Crowley’s “Thelema” to the works of John Dee and Edward Kelly, to the rites of various lodges, to the arcane hyper-physics of the Nazis and the Vril, I don’t think we can entirely rule it out.

Perhaps, it’s also one of those mnemonic entrainments that happens when we celebrate a day over and over again, there seems to be an energy that becomes hard wired into the day itself.

What I tried to do is portray not just an alternate date and time, but to show that there was some deeper intelligence engaged in using the date to shape our current reality; 9/11, 11/22, codex magica, torquing, tweaking, twerking our timeline in a spiral of entropic decay, substituting synthetic values for sacred law.

Well. this year, 2014, the zenith of it all rises into the skies of lower Manhattan as the One World Trade Tower, the phallic spire of Babel on the Hudson pierces our consciousness. It’s the Year of the Tower (14) and now we have another meta-magical event that is assuming Christ-like proportions before our very eyes and that is the funeral/memorial service of Nelson Mandela, replete with schizophrenic signers, a cool new crest that’s chock full of kinds symbolic goodness, a flowing hyper-cube, and a larger than life Mandela statue, all in the run up to 12/25, the celebration of Saturnalia and the supposed birth of Jesus, which is now owned and occupied by Santa, the Falstaffian hybrid of Jupiterian largesse and the nasty old ways of Saint Nick, Nick of course being the devil, the symbolic intersection between Saturn and Jupiter, Satan and Jehovah.

So we have Mandela stepping into the chronological throne of a new Christ-ian figure, the man who was imprisoned by his captors because he was “fighting” for freedom and then when he was released, held no malice in his heart for his tormentors. Well, that is the tale that they would like us all to believe, but it seems as though Mandela was a bit more than that. At his heart, he was a communist whose sole goal and purpose was to do what communists do, which is overthrow existing regimes, grab private land and resources, demonize and terrorize the existing regime and install a vice-like grip on all communication, process and personal freedoms. It’s one of the great ironies of our times that the most progressive societies and communities have the most rules and regulations.

But it’s clear that Mandela’s death in the ingress of Saturnalia, the worship of Saturn, home of the Kabaa, is the next iteration of the displacement of Christ as the new cosmic-mythos. From this point forward, the world will celebrate the life of imitation of Christ, Mandela.

This fits into the Gemini duality of this full moon as well, the archonic displacement of one mythos on the energetic spine of a previous one. And here is where it gets interesting, you see, Mandela is in some respect displacing Christ in the new, cosmic mythos that is being implanted, just like the uber-phallic stake in the ground at ground zero, ground zero of course being the symbolic destination of the alpha point, the new beginning of the new age, these two events are connected. And what we are witnessing is not without precedent as we were given the 12/25 birthdate as an overlay for pagan celebrations, so that the remixed version of pagan rites, of eating the body and drinking the blood of their new savior, would be more readily accepted by the masses and thus easier to led into their pen of newly adopted belief systems. It’s happened before boys and girls.

It’s a challenge being an astrologer with a POV and I always have to be somewhat circumspect in how I parse reality as it’s based on my own conditioning and predilection, but I have been on this planet long enough to actually witness the world evolve along these lines as I predicted it would at the turn of the last century and while I continue to chart the esoteric entrainment across this plain of material existence, I’ll do my best to vet my sources within and without.

So what does the Gemini full moon mean at this time of year, when the Sun is aligned with the Galactic Center? How does a schizophrenic sign language interpreter who sees fallen angels while signing gibberish next to Obama mean? How does the alter-version of Mandela as the new Christ at the crest of Saturnalia affect it all? In my estimation, we are at a point in our conscious awareness of a bifurcation of reality, a split between two, separate worlds as the gulf between two poles of soul drift further and further apart in the vastness of space. One reality will offer up everything you want or need and something approximating a socio-techno paradise on Earth where poverty, war, illness and discrimination are eliminated, but with one, unique catch. The individual as we know it will be obsolete and the will of the individual would have to be subsumed by the greater will of an overriding body of enlightened beings who rule through a series of strict laws and values. The other reality has far less rules and structure but also lacks the creature comforts of a green paradise and the inner dimensions and real spiritual values will have to be exercised as not just luxuries of the mind, but as survival skills.

One world looks and feels like a hollow, new age wet dream, the other more rooted in something that is outside the boundaries of any type of social definition. We can already see this peeling away in some ways as disgruntled Silicon Valley execs are starting to plan their own societies apart from the one they are currently living in and hauling in millions.

Peter Thiel has his own version of water world he’s working on and he’s not alone. Larry Ellison owns Molokai and is playing the role of Dr. Moreau. The tech demigods just want to do things their way without all that niggling, government red tape. They are symbolic of this split in reality.

From West Virginia to California, there are rumblings of succession, not as states as a whole, but swaths of communities who feel as though their type of lifestyles are no longer congruent with the system that is supposed to represent them. While they don’t have the same fundage as Thiel and Google’s Larry Page, the sentiment is roughly the same.

When I looked at the alternate birthdate of Sananda, I did so with the idea that the 12/25 date was yet another manipulation of our consensus reality and if indeed the date was 9/11/-3, then was that date throughout history was manipulated as well and to what affect?

Christianity is on a deathwatch and for some people, I can hear the shouting and rejoicing already as I type, but religion will not die. Leo Strauss, the head neocon realized that Marx’s great mistake was exorcising religion from communism and as a result, the latest version of communism/socialism is inclusive of Islam. Islam will be the new christianity of the new age.

I hope the 9/11 birthdate will at the very least tease your curiosity open and prime you to ponder what could have been and still could be without the mis-interpretation and perversion of the original message of love and compassion while living close to a great and universal source of wisdom on a very personal basis.

Happy Saturnalia and Sol Invictus.

You can get a free, ten-day-trial at Gaiamtv and view the episode of the 9/11 birth of Jesus and more by simply going to the 11th House and sign up for it.

28 thoughts on “Revisiting Sananda’s Birth On 911, The Gemini Full Moon, Mandela As The New Imitation Of Christ, 11th House On Gaiam”

  1. Dear Robert, just an observation, communism is such a dog-whistle word for Americans.( It is not surprising after nearly 100 hundred years of propaganda.)
    The reason why Mandela, Tambo and all others were communists is because it was the communists who were willing to provide the guns and explosives at the time.
    When I was a teenager living in that part of the world, I had conversation with a man who had worked in various parts of Africa and I expressed an opinion about these guys all being communists, he just laughed and said that they all were fascist-capitalists. In the 30 years since, he has never been proved wrong. The political model that is most common in Africa is Game of Thrones crossed with Tammany Hall.
    In fact, if you follow up on all those communists who were part of the government in 1994 you will see that they were coming to do good and all and most definitely their children (now part of the nomenklatura) have done well. Unlike Cuba and North Korea where the communists came to power and almost everything moved into state hands, the trend in South Africa is to move everything in to (selected) private hands and call it Black Economic Empowerment (BEE).

    1. a

      Nice to hear from you again Billii. Talking about the Boer era in SA in any kind of positive light is almost akin to saying that the holocaust didn’t exist. Not quite, but close. Here is what we know about SA then and now. South Africa under the Boers were an almost self-sustaining country, that means they were almost without any any debt and could remain free from the clutches of the World Bank and the IMF. Now, South Africa’s unemployment rate is 25% (a modest figure), their utilities infrastructure built by the Boers is crumbling and until they stopped compiling statistics, was the murder capital of the world. It’s not a great post-Boer legacy. Today, the country is crippled by strikes. Miners who strike for more rights are murdered by the Zuma regime. This is a fact. And who or where do you think that the communist party gets their money from to buy weapons for revolution? If history has shown us anything, we can see the hands of families like the Rothschilds funding any war that serves their self interests and since they have deep stakes in the World Bank and IMF, I’m sure that they are well pleased that SA is deeply indebted to their loans. As far as not seizing resources, while this is mostly a good thing, and didn’t descend into Mugabe-like madness, it’s not at all resolved. White farm owners continue to tell stories about their lands being burned, people on the land murdered and so on. Zuma suggests that this is just a part of a much bigger crime problem. But even that statement is riddled with it’s contradictions at the level of subtext. But lastly, this wasn’t really a post about Americans fear of communism, it was the about the idea that the Christ is a replaceable, iconic figure and that what we are witnessing is the formation of myth in our very presence, launched through esoteric technologies.

  2. How about a reading on Kurt Cobain who was born on the Aquarian/Piscean cusp. There was a singer who took us from one ‘time’ into another ‘time’ if ever there was. A John the Baptist figure I reckon. The alleged loss of his head makes it more so. Remember no ‘heavy,punk,’alternative’ music was permitted in the mainstream until Nirvana. Then the floodgates broke.

    I was fortunate to be raised by parents who were genuine agnostics. I never got any religion/Jesus or ‘ism’ pushed on me, but curiosity was encouraged.

    I look forward to your posts. I visit here from Vis’ blogs. I don’t follow the NFL but understand. I follow the AFL. Cheers.

    1. a

      Cobain is interesting, surely a sacrificial figure if there was one. Dave Grohl was the resurrected figure of that band, wasn’t he? Dave is a Capricorn and after the dust settled, it was the goat left standing. Also interesting to note that the third member of Nirvana was “Krist” Novoselic. Ian Brown, formerly of the Stone Roses is also a 0 degrees Pisces like Cobain. One of the theories surrounding Cobain’s death was that Courtney Love had him murdered. Some people believe it was El Duce, the singer of the rape rock band, “The Mentors.” Duce was a 0 degrees Aries.

  3. a

    as i was reading about your early revulsion towards churches and symbology my mind popped on the Cathars…and given your mystic energy wondered if perhaps your horror came from the terror of being burned alive by armies of ‘Christians’…also….as a fun fact…my EX-husband was a bi-polar Iranian born on 9/11. hahaha

  4. a

    oops i forgot to add my main point! what do you think about mandela supposedly dying in june and the fact being kept secret until the fanfare funeral could take place around the holidays? i was thinking perhaps it was to make it easy for global powers to schedule attendance but after reading this it seems much more likely the death was kept secret for ritual purposes.

    ex was born 9/11/56 — more polarity!

    1. a

      Mandela died in June (Gemini) and his ritual funeral chart has some very interesting aspects. It was held on 12/15/13 and at 11:11 SA time, the Moon was at 1 Gemini. ;-). Look at where Chiron and Neptune are. They are right on the ASC, so this would be indicative and symbolic of the essence of Christ, both in it’s fullness and dignity with Neptune and also with the psychic wound, the thorn in the side, with Chiron. And, the Sun is about as close to the galactic center as it could based on the position and degree of the Moon in Gemini. Also, look at the time stamp of Universal Time.

    1. a

      No, but Robertson is definitely a prime candidate for this type of social crucifixion. And, in the light of the raising of Mandela as the new Christic mythos, someone’s gotta die (well, as least metaphorically speaking). There needs to be a sacrifice. Phil Robertson is a Taurus and I would be very surprised if he offers up some sort of apology or mea culpa.

  5. Hi Robert, excellent piece mate, nicely threaded.
    Nell’s son (Nell Gwyn? – just a thought that may be worth exploring) Mandela has been useful, not least because his name conjures ‘mandala’. And another thing, so many of ‘the management’s’ shaker puppets have such a string of names that reading them numerologically and numerosymbologically is hugely daunting work.
    Regarding your tie-in with the Beatles, Ringo Starr (Saturn perhaps) was born on 7th July – 777 London bombings date); and Crowley (Sgt Pepper cover) was born on 12th October (Bali bombing)
    I’ve been musing a bit on 911 (i11 or ik – kinda fitting symbolically to me) lately (as well as other subjects). As you know Robert, the numerological/symbological aspects of 911 are far in excess of chance. It might interest you to know that Numerosymbologically 11th September 2001 is 911-911. I’m formulating an article, or perhaps a video, including this detail and more, adding to what’s in my Signs book, and on my websites.

    1. a

      Thanks for chiming in on this Ellis. Your work on numbers is the best out there in my opinion and I can’t wait till you get the video up. Let’s get you back on the show and talk about it once you do. Cheers.

  6. d

    The orchestration around Mandela’s passing is hard to ignore. It did, however remind us all of our fight to overcome the traumas of our past….we had lost focus.

    Our 9/11 here in SA was THE major battle that took place in Jamba, Angola on the 9th of November 1987 before the final battle at Cuito Carnavale. This day changed the unspoken war that took place in (then South West Africa) Namibia and Angola – in fact, the whole of southern Africa – between the USSR and the US, the Cubans and British, with apartheid South Africa training and commanding local military operations to destabilise the region. From that 911 day onwards Namibia became free, South Africa withdrew their troops from Angola – which they had denied were there all along – and the door for the unbanning of the ANC and Mandela’s release was opened – even though we had to go through 2 more years of hell before this started to come to light. So this 911 battle was a major turning point. Many ‘white’ conscripted soldiers still feel that they won, even though it was a stalemate – and the many lives that were lost on that day were due to having to obey fatal orders. What is interesting about the astrology of this battle was that as the formations began at 3:45am the nodes had just crossed from Aries-Libra into the final degrees of Pisces-Virgo. The Scorpio Sun was with Pluto, Moon conjunct Chiron in Gemini so…..the sacrifice and more.

    In terms of the statue going up on 16 December…this day used to be a public holiday we all had to celebrate growing up in SA that commemorated the Boer’s victory over the Zulus at the Battle of Blood River – the river ran red with blood from how many people were slaughtered on that day. 16 Dec for the ANC was when Umknoto we Sizwe, the armed wing of the ANC was formed in 1961. So after 1994 this day was celebrated as the day of reconciliation. The sculpture going up on this day after the funeral seems a bit too well choreographed and does contrast a man’s life with the powers-that-be making use of a man’s life.

    As an aside, Umkonto we Sizwe is translated as Spear of the Nation. Perhaps you know of this – an interesting link to a drama that took place last year regarding the President and his spear of the nation impregnating his various wives and lovers….and friend’s wives etc.

    Anyways – it is good to read your POV – thank you for making that journey. Peace

    1. a

      Wow. Great to hear from you again. This post has brought out some people I haven’t heard from in a while. And thanks for the context as well. November 9th, is 11/9 BTW, if you haven’t flipped those digits just yet.

  7. n

    I do not understand why replication turns so mechanical, and subject to the archonic. I do not understand why imitation is some matter of faith, and things get done without the tech. Probably in the blood, self emergent, sneaks through the Game Theory, Catch 22.

    You know, there is a small something that arranges the physical constants, even the stars regroup, that is some worship. Started with a touch, still works like that, of course, when only the lost are messed with, then that is probably spooky action at a distance. To not be the One, yet grafted in, that is the heaven and the earth worshiping together, probably maybe one lost gets repaired.

    They say that action is just really meek wormholes, probably easy to replicate with magnetism, and high energy lasing. The imitation, well, even monkeys will imprint, and get shiny, and form some opinions. Spooks would be the least of the problems, at least according to theory.

  8. H

    Thanks as usual for all this food for thought.
    A follow up on Ellis Taylor’s point mandala/Mandela as related to 9/11.

    I have just been reading “The Shadow of the Dali Lama” ( available free online PDF) by Trimondi. Former follows of the Dali explain what they believe is an essential part of tantric Buddhism, the taking of feminine power by the masculine. They further assert that the god/king Dali’s use of magic is a means to over throw all other religions and government (don’t everybody freak out and get angry, just read it).
    Then, just last night I came across an interview with the authors by James Stephens from 2003. In that interview the authors talk about the Dali creating mandalas (Kalachakra – wheel of time) which they say actually represents the wheel of destruction. The authors say a Kalachakra was made at the twin towers after the first bombing in 1993 and subsequently destroyed in 1996 (as they always are). And years later the towers come down. So, was this a ceremony one of peace or one of destruction?
    And then when you add Roberts thoughts about Jesus birth being 9/11, you got some serious shit going down here.

    I’m probably not explaining this very well, it’s all new to me, just hope others will look into it.

    Side note, that HUGE statue of Mandela is really gruesome. What real leader would want/allow such a thing?

    Second side note. I am predisposed to really disliking the Dali as he has recently become partners with the neurologists at UW Madison who study emotions/happiness. The way they study these things is through vivesection. I think they meditate, torture the monkeys, meditate some more, cut up monkey brains, go on speaking tours with the Dali, collect pay check.

    1. a

      Am not a huge fan of the DL. I saw him up close and personal once at Stanford at the small chapel on campus. He was being interviewed by Orville Schell. We were deeply in Iraq at the time and Schell asked him about it and what he thought. His response shocked us all a bit. He said that spreading democracy was a good thing, completely being blissfully unaware that what was happening with the Iraqis, had already happened in Tibet with the Chinese. It seemed like he had plenty of state department talking points. I think that there was a push at one point to make the new world religion Buddhism, but the focus and energy has shifted to Islam as the new religion for the global corporate-social-fascism. Jay Weidner first got me thinking about this a few weeks back in Boulder when he said that Leo Strauss had figured that Marx got it wrong and that people needed religion and it was agreed upon at a high level, that Islam would be it, for the masses. While I agreed with Jay philosophically, I wondered about the billions of Latinos that are still catholic. Lo, yesterday I was driving around and there was a piece on NPR about latinos in Houston converting to Islam. In fact, there was one who was even translating the Koran into spanish. So Jay might not be far off. In order to create a new religion, the old ones have to die, sometimes in a bloody, gory, ritualistic fashion. There is an inverted Kabaa next to the One World Trade Tower as part of the 911 Memorial. And Mandela, the motion picture opens here on Christmas day.

  9. H

    Ok, this is just plain weird.

    The 7th Kalachakra performed by the Dali was the first he performed outside of Tibet or India.
    His first two were performed in Tibet, next five were performed in India.
    And the seventh was performed in the United States in 1981. And where, oh where in the U.S. was this Kalachakra performed? If you guessed Madison, Wisconsin you would be correct.

  10. H

    Well, last week I may have agreed with Jay, but this week things are looking very different.

    When the Dali was last in Madison, wi (shudder) about six months ago the red carpet was rolled out for him. This is Madison, anti war agnostic heaven, home of the Freedom From Religion folks. BUT, the big D was invited to speak before the legislature at the Capitol. Everyone loved him, all repubs, all dems, all media, all progressives. Did anyone mention separation of church and state? Not on your life.
    He followed up that performance with a huge Lama rally at the Kohl Center which you had to pay for to go to.
    And that was followed up by a presentation with him and the vivesectors at the UW. You know, they had to talk about their findings on emotions and happiness.
    At this point, all I see around the big D is dead bodies, human and other animals. And everyone turns a blind eye.

    Now, there isn’t one Christian, Moslem or other religious figure that could get away with that. Not a one.

    1. a

      The last time the DL came to the Bay Area, he spoke at the Greek Theater in Berkeley and yet he stayed in Nob Hill, in SF, at one of the nicest hotels in town, where they blocked off city streets for at least a 1/8 of a mile in each direction. He could have easily stayed at the Claremont in Oakland, which is both closer and far less ostentatious, though still very nice. Taxpayers pay for everything the DL does. As far as Muslims getting away with murder, all I have to do is look at Syria where the so called rebels behead and skewer the heads of orthodox priests and yet, they continue to get $$$ and the moral and political consent of this country. Perhaps they’ll bring B’Hai out as the new faith, the cultural intersection of Islam, Buddhism and to some extent, Christianity.

  11. H

    You may be right, but……………

    I use to think the big D was just CIA, now it seems much more nafarious, I mean we’re getting into rituals and magic here. And I just can’t get away from the fact that EVERYBODY loves the big D.

    Oh well, I guess that’s what I get with Saturn JUST leaving my first house and Jupiter going retro in the 9th. (I learned that from you!) Smile.

    1. a

      Yes, yes, dark magic that they passed onto Hitler’s boys and through Vril. That’s why Tibet was invaded by China in some ways, a karmic kick back of sorts.

  12. n

    Oh, and the birthdate of Christ was a certain calculation by the early Church. They believed saints and prophets shared the same day for conception and death.
    Just add 9 months to the 4th of Nissan, crucifiction for that year. Maybe the 911 is just 33 and a third, and the kick from responding to the gestating Baptist.
    That twice born, and thirds, pretty much works when your mother is human, and your father is not exactly from around here. Probably sort of fractal, gets complicated on the back end.

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