Revisiting Powell’s Prophecy And Performing A Collective Colinoscopy

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium


Many of my closest friends think I’m a prophet of doom and they like to gloat when something I dis-assemble doesn’t take place. I’m okay with that and would rather be free than right. Just yesterday, a pal, buzzing with Obamania shot me an email, pointing out that the sky is still in the sky and that martial law hadn’t happened.

Well, if my friend had read my blog a little more closely, he would have realized that the days I was referring to are today and tomorrow, based on not my calculations, but those of Colin Powell.

I have already posted the “Meet The Press Video” and covered the massive Aquarian stellium now aligning in the heavens, but I think it’s important to give notice, again, today, and maybe even tomorrow.

If nothing occurs, we will never know if the act of collective witnessing made any difference, or if Powell was simply trying to rattle our cages, but the conscious act of vigilance cannot be so easily dismissed.

Use the abundance of Aquarian energy now available to revolutionize your life, art, thoughts and creations.

Step gracefully into the future self that you imagine. . . now.

4 thoughts on “Revisiting Powell’s Prophecy And Performing A Collective Colinoscopy”

  1. T

    Found him! 🙂

    Nice interview from 20 January above.

    He didn’t reiterate his “warning” from the MTP video. I still think it was a chance remark, ill-considered in the way he expressed it – chattily and informally to Tom Brokaw. It emphasises how public figures should be very careful how they express themselves in these days of blogs, videos and suchlike. Never before have their words and attitudes been so closely inspected and dissected.

  2. a

    I watched Powell and here is my problem with him. He lied his ass off to The UN about Yellow Cake, Rods and Niger. It was his testimony, in direct opposition to The UN’s own investigation, which yielded no evidence to support The Bush admins assertion, that sold the war. That and his drone/Iraq has the capability of flying nuclear weapons to The US lie. Utter crap and people ate it, because he is the revered Colin Powell, sylvan statesman/soldier. Then once he did it, he ducked out and has never been held accountable for that tragic prevarication. Matt Lauer and his colleagues should be ashamed of themselves for not going deeper.
    But, I guess they want to hold onto their jobs.

  3. e


    Have you looked at Powell’s chart? He seems to have a teflon coating – gets away with all kinds of things, from covering up My Lai to the present-day lies you mention.

    Here’s to revolutionizing our lives and remaining crisis-free during these uber-Aquarian times!

  4. a

    He has two aspects that I think are predominantly given to being able to slide through the muck. His natal Jupiter in Capricorn is conjunct his natal Moon in Capricorn. His natal Uranus in Taurus is conjunct his natal Venus in Taurus. Uranus/Venus favors quick moves, rapid relating and shifting alliances, governed by Taurus, which is shrewd and calculating when it needs to be. The Capricorn effect with Jupiter and The Moon, illustrates an emotional allegiance towards Capricornian institutions and vice versa. In essence, Powell loves plutocracy and they in turn, likey like. Doesn’t hurt to be connected to a major bloodline and have membership with both The CFR and Trilateral Commission either.

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