Returning To The Scene Of The Chironic Wound–Kennedy Fifty Years Later–11th House On Gaiam–Dwight Loop On FAR

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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Chiron In Pisces As The Grail Cup.

It took me quite a long time to notice something I should have, as an astrologer a while ago, to notice. Fifty-years-ago, when JFK was murdered, the Sun was at 29 degrees, Scorpio. It was one degree off of my ascendent (28 Scorpio). In basic, astrological parlance, the event itself would have an impact on my life. I was just three when it occurred and I wasn’t aware of the actual event itself, but I was tuned in, literally to the funeral. I was in the hospital and I had my tonsils removed. I remember seeing the funeral motorcade on the black and white television perched in the corner of the room. I asked my mother what was happening and she told me that, “the president had died and it was his funeral.” The whole memory itself is cast in a monochromatic light, just like the cathode projection perched up high in the corner of that room. The hospital of course, is the 12th House, the space of mystery

My instincts from as early as I could remember questioning the Kennedy assassination was that the official story was a pack of lies.

When I was young, the main man behind untangling the Kennedy knots was the New Orleans public defender, Jim Garrison. Garrison, I tonically was born on November 20th (192i). 11/20 is also the same birth day as Bobby Kennedy and just two days off of the fated assassination. Garrison’s natal Sun was at 27 Scorpio, just 2 degrees off of the event. His chart was dominated by Libra. Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the TN in Libra pushed his need to pursue justice, which led him to his main witness, Clay Shaw.

Garrison used a controversial technique to get Shaw to spill the beans–he hypnotized him. With Mercury in Scorpio, it’s actually fitting. Shaw claimed that the CIA had a role in the assassination. Garrison was also the man responsible for getting the Zapruder film. Just as an aside, Bill Cooper once told a group of us that the Zapruder film had 16, key frames released and that the French had had it in their possession and were blackmailing the US with it. But that’s a different rabbit hole. 🙂

When Kennedy was killed at 12:30PM, CST, Chiron was in Pisces, in the first house at 10 degrees. This is incredibly important for a number of reasons. The first is, is that Chiron is at 9 degrees Pisces currently. In essence, we are experiencing the Chiron return of the death of JFK. Right now.

Pisces is associated with Jesus and the Piscean Age and all of the attendant symbolism that goes along with it; compassion, faith. unconditional love, wisdom, sacrifice and resurrection. When Chiron is in the sign of Pisces, we re-enter the wound of the Pisces, and we explore these themes, both individually and collectively. When Chiron is in Pisces we lose faith. We question the existence of God.

One of the mythological expressions of Chiron in Pisces is the tale of “The Fisher King.” The Fisher King is connected to the Grail cycle, but is not necessarily Arthur, however. Galahad, Bors and Percival were the knights charged with the quest of finding the Holy Grail. The Fisher King is impotent, suffering from a wound in the leg/groin. He is unable to walk. The land is fallow. Crops do not grow. The waters become stagnant and poison. The kingdom is not just in despair, but the infertile and the masculine principle is impotent. Until the King Fisher is united with the grail, which will restore the promise and vitality of the kingdom.

In the presidential Camelot, Kennedy was Arthur. The Fisher King was added to the Arthurian legend by the French, medieval writer, Chretien De Troyes. As time has advanced, Arthur and The Fisher King have at times merged. This can be seen in John Boorman’s excellent re-telling of the Arthurian legend, “Excalibur.”

The Kennedy assassination is widely considered the mother of all conspiracies, the Gordian knot of truth in the 20th century and the one upon which a number of conspiracies have been piled on top. Hack through or untangle Kennedy, the dangling threads lead to Vietnam, MK Ultra and even 911. But even if they aren’t followed through the filaments of history to their core, understanding what happened and pulling the covers back on the Kennedy cover-up, could be the one event that would restore order and faith to a planet mired in the decrepit vapors of the wasteland. From Fukushima, to Gaza, to chemtrails, to depleted uranium, to elections stolen, towers fallen, the widening gap of the haves and have nots, the world descends deeper and deeper into the wasteland. Chiron in Pisces is the Holy Grail for the Fisher King and Arthur too. The loss of faith for an entire planet took place fifty years ago today.
To restore sacred order to the wasteland we must once again dive deep into the Chironic wound and with Saturn in Scorpio, we have the power to go deeply and remove the cancerous tumors lies and illusions, of which the latter half of the 20th Century and the early part of the 21st have been erected on.


11/22 is also the day I will make my debut on Gaiamtv with my solo show, “The Eleventh House.” I’ll be producing four-shows-a-month for them starting next week, but my first entry is in the can and in fact, it has to do with JFK as I expand upon my alternate timeline theory and “The False Aquarian Age.” In it, I look at events and astrological aspects and tie together how history wasn’t just altered but launched us on a parallel track of time. You can watch the preview and sign up for Gaiam here at; The Eleventh House.

Today, on the Friday FARcast, I’ll be joined by Dwight Loop. Dwight is a good friend and a longtime Kennedy researcher. He’ll be part of “The Kennedy Assassination: 50 Years Under A Coup. We’ll discuss what happened at Dealy Plaza fifty-years-ago today and some of the conspiracy theories associated with the event. Catch us here at 12:00 Noon, CST and lets dive into the Chironic wound together.

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