Remembering Aryton Senna, 0 Degrees Aries, Restless On The Edge Of The Gravity Trough

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Finding God at 200 MPH

Its late. I’m restless. Today, the early hours of the 22nd lie dormant in darkness. I tried sleeping, lying on my back, trying to cool down the cells. According to the underground observatories, we’re supposed to hit the gravity trough in just a few, short hours. The gravity trough is the celestial speed bump that is being carved out by the Sun and its mysterious twin star, a binary brown dwarf with its own entourage of misfit worlds, flailing about in erratic orbits. Maybe it’s Niburu?

Sometimes when events are looming, major events I’m wound up and a little edgy. When 911 happened I couldn’t sleep a wink the night before. I fought with my girlfriend at the time. We went to sleep angry. When we awoke, the world had changed. I’ll never forget the words I spoke to her, “We’re fucked.” I don’t think she truly understood what I meant at that time.

I’m watching a film on Aryton Senna. Senna would have turned 52 yesterday if he were still alive. He was born on 3/21/60 in Sao Paolo.

Senna was born into privilege, but he never squandered nor abused it. In fact he was driven to use his wealth and his privilege as much as he was driven to be the fastest, formula one driver in the world and fast Senna was. What else would you expect from a man with a Sun at 0 degrees Aries and Mars in Aquarius in the first House? But while he lived his life on the edge on the track, there was a very different side to Senna. He was a mystic.

He had a deep faith in God and in fact claimed to experience God while approaching speeds of 200 mph. Senna had Venus (six degrees) and Mercury (12 degrees) conjunct in Pisces, trining Neptune in Scorpio (ten degrees) which hugged his mid-heaven. Interestingly enough, he was at his best when the track was slick with rain. While other drivers drove more cautiously, Senna had an intuitive understanding when it came to navigating his formula one car through the spray. But there was also a lonely and haunted side to him as well. Saturn and Moon conjunct (Capricorn) in the 12th hints at a man that was very hard to know, revealing himself to only the closest people in his life.

He was incredibly philanthropic, donating millions of dollars to the poor children of Brazil. His Jupiter in the 11th gave him a deeply broad and humanitarian spirit. Trining Pluto (two degree orb) he had the power to make things happen. Rich, successful, daring, devout, smart and deeply loved in Brazil, Aryton Senna was poised to transcend racing and become something far greater–a true force for good.

He was no saint on the track though. His aggressive style earned him enemies, especially with his long time rival, Alain Proust, who nearly came to blows with Senna on a number of occasions, while even on the same team. He also did not shirk from luxury or beautiful women, He dated Pele’s ex-girlfriend, the Brazilian teen-porn-star turned children’s TV host, Xuxa. Somehow, as the world raced around him, he always kept his center. On the track would tempt fate, often, powered by an audacious Sun/Jupiter square. Not only was he obsessed with winning, he wanted to bury the competition. His desire to win prompted him to leave team McLaren, to race for Williams motor sport, who had created a car with significant advantage. The Williams/Renault car was driven by his former team mate, Alain Proust.

The Williams/Renault cars had been equipped the year before Senna joined the team with a special, computerized suspension, which hugged the track. He wanted to win, so he raced for the best car. The problem was, was that by the time he joined Williams/Renault, they had banned the computerized suspension and breaking, Thus when Senna got to finally race in their car, the car less safe since the more conventional suspension and breaking were not nearly as good as the other cars in formula one. This troubled him. He was also physically uncomfortable in the Williams/Renault car as well. In other words, it really wasn’t a good fit, all the way around.

The amazing part of the movie “Senna” is that we see Roland Ratzenberger talk, just hours before he dies. Sadly we see the same thing happen to Senna, at the San Marino grand prix.

The San Marino race took place on 5/1/94. Beltane. Walgispurnacht. It is the time of the gathering of the witches, rituals and sacrifices.

Aryton Senna died that day. The accident itself was freak (perhaps). He lost control on a turn, not a hard turn, an easy and progressive turn. It appears that the steering column snapped in two and Senna could not control the car at all. Was the steering column tampered with? Was his death in some ways a supernatural occurrence? He did not suffer a broken bone in his body. A piece of the suspension shattered his helmet and caused severe head trauma. Senna, 0 degrees Aries suffered a death that would be extremely indicative of his early degree sign in the ram.

To this day, the cause of the cars breakdown is still unsolved.

There has not been a death in formula one racing since Senna..

1994 was a turbulent year. NAFTA was passed, The Bosnian/Serbian war was full on. Baruch Goldstein killed 29 muslims in the West Bank and was summarily beaten to death once he ran out of bullets. OJ killed Nicole and Ron Goldman, setting off what would be the sounding of the first horn of the apocalypse as Simpson captured the attention of the nation as he drove at a snails pace on the LA freeways in a white bronco (Behold A Pale Horse). And then there’s Senna.

I highly recommend taking an hour out of your life to watch this documentary on this remarkable individual.

8 thoughts on “Remembering Aryton Senna, 0 Degrees Aries, Restless On The Edge Of The Gravity Trough”

  1. J

    Thanks for the video link. I have never followed Formula 1, but Senna sounds like fascinating guy. By the way, what do you think about the French shootings in Toulouse this past week? There has been a standoff, and now the suspect is dead. The man the French police had in a stand-off was Muslim, yet the recent shootings were of Muslims, and then several Jewish schoolchildren most recently. I have several French friends who have been following this story, and they say that the man who did the shootings was wearing a helmet and seemed highly professional. Also, the elections in France are in a month or so, and Sarkozy’s numbers have been falling. Curiouser and curiouser.

  2. A

    You are one of my frequent stops on the Internet (via Les Visible) and what a pleasure it is to be greeted this morning by Aryton Sennas’ face!
    He was simply amazing.
    The movie “Senna” is a wonderful account of his life and career, and the Interviews in the Special Features section are especially interesting as these are people who knew him well then talking about him now– all these years later. I have been lucky enough to see these cars race at Watkins Glen, (before Senna) and one would have to be pretty dead to not notice the “energy” even when parked (!) these cars and men give off, and yet….according to John Bisignano for one, Senna crackled in yet an even higher manner–ultra for even that rarified crew. I believe him.
    And also—- Robert Phoenix, You are pretty amazing too!

    1. a

      Thanks Aja,

      Glad you liked the piece. Senna was the man, in a sport where individuals are a breed apart as you have noted. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. A

    Robert, thank you for introducing Aryton Senna to those of us who had not heard of him. Something in Senna’s eyes reminds me of Bob Marley. I commend you on an outstanding piece of writing.

  4. D

    the genius of Senna must have been largely due to his genetic and environmental programming but he was not allowed autonomy, for no one ‘star’ must be allowed to rise so high as to influence others with their own ideas. machine was made for man and it’s peculiar that the very incentive which took Senna to ride in the car of his death was (for no reason) taken away after he’d signed the contract with Renault/Willliams. in addition, the steering shaft alterations they claimed Senna instructed, were clumsy and not fit for purpose. One thing’s for sure with Senna, he was a perfectionist. He was on the verge of withdrawing from the race on safety grounds. What changed his mind? Especially on the day after Ratzinberger’s fatality. He’d pledged to overhaul F1 safety regulations just before his death. So many points of injury demonstrate the lack of protection this car and his helmet. Debris from the track regards an early crash had been just cleared 2 laps prior to Senna’s car veering off track and crashing.

    as for philanthropy, his owner would have used his success to channel into the bigger agenda. philanthropy is PR for investment in global control/eugenics and a powerful leverage tool. his training would have enabled him to travel in the zone, slowing down time, allowing something else to do the driving.

    But boy, how’s that for the consummate Arien statement – Born To Win! The Birth Right to Win. maybe there lies the clue to how this icarus flew too close to the sun with very much his own vision and that is off script if in conflict with instruction. His pledge to change FI safety laws through pressure, ruffled some feathers and a couple of super slaves had to be put in their place. A sobering thought on wordly ambition.

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